tagNonHumanTwo Worlds Ch. 05

Two Worlds Ch. 05


Isaac's POV~

Ever since we entered the village I was a bit restless and very confused. I mean a whole knew species of humanoids was a huge concept to wrap my mind around. Sure I had watched movies and TV shows where people found aliens or whatever but I never thought I would be one of the people to have a first encounter or whatever. And they were nekos for crying out loud! Those were only supposed to exist in the Japanese anime porn I watched! Of course thinking of that made me hard, which did not help things at all. I could see as we sat in the hut that Charles wasn't too comfortable in this place as well. Erik and Shelly were incredibly excited of course and Kael seemed to be adjusting really quickly with his nephew in his arms. That part was still blowing me away, a neko as his nephew. It was crazy.

I was thankful when Jess finally got up to show us to our huts or whatever. I was exhausted at this point and didn't really care where I slept. I just knew that I needed sleep and time to let my mind calm down and comprehend all of this. I followed her and the rest of the group through the village, lagging behind a bit until they stopped. I speed up a bit to catch up before I saw her and stopped, stunned.

She was beautiful! No, she was more than that. She was amazing, radiant, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! And her wonderful yellow eyes where looking right back at me and only me. She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back, her smile taking my breath away. Suddenly I found myself stepping towards her with my hand outstretched.

"Hi. I'm Isaac." I said.

"Opy." she said in the most melodious voice I have ever heard as she took my hand. A shiver went through us and I suddenly wanted to wrap my arms around this beautiful honey furred neko and kiss those wonderful lips hungrily. She smiled wider and started talked to Jess really excitedly and that made me smile since she was happy. Jess turned to say something about staying there and my smile widened.

"I'll be back to talk to you in a few minutes Isaac." I heard her add to me. Then Opy (how I loved that name!) led me inside the hut and I'm sure I had a ridiculous smile on my face but I really didn't care. I got to stay with her and obviously my attraction wasn't one sided I gathered from the way she looked at me. Her smile just took my breath away and for some reason even though I knew it was all moving really fast, I didn't question it. I wanted this beautiful, wonderful, amazing creature by me forever. I didn't care if I had to live in this cave forever anymore. I would do it if it meant that I would have her in my bed every night. My mind went down a dirtier path then but mostly I was just thinking about how beautiful and amazing she was.

I watched as her hand slid out of mine reluctantly and she seemed to motion for me and Shelly to stay there. She came back and offered us both loincloths. Shelly took it and blushed a bit but obviously wanted to experience all of the culture because she wasn't hesitant in taking her clothes off and putting it on. Honestly I did mind it either seeing as Opy was only in one as well. And her breasts were amazing. They were probably about a size 34C but that seemed like the perfect size on her small frame. I desperately wanted to run my hands along her curves.

As I changed and looked over her I saw her looking over me as well and she apparently liked what she saw which made me happy. I will admit I am definitely not the most muscular guy but even though I tend to do a lot of computer work I still would go out for a jog every morning. I was in pretty good shape and was glad she liked what she saw.

'Pleasing her seems to please me...' I thought to myself as I pulled off my boxers and started to attempt to put on the loincloth. I couldn't really get it so I looked up to see if I could get Opy to help me and saw that her eyes were filled with lust as she looked down at my semi hard member. I swear I almost tackled her and took her there and my erection was now painfully obvious. Opy blushed slightly, which also stretched my control since she looked so cute doing so, before she came over to me and helped me tie the loincloth on. It obviously tested both of our limits because her touch caused me to shiver and the way her hands kept slipping a bit told me that she was either nervous or excited or both. When she finally got it I was looking down at her with lust filled eyes and saw her blush at the look. I pulled her up and pulled her to me, burying my face in her hair, taking in her scent. It settled the more primal side of me for the moment and I felt her sigh and relax in my arms.

After a moment I realized there were people looking at us and noticed that there were a few others that had entered the room. Shelly was looking at me with surprise and interest, obviously studying me and what was going on. That's about when Opy also noticed the others and pulled away, blushing and muttering her apologies to who I assumed were her family members. The eldest, who I assumed were her mother and father smiled brightly at the both of us and her mother rushed over and hugged us both happily. Opy introduced me to her family, which consisted of her mother, father, her grandmother and two sisters, which she managed to explain with the limited English she revealed to know. I smiled at all of them and they all seemed so nice and honestly I had always liked the idea of a large family since my father hadn't ever been in good terms with his family and my mother had had a very small family.

"I see you've met everyone." Came Jess's voice from the door. Opy smiled and spoke to her in her perfect voice. I wondered what it would be like to hear her sing.

"Yes. We have." Shelly responded. "Could you explain what's going on though? It seems like an important thing."

"It is. It's a very important thing." Jess responded with a smile. "Let's sit down and I'll explain better." She nodded towards a sitting area and Shelly helped her sit down before sitting down next to me across from Jess. I smiled when I saw Opy sit next to me and wrapped my arm around her waist as she laid her head on my shoulder. It felt so perfect, so right. Jess smiled at us.

"Well I'm glad you are so acceptant of this without even knowing what's going on." She said to me. I wasn't entirely sure what she meant but I looked down at Opy, knowing it had to do with our instant bond.

"What is going on?" Shelly asked.

"Well you see, they can only have one mate and it's for life. Also they find this mate by smell. The mating bond is a strong one, and obvious they are both okay with it." She explained to Shelly, smiling at me.

"Wait. For life?" I asked, making sure I heard right.

"Yes." Jess said, now looking unsure. I cried out triumphantly and pulled Opy to me happily.

"Mine!" I said nuzzling her neck. I heard the three girls giggle and smiled widely, loving Opy's giggle. I heard her family chuckle as well but didn't really pay attention to it. She was mine. For life. Nothing could have made me happier than that moment.

"Mine." Opy purred in reply and I held her close, smiling.

I did pay a bit more attention as Jess started to explain the mating ritual and everything that went along with it. I held Opy and looked down in time to see her yawn and smiled. How a woman could be so cute yet so sexy at the same time, I hadn't the slightest idea, but I absolutely loved it. I looked up and saw that Jess and Shelly were getting tired as well. Shelly was soon ushered into another room and Jess got up to leave.

"Where's her room?" I asked Jess before she could leave. She smiled and pointed to one of the side doors. "Thanks." I said before picking up Opy, making her squeal slightly which made me smile again, and I just managed to get her into her room and onto her bed of leaves and furs. She smiled up at me and I wondered if it was okay for me to sleep with her. It would kill me to leave her side but I didn't want to risk pushing things too far and getting kicked out of the village or something. But she motioned for me to join her on the bed and I gladly slipped in with her, holding her close.

She sighed happily and I ran my fingers along her arms, loving the feel of her honey colored fur. She snuggled closer and my hand slipping around her waist and holding her close as one hand went up and down her spine. She purred happily and I smiled at the sexy but relaxing sound.

"I love you." She said with a smile. I smiled back and pulled her closer.

"I love you too." I responded. I lay there, holding her in my arms as I watched her drift off to sleep. Soon her purrs soothed me into following her.


I nuzzled her neck as my hand rubbed her clit gently, getting excited mews from her. She arched into my hand and I trailed nibbles down her throat to her breast. She gasped loudly as my tongue came out and slid across her erect nipple before my mouth enclosed around it and I sucked gently. Her mews and moans of pleasure heightened my excitement even more and I slowly slipped my finger into her sopping pussy. Her nails dug into my back slightly and her yellow eyes were partially closed and clouded with lust as she cried out slightly. I slowly started to slide my finger in and out of her wet hole and licked and nibbled to her other nipple, giving it attention as well. Her mews and cries grew louder and I knew she was getting close. I sped up my finger, sliding another in making a shiver go through her body as my thumb rubbed her clit.

"More! More please! Please Isaac! More!" she begged between mews. I moaned at her pleas and bit her nipple gently while rubbing her clit harder and speeding up my fingers. She mewed and thrust back against my hand before screaming out in an intense orgasm.


I sat up with a jolt as a scream of anything but pleasure reached my ears. Opy was looking around fearfully and clung to me and I knew something was very wrong. There were screaming and shouting through the village and a terrible snarl that sent a shiver of fear down my spine. That kind of snarl sounded like it came from something big and deadly.

"Jawek." Opy whispered in fear. I looked at her and motioned for her to stay while I stood up. She tried to make me stay but I needed to know what was going on and managed to make her stay there as I went out of the room. Her father was running by with a spear right at that moment and I followed him as he ran out the front door. What I saw when I got to the door made me stop in my tracks.

It was big and definitely deadly. It had pitch black fun and looked like a combination of a panther and a tiger, but was twice as big as either. On all four paws it was almost as tall as me and at that moment four of the nekos were fighting against it. It snarled again and sent two of the warriors flying. It would take the whole village to take this thing down. But then I saw another of the nekos trying to approach from behind it. It looked like they were trying to distract it while the other neko took the death blow, and it would have work if it wasn't for the things powerful tail. The neko tried to dodge it but it sent him flying anyways.

'This isn't going well...' I realized as several other warriors started to try to fend off the thing. I then got a crazy and stupid idea and grabbed a spear and ran towards the thing. I heard Opy calling my name suddenly but somehow that just fueled me more. I had to protect her. I pushed off some boxes that were nearby and launched myself at the creature. Somehow I actually managed to get onto its back and just started to hack away at it, trying to do some damage to its skull while it tried to fling me off of it. I held on as tight as I could while trying to kill the thing but after probably after only a few seconds that seemed like forever I slipped. I feel off the side of the thing and landed on the ground, all the air rushing out of me. I had barely a second to catch my breath before the thing was slashing at me. I rolled directly underneath it, avoiding its huge claws. I looked up at its chest and stomach before realizing that I was in the perfect position. I pointed the spear up and stabbed it with all my might into the things chest. Its last snarl died and it collapsed onto me. I tried to shove it off of me but it was crushing me and I could hardly move or breathe.

Suddenly the weight was lifted off of me and I heard cheering as one of the neko warriors reached down and helped me up. Opy suddenly jumped into my arms and hugged me tightly and I held her tightly back, my heart racing from the adrenaline of what I just did. I can't believe I just did that! I thought, looking at the huge creature that was now dead. A week ago if you had told me I would kill a huge wild animal I would have laugh but somehow I had actually done it!

"Oh my god Isaac! That was amazing! Never knew you had it in you!" Erik said as he came running over with Shelly, Charles, and Keal right behind him.

"Neither did I." I admitted. Opy smiled and nuzzled my neck and I smiled down at her.

"You're like a hero now!" Shelly said, smiling excitedly. "Oh! Do you think they will have a feast or something?"

"Definitely." Jess said, approaching with Natu, Manu and Ju. Manu went and looked over the creature before turning back to the village. She declared something and the whole village cheered. I was suddenly hoisted up on the shoulders of two of the warriors and the village started to chant my name. They carried me to the main part of the village where the feasting and ceremonies took place. Everyone started to work on making food for the feast and some of the warriors went and grabbed the body of what I assumed was a Jawek and hauled it off. They set me down next to Jess, who was sitting next to Manu on a throne.

"We have much meat now because you." Opy said happily as she sat down next to me and I could clearly heard how proud she was of me. I smiled and pulled her to me, kissing her lovingly. She kissed me back and there were several hoots and cat calls. She pulled away and blushed and I smiled brightly.

The food for the feast was prepared quickly and put in front of us. I ate whatever looked good and some things that Opy suggested that although they didn't look good, tasted amazing. Everyone celebrated; eating, laughing, singing, and dancing.

"You wish to mate Opy, yes?" Manu leaned over to ask me at some point. Opy blushed slightly and I nodded. She smiled and turned to Jess, saying something in their language.

"She says you have her blessings and that we can perform the ceremony in four days." Jess explained. I smiled and pulled Opy closer to me.

Four days and she's mine completely. I thought to myself.

The night continued with its celebrations and everyone had a great time.

Well, except Charles.


~Hey everyone! I hope you liked this chapter! Please comment and vote because I did not get very many votes or comments in the last chapter so I don't know what you guys are thinking and I want to know! Please tell me what you think!

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