tagNonHumanTwo Worlds Ch. 06

Two Worlds Ch. 06


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~Opy's POV

I woke up slowly the next morning and felt arms around me. I sighed happily, relaxing in his arms as I remembered the night before. He had been so brave and protective of me, and he had taken down one of the powerful Jawek! I was so proud of him and I knew he was the perfect mate, even if he was an outsider. I had been so worried I would never find my mate and I was so happy when I first smelled him. Then he proved to be a wonderful mate when he had taken care of me and then killed the Jawek. Everything was just perfect.

I snuggled up to him more when I felt him stir slightly. He pulled me closer and I nuzzled his neck. He sighed happily and ran his hand up and down my back, making me purr.

"Morning Opy." He said in his deep and musical voice. I loved his voice even if I couldn't always understand his words. These words I did however understand.

"Good morning Isaac." I sighed happily in his tongue. He smiled down at me and brushed a piece of my head fur out of my face making me smile back.

"First meal!" came Mother's voice from behind the door. I sighed and reluctantly slipped out of his arms.

"Come." I said as I grabbed his hand. He followed me, wiping his eyes and looking a little groggy. It was cute and I smiled as I led him to sit by me in the main room. Father gave us our food and then sat down next to Mother as we started to eat. It was mostly fruit and roots as usual but because of my brave mate we now had more meat so had a good amount of it as well. I watched him as he ate and admired his body. It affected my own in ways no other had and I couldn't wait until our mating ceremony.

Only four more days. I reminded myself as I finished eating. My mother started to talk to all of us about the chores for the day and I glanced at Isaac, wishing I had asked Jess to teach me more of her language so I could speak to him. I shall have to ask her and learn as much as I can from him as well.

"Where are Jess and the others?" The girl, Shelly, asked.

"Jess in big house." I tried to explain the best I could.

"Can I go see her?" she asked. I looked to Mother and asked her and she nodded before I stood up and grabbed Isaac's hand, motioning for Shelly to join us. I then led them out and to Queen Mana's hut. I paused when I saw three girls standing at the door way, looking in worriedly.

"What happened?" I asked as I looked beyond them to see Jess talking to Queen Mana with one of the other outsiders standing nearby glaring at Janje, one of the village girls, who was crying.

"The outsider tried to force mate Janje." Iba said. My eyes went wide and I looked back at the room. "Jess is trying to beg his forgiveness. She says he does not know our ways and must be taught."

"If that is how his kind treats females then I don't want to see any more of them in our village." Rein, one of the guards at the door said.

"Isaac hasn't treated me that way. Maybe he is just a bad fruit." I remarked.

"Perhaps. We shall see." Rein nodded as he looked back to see Janje coming out followed by Jess and the outsider.

"Princess Jess?" Rein asked in respect.


"Do all the men of your kind act like this?" Jess sighed at this.

"Unfortunately some do. He was trying to..." she bit her lip as she searched for the word and then didn't seem to find one that interpreted into our language. "...mate with her but to our kind mating is simply the act. There is no bond that forms, there is only the desire to do the act of mating for a night."

We all looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, trying to understand. She then turned to Shelly and Isaac and started to talk to them in their language and I only caught bits of it since I had only learned so much. I waited for them to finish talking so that I could ask Jess to teach me more of their language before she suddenly said something in our language to Isaac.

"You are my mate. You are my heart and soul." She said, saying our version of "I love you" and bringing out a bit of jealousy from me. Isaac nodded and turned to me though with a smile. He repeated it to me, and even though they didn't sound like the tones of our culture, they were still the sweetest most wonderful words I had ever heard. I repeated them back and then jumped into his arms, smiling happily and making him laugh. Oh how I loved that sound!

"Jess. Can you teach me his language?" I asked her as I held onto Isaac.

"Of course. Isaac asked to learn ours as well." She said with a smile. I smiled and looked up at Isaac with love and he looked back at me the same. Jess then got his attention and I sighed and just relaxed against him.

We moved into the main hut and they started to talk more. The ones called Erik and Shelly seemed really interested in everything about our village and were trying to learn our language as well. Jess went over several of our words to help them start to learn while talking about other things I did not fully understand. Mostly it just seemed as if they were catching up. Charles didn't speak much and didn't look happy. I worried about him and wished that he could find his own mate. I watched him as Natu came in and I saw a spark of jealousy as Natu kissed Jess and rubbed her stomach and finally understood. He had wanted Jess as his mate! I thought about this while everyone else talked and realized that some of his behavior was making a bit of sense then. I would talk to Jess about it later and maybe we could find a way to make him happy here.

"I cannot believe you are mating one of them! Especially him!" Masu, one of my friends, whispered happily to me as she sat down. "I mean do you know what this will do to your status being mated to a god?" I rolled my eyes at that. Many of the villagers thought Jess was a god when she came to the village and many of them still believed it and believed that these newcomers were gods as well.

"Yes. I am very lucky." Is all I said in response though, looking up at Isaac with love. He looked down at me and smiled which made me smile back. The two Kaels who seemed to be inseparable came in then and suddenly Masu gasped and looked right at them. She went over to them quickly and smelled the elder Kael before her whole face lit up. Natu took little Kael quickly as Masu jumped into elder Kael's arms. He looked surprised and then hesitantly hugged her back. I blinked and looked at Isaac, who looked at me a bit confused before I smiled when I heard was Masu was whispering.

"My mate. Mine, mine, mine." She said, making everyone in the room that understood her laugh.

"Kael's Masu's mate." I explained to Isaac who looked shocked before he smiled a huge smile.

"Welcome to the club." He said with a chuckle at Kael who blushed and then turned to his sister and started to talk to her. He looked down at Masu and smiled slightly, making her smile happily back and nuzzle his neck. I smiled and snuggled closer to my own mate.

"In four days we will have Opy's and Isaac's mating and then two days after we can have Masu's and Kael's." Queen Mana announced.

"I will talk to Kael about this more. It may be too much for him right now. He may want to wait a little longer than that." Jess said. Queen Mana nodded and Jess asked Kael to sit next to her and started to teach them more of our language. I paid attention as well because she was helping us learn their language at the same time. She would say the name of an object in their language and then say it in ours. It was working really well.

After awhile Ju came back with his sons from training and Jess introduced everyone to them properly. Princess Unari came in shortly after and started to talk to her mother while Jess told the others who she was. Princess Unari froze up in mid sentence and then looked at Charles with wide eyes. Jess looked at her and then looked at where she was looking before her own eyes went wide.

"Don't tell me he's your mate!" I said in surprise as the princess smiled at Charles who just raised an eyebrow at her and then looked away. My eyes went wider as the princess nodded.

"Yes. The stranger is my mate. What is his name Jess?" she asked, looking as series as she always did.

"Charles. Are you sure he's your mate sister?" Jess replied, looking a bit worried.

"Yes. I am sure." She said before turning to her mate. "Charles? Hello. I Unari." She said in their language, holding out her hand. Charles looked up with her and I saw a flash of uncertainty before he just looked bored again. He took her hand to shake it and a shiver went up the princess as Charles pulled away as if he had been bit. He looked up at her in awe for a moment before he turned away quickly so no one could see him. But I did still see him. He was staring at the ground, fury in his eyes. I wondered what he was so furious about and knew he was going to be hard to convince to mate. I just hoped that for Princess Unari's sake he would give in eventually.

"Maybe this will be good for him. Make him a man and not go chasing after all the unmated girls." Queen Mana said, obviously not too happy about who her daughter's mate was but trying to find a way to make the situation work.

"Maybe. Although it might take him awhile. He is going to be the one that will take a lot of work to get used to living here." Jess said as she looked over at Charles. The princess had sat down next to him and he was trying to stay away from her and not even look at her. I looked at up at my mate then and saw him looking at the pair with worry and amusement at the same time. He looked down at me and smiled before pulling me closer and whispering into my ear.

"Are they mates?" he asked me and I nodded. He chuckled and then sighed. "It will be hard to convince him of that."

"Can you not feel pull?" I asked, a little worried.

"You mean the pull to be with you? Yes, I feel it and I bet he does too. But if I know Charles he will fight it." I nodded, understanding most of what he said.

"Will he give in?" I asked.

"I don't know... I hope so though. I think it would be good for him." He said, looking over at them again. I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder. Soon after Ju came back in with food for everyone and we all eat together. It was a bit amusing to watch Charles try not to even look at Unari even though she kept trying to talk to him.

The rest of the day continued with Jess and I teaching Shelly some of the things about making baskets and such while Ju took the men out to learn things about hunting. Shelly learned quickly and was excited to learn anything about our kind. It seemed that Erik and her were really happy to be here and I also wondered if they were mates.

"You and Erik mates?" Princess Unari asked, obviously wondering that as well. Shelly blushed at that and Jess smiled.

"Well I wouldn't say that..." Shelly said, trying to concentrate on her basket.

"She's liked him since they were young but she doesn't know if he likes her back." Jess told us.

"You talk to him then." I said. "I think you are mates just can't tell with smell like us." Shelly blushed at that but then nodded.

"Maybe your right." She said before we all went back to weaving baskets and waiting for our mates to come back. When they did Erik, Kael, and my mate were teasing each other and laughing while Ju and Natu smiled and Charles trailed behind them, still not looking happy. Princess Unari went to her mate and hugged him and by the two second hesitation to push her away I knew he was feeling it, he was just fighting it. Natu went to Jess and pulled her into his arms from behind, stroking her belly softly. Kael went over to Masu a bit hesitantly but when Masu threw her arms around him he hugged her back tightly and I saw him relax. I smiled and sighed happily when my mate hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek. I looked up as Queen Mana hugged Ju in one of their rare moments of public affection.

It must be hard to be queen... I thought before Queen Mana said that we should all go to bed and I led Isaac out before looking around for Shelly. I spotted her near Erik and saw her looking like she wanted to talk to him but then he smiled at her and then followed Charles towards where they were staying.

"Don't worry. You talk to him later." I said as she came over to us. She sighed but nodded and followed me back to my house. We settled in for the night and I sighed happily as I settled into my mates arms. He stroked my back as we lay together and I purred happily.

"Do you think Charles fighting it because he like Jess?" I asked him. Isaac looked down at me a little surprised and then sighed.

"Maybe. He is the one who brought us down here to look for her..." he looked thoughtful. "Well I guess all we can do now is hope he accepts his mate. She's the princess or something, right?"

"Yes. Princess Unari." I said before yawning. My mate chuckled at that.

"Sleep love. Talk more tomorrow." He said while stroking my back again. I sighed happily and purred, falling asleep soon to his gentle touches.

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