tagInterracial LoveUltimate Black Fantasy Redux

Ultimate Black Fantasy Redux


I had been fucking my beautiful black goddess Yolanda for about three months when our relationship suddenly took an unusual turn.

Even though we were primarily fuck partners, Yolanda and I soon became what I would call very good friends. While catching our breath between our intense sucking and fucking, we would talk about work, family, sex, all kinds of things. We were even very open with each other about our respective marriages, discussing the pros and cons and all the ramifications of a lifelong commitment. She was extremely intelligent and she had a great personality and a great sense of humor. She was very easy for a shy person like me to talk to.

On top of all this, of course, was the fact that she was one of the most intensely sexual women I had ever seen or experienced in my life. Her body, with her luscious lips, huge ass, wide hips and big tits, was like something out of an ultimate fantasy for any man. I have described Yolanda previously as a "walking, talking, sexual animal" and I think that description is perfect. Her sensuality and sexuality are indescribable. She is simply a vision and a great, great, great fuck.

My personal and sexual relationship with Yolanda just totally reinforced my lifelong belief that black women are the greatest women on earth. I just always knew that my instincts in this regard were right and Yolanda validated them all. It had always been my ultimate fantasy to fuck a beautiful black woman and my "first time" experience with Yolanda fulfilled that fantasy even more than I could have ever thought possible.

One day after another one of our spectacular fuck sessions, Yolanda and I we were getting ready to leave and I sensed that she was unusually quiet. "You're not saying much today," I said. "Is something wrong?"

"No," she said. "I've just got something on my mind."

"Well, is it anything I can help with, a problem or something?"

"No, it's nothing like that. It's just something I've wanted to ask you about for a couple of weeks now but I don't know if I should. I'm not sure how you would take it and I wouldn't want anything to interfere with what we've got going."

"Hey," I said. "I can handle anything you tell me if it doesn't mean that I have to stop fucking you."

Yolanda laughed. "Oh no, nothing's going to get in the way of me and you doing our thing," she said. "It's nothing like that."

"Well, you might as well tell me Yolanda," I said. "You've gone this far. By the way, have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"Not in the last three minutes," she said. "But here's the thing. You know I've told you a lot about my good friend Johnetta, about how close we are. We've known each other since we were teenagers and we're more like sisters than friends. I hope you don't get mad when I say this but I tell her everything and I've told her about me and you."

A little worried, I said, "I hope she's not the type to go telling everybody."

"Oh no, she's not," Yolanda quickly replied. "We don't have to worry about that. We are very close and she would never do that to me."

"Anyway," she continued, "you know how women are. She kept after me until I described every detail of what we do together. In fact, as soon as I get back from our time together, she makes me tell her everything that happened and everything we did, if you know what I mean."

"There's nothing unusual about that," I said. "A lot of people get off on hearing about other people's sex lives. But I think you need to get to the point Yolanda. What's this all about? I have to admit that you have me interested."

"OK," she said. Yolanda put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. "Basically, we've talked about it a lot, and I'll just come right out and say it. She wanted me to ask you if you would consider getting together with her."

I hesitated and then said. "Whoa. What do you mean when you say get together? Is it what I think it means?"

Yolanda laughed, "Yes, it's what you think it means."

"So she wants me to fuck her," I said.

"Uh huh. I have described you so much to her that I think it's driving her crazy. Plus…well…she's never been with a white man and that's always been one of her fantasies."

"I don't know what to say Yolanda," I said. "I wanted to fuck you because I found you so physically attractive and because I crave black women and I was desperate to fulfill a lifelong fantasy. I don't know if it would be the same with her. What does she look like?"

Yolanda laughed again. "Now how did I know that you would get to that question pretty quick? No, you know I wouldn't steer you wrong. She's very attractive. She's one of those women that men are always buzzing around. I'll tell you this. She's a lot better looking than I am."

"Well, now that's impossible," I said. "You are the most beautiful, the sexiest, the hottest woman I have ever been around in my life. And if she does have men hanging all over her, why would she want to get together with a total stranger?"

Yolanda got a sly grin on her face and reached up and gave me a hard kiss on the lips. At the same time she reached down and took hold of my dick through my pants. I gasped.

Whispering in my ear she said, ""She wants to get together with you because I've told her that you are the greatest lover any woman could ever hope to have and because you know how to make a woman feel like a woman. I told her how much you love and respect black women and that turns her on. Plus, you know some black women do have that fantasy about white men and you know you're looking at one of them. Johnetta is one too. Plus, she's heard me talk about you so much that I don't think she considers you a stranger. You know how it is. She's married but her husband is a lot older than her. She has men after her but they are basically a bunch of losers. She told me that once in her life she wants to fuck a real man. And from what I've told her she knows that man is you."

I have to admit that Yolanda's words got my attention. That and her hand caressing my hard dick.

But I realized that this was something I haven't thought of much. My ultimate sexual turn-on is black women. But what about the opposite? What about black women whose ultimate fantasy is fucking a white man.? I could already feel the excitement and I think Yolanda sensed it too.

She said, "Why don't you meet her? If ya'll don't hit it off, then there's no harm done."

OK, I'll meet her," I said. "But only because you asked me. Hey, you won't be jealous?" I laughed.

"Well, I'm not going to say that I want to share you with anybody," Yolanda said. "But Johnetta's my girl and we look out for each other. And me and you we've got something so good that not even jealousy could fuck it up. Am I right?"

"I think you are right. I have never met anyone like you."

I grabbed Yolanda and embraced her, squeezing her tightly. "Enough of all this talk," I said. "It's making me hot. I'm sorry you put your clothes back on because I'm about to take them off."

"It won't be the first time you've taken my clothes off," she said. "And it won't be the last."

I turned Yolanda around and immediately fell to my knees. I loved having her massive ass right in my face. She had on very tight jeans and her ass was just an incredible sight to behold. I pressed my face hard against her left cheek and kissed it repeatedly, long, hard kisses. I loved the thought that only a thin layer of clothing separated me from the greatest ass I had ever seen.

I reached around and unbuttoned her pants, pulling the zipper down at the same time. As Yolanda finished taking her pants off, I stood up and took a step back. What an incredible sight it was and something that I never tired of looking at. Yolanda had on a pair of black thong panties over that beautiful ass, high heels and a tight fitting sweater. The view from behind was incredible. That great ass plus Yolanda has those big, hard, thick, compact thighs. Her legs are also hard and have that beautiful, shiny brown color. What a vision. I wish I could do it justice with just words but I can't.

"Yolanda, turn around and let me look at you," I said. She turned to face me. I took another step back and just gazed at this woman's body. The thong panties were the "see through" variety and I could see her beautiful black bush through the sheer cloth. I looked from top to bottom, first at those beautiful eyes and smooth brown face, then to that massive chest and shoulders, then to that mouth-watering black pussy, and then finally down to those great hips, thighs, legs and feet. This was just a magnificent creature, a woman in every sense of the word.

Yolanda loved it and appreciated the fact that I enjoyed looking at her. She would just pose and smile, allowing me to take in every inch of her body with my eyes. She told once that it was one of the things she loved about me the most, the fact, that I really appreciated a woman's beauty and treated her body with such care, respect and adulation. "With you," she said, "it just seems like more than sex. "When you look at me and touch me and eat me and fuck me, I feel like something special, someone appreciated as a woman."

My joy at looking at Yolanda lasted just moments and I grabbed her hand and led her to the bed. It was time for us to fuck again. She rested on her back and I straddled her. I quickly slipped off those sexy panties and I slid my dick deep into this woman's pussy. At the same time Yolanda locked those great legs around me and we started fucking. I fucked her hard and fast and it didn't take long for me to empty myself into this black goddess. Every single time with this woman was an incredible experience and this one was no exception.

Yolanda was the dream of a lifetime come true for a man like me, a man with a lifelong lust for beautiful black women. She was the first black woman I had ever fucked and she had all of the qualities that I had come to love and respect about black women. I had reached a conclusion many, many years ago that African-American women were head and shoulders above all other women in the world in terms of beauty, personality, sexuality – almost any category you can name.

Now in my late 40s and with 28 years of marriage and more than 30 years in the work force under my belt, I have reached certain conclusions about women. These conclusions are based primarily on my dealings with all types of women in all types of settings and relationships, including friends, colleagues, acquaintances and sexual partners. I have gotten to know women, in various degrees, from every walk of life. I have known rich women, poor women, very intelligent women and women of average intelligence. I have gotten to know women from all ethnic backgrounds: Black, White, Hispanic and Asian.

But I do not hesitate to say that black women stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are so self-assured, confident and extremely aware of their sexuality. When you see a black woman that is strikingly beautiful (and there are so, so many), you are seeing a woman in the truest sense of the word. They may have various shades of skin color and they may have different body types, but beautiful black women share a lot in common. Generally, these women dress very stylishly and they exude an extreme amount of class and dignity. Their sensuous bodies, with their full lips, great hips and big, beautiful asses, have to be the envy of all women.

Black women also have a certain strength and a work ethic that is very unique. When a national magazine ran a cover story a few years ago on the dramatic impact of black women in the work force, I had to laugh to myself. The gist of the article was that black women are emerging as a real force in corporations and now actually make more money on average than black men. I had to laugh because this didn't surprise me at all. I first recognized the potential of black women as early as 1980 when I first went to work for a corporation. I found out early on that black women seemed to have an extra spark, a drive and a work ethic that was more intense than most people I had worked with.

I worked at a major life insurance company at the time and it was your typical big corporation. The senior leadership was male dominated and there was no ethnic representation at all. But that wasn't just the case at the senior management level. It was true all the way down to the mid-management level. The first time any woman's name would show up on the organization charts would be at the supervisor level. But women in those positions at that time were only glorified secretaries.

There was one black woman I worked with at the time and she impressed me immediately. Barbara was a Supervisor in Accounting and I had to work with her on a project that I was working on involving a computer application that the department planned to use. I went to the manager first but he referred me to Barbara. "She knows more about our day-to-day operations," he said. I learned later that what that really meant was, "I sit on my ass all day while she does all the work."

Barbara was in her early 30s at the time and she had only a high school education. She was very quiet and reserved but I noticed immediately that she was very intelligent and that she knew her job inside and out. She impressed me with her knowledge and work ethic throughout the entire project. I was also impressed that she always conducted herself in a very professional manner.

It did occur to me at the time to wonder why this woman was not in management. But I knew that she would probably never get there. Being a woman was one strike and being black was a second strike. The third strike was that senior management would never hire a woman for a management position, much less a black woman, if there were other male candidates available. The "good old boy" system existed then and it still exists today, although the situation has improved.

I have worked with other black women since then on all types of projects and most were excellent to work with. They are knowledgeable about their job, they work hard and they are serious about it. At the same time, they usually exhibit good personal skills. They are easy to get along with and they don't let a position of knowledge and power go to their head. How many times have I worked with women who have become managers and walk around with their nose in the air? They carry their briefcases, they don't smile and they try to be as difficult as possible. I never saw this with the black women I've worked with.

It was during this time that I met, became friends with and later fucked Yolanda, my first time ever to have sexual intercourse with a black woman. The more we talked the more friendly we got and I could sense that she might fuck me if I could ever get up the nerve to ask. I was so shy and it took every ounce of courage I could muster to ask her about getting together. But this was it. This woman was my ultimate fantasy come to life, a walking, talking, sexual black goddess. Her ass, tits, beautiful brown lips and that engaging personality just made me melt and still does. I had to take a shot at her. I had to. And I'm so glad that I did.

The sexual intensity between us has been spectacular and fucking Yolanda has literally ruined my attitude toward all other women. She is so beautiful, that beautiful brown skin, terrific smile and a body that screams sex. Yolanda is one of those women with a body that can stop traffic. How I love fucking her. I love it when she drops all of that beautiful brown flesh onto my face. I absolutely crave licking and sucking her sweet pussy. It tastes and smells like honey to me and I can eat it for hours at a time.

I can't even describe the ultimate thrill I get from putting my mouth all over Yolanda's beautiful black body, her skin tingling with passion. Her rich, full lips are so hot and I get so excited when our tongues lock together. What an experience it is to watch my dick disappear slowly into Yolanda's black pussy, her big, luscious thighs wrapping around me at the same time. I cannot describe the total exhilaration I feel when I make this extraordinary, ripe, black goddess have one orgasm after another.

Yolanda is one of the most incredible sexual creatures I have ever encountered. She totally devours me with her sexual energy and her appetite for fucking has no limits. My dick always gets hard when I think about her. I see her on that bed, her beautiful black skin offering a striking contrast to my tanned but white skin.

I didn't tell Yolanda but I was really turned on by her talking about her friend and how she wanted to meet me. I was a little nervous about meeting her but I was also anxious. I kept thinking about the possibility of making love to another beautiful black woman and I just couldn't believe it. Yolanda was my ultimate dream come true, yes, but maybe I could have a dream sequel?

Yolanda didn't tell me much about Johnetta. "She's a little older than I am, real nice and real pretty," she said. That was about the extent of it. She said Johnetta had been working at the phone company about 22 years in the Records department. "She's got a son and a daughter but they are both grown and live in Mississippi. I know you think I'm getting you into something but you're going to be amazed when you see her."

We agreed that Yolanda would set up the meeting. She called and told me that Johnetta would meet me Thursday at 5:30 at the Fifth Street Lounge downtown. I must admit that I was very anxious and excited. I mean, my head was still swimming from my new sexual relationship with Yolanda and here I was, about to meet a new black woman.

I arrived a few minutes early. The place was dark and there were only a few people there. I noticed a table in the far corner where a black woman was sitting alone. I assumed that since she was the only black person in the place that this was Johnetta. Evidently she recognized me because she waved for me to come over.

"Hey, I'm Johnetta," she said, reaching out her hand. "And I'm Joseph. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.. How did you know it was me?"

"Yolanda has described you in detail, believe me," she said.

"So..you two are real good friends?", I asked.

"We are. We've known each other a long time."

I quickly realized that Johnetta had a great personality and was very easy to talk to. She didn't dress as provocatively as Yolanda but she was every bit as beautiful. The first thing I noticed about Johnetta was her eyes. They were a beautiful, blue color that provided a sharp contrast to her very black skin. Her skin was darker than Yolanda's, that real pretty satiny black color. Her hair was black also, short and very neat. As for her body, I had to wait for her to go to the restroom to find out. And when I did see it my jaw dropped. This woman had to be in her mid to late 40s but her body was solid. She was short, like Yolanda, not quite as stout, but she was built like a brick shithouse as the saying goes. Her tits were large and stuck straight out but my eyes quickly focused on what they always focus on: her ass. Like many beautiful black women, Johnetta had a fantastic ass, big and well-shaped and it looked very hard. I wanted to eat it right then and there. There is nothing in this world that turns me on more than a great ass on a great black woman.

"Johnetta, I'm really flattered that you wanted to meet me," I said. "So what's next?"

Johnetta had a sly grin on her face and said, "I hope what's next is that we'll get together."

I took her hand, looked into her eyes, and said, "I would love to. When would be a good day and time for you?"

"How about during the day Thursday?" she asked. "That sounds good," I said.

We spent the next several minutes talking about the details. We agreed on a time and place and how we would make contact if we need to.

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