tagIncest/TabooUltimate Taboo Ch. 03

Ultimate Taboo Ch. 03


After putting the pizza away and cleaning up a bit, Ruth headed off to bed. Once inside her room she started to undress and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She stopped and moved closer, peering into her eyes. "What have you done?", she asked herself. She closed her eyes and sank down onto the edge of her bed. Holding her head in her hands she began to cry. So many thoughts in her head, she didn't know what else to do. She felt so alone all the time, so old. She loved Jerry so much, she had devoted her life to him. And now tonight... what she had done tonight!! But was it wrong? How can loving someone be wrong? How can making someone you love feel good be wrong? He wasn't a child. She would never touch a child in that way. Feeling so confused and overwhelmed with emotion she crawled into bed and let her mind wander to her own childhood.

She grew up in a loving middle class home. The only child and spoiled rotten. But she was always a good daughter. She loved and respected her parents from as far back as she could remember. Her mother was a wonderful woman, beautiful and smart. She was a high school teacher and loved her job. Ruth had often thought of following in her mother’s footsteps. But that never happened. Her father was a banker. She was daddy’s little girl, she cherished him and had him wrapped around her little finger. They spent countless days together alone while her mom worked during the summer when Ruth was out of school. Her mom taught summer school, so that left Ruth with her father alot. From as far back as she could remember, during the summer when her mom left to go to work, she'd wake up and go crawl in bed with Daddy. She'd snuggle up with him and fall asleep feeling very safe and happy. He would always go into work after lunch during the summer so she wouldn't have to go to a babysitter. Her mom came home after lunch and her dad would leave.

Around the age of 12 she didn't get up every morning and go snuggle with him like she used to. Just every once in awhile, sometime 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes Daddy would call to her and ask her to come join him. She'd go to the bedroom and he'd be lying in bed waiting with her covers turned back. "Ruthie, come be Daddy's little snugglebug", he'd say. She'd run to the bed and jump in. Laying her head on his chest with his arm around her softly rubbing her back. She loved her dad so much and felt so good snuggling up with him. He'd squeeze her tight and she'd wrap her arm around his chest and hug him back. This went on until she was about 18 years old.

At 18 Ruth was a beautiful young lady. Long hair and sparkling green eyes, she took after her mother. Her father told her often how she looked just like her mom did when they met. He'd hug her close and look into her eyes, then kiss her on the cheek telling her he loved her. She had plenty of friends and was ready to start dating. But her parents wouldn't let her until she was at least another six months older. She never complained, but was really ready for this year to go by. She was tired of being treated like a child. She would think of going out with a guy on a date and get really nervous thinking about it. She heard the older girls talking and knew what went on. She had never kissed a boy yet. Well, she had kissed one on the cheek, but that didn't count. Sometimes she would practice on her dolls or stuffed animals. She'd laugh and wonder what it would be like to kiss a real guy.

When summer arrived that year her mom started teaching summer school again and her father started going into work after lunch. She told him he didn't have to be there for her now, she was old enough to stay alone. But he insisted he didn't want her to be home alone and he enjoyed their time together. About a week into the summer she heard him call her name after her mom left. She got up and went to their bedroom and saw him lying there with the covers pulled back just like always. "There's Daddy’s little snugglebug!!", he said. She ran and got in the bed just like always and snuggled up to his chest. "It's good to have you back Ruthie, I've missed this. You know, you've really grown this past year. You're no longer my little Snugglebug, but you'll always be my snugglebug." "Of course I will Daddy, I love snuggling with you", she said. Her father started stroking her hair and said, "Oh Ruthie, it won't be long now and I'll lose you to some guy you fall for. You'll want to be with him all the time. Which is what you're supposed to do, but I don't have to like it.” he laughed.

Ruth thought about that and said, "Daddy, I don't know... boys make me nervous. I know I say I'm ready to start dating, but when I think of being with a boy on a date, my stomach starts to hurt. I've never kissed a boy, and I know that's what you do when you date." Her father stopped stroking her hair for a minute. She looked up at him and he looked into her eyes, "Ruth, you're a beautiful young lady. You have nothing to worry about. Any guy would be lucky to have you with him on a date. But I do hate the thought of you being scared about anything. You know, if you really want to learn how to kiss, I could teach you." Ruth’s eyes lit up at the thought of not having to worry about that anymore. "Daddy, yes!! I do want you to teach me. You've taught me everything, from how to walk and talk to how to ride my bike and even to drive. Of course you should teach me how to kiss", she said with a big smile. Her father hugged her tightly, squeezing her against his chest. Then he looked into her eyes again and said, "But Ruthie... there's one promise we'll have to make each other. We absolutely cannot tell anyone about this. Not even your mom. Let's have this as our secret. Special for us and no one else can know." "Sure Daddy, I'd rather all my friends think I just know how naturally anyway", she laughed. "So when are you going to teach me?" Her father looked at her and smiled, "How about now?"

He rolled onto his side facing her and told her to lay back and relax. He then leaned over her and looked into her eyes. He moved closer and kissed her forehead, then her eyes very lightly. Then her cheeks as they smiled at one another. Then he kissed her very lightly on the lips. He looked into her eyes again then kissed her lips again, this time she felt his lips moving on hers. Then he stopped and told her, "Oh my sweet Ruthie, such a good girl. You are very nice to kiss. Just close your eyes and relax let me show you how it's done." Ruth just nodded, smiling and a little nervous. Her father kissed her once again, pressing his lips to hers. She closed her eyes as he said to do and felt his lips moving against hers. She matched his movements, opening her mouth and kissing him as he kissed her. Then she felt his tongue brush her lips. It surprised her at first, but she had heard of this at school. She could feel her heart racing as her fathers tongue entered her mouth and touched her tongue. This caused a tingling all the way down to her toes. She put her arm around her father’s neck slightly pulling him close to her. He kisser her harder, his tongue dancing with hers. She tasted his lips, his mouth and she loved it. Then he pulled away from her. She noticed a different look in his eyes. They were both breathing heavier now, her father looked at her in a way she saw him look at her mother before. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek. He took her hand and kissed each finger, then kissed down her arm. Then he kissed her neck softly, "Oh Ruthie, baby, Daddy loves you so much, you taste so good. You're so good to Daddy", he mumbled as he kissed her neck and her ear. Ruth felt as though she were on fire at every spot he kissed. She closed her eyes and loved this feeling, "I love you too Daddy, please don't stop", she begged. Her father stopped and raised up, looking into her face. "Ruthie, do you want me to teach you more?” he asked. "Yes Daddy, yes I do, I want you to teach me more, please", she answered. "Oh my sweet baby, of course I'll teach you. I'll make you feel really good Ruthie. Just lay back and relax, let Daddy show you how much he loves you", he said.

Her father pulled the covers back and Ruth lay there with only her short gown and panties on. He leaned over and kissed her again, deep and long, as his hands slid slowly down her body to the bottom of her gown. Then he raised it up and pulled it off over her head. He looked at his beautiful daughter lying there in just her white cotton panties. "You're beautiful Ruthie", he said as he softly kissed her again. Then he kissed down her neck to her chest. He lightly kissed one breast then the other. Ruth lay there with her eyes closed, holding her breath as electricity shot through her body each time her father’s lips touched her breasts. Then she felt his mouth on her left nipple, gently sucking on it while his tongue teased it. She heard herself moan softly as she finally started breathing again. She felt his hand go to the other one, softly making slow circles around it with his fingertips, then getting closer and closer to her nipple. Gently he took it between his finger and thumb and softly squeezed it. She felt that all the way to her toes and again she heard herself moan. He then moved his mouth to the other nipple and his fingers to the one he had been sucking on. "Ohhhhh Daddy", she cried softly as he started sucking on her right nipple while gently playing with the other one.

She felt his hand start to move down her stomach, then all the way down where it rested between her legs. He just laid it there for a moment then softly squeezed her a bit. She parted her legs automatically and he started slowly rubbing her pussy through her panties. Then he stopped and kissed between her breasts and slowly kissed down her stomach. His hand slowly moving down her side with each downward kiss. She felt his tongue on her skin, licking her belly. Then he took both hands and started sliding her panties down and off. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her with so much love on his face. He leaned back down and kissed her belly once more. His hand again between her legs, rubbing her softly. She closed her eyes, taking in all these new feelings. Her father started rubbing her a little harder. It felt so good to Ruth, she had touched herself before, but it never felt like this. She felt him gently slide one finger just inside the lips and slowly move it up and down. Then he moved to her clit and started making soft slow circles around it. He moved up and kissed her lips as he continued with the slow circles around her clit.

She opened her eyes and saw him looking into hers, "How's this baby? Tell Daddy how this feels", he said. "Ohhhh Daddy, it feels so good. Don't stop Daddy", she answered. "That's my good baby. I told you I'd make you feel good,” he said. He moved back down to her thighs and gently kissed first one then the other. He then took his hand away from her and she looked down just in time to see his lips kissing her pussy. She lay back down just as she felt his tongue parting her lips and start softly licking her clit. "Ohhhhhhh Daddy", she moaned as he licked a little faster. She felt fire all through her body, a thick feeling just above her pussy. She pushed her hips towards her fathers face wanting more, but she didn't know what. He started sucking on her clit as he took one finger and gently inserted it just barely inside her. He heard her moan and start breathing harder as she squirmed and pushed against him. He kept sucking and licking her clit as he moved his finger just barely in and out of her hot wet pussy. Suddenly she started moaning louder and he knew his daughter was having her first orgasm. He continued licking her, tasting her wetness as her body trembled and writhed beneath him.

Ruth was exhausted. She had never felt anything like that in her life. It was incredible. It felt like some kind of wonderful pressure just kept building up as her father licked her until finally she just exploded with this amazing feeling inside her. She was so relaxed and calm, it was like a drug. Then she realized her father had stopped licking her and was now lying beside her looking into her sweaty face. "Well baby, did Daddy make you feel good like he said he would?” he asked with a sly smile. "Daddy, oh yes. I've never felt anything like that before in my life. I thought I was going to pass out. I never, uh.. I can't... how did... ummm.. thank you so much for that lesson Daddy", she stuttered. Her father smiled lovingly at her as he brushed the hair away from her face. He lay back on the bed and she snuggled up next to him just as they always had. "I'm glad you enjoyed it baby, and there's so much more to learn, if you'd like to that is. Like how to make a man feel what you just did. That it's important to make each other feel as good as you can", he told her. "Can you teach me that now Daddy?” she asked with a hopeful look on her face. "Not today baby, next time, ok?” he answered with a soft laugh. "Ok Daddy, just don't forget", she replied. "I promise I won't forget baby. Now come on Snugglebug, get some sleep, it's still early".

BOOM!!!! A loud crash of thunder startled Ruth from her memories, as she lay curled on her bed. "I love you Daddy", she whispered as she fell into a restful sleep, all alone in her own bed. Knowing that what she did with Jerry was something any loving parent would do.

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