tagIncest/TabooUltimate Taboo Ch. 04

Ultimate Taboo Ch. 04


The next morning Jerry woke up and just lay in bed for awhile remembering the events of the night before. Had his mother actually given him a blowjob? His hand moved to his cock and it was already hardening with the memory of what went on. He closed his eyes and thought of his mothers mouth on him as he slowly stroked his cock up and down. It had felt so good and still did. He wanted it to happen again. He wanted more to happen. He remembered the feeling of her kisses, the softness of her lips, the warmth of her mouth and wetness of her tongue as he stroked faster and faster. Suddenly he exploded cumming so hard and so good he was barely able to keep himself from yelling out his mother’s name. He laid there still slowly stroking himself as he remembered how he came in her mouth last night. He imagined her there now, swallowing all his hot thick cum. He reached down and picked up a T-shirt to wipe himself off with. God how he wished she were there with him.

He went into the living room after dressing and figured his mother must still be in bed. He decided to have some cereal to try to get his mind off of her in bed, alone. It didn't work though, even after the cereal he thought of her and kept looking towards her room. Eyeing her door, listening for any movement in there. He got up and walked to her door, pressing his ear to it to see if he could hear her. He didn't hear anything. He wanted to go in there so bad, but didn't know how she felt after what went on last night. Well there was only one way to find out. He slowly turned the doorknob.

He looked inside and saw her lying there in bed. Quietly he made his way to the bed and whispered "Mom"? She didn't move or make a sound. Suddenly he became very nervous and decided he should leave. He turned and went towards the door when he heard, "Jerry, did you need something?” He stopped, without turning around and said, "Uh, no Mom, I was just checking on you, I thought I heard you call out to me", he lied. She looked at the back of him as he stood at the door and said, "Jerry, come here son, come sit beside me". Jerry stood there for a minute, his heart pounding. Finally he turned and walked over to the bed to sit beside his mother.

She placed her hand on his back and started to rub it softly. "Jerry, are you ok?” she asked. He looked down and said, "Sure Mom, I'm fine. What about you, how do you feel?” "I'm fine as long as you're ok. Jerry, I just want you to know that I love you very much and would never do anything to hurt you. What happened last night was something very special. And where it goes from here is all up to you. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. But sex is just and expression of love, and I do love you." she said. Jerry finally turned and looked at his mother. "Mom, last night was great. You were great. I just wish.. well I just wish I knew what to do." he said softly. She looked at him with such love in her eyes as she nodded her head and said, "I know what you mean Jerry. I remember when I felt the same way. You and I are a lot alike you know. We both like pleasing others and aren't selfish at all. I can help you, if you want me to that is." Of course he did, but he was nervous about it at the same time. He didn't want to embarrass himself with his lack of knowledge about what to do. "I do Mom, but well, I uh.. I just don't know if you'd really want to. I'm such an idiot, I have no idea what I'm doing.” he stammered.

"Jerry, you are not an idiot. Never say that. You are a wonderful caring young man that wants to know about sex and learn about it safely. There's nothing wrong with that." she said. "There is one way for you to find out what makes a woman feel good. You could watch and let me show you what feels good." Jerry looked at his mother as she sat up across from him, looking into his eyes as she slipped her nightgown off. She sat there in front of him naked. She was beautiful. Her hands slowly went to her breasts, caressing them gently as she closed her eyes. He watched as she squeezed them softly, then pinching her nipples as her lips parted and her tongue slid out, licking them slowly.

He felt his cock start to grow as he watched his mom very intently. He had the strong urge to touch her breasts himself, but he controlled himself and just watched. Her right hand slid down her stomach, down to her thigh, and slowly down to her knee as her left hand continued caressing her breast. Her head tilted to one side as her hand slowly worked its way up along her inner thigh. Her breathing started getting a little deeper as she opened her legs wide, letting her hand find her soft warm pussy and start to softly caress it.

Jerry could barely control his urge to touch himself, but he did. He loved watching his mom and couldn't take his eyes off of her. He watched as her fingers slowly moved along the lips of her pussy, from bottom to top and back again. Her other hand was still pinching her nipples and caressing her breasts. He kept his eye on the other hand though, as she slowly slid one finger inside the lips, just barely, then slid it up from the bottom to the top. He saw that as she went to the top her hips sort of pushed towards her finger. But she would then slide it back down, moving inside a little deeper each time. He watched as her finger went inside all the way this time, then slid up to her clit and she stayed there for a few seconds, rubbing slowly in small circles. She moaned softly as she did this, her hips moving slightly.

He looked up at her face and saw that she was watching him. He was sure he was red as a beet but didn't care. There was no way he was going to stop watching. He looked back down and saw as her finger went back down and then she slid another finger inside. Pushing them inside as far as she could, then bringing them out, then pushing them back in. Watching this made him hard as a rock and he couldn't help but rub himself a little. She then took her fingers out and brought them to her lips. He saw that they were very wet as she rubbed the moisture on her lips, then slid them inside her mouth. She sucked her fingers as she looked into his eyes. Taking them out of her mouth and back down to her pussy, again she slid them inside all the way. Jerry wished it were his hard cock sliding inside her wet pussy, as he watched her slide those fingers in and out faster now. Her hips moving, meeting the thrusts of her fingers.

She slowed down and took her fingers out again. This time offering them to Jerry. He looked into her eyes as he felt her fingertips on his lips. He opened his mouth and she slid her fingers inside. Nervously he licked them slowly, then sucked on them just as she had. He loved how she tasted. He thought he would cum right then and there if he had touched himself just a bit. She took her fingers from his hungry mouth and returned them to their pleasureful task. She spread her legs as far as she could, letting him see her wet pussy opened up. She took her two fingers and slid them back inside and then took them out and moved up to her clit again. She started rubbing it faster and harder. Moaning softly as her hips pushed against her fingers. Her other hand moved down and she slid two fingers inside again as her other fingers rubbed her clit faster and faster.

Jerry rubbed himself through his jeans. He didn't know how much longer he could take this, but wasn't about to stop watching. He could tell she was going to cum soon. She was so wet and looked so good, he had the urge to take over, but he knew he had to finish watching. Faster and harder she rubbed her clit as she slid two fingers in and out of her hot wet pussy. Her breathing was faster and her moans somewhat louder as her hips moved in unison with her hand. Suddenly she moaned loudly, calling out Jerry’s name as she came with such force. Her legs trembling and her body slightly shaking. He looked at his mom as she slowly stopped rubbing her clit. She looked beautiful; lying there with her legs spread wide, her face damp with perspiration.

She reached for him; her arms opened wide asking him to come to her. He moved towards her hesitantly. She wrapped her arms around him holding him close. Slowly her hands moved down his back, to his hips. One hand moved around to his crotch and squeezed his now rock hard cock through his jeans. He felt her kiss his neck softly as her hands moved to his jeans, unfastening them. He raised up and slid them off along with his underwear. He then pulled his shirt off too, and moved back into her arms. She kissed his neck and whispered into his ear, "Relax Jerry, relax and let me guide you".

He kissed her neck softly, his hands moving to her breasts, they were so soft and felt so good. She took one of his hands and moved it slowly down her stomach, down between her legs to her warm wet pussy. She pressed his hand to herself, moving it slowly up and down. He loved the way it felt. So wet and warm and inviting. Remembering her movements he slid one finger inside the lips and moved it up and down a few times. He heard her moan softly as her hand moved to his balls, massaging them gently. He felt her clit, hard and swollen. He rubbed it gently as he felt her push against his fingers. But he stopped and moved down, sliding his finger inside, feeling her warmth and wetness. Oh how he wanted to slide his cock inside her, but he wanted to go slow, he wanted to do this right. He moved his finger in and out of her hot wet pussy then moved slowly back up to her hard little clit. Rubbing it a little harder, a little faster as she held onto him tightly, pushing herself towards his finger. He rubbed it faster as she moaned his name softly, "Ohhh Jerry baby... don't stop.. I'm gonna cum". He continued rubbing her clit faster when suddenly she pushed against him with such force he could feel her whole body tremble and shake as she exploded beneath his fingers. She took his hand and guided him to slowly stop rubbing her clit. She moved his hand down and guided his finger to slide inside her pussy. She was so wet and so hot. "Jerry, I want to feel you inside me", she whispered.

He positioned himself over her, looking down into her eyes as his hard cock rubbed against her pussy. He took his cock in his hand and guided it to her opening. They looked into each other’s eyes as he slowly slid inside her. Once inside he stopped moving for a minute, just enjoying the feeling of her warmth and wetness surrounding him. She felt so good, so right. He closed his eyes as he slid out a little and then back in. He heard her whispering how good he felt as he moved in and out. He was so hard and he knew he was going to cum soon. He started moving faster, pushing himself inside her all the way. He heard her moans and felt her hips meet his thrusts. Faster and faster his cock glided in and out of her hot wet pussy. He felt her legs wrap around his body pulling him to her even more. This set him off and he came with such force that he knew she had to have felt it throughout her body. He slowed his movements as he gasped and moaned.

He raised up and looked into her eyes. She looked into his as she said, "You were great Jerry, you are a wonderful man". She hugged him and kissed his lips. He lay down beside her and they held each other as they drifted off to sleep.

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