tagIncest/TabooUn Sejour Dans Le Sud De La France Ch. 04

Un Sejour Dans Le Sud De La France Ch. 04


Author's Note:- This is the fourth chapter of "Terri, Beth et Tommy - Un séjour inoubliable dans le sud de la France" If you are new to this story I would suggest that you read "Tommy meets Terri" before reading this story to familiarise yourself with the characters and the situation between them.

Also, I like to think of this story not as simply a sex-story, but rather as a story that has (quite a lot of) sex in it.

All characters are over 18.

Chapter 4 – A Pampering for Tommy

Bright shafts of sunlight blazed through the shutters of Terri's bedroom casting parallel lines of illumination across the floor as I finally came to my senses. I looked across at the clock – 11:49am. The events of the previous evening began to filter through my consciousness. Making love with the two girls – me riding them and them riding me. The sight of Beth masturbating herself as she watched me fucking her best friend Terri. The scent of arousal and visceral sex, both male and female, mixed with sweat permeating the room.

What a night it had been, I mused to myself. I had serviced them both four times each before I could give them no more. I had made love eight times over the course of that unforgettable night and now I was paying the price for my exertions – I ached everywhere. But it had been more than worth the effort! To have given my body to the two girls to be used for their pleasure with little regard to my own had been a strangely rewarding experience. I felt like I was little more than a sex-toy, an object whose only purpose was to give pleasure, expecting nothing in return but the satisfaction of a job well done. But I had never felt so masculine in all my life, had never felt like such a stud before. I had a wonderfully warm feeling coursing through every vein and artery in my body.

But my aching muscles sent me crashing out of my reminiscence and straight back into reality. Beth and Terri were nowhere to be seen and I was alone and naked in the large double bed. My stomach growled; I was starving. Reluctantly, I got out of bed and forced my protesting muscles to take me out towards the kitchen to find something to eat.

I searched around for my boxer shorts that I had taken off earlier the previous night but they were nowhere to be found, I guessed one of the girls had taken them out to put them with the rest of our laundry. So I stepped out naked into the brightness of the main open plan area of the villa. The whole place was quiet – the TV was off, as was the radio.

"TERRI!" I called out as I rubbed my tired eyes, "BETH! Anyone here??"

No reply.

I checked Beth's room – nothing. I checked my own room just in case – nobody there either. I stepped out into the garden – not a soul around, the trees rustled in the breeze, the water of the swimming pool rippled slightly, birds sang softly in the trees. But there was no sign of any human presence to be found anywhere. The whole villa was like the Marie Celeste.

I went back inside and it was then that I spied the note on the coffee table.


Beth and I have gone for a walk down to the village to get a few things, we should be back before lunch. See you later!

Much love, Terri.

I yawned loudly as I put the note back on the table. I went back to my room and found a t-shirt and a pair of underpants and shorts and picked up my book from my bedside table and then went over to the kitchen to make myself some toast and some coffee.

The small breakfast helped revive me a little but did nothing to ease the aching I still felt in every muscle in my body. So I went back outside taking my book with me and laid myself down on a sun-lounger under the shade of a large parasol to read.

I was still pretty tired and inevitably it wasn't long before I fell into a doze.

I was awoken however by the sound of the front door slamming shut. Beth and Terri joined me on the sun terrace a few moments later. Both girls looked stunningly beautiful in light and colourful summer dresses with wide-brimmed straw hats and sandals on their feet. They carried with them a white plastic carrier bag, presumably from their trip down to the village.

"Hi girls." I said with a yawn.

"Hi Tommy." Beth said with a soft kiss on my forehead.

"He looks exhausted after last night doesn't he!" Terri grinned towards my sister. She wasn't wrong; I was knackered!

"I'll be ok," I said, "I just need a rest that's all."

"Well, Terri and I would like to thank you for last night," Beth said, "for all your exertion and giving us every last drop of cum you could give."

"Really, it was nothing." I said modestly.

"Well, Beth and I beg to differ," Terri said, "and we've decided that today is going to be all about you and making you feel truly special."

"We're going to pamper you like a prince," Said Beth, "soothe your aching muscles and make you feel like a new man."

"Beth and I have been down to the village to get a few things to help revive you and help us show you just how much we love you. From now until the end of today we don't want you to have to lift a finger." Terri said.

"And it all starts right now." said Beth with a sly grin, "So it's off with those clothes and into the shower with you!"

Well, this was a turn up for the books – I'd never been pampered before and I wondered exactly what the girls had in store for me. But I decided to indulge them, I mean, what harm could it do? One thing I was certain about though, knowing the two girls the way I did, it was bound to be a very enjoyable experience. So I got up from the sun-lounger and followed the two girls into the bathroom between mine and Beth's bedrooms. Beth carried the white bag with her. I wondered exactly what was inside it.

Terri started proceedings by pulling my t-shirt off me while Beth pulled down my shorts and my underwear leaving me totally naked in a matter of seconds. Terri then turned on the shower, instantly the room was filled with the sound of running water raining upon the tiled floor of the shower cubicle.

The showers in the villa were much larger than the ones we had at home, large enough to accommodate more than a single person and with a single large showerhead above and a second detachable showerhead on a metallic hose.

The sound of running water always made me want to pee, so I did as I always did before getting into the shower. I stepped in front of the toilet, retracted my foreskin a little and proceeded to relieve myself.

I didn't mind the girls watching me pee; in fact I rather enjoyed putting on a little show for them. The day before, Terri had watched me urinating in the bushes at the beach; she took me by surprise which annoyed me a little – if she really wanted to watch me pee all she had to do was ask. Moments later she had my Speedo's pulled down around my ankles and had my penis in her mouth before I could do anything about it – I didn't really want to be fellated against my will, but I couldn't deny that it had been wonderfully erotic. But I guessed that Terri was still discovering the boundaries of what was appropriate and what wasn't appropriate and she had learnt her lesson the hard way, if her tears from last night were anything to go by.

With the last few drips of urine shaken from the tip of my penis I pulled my foreskin back into place, flushed the toilet and turned around to face the girls once more. Beth had removed some of the contents of the bag and laid them out on the floor. There were a couple of natural sponges, a bottle of suitably masculine smelling shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. I already had some of these things with me anyway but I decided not to point that out to the girls, they had obviously gone to a lot of trouble for me so I just let it go and let them get on with it.

"Step into the shower please, Master Thomas," said Terri, adopting an instructive tone of voice, "we're going to scrub you cleaner than you've ever been scrubbed before!"

So I stepped into the shower and immediately felt the blissful coolness of the tepid water raining down on my aching, naked body. It was a beautiful contrast to the heat of the Mediterranean summer outside. But a thought occurred to me.

"Hang on a minute," I said to the girls, "if you're going to come in here to give me a scrubbing you'll get absolutely soaked!"

"Ah, we've already thought about that!" Beth smiled.

Terri and Beth took off their dresses to reveal that they were wearing their bikinis underneath. After leaving me for a couple of moments under the cascading water, the two girls joined me in the shower and started off by shampooing my hair before rinsing and then applying plenty of conditioner before rinsing that off as well, leaving my hair clean and soft. The two girls repeated the operation a couple more times before Terri turned the water off and the two girls left the cubicle and each picked up a sponge and applied a liberal amount of shower gel to it and then rejoined me.

Both girls then proceeded to lather me up - Terri on my shoulders and back, Beth on my arms and torso. It felt wonderful. After a few minutes of this the girls turned their attention to my legs and feet. Once again, I was rinsed off before the girls repeated soaping me up with the sponges a couple more times. Now I knew why they had bought the shower gel rather than use my own – they intended to use all of it.

I let out a gasp as both girls finally turned their attention to my midriff – Terri lathered up my buttocks and Beth focussed her attention on my penis, carefully retracting my foreskin as far as it would go and applying a liberal amount of lather to my most sensitive areas. I was erect in a matter of moments as a result of the attention I was receiving.

With my sister working on my erect penis I felt a familiar finger sliding down between my buttocks, Terri obviously had a particular fascination with my rectum and by now I was only too happy to indulge her.

"Hahhh!! Ahhh!" I gasped as I felt Terri's finger slide up inside me and make contact with my sensitive prostate gland. The 'come hither' motion her finger was making inside me soon had me writhing and having to hold myself up for support against the girls as my legs gave way underneath me.

Beth meanwhile, was stroking the exposed head of my penis which was liberally lubricated with the shower gel. Precum was by now pouring out of my erection in a long sticky dribble which stretched almost down to the floor of the shower cubicle. I was moments away from orgasm.

"I think Master Thomas here wants to cum." Beth said to Terri, "Do you think we should let him?"

"Well," Terri replied, "he has been a good boy and allowed us to get him nicely soaped up and properly clean, but I think we should rinse him off first."

"Good idea Mistress Terri." said Beth.

Both girls set down their sponges and Terri removed her finger from my anus. I felt a stab of disappointment as my urge to cum reluctantly subsided. Beth turned the knob of the shower so that now the water sprayed out from the detachable head only. She started to spray me with the water, rinsing the suds from my naked body.

"Turn around please Master Thomas." Terri instructed and I did as I was told.

Beth then sprayed my back and pretty soon the last of the suds was rinsed off me and down the drain in the centre of the shower cubicle. But if I thought that was the end of the showering I was much mistaken.

"Please stand with your legs apart and your hands on the top of your head." Beth said. Once again I followed her instructions.

"Hahhh!!!" I gasped as Beth aimed the spray of water straight at my testicles. It felt like I was being softly tickled by hundreds of tiny fingers. In my already heightened state of arousal it was pleasure the like of which I had never experienced before. Our shower at home didn't have a detachable showerhead so this was something I had never done before. As the soothing water played gently on my sensitive scrotal sac I was on the brink of begging the girls to let me cum.

"I think he's enjoying this quite a bit!" Terri beamed, "just look at his face!"

"Mistress Terri," said Beth, "I think all this stimulation is beginning to become a little too much for Master Thomas to handle, would you care to relieve him?"

"It would be a pleasure, Mistress Beth." Terri replied.

Terri joined me in the shower cubicle as Beth continued to spray my testicles with the showerhead. She took hold of my throbbing erection and started to masturbate me. The combination of the feeling of Terri caressing my penis and Beth spraying my scrotum soon had me careering towards the cliff-edge of a powerful and very imminent orgasm.

"Hahh! Hahh!! Ahh!! Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm... gonna... cum!!" I gasped as all the stimulation finally became too much for me and my orgasm erupted within me. My penis throbbed in Terri's hand and a thick ribbon of semen shot out from my erection and splashed all over the wall of the shower cubicle. Several more blasts of semen followed of lesser intensity, landing on the floor of the cubicle and being washed away down the drain.

"Good boy!" Beth said, "What a lovely cum you've made for us!"

I could support my weight no longer and I collapsed onto my knees as my orgasmic high subsided and left me utterly spent.

"Th... thank you girls," I said breathlessly as I came around to my senses, "that was fantastic!"

"Oh Master Thomas," Beth said, "we've only just begun."

Both girls then dried me off with two large and very soft towels. It felt wonderful to be the centre of attention, to be the subject of the girls' adoration and pampering and if this was only the beginning I was sure to be in for a truly memorable afternoon.

"I think some lunch is in order while Master Thomas here enjoys a nice relaxing swim." Terri said to Beth.

"I'll see if I can rustle up a little something for us all." Beth said, "Mistress Terri, it would be nice if you could escort Master Thomas to the pool and see to it that he enjoys a refreshing dip."

"My pleasure." Terri replied, "Please come this way, Master Thomas."

Terri took me by the hand and helped me up on my feet. She walked me out onto the sun terrace and instructed me to get into the pool. I was only too happy to follow her instructions and as soon as I was immersed naked in the cool water I felt utterly relaxed.

I wasn't in the mood for too much exertion, so rather than actually swimming lengths I decided to simply lie on my back and float in the water. Terri gracefully entered the pool herself and swam over to me.

"Thank you again for last night, Tommy," she said, "I always wanted my first time to be special and you made it more special for me than you can imagine."

"I'm pleased to hear it." I said, "When you walked in on Beth and I having sex I thought that you'd never speak to us again. I thought our holiday was over."

"Yes, well, Beth and I decided to draw a line under the whole sorry incident. It's in the past now, none of us can change it but we can all move on from it."

"I'm glad to hear that, I know how much the friendship between you and my sister means to you both." I said, "And, I know I said that last night was a one-off between you and me but... I really like you Terri, you're a lovely girl, and if you'd like to make love with me again I'd be only too happy. I mean... I can't love you the same way I love Beth but in the short time I've known you you've become very special to me as well."

"I wouldn't want to come between you and Beth," Terri said with a tear in her eye, "I mean... I was shocked I'll not deny it. Incest is incest after all. But I could see just how much in love you both are. When Beth said that she didn't mind sharing you with me my heart nearly leapt out of my ribcage! And then, when you agreed to take me for my first time I nearly burst into tears of joy."

"What did it feel like?" I asked, changing the subject a little "I mean, obviously I know what it feels like for a boy to have sex for the first time, I was just wondering what it felt like for a girl."

"It was wonderful!" Terri grinned from ear to ear.

"Didn't it hurt though, when I y'know... broke your hymen?" I asked out of genuine curiosity.

"It did hurt a bit I suppose," Terri reflected, "it certainly made me wince a bit! But just as Beth said, it only lasted a couple of moments and then it felt wonderful. The feeling of having your penis sliding into me will be something I will never forget as long as I live. I'd never had anything up inside me before – not even so much as a tampon; I always use panty-liners when I have my period. Mum always told me that it was sinful to put anything up inside me, even if it's only a tampon. I mean... I've touched myself down there many times but that was limited to just playing with my clitoris a little."

I put my feet down and waded over to where Terri was standing.

"Does it always give you an orgasm when you play with it?" I asked.

"Usually," she replied, "but not always. It depends on how I'm feeling I guess."

"How are you feeling now?" I enquired.

"I suppose I'm feeling like I'd like to play with myself a little." Terri replied with a naughty twinkle in her eye and her cheeks flushed bright red.

"Would you like me to... play with it for you?" I asked mischievously.

"How could I possibly refuse an offer like that, Master Thomas!" she giggled.

Her expression instantly turned from a smile to a gasp of surprise as I slipped my right hand into the front of her bikini bottoms, stroking her smooth and hairless outer labia and her delightfully soft vaginal cleft. She winced a little as I then forced my fingers up inside her vagina, I guessed that she was still a little sore after having been deflowered the night before but her discomfort seemed to pass after only a few seconds. Her vagina felt deliciously warm and soft and welcoming, and as I started to masturbate her I looked her straight in the eyes.

"Ohhhh Tommy," she said breathlessly, "that feels so nice."

I smiled back at her in response to her compliment and simply continued to wiggle and twist my fingers around inside her. The expression of pure pleasure on her face as I masturbated her in the cool water of the pool will live with me forever.

With my other hand I removed her bikini bottoms completely, letting them sink down her legs until they were down at her ankles. I then started to stroke her clitoris at the same time as I thrust my fingers in and out of her vagina. Instantly, she reacted with a long stuttering gasp as the sensations I was delivering to her flooded her mind and body. Our eyes locked together and I could tell from the look on her face that she was very close.

"Oh Tommy! Oh my! Ooooh! Ahh! AH! AH! HAH! HAH!!! Oh Tommy... I think... hah!! I think... I'm... oohhhhhh... cummmminnnng!!!" she gasped and squirmed as the first wave of her orgasm took over her whole body.

I could feel her tight vaginal muscles twitching and contracting rhythmically as I continued to tickle her birth canal.

"Oh-h-h-h-h! Ah-h-h-h-h! Oh Tommy, ho-oly shit!!"

I had never heard such language from the girl before! Her family was rather strictly religious and I guessed that swearing was something she usually disapproved of under normal circumstances.

It never ceased to amaze me just how long a female orgasm could last for. Not that I felt that I was in any way short-changed in the orgasm department myself. My orgasms were certainly intense enough for me, as my earlier orgasm in the shower had proved! But nevertheless there was always the slightest pang of jealousy in the back of my mind as I gazed upon the sight of a woman in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy. It always looked as though they were enjoying themselves more than I did. Maybe girls are just better at letting go of their inhibitions when they cum, I thought to myself. Maybe all the gasping, yelping and screaming was just the female equivalent of the male ejaculation – an audible female equivalent to the visible sign of a male orgasm. Either way, nothing made me feel happier than the knowledge that I was responsible for the blissful sensations that she was enjoying and I knew beyond any doubt that the girls felt the same way whenever they masturbated me and delivered me to the ecstasy of orgasm.

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