tagIncest/TabooUn Sejour Dans Le Sud De La France Ch. 05

Un Sejour Dans Le Sud De La France Ch. 05


Author's Note:- This is the fifth chapter of "Terri, Beth et Tommy - Un séjour inoubliable dans le sud de la France" If you are new to this story I would suggest that you read "Tommy meets Terri" before reading this story to familiarise yourself with the characters and the situation between them.

Also, I like to think of this story not as simply a sex-story, but rather as a story that has some sex in it (albeit quite a lot of it!)

All characters are over 18.


Chapter 5 - The Cove

A bright shaft of light suddenly illuminated my bedroom as Terri quietly entered.

Then darkness descended once again as she closed the door behind her. The intrusion roused me from my slumber in no time at all.

"Terri? Is that you?" I said sleepily. I knew it would be Terri - if it had been my sister Beth entering my room she would have used the other door that went into our shared bathroom.

"Yes," Terri whispered, "can I slip in there with you?"

I was naked, having remained completely nude ever since the previous day's pampering session I received from the two girls. I knew what would likely happen if she were to join me but how could I possibly refuse?

"Sure, if you like," I whispered back to her, "there isn't a lot of room in here though, it is only a single bed after all."

"That just makes it even cosier!" Terri said quietly as she slipped into my bed alongside my nude form. I almost always awoke with a morning erection and today was no exception - within moments she had taken my almost painfully erect penis in her hand.

"Oh my word Tommy," she gasped, "your dick is massive this morning!"

I couldn't help but chuckle - I knew what she wanted of course - and I was only too happy to oblige. She wanted sex, she had obviously woken up feeling particularly horny, especially after the events of the previous day, and had a serious itch that needed to be scratched that not even her own fingers could relieve her of.

"What time is it?" I said as I yawned and stretched.

"Just after seven," Terri said, still with her hand around my throbbing erection, "is it... is it ok if I... I mean, do you mind if I... y'know... have a quick..."

"I guess you're trying to ask me if I'd like to make love with you!" I giggled.

"Sorry, I... well, yes." Terri said sheepishly, "if... if it's ok with you of course."

How on earth could I possibly resist such an adorably doe-eyed expression such as the one on her face at that moment?

"Sure," I said, with a grin.

"Can I... go on top?" she asked.

"If you like." I yawned.

Terri squealed with delight, and reassured that she had been "cleared for take-off" she peeled back my duvet to reveal me in all my naked and fully erect glory to her in the dim light. She gasped as she saw the full extent of my morning erection for the first time. Why are morning erections always so big? I thought to myself as I watched Terri gazing upon my nakedness.

"Why don't you draw back the curtains and open the shutters so that we can see each other properly." I said.

Terri got up off the bed and drew back the curtains and opened the shutters and instantly the room was flooded with bright sunlight. Outside it was another beautiful day in southern France.

Terri stood before me and pulled her nightdress up over her head to reveal herself before me in only her knickers. Her breasts were a beautiful sight to wake up to first thing in the morning and already I couldn't wait to caress them. She already had a small foil packet in her hand as she had come in and she eyed it slightly nervously as she stood before me.

"Are you... y'know... sure you want me to ride you?" Terri said, "I mean, I don't want to take advantage of you, like the way I did at the beach the other day."

"It's ok really," I said in all honesty, "I want to make love with you."

"You're sure I'm not forcing you into this?" she said.

"Of course you aren't!" I giggled, "Just put that condom on me and let's just enjoy each other ok?"

"Okay." She said with a glint in her eye.

She carefully tore open the foil packet and took out the thin latex sheath. She pulled back my foreskin, just as Beth had shown her the other night, and placed the condom on the tip of my penis and then rolled it down, encasing my erection in its lubricated, rubbery embrace. Wearing a condom still felt a little strange to me; Beth and I always made love without one because she was on the pill and we trusted each other implicitly. But even though the sensation was slightly less than when I was inside my sister, sex still felt wonderful despite the encumbrance.

With the condom now successfully applied to my penis, Terri pulled down her knickers to reveal her nakedness to me. She climbed onto the bed and straddled me. I braced myself for the impending sensation of penetration as she took my sheathed erection in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her vagina.

We both gave out stuttering exhalations as she lowered herself onto me and impaled herself upon my morning erection. Within moments she was bouncing up and down on me like a bucking bronco, which caused me to wince a little. She certainly wasn't wasting any time this morning!

"Hey! Slow down Terri! What's the rush?" I said, "Do you have to be somewhere else or something?"

"Sorry Tommy!" Terri giggled, "I guess I just got a little carried away there!"

"If there's one thing Beth has taught me," I said as I looked up at Terri, "is that sex isn't supposed to be a race! Quickie sex can be fantastic, don't get me wrong, but right now we don't have to be anywhere important so let's just take our time and enjoy it."

Terri took the hint and slowed herself down. I enjoyed being ridden by a beautiful girl and I wanted it to last as long as possible. Perhaps I had a slightly submissive streak, I mused to myself as Terri rode me. I was rarely happier than when either Beth or Terri was on top of me, controlling our lovemaking. Sex when I was on top was fantastic also, but in all honesty lying on my back and gazing up at the sight of a beautiful young woman as she rode me and used my body to pleasure herself, was just more enjoyable for me.

I love to look into the eyes of my lover as she rides me - the glazed look as she loses herself to the pleasure of the intimacy of the moment. Just the knowledge that I was the one giving her that pleasure only served to intensify my own satisfaction and I was only too happy to let her use me however she wished.

I reached up, as I always did when I was being ridden, and cupped and caressed Terri's breasts. They were beautifully soft and smooth and wonderfully tactile. Her nipples, much larger than my own of course, stood proud and erect and I teased them with my thumb and forefinger causing Terri to gasp with pleasure.

I also occasionally reached down to caress her buttocks and between her legs to stroke her clitoris but most of the time I focussed my attention on her breasts.

Terri arched back, placing her hands on my knees and causing her body to pull my penis down. I guessed she did this to increase the stimulation she was receiving from my penis rubbing against the inside of her vagina (we were both still new to the world of sex and I figured she was just exploring what felt good for her). This position certainly seemed to work for her as she tilted her head back straight up at the ceiling, her mouth wide open in a silent gasp of sexual ecstasy.

I wished I could say the same for me but this new position held my penis at quite an uncomfortable angle, which caused me to grimace with discomfort.

Fortunately, she didn't hold this position for too long. She seemed to notice that I was in a little pain and she leaned herself forward again.

"Ohmygod Tommy, I'm so sorry! Was I hurting you?" she said apologetically.

"No... no it's ok, I'm fine." I said in all honesty. Even though it was a little painful, it was a sort of 'nice pain' and in fact I had rather enjoyed it. I had hoped that she would adopt the position again but she decided not to.

Our lovemaking continued for quite some time, I always took longer to reach an orgasm when I masturbated first thing in the morning, and having sex first thing in the morning was no different. I glanced across at my bedside table towards my clock - it was now 7:28, we had been at it for more than twenty minutes.

Eventually though, I could feel my orgasm begin to build - I hoped desperately that this time I would be able to make Terri cum too but I knew that she didn't mind if she didn't cum. I mean, she had woken me up just to make love with me - if she felt I wasn't able to satisfy her she wouldn't have bothered waking me right?

"Oh Terri... I'm gonna... hahhh! I'm gonna... cum!!" I gasped as she increased her speed and I gazed as if in a trance, hypnotised by her nipples dancing around atop her pert, jiggling breasts as she rode me furiously.

"Come on Tommy!" she said breathlessly, "give me all you've got!"

"My... pleasure!" I gasped, and right then I erupted inside her. "Hahh!! H'oh God!! H'oh shittt... ahhhh!!"

"Mmmm... Yess!! Oh Tommy! Oh baby!" Terri said as my penis twitched inside her, "That feels amazing!!"

Once again though, Terri had failed to reach orgasm. But I decided not to beat myself up about it as my all too brief orgasm melted away and our naked bodies came to rest. Terri disengaged herself from me and my spent penis flopped against my belly, my greyish-white semen pooled visibly in the end of the condom.

I pushed Terri down onto the bed, spread her legs wide apart and buried my tongue into her vagina.

"Ohhhh Tommy!!" Terri gasped as I allowed my tongue to caress and explore her vulva.

She squealed and squirmed as I licked around her clitoris, her urethral opening and deep into the warmth of her vagina. She may not have cum during our lovemaking but she was still more than aroused enough so that it wasn't long before she approached the precipice of orgasm.

"OHHHHH T-T-TOMMYYYY!!" Terri groaned as her orgasm enveloped her being. Her face took on an expression of dumfounded bliss as I looked up at her. "Ahhhh!! Oooohhh! Hah! Hahh!! HAHHH!! OH TOMMY!! OH YESSSS!!"

As always, I couldn't help but marvel at the sight, sound and smell of a young woman in the throes of orgasm. I hoped that the sight of me enjoying my own orgasms held the same fascination for the girls - I was sure that they did but at that moment I vowed to myself to find out for sure.

Gradually, Terri came down from her orgasmic high and regained her senses.

"Oh, Tommy, that was... well... fantastic! Thank you so much!" Terri said as we hugged and kissed each other.

"No, thank you for the wake up call!" I smiled back at her.

Terri looked down at my penis and giggled.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"You've still got the condom on your penis!" she said smiling.

I looked down to see my now flaccid penis, still sheathed in latex, still with my semen pooled in the end of it.

"Here, let me help you with that." Terri said, and she reached down to my penis and carefully removed the condom so as not to spill its contents.

She brought it closer to her to examine my semen.

"Y'know, this stuff is fascinating when you think about it." She said.

"Fascinating? How?" I asked.

"Well, just think about it," Terri said, "this simple greyish liquid has the power to create new life."

"I guess I've never thought about it like that." I said as I took the condom from her and examined it myself, "I mean to me it's just... y'know... my cum. It just sort of... comes out of me. It's nothing special really."

"Well I think it's beautiful." Terri said, "Not for how it looks, but it's beautiful for what it can do."

I looked across at my clock once again.

"We should be getting up," I said as I sat up, tied a knot in the used condom and tossed it into the small bin in the corner of the room. "And I don't know about you but I could do with some breakfast."

So we reluctantly got out of bed and dressed, Terri putting on her nightdress and myself pulling on a pair of pants. We went into the main living area to find Beth sitting on one of the sofas with a mug of coffee and a plate of hot buttered toast.

"Well, well, well," she sniggered, "the lovers are awake at last!"

"Good morning sis." I said and gave her a peck on the cheek.

We sat down to breakfast and decided what to do for the day.

"How about we head down to Monte Carlo?" suggested Terri, "I've always wanted to go Monte Carlo and I reckon it'd only take an hour or so to drive there."

"What about the marine park in Antibes?" was my suggestion, "they've got killer whales and dolphins and seals and things there."

"Well, maybe later in the week," Beth said, "but I thought we might take it easy today and head back to the beach we went to the other day."

"Oh yes." I recalled, "You said you were going to show us where you disappeared to while we were there."

On our last visit to the beach, while Terri and I were in the bushes 'taking care of business' for want of a better term, Beth had seemed to disappear from were we had been sunbathing. Eventually, she had reappeared as if from nowhere and had promised to show us where she had been.

So it was settled then, it was back to La Baie de Coquilles for us!

Antibes and Monte Carlo could wait for another day, and since the weather was so glorious, a whole day on the beach was rather appealing.

We headed back to our rooms to get ready. I put my blue Speedo's on under the rest of my clothes, gathered up a few other things including my sunscreen, the book I was reading, my sunglasses and a towel of course.

We bundled into the car and headed for the beach.

Once we arrived we were pleased to find that there were very few cars, it was still only just after nine in the morning and most of the local holidaymakers had yet to arrive.

We set ourselves up in pretty much the same place as we had on our last visit and spent the first few minutes stripping off down to our swimwear and applying sunscreen to each other. Beth had on yet another bikini today, a green one. Just how many bikinis does she have?? I asked myself. Terri, with her one and only bikini currently in the washing machine back at the villa, was wearing her old black one-piece swimsuit today. She still looked fantastic however, as the skin-tight material accentuated her youthful feminine curves.

We spent an hour or so just swimming, splashing each other and generally larking about as the beach steadily filled up with other tourists. Eventually however, we returned to our 'base-camp' for a break and towelled ourselves off.

"Well..." I said to Beth as I returned my towel to the bag I had brought with me.

"Well what?" she replied.

"Are you going to show us where you disappeared to now or what?" Terri implored.

"Yes, c'mon Beth, the suspense is killing us!" I said.

"Oh, I suppose so," Beth sighed, "follow me, it's just down here."

We gathered up all of our belongings and followed Beth over towards the back of the beach to where the woodland started. We followed her into the trees a little until we were out of sight from the beach itself, to the bottom of the cliff face, which formed one side of the bay. It just looked like a collection of large boulders scattered around the base of the cliff. Beth paused in front of a particularly large boulder.

"Well, this is it!" she said.

"What??" I exclaimed, "You mean, you just wanted to show us a boulder??"

"Talk about an anti-climax!" Terri said with a sigh.

"No, you daft sods!" Beth giggled, "Come and see what's behind the boulder!"

She beckoned us to follow her around the boulder. Before us was revealed a small opening in the cliff face - a hidden passageway! It was too small to stand up in but the roof was high enough that we didn't need to crawl through it. We followed Beth into the darkness, stumbling over the occasional rock as we made our way in.

The passageway was only about 20 metres or so and it wasn't long before we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. As we crept out into the sunlight we took in the sight before us. It was a tiny little cove! A secret haven of peace just a few metres away from the busy bay next door. The cove was surrounded by cliffs and couldn't have been more than 30 metres wide. And it appeared to be totally deserted.

"Oh my!" Terri gasped in hushed tones, "It's beautiful!"

"Wow!" I said.

"Cool huh?" Beth grinned.

"How did you..." I began to ask before being abruptly cut off by Beth.


"What?" I whispered.

"Did you hear that?" Beth whispered.

"Hear what?" Terri asked as quietly as she could.

We all listened intently for what Beth had heard. It took us a moment or two to realise what it was but then it hit us. Over the sound of the waves lapping at the shore echoing around the solid rock of the cliffs that surrounded the little cove, came the sound of someone gasping and panting.

"It's coming from over there." Beth whispered as she pointed towards a boulder on the opposite side of the cove from where we were standing. She started to head across to where the sound was coming from.

"Beth!!" Terri hissed, "What do you think you're doing?!?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" Beth hissed back, "I'm just... y'know, what if it's someone who has fallen from the cliff and who needs our help?"

"Well, I'm staying here!" Terri said and sat herself down on the sand.

Beth once more started to make her way towards where she had heard the sound come from. Unable to resist my own curiosity I decided to follow her.

We crept around as silently as we could, homing in on where the sound was coming from. After a few wrong turns in the maze of rocks and boulders we finally peeked over a particularly large rock and stumbled upon our quarry. To our utter surprise it was a young couple, totally naked and in the embrace of lovemaking.

From our position, we could see the young couple from behind. They were obviously young and their perfectly smooth and tanned skin glistened in the sunshine. The paler skin tone around both their midfriffs and the girl's chest and back indicated that being naked outside was something the two of them was new to.

The man was thrusting into his partner doggy-style from behind, and Beth gasped as she watched his naked buttocks flexing and his hips and pelvis thrusting into his lover, his hands gently cupping and caressing her breasts as he made love to her. He was bent over forward, nuzzling the nape of the girl's neck and whispering into her ear. Between his slightly parted legs a tantalising glimpse of his testicles could be seen. I couldn't see the girl's face, obscured as it was by the body of her partner.

"Oh... my... God!!" Beth whispered as quietly as she possibly could.

But just then the girl looked back towards her young lover.

Instantly, I recognised her and for a moment I found myself in almost precisely the same situation that Terri had been in the other night when she had seen Beth and I making love. I was unable to stifle my astonishment at what I saw before me.

"Jenny?!?" I gasped, forgetting to stifle my astonishment. Instantly, the young couple froze and the young man turned and looked in my direction.

"ALEX??!?!?" I gasped again in total shock and bewilderment.

It was Alex and Jenny, the young brother and sister from America I had met at the beach café on our previous visit to the bay.

"SHIT!!" Alex exclaimed as he disengaged himself from Jenny. For a brief moment I caught a glimpse of Alex's penis before he hastily covered himself up. It was only the most fleeting of views but I could clearly see that Alex had been circumcised. At the time I was unaware that it was commonplace for American boys to be circumcised.

The sight of two young people making love would turn anybody on but there was something in particular about seeing Alex and Jenny making love that turned me on in a way that I had never seen coming. Jenny was beautiful; her naked body the very epitome of feminine beauty and grace and most men would be helplessly aroused by the very sight of her. But it wasn't Jenny's nakedness that had turned me on - it was Alex's!

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