tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUnaware Her Bikini Came Untied

Unaware Her Bikini Came Untied


I've had this plan in my head for awhile but had no idea how well it would actually turn out. I still am having a hard time believing it actually happened. I didn't have my phone with me because we were in the pool but I'm attaching a picture of the bikini she was wearing so you have some sort of visual.

So we decided to go to the gym today and swimming was part of the workout. Res isn't a very good swimmer so I have been helping her get better. Wednesday's aren't usually busy at the gym but for some reason there were more people there than usual. Maybe it's because they are trying to get in shape for the warm weather.

We went and changed into our swim suits and met at the pool. Her one piece suit doesn't fit her at all anymore so she had to wear her bikini. We had to wait for a lane to open up for us to get in. After about 5 minutes we got in and swam the length once. It's a small pool with short lanes and the water only goes to about 5 on the far lanes.

The plan was to work on her backstroke some today. She floated in her back and input my hands under her back to help support her as she practiced her strokes. O would have to reach up at times to help guide her arms.

Her bikini bottoms tie together on both hips and her top toes in the back. As I was holding her I would run against the knot she tied on her bottoms trying to loosen it. I was afraid she would notice but because she was kicking and moving her arms she didn't notice at all.

I got the knot in the left side really loose. The knot was open and I hoped it would come untied as she swam. I decided while my hands were in her back to loosen the know to her top also. I don't know how loose I had gotten it. I told her to swim to the other side regular and do the backstroke as she came back.

She turned in my arms and reached with her feet to kick off the ground. As she did this she moved through my arms. I gave her bottoms a little tug as she took off and to my surprise the cake all the way off. She didn't notice because you don't have to pull them down your legs when it is untied.

I quickly grabbed her bottoms that were still underwater and swam the opposite direction. After a few strikes I stopped by one of the drains at the side of the pool and quickly shoved her bottoms into it.

I glanced back at her quickly and saw her as above the water as she swam. I can't believe she didn't notice. I thought for sure she would when she reached the end. But as soon as she got to the end of the pool she pushed off the wall with her feet and slowly did the backstroke she was trying to learn. I tried not to look because all the people around would expect me to say something to her.

There she was, splashing as she struggled to do the backstroke totally unaware that her pussy was bobbing up and down out of the water.

By this time there were a few guys waiting to use our lane. They were just staring at her as she swam. There were 6 guys and 2 girls standing in the side of the pool watching and giggling at her. One of the girls tried to tell her but Red didn't hear. I guess her ears were under the water.

I pretended not to notice and when she got to me. I noticed that I had done a good job loosening her top because she had one tit that had slipped out of the bottom of her top. She never noticed when this happens because her tits are so small. I pretended not to notice and suggested we jump in the sauna real quick.

The sauna is in the pool area and about 20 feet away from where we were. She agreed and quickly climbed up the ladder. I was about 3 feet behind and watched her push her ass out as she climbed the ladder. She walked about 10 feet before a girl pointed at her and Res looked down noticing that she had no bottoms on. She panicked and looked to the pool to find them but they were nowhere to be found. She froze confused looking all over the pool for her bottoms. She covered up her front (kind of) she actually had her hand at the top of her pussy so you could see her lips below her hands. Her ass was left uncovered for all to enjoy.

I was surprised that nobody offered her a towel. She had left hers at the other end of the pool. She quickly walked to go get if walking past about 10 people. She noticed her tit sticking out the bottom of her top and pulled her top down to cover it. I shot you not, when she pulled down on it the knot that I didn't think I had loosened was really loose and because she panicked and pulled down hard on it she pulled her top right off exposing both her little tits. Everyone stopped, even the few that were trying to look for her bottoms and just stared in amazement. There is no way that could have just happened.

She grabbed her top and covered her breast but this uncovered her pussy. The 6 guys that were in the side of the pool watching her were only feel away. She carefully ran on the wet deck resting careful not to slip as her ass bounces with every step, This would have been bad if she had slipped while almost entirely naked.

She got to her towel and wrapped it around her as she continued to cover her tits. Even with the towel you could still see her pussy because she wrapped it so the opening was at the front. I noticed her bottoms floating by the drain and yelled that I found them.

I got her bottoms and walked them over to her. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time but had no idea how well it would work. In total I'm guessing about 10-15 people were able to stare at her bare pussy as she did the backstroke. It took her about a full minute to get to the other end. The entire time her push was up mostly above the water and her right tit was exposed.

She ran to the dressing room to hide as a few people laughed when she ran by as she tried to hold on to her towel that was now open in the front from her running and tugging on the towel to keep it around her. She ran right by some teenagers that were almost in the floor laughing and pointing.

After she got dressed she wanted to leave. I asked her how she didn't notice her bottoms were off. She said she didn't know and then realized that she had done the backstroke with her pussy in the air showing it to all the people on the side of the pool. She was only about 4 feet away from them as she swam because we were in the far lane.

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by Anonymous

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by screedbear05/29/19


I don't know why your rating was so low

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by Roamme05/11/19

Fun read

Mostly in long past years, my husband used to do stuff like that to me. Every time I'd be mad, humiliated, frustrated, embarrassed and afraid. The funny thing is, looking back at them, they are good andmore...

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by Anonymous05/04/19


Where's the pictures on here?

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by Anonymous04/15/19


Who was she and what relation to you? Husband Wife? Coach to student athlete? BF and GF? Cute little story but lacked some things that could have made it more interesting. As it stands now it was notmore...

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by Scotervonscooter04/14/19

Thank you

I’m by no means a writer and you are all right, I should proofread and even better get a proofreader. That’s what I was hoping to find here. I have a ton of true stories about her being exposed andmore...

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