tagNovels and NovellasUnbelievable Summer Ch. 04

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©

"I'm going down to the mall for a while," Bobby told his mother a few days after his encounter with Kim and Paula. He was kind of hoping he might bump into the girls at the mall.

"Can you drop something off at Helen's house on your way?" his mother asked him.

"No problem," Bobby replied. He didn't mind doing his mother a favor. Helen Parker lived on the way to the mall anyhow. She was his mother's best friend and a woman Bobby never entertained sexual fantasies about. She was slim, had curly dark hair she let hang to her shoulders, wore glasses, was kind of plain, and didn't have much in the way of breasts. She also wore little or no makeup and dressed plainly, in very loose clothes. There was nothing whatever sexual about her.

After he finished breakfast, he walked to Mrs. Parker's house carrying the item his mother wanted him to deliver. As he got near the house, he saw a car he didn't recognize sitting in the driveway behind Mrs. Parker's car. He went around to the back of the house and knocked on the door. Nobody answered his knock, but since he was knocking on the porch door and the inside doors and windows were closed and the air conditioner was running, that didn't surprise him. As he'd done many times before, he let himself in and laid the item he'd brought on the kitchen table. He was about to leave when he heard voices.

"Nobody's around and nobody will be," he heard Mrs. Parker say, "We've got the house to ourselves all afternoon." Her voice had a conspiratorial tone.

Bobby, wondering who Mrs. Parker was talking to, moved quietly down the hallway toward the living room until he reached a spot where he could see into the living room but couldn't be seen. He got the shock of his life when he saw who was with his mother's friend and what they were doing.

Mrs. Helen Parker, wearing a loose pale blue housedress that buttoned all the way down the front and had an ankle-length skirt, was standing in the living room next to a tall, balding, somewhat pudgy black man Bobby had seen before. He called himself Deacon Perkins, was connected with one of the fundamentalist churches in town, and was involved in a lot of community activism. His actions had gotten a lot of coverage in the local papers and on TV. As the wide-eyed young man watched, his mother's friend moved into the man's arms, went up on tiptoes, and their lips locked. The man cupped Mrs. Parker's bottom and pulled her against him. The young man could hear them groan as they pressed against each other and their kiss continued.

"I know I'm gonna hate myself," Deacon Perkins gasped when the kiss ended, "but, Lord help me, Helen, I can't stop! Being near you is makin' me crazy!"

"You have the same effect on me, my love," the woman purred. She sank to her knees and unzipped the man's fly.

Bobby's heart began to pound when he realized Mrs. Parker was going to give the her partner a blowjob. He watched a look of ecstasy form on the man's face when the woman fished the man's cock out and began caressing it with her mouth.

"He isn't all that big," Bobby thought. "Heck, I'm bigger than he is."

"Helen!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!" the man groaned passionately as his ebony shaft slid in and out of the kneeling woman's mouth, "God, woman, you sure do make me feel good!"

Bobby's cock lurched in his jeans. He felt his chest tightening and his legs getting a little shaky.

The man's legs got visibly wobbly while the woman worked on his cock with her mouth. He leaned back and clutched the back of a chair for support. "My Lord, woman, that feels so damn good!" he crooned. His hands tangled in her hair, pulling her face against him while his hips thrust frantically, fucking his cock into her mouth.

As he watched Mrs. Parker suck the man's cock, Bobby reached inside his pants and gripped his own stiffening organ in his hand. He never expected to see anything like this at Mrs. Parker's house!

"Helen!!! My Lord!!!!" Deacon Perkins moaned, "I don't want to come like this!!! I want you!!!!"

The woman let the man's cock slide from her mouth and grinned up at him. Her eyes were bright with lust. "You want me, do you, Deacon?" she murmured.

"Lord 'a mercy, I surely do!!!" the over-wrought man groaned. He dropped to his knees, pulled Mrs. Parker into his arms, and kissed her. "I gotta have you!!" he gasped when the kiss ended.

"Take me, then!" Mrs. Parker exclaimed. She turned so her back was to the man, kneeled forward, then reached behind her and flipped up her skirt.

Bobby was shocked to see that Mrs. Parker wasn't wearing any underwear! He had his cock out of his pants now and his hand was moving over the erect organ rapidly.

"Ohhhhhhh, sweet Jesus!!!!" Deacon Perkins moaned. He thrust his cock into Mrs. Parker and his thick fingers dug into her hips. He began to pound into her like a mad bull, causing her body to quiver and shake with the force of his thrusts. Bobby could hear the man's legs slap against Mrs. Parker's as his cock plumbed her depths. His hand moved on his penis almost as fast as Deacon Perkins's hips were moving.

"Yes!!! Oh, yes!!!!!" Mrs. Parker groaned. Her fingers raked the thick shag carpet on the living room floor while her body quivered under her lover's lusty onslaught. "Harder!!! Yes!!! Give it to me!!! Harder!!! Harder!!!!" She pushed her bottom back against the man's invading cock. "Deacon!!! Yesss!!!! Uhh!!!! Take me!!! Take me!!!! Now!!!! Oh!!! Oh!!!! Nowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!" the lust-possessed woman cried, her body arching and bucking.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" the man cried, his face beet-red. His fingers dug into Mrs. Parker's flesh when he spewed his hot cream into her.

When the couple in the living room came, so did Bobby. His seed spurted onto the floor of the hallway. His legs were a little weak, so he leaned against the walll. He wondered if, somehow, he could think of a way to get Mrs. Parker to let him fuck her. Maybe, if he told her he knew about her and Deacon Perkins... No. He couldn't do that.

"Oh, Lordy! We were like a couple of animals in heat!" Deacon Perkins exclaimed breathlessly as he and the woman clutched each other, temporarily sated.

Mrs. Parker emitted a throaty laugh. "I've always dreamed of doing something wild like this," she said and kissed her partner. "I'm glad we did it."

"My Lord, Helen!" the man breathed.

Mrs. Parker began stroking her lover's flaccid, sticky cock. "We do have the house to ourselves for the afternoon. I don't want to waste a minute of it."

Deacon Perkins groaned and rolled his eyes. "I never known a woman like you!"

"Let's go in the bedroom," Mrs. Parker said. She stood up and urged Deacon Perkins to his feet. "As much fun as this was, it's a lot nicer in bed, isn't it?" She giggled. "It's hard on the knees this way." She started down the hallway unbuttoning her dress as she went.

"Oh, Lord, yes!" the man said. He followed Mrs. Parker down the hall.

Bobby stepped back into the room behind him - a spare bedroom - and pushed the door closed quietly, letting them pass. He didn't want to be discovered, not now. When he was sure Mrs. Parker and her lover were out of the hallway, he opened the door, moved noiselessly down the hall, and put his ear against Mrs. Parker's bedroom door.

"Eat me, Deacon!" he heard Mrs. Parker beg. "Lick my pussy!"

The next thing the young man heard were her moans of delight. Apparently Deacon Perkins was following her instructions.

Bobby carefully opened the bedroom door a little bit and peeked into the bedroom. The first thing he saw was that both people in the room were nude. Mrs. Parker was lying on the bed and Deacon Perkins, his massive black body a stark contrast to Mrs. Parker's pale one, was kneeling between her slim legs and had his face was buried in her pussy.

Bobby's cock surged. This was better than that porno movie he and his friends rented one time! Actually, Mrs. Parker wasn't bad-looking nude. Her legs were slim and not flabby, and as far as Bobby could tell, the rest of her body was in pretty good shape, too.

Her breasts were small and had flattened a little because she was lying on her back, but she had the biggest nipples he'd ever seen and they were hard as rocks. "God, I'd love to get one of those nipples in my mouth!" Bobby thought. As he watched, his mother's friend grabbed her breasts and began to pull on her nipples and cry out in ecstasy while the black man's mouth worked on her pussy. "Yes!!! Oh, Deacon, yes!!!!!" she cried as the man punished her clit and vagina with his lips and tongue. "Yes, Deacon!! Yes!! That's itt!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I'm cumming!!! Oh Deacon!!!! Deaconnnnnnnnnn!!! Deaconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!" Her hips rose off the bed, gyrating wildly, and her hands tore at the bedcovers.

From his vantage point in the doorway, Bobby could see that Deacon Perkins had been re-vitalized. His cock was as stiff as it had been when Mrs. Parker was sucking it.

As Bobby watched, wide-eyed, the man crawled atop Mrs. Parker's still-spasming body and jammed his rigid shaft into her. Once he was all the way in her, his hips went wild and he slammed against her like a jackhammer. "Ahhh!!!!" Deacon Perkins cried after what seemed like just seconds of frantic motion. He pressed his middle against Mrs. Parker's as he spewed more spend into her.

"Uhhhh!!!!!! Nnnnahhhhhhhh!!!!! So hot!!!! Yes!!!!! Oh, yes!!!!!!" Mrs. Parker cried, her hands pulling the man down onto her breasts, her legs thrashing. "Again!!!! I'm doing it again!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!!!!"

When he finished, Deacon Perkins rolled off and lay next to Mrs. Parker, staring at the ceiling. "I...I don't know what I'm gonna do," he said softly, his voice cracking. "What we're doing...it...it goes against everything I believe. Lordy, Lordy, it's...it's a sin! We're married, both of us. We're gonna burn in hell for what we're doin'. We really are!" He began to sob.

Mrs. Parker rolled on her side, her small breasts moving enticingly, and stroked the sobbing man's face. "We're not hurting anyone, Deacon, darling," she whispered. "We want each other. We need each other to find the kind of happiness we can't find anywhere else. All we're doing is responding to God-given needs every human being has."

The man sobbed even harder. "Oh, Lord! Don't talk like that!" he wailed. "You know what we're doing is wrong and so do I! What you're saying, it's...Oh, Lord, it's blasphemy!"

Mrs. Parker began kissing her way down the man's body. "You do love when I do things to you, though, don't you?" she asked. She clutched the man's cock in her hand and kissed the tip, shiny and sticky with the juices of their recent joinings. "You don't really want to give this up? Do you?"

"Oh, Lord, please give me strength!" Deacon Perkins cried. He bolted from the bed and ran toward the door, grabbing at his clothes which were scattered across the bedroom floor.

The man's sudden action surprised Bobby but he managed to get down the hall and into the spare room before the Deacon burst out of Mrs. Parker's bedroom, clutching his clothing in his hand.

"I have to stop! I gotta stop right now!" Deacon Perkins cried as he went down the hallway, struggling into his clothes. "Good Lord, I...I can't do this any more! I don't want to spend the rest of my life burning in the fires of damnation."

Mrs. Parker climbed out of bed and without putting her clothes on, followed the fleeing man down the hallway, her bare breasts jiggling delightfully. "No, darling! Don't leave! We...we need each other," she said. There was desperation in her voice because she was desperate. She didn't want to lose the loving the Deacon gave her. She was positive she'd never be able to find anyone else who wanted her and loneliness was something she couldn't endure. Desperately, she tried to think of something to say that would bring him back.

The Deacon did stop and turn. He had a pained, confused look on his face. "If you don't know why I gotta go, there ain't no point in talking about it," he groaned. Then he turned and bolted out the door, still buttoning his shirt.

Dispirited, Helen turned and started back to her bedroom. She knew what she and Deacon Perkins were doing was wrong, but he gave her the best sex she'd had in along time! He was patient and gentle, not like her husband Sid, who only wanted to jump on and jump off. She'd never experienced gentle, loving sex until Deacon Perkins came along. Now she'd lost it.

She stopped suddenly in the hallway. There was something on the floor just outside the living room. She bent to check. It looked like someone's come. But it couldn't be Deacon Perkins' come. He'd shot all of that into her. Whose was it? A chill spread through her and she straightened up.

Bobby was watching Mrs. Parker through the slightly opened door and realized she'd seen the come he shot on the floor. Frightened, he took a step backward and his leg hit a rocking chair. He grabbed it quickly and hoped he hadn't made a noise Mrs. Parker could hear.

Helen thought she heard a noise in the spare bedroom. Had she? She turned around and noticed that the door was slightly open. That was unusual because she always kept it closed. Forgetting she was naked, she went to check.

Trapped in the bedroom, Bobby didn't know what to do. How was he going to get out of the house? He leaned against the wall of the room, breathing hard, struggling to find a solution to his dilemma. Then the door opened. There stood Mrs. Parker, naked. When she saw him, a shocked look formed on her face.

"B...Bobby! What are you doing in here?" Helen exclaimed, paling. Stunned and frightened, she tried to cover herself with her arms and hands. Her best friend's son knew what she'd been doing with the Deacon! He'd obviously seen and heard them! What was she going to do?

Bobby had no more idea about what to say or do than his mother's friend did. Then, as suddenly as she appeared, Mrs. Parker turned and disappeared from the room. Bobby, wondering what would happen next, walked out into the hallway.

"Bobby, would you...you...come here, please?" his mother's friend called from her room. Shaking, she put on a robe and tried to get her racing thoughts under control. Somehow she had to convince Bobby to not tell anyone what he'd seen. If word about her and the Deacon got out... My God! She'd be ruined!

His legs unsteady, Bobby headed for Mrs. Parker's room. He had no idea what she was going to say or do. He walked into the woman's bedroom and found her sitting on her bed, wearing a fluffy pink robe, looking as scared as he felt.

"Come here, Bobby," Mrs. Parker said softly, patting the bed next to her. She watched her friend's son walk across the room. As she looked at him, she realized he wasn't a kid any more; he was actually a nice-looking young man. She was surprised that she'd never realized that before.

Hesitantly, Bobby walked over to the bed and sat down next to his mother's friend.

Helen took a deep breath. "How...how long have...have you been here, Bobby?" she asked.

Bobby shrugged. "Ah...a while," he replied.

"What...what did you...see?" Helen asked. She hugged herself. She didn't really want to know, but she had to.

Bobby looked at the woman sitting next to him, stricken. What would she say if he told her he'd seen her give Deacon Perkins a blowjob and fuck him?

Helen's eyes searched the young man's face and she realized what his answer would be. She reddened. "You...you...saw everything, didn't you, Bobby?" she murmured.

Bobby nodded.

"Bobby, you have to understand, this...it isn't the way it looks," Helen began, her voice betraying the desperation she felt. "My husband Sid and I, well, our marriage isn't what it should be. I mean, you know Sid is on the road a lot, and when he's home we...we don't get along the way we used to..."

"You don't have to...to explain anything," Bobby said. "I...it's none of my business. I...I shouldn't have come in without knocking." He knew her husband had a drinking problem in addition to being on the road a lot. He'd heard his parents talking about that.

Helen put a hand on his arm. "It...it's important to me that you understand. I...I don't want you to think badly of me..." she said softly. "I...I don't want you to...to hate me..." She stopped talking, swallowed hard then tears began flowing down her cheeks. "My God! What kind of desperate, lonely woman have I become?" Heavy sobs shook her slim body.

Bobby wasn't sure what to do while his mother's friend sat next to him, sobbing. Moved by her distress, he put his arms around her. With a soft moan, she moved into his embrace and pressed her face against his chest. As he held her, Bobby stroked Mrs. Parker's back gently. He could feel her tears soaking his T-shirt. He knew Mrs. Parker wore nothing under the fluffy robe and that knowledge caused visions of her naked body to flash through the boy's mind. That caused him considerable discomfort. His body was responding to contact with hers. His cock swelled and grew in his jeans.

Finally Mrs. Parker's sobs halted and she leaned back. She took Bobby's face in both her hands and planted a kiss gently on his lips. "You know I care about you, Bobby," she said softly. "I...I hope all this doesn't...doesn't change the way you feel about me."

"It doesn't, not at all," Bobby said. He shifted position, trying to ease the discomfort his hard-on was causing.

"Oh, Bobby!" Helen said.

Once more her warm lips covered his. The first time Mrs. Parker kissed him, the young man felt a pleasurable jolt. The second time he felt more than just a jolt; it felt as if he'd been zapped with an electric cattle prod, but it was a wonderful feeling! The kiss endured far longer than it should have, leaving both of them breathless when it finally ended.

"Oh, God!" Helen groaned. She buried her face in her hands and began sobbing again. "I'm sick! I'm getting aroused from kissing my best friend's son, a boy young enough to be my son!" she thought. Her powerful hunger, not quite assuaged by her activities with Deacon Perkins, began to asserted control over her. She shouldn't let this happen, couldn't let this happen, but...

Bobby, seeing that Mrs. Parker was once more upset, again gathered her into his arms. He didn't care if he had blue balls for the rest of his life he had to make her feel better! He rubbed her back as she again cried against his chest.

Helen moved to push herself out of Bobby's arms and when she did, her hand accidentally fell on his erection. When she realized what she was feeling, a shudder went through her and fires of passion flared brighter inside her.

Bobby saw a look in Mrs. Parker's eyes that hadn't been there before. She looked wild, out of control. He quivered. Was she...would they... It wasn't possible...was it?

"My word, Bobby!" Helen whispered while her fingers measured his rigid cock through his jeans. "That's...oh, God...that's incredible!" she murmured. Her eyes moved downward while her fingers explored the length and breadth of Bobby's erect organ. "You...you've got a hard-on!" she cooed.

Bobby sure did, and what she was doing was making it grow harder and more painful every second! Something was happening, something the young man wanted to happen. Her touch felt so good and he was so horny he wasn't about to stop her!

"Do you want me, Bobby?" Helen murmured, her voice soft and breathless. Lust had expelled reason from her mind. "Would you like to make love to me?"

Bobby nodded. "Uh-huh!" he gasped. Did he ever!

Helen leaned closer, her face in front of Bobby's, her eyes peering deep into his. Closer and closer her face moved - it was as if things had gone into slow motion. Then her soft, warm lips covered his and whatever reservations the young man might have had were wiped out by the powerful emotions that were overwhelming him.

Bobby never, ever, in his wildest dreams, thought anything like this would ever happen, not with Mrs. Parker! But it was happening. Passion roared through him like a thunderstorm.

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