tagIncest/TabooUncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 02

Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 02


Just when I was getting used to having sex again, I had to go and mess things up. Tickles, my no longer virgin, insatiable niece took me up on my offer to invite her best friend, Chloe, for an extended stay here in sunny California.

There are some benefits. Tickles is even more happy, bubbly and full of life. Together, they talk and giggle like girls much younger than their matching nineteens. A few times they have talked all night and slept all day. At first I thought they just had so much gossip to catch up on; but no, that wasn't it; they always have an endless number of things to tell each other.

The benefit for me is that Chloe is definitely fun to look at. Her body is very different from that of the Rubenest, Tickles. She has long straight blonde hair, is tall and thin, and has a few freckles on her nose and body. She is breathtaking in a bikini. I would love to see her without that damned top. I can't seem to keep my eyes off her perky little B-sized breasts and her, always, hard nipples. Just like Tickles, she seems to like me to look at her. She always smiles at me when she catches me admiring her body.

A couple of weeks ago, before Chloe arrived, Tickles told me a little about her friend. It was late, we only had a few candles flickering for light and we were finishing a picnic on the living room floor.

"Who is this friend of yours that is going to come out and stay with us?"

"Her name is Chloe. That's her in the picture with me on the table. The guys flock around her but she has never dated any one guy more than a few of times."

"Why is that? Does she like girls, or what?"

"She talks about guys and sex a lot. Her parents are very religious and she is afraid of disappointing them. I know she is not on the pill. Her parents are totally sure she will abstain until marriage. They don't know she is not a virgin."

"Well maybe she'll be naughty enough to tell me all about her first time and I'll write a story about it."

"You could write about our first time."

"Already did. The story is hot. Males have been jacking off thinking about you for weeks now."

"I like that. Well how about our thirtieth time?"

Tickles reached down, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her beautiful breasts loved to be free. I never took my eyes off them as she crawled slowly to me. She pushed me onto my back, opened my belt, pulled my shorts off and flung them into the darkness. I had started going "commando" since she gave me her cherry. When she was ready, she wanted no delays.

Her shorts flew into the darkness as she straddled me. Tickles was good at this now. She rubbed my precum around the head of my already hard dick and slowly guided the head between the lips of her wet pussy. She paused with her eyes closed and her head back, feeling my shaft pulse just inside her. Painfully slow she slipped down until she was as full as I could make her. She was into slowly torturing herself tonight.

I laid still. I wanted to watch her face all the way through her torture. She laid her palms over my breasts and closed her fingers, gripping my nipples with her nails. Her hips were slowly rocking into me. I could feel her tight sheath sliding over me. We were both in control for now.

Tickles' mouth was open; her tongue came out to moisten her lips. I reached up with both of my hands. The middle finger of my left hand pushed into her mouth; she moaned as she sucked. My right hand rubbed her left breast and toyed pulling its nipple. Her hips moved with more force and I felt her shift so her clit would be abused along my shaft. Every few strokes she would stop her thrust and grind her button into the hard bone at the base of my straining cock. She was starting to sweat. Maintaining such a slow pace was taxing on her. I could feel her fist tighten on my nipples as she struggled not to race to her orgasm.

He body was still learning to move so I would touch her inside, just exactly like she wanted. Sometimes shallow, sometimes deep. When she next ground her clit into the base of my cock she started a soft growl. My fingers firmly squeezed her nipple and her noise deepened and grew louder.

She was fucking me strongly now, mostly in control. Her movements were steady but her breathing was ragged and a little trickle of saliva was escaping from the edge of her mouth. The friction she was maintaining was intense. Her strokes were becoming and more urgent. Her body was slapping into me now.

"Oh, Fucking you is good. I'm going to pull the cum out of you, then lick you clean. You would love to fuck Chloe, wouldn't you? I hope she turns you on so much you'll have to throw me down and fuck me ten times a day. OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK."

I watched my niece. Her face twisted as she struggled to cum. Her entire body was damp, her skin was cool to the touch but her body was heating up the entire room.

Every muscle in her body was tense. The tendons in her neck stood out. She was making sounds every time she exhaled. Her clinched fists were delightfully hurting my nipples.

I watched the trickle of saliva drop to my chest when a loud, "OH, FUCK, YEA" came from her and she slammed into my pubic bone over and over until she collapsed onto me.

I had gotten close but had not cum. My dick was twitching inside her but I did not move. She needed to relax, come down a little and breathe again. When she was quiet, I reached for her hips and began to move her, using her now relaxed cunt to masturbate me. Tickles made a sound of complaint and pulled her hips back from me. Her pussy was too sensitive, but she knew her duty.

Tickles lifted off me and knelt between my legs. My cock, belly and balls were soaking with her juices as she bent and kissed the tiny lips on the head. She didn't really open her mouth just lowered her head and pushed me into her mouth. She didn't gag as she pushed me past her tongue. The feeling was intense and exquisite as she slipped me all the way into her throat until her lips closed around the base of my dick. I stopped breathing just to feel my cock throb and be encased in her this new way.

Three more times Tickles rose then tried to swallow my entire body. I imagined my dick reaching directly into her stomach and cuming there to feed her.

"God, don't stop. I really need to cum now."

She had one more new thrill for me. I wasn't quite there yet. She held me tight and forced herself to swallow with my dick down her throat. The ripples down my shaft were too much. I started cuming. She must have needed to breathe but she wanted to give me pleasure more. Again she swallowed with me buried deep. I was empty but my entire body pumped, trying to give her more.

Tickles pulled her head slowly up. The head of my dick was super sensitive and the slide out of her throat was a magnificent torture. As my cock cleared her lips, she licked and my body involuntarily curled but was unable to get away. I winced and winced as she cleaned me and then tried to suck my painfully tight balls. Finally, I could take no more. I lay down, reached for her, pulled her onto me and kissed her wet face and cum tasting lips to say 'Thank You' a million times.

With Tickles' head on my chest, I may have slept for a few minutes, I don't know. But when I could, I stroked her hair and talked, "That was the most intense feeling I have ever had. How did you learn to do that?"

"I read about it on the Internet and thought you might like it. I practiced with a zucchini for a week."

"You are wonderful. Your mouth and throat are wonderful. Your cunt is wonderful. Your body is wonderful. Thank you my great young lover."

She snuggled into me. Sometime during the night we must have gone to bed, because we woke up there.

Several weeks passed. At first, Chloe was shocked at how freely Tickles and I talked and kidded about sex. Somewhere along the way, Tickles told her that she had given me her cherry and now wanted sex all the time. We were very comfortable with each other and becoming close. Chloe was slowly opening up and hinting that she needed to talk about something horribly serious with a more experienced, non-judging person.

One very cool, cloudy afternoon, Tickles had disappeared. I thought Chloe had gone with her so I grabbed my note pad, donned my swimsuit, grabbed some wine and headed for the hot tub. When I got close to the kitchen I was surprised to see Chloe.

"Thought you were out shopping with Tickles."

"No she went alone."

She sounded so sad and distant. "What is wrong, Chloe? You know you can talk to me about anything. What ever it is, we can work it out."

"Tickles said I should talk with you, that is why she left today. I'm not sure I can. That's why I've been hiding in my room."

"Tell you what, Sexy. You go get into your swimsuit and meet me at the hot tub. If you want to talk about anything in particular, fine. Otherwise, we'll sit in the water, watch the clouds go by and be silly."

I got another glass and changed the wine to champagne. Chloe would not drink what I had picked first. While I settled into the tub, I wondered if she would come out.

I was well into making notes when Chloe joined me and settled her tasty looking body into the tub. After some small talk and two glasses of champagne, she put out a few feelers.

"Bob, do you ever feel that you are different than everybody else."

"Everybody is different. That's what is so exciting about people. Traditional Chinese people think and look different than us. We're more uptight than the Danes. But, I don't know what you are asking me."

"Tickles told me your Internet name and I've read some of your stories. I thought you might feel that you are different from other people. So much of what you write would be banned from my parents' house."

"Now I understand. Chloe, nothing you think, read or fantasize is wrong. Each person can choose to put limits or not put limits on all parts of their lives. What is right for me, might be unthinkable for your mom and dad. They are not right or wrong. Neither am I, unless I try to impose on or hurt someone else."

"Are your characters like real people or just far out fiction?"

"I write fiction, but if you are asking me about what my characters do, everything is real. The stories are based on things I've done, seen, been told about or even things that I decided were not right for me. For example, I know wonderful gay people and I've written gay stories but gay experiences are not right for me. Is that sort of what you are asking me?"

"Sort of."

"Come on, Chloe. I'm not going to judge you. You are my beautiful sexy young friend. If you are an axe murderer, I'll put locks on my door but you'll still be my friend."

She laughed a little, poured us more champagne. "When I'm on a date I don't seem to get into it like other girls do. When they describe a night with a guy, they describe being so turned on they can't breathe. That doesn't happen to me."

"Forget all that. Will you play a naughty game with me?"

She looked really apprehensive but nodded, "Yes."

"When you read my stories or have fantasies of your own, do you ever get turned on?"


"Chloe, you are going to have to be open with me, if you want me to understand and answer your questions. Do you fantasize and make yourself cum? I think you do. I want to know what turns you on."

It was very apparent that she had never risked sharing these personal thoughts with anyone. "I always imagine I am powerful and my lovers have to do what I say to please me. Sometimes I have to correct them. I get excited when I think about spanking them or forcing them to do what I say. I know something is horribly wrong with me. I need help. I don't want to be kissed and rubbed and then make it in the back of a car. I know I should, but I don't."

"Slow down Chloe. There are millions of people who are into Bondage and Discipline. But you know that. Why do you think it's wrong?"

"All the people who play that way in you stories, like other things too."

"Well in the real world some do and some need a real hard core experience to really get off. Some people who spend years having good sex with their partner, eventually experiment with B & D, like it and make it part of their lives. Some start with B & D. They may or may not add other sex acts into their lives. Again no right and no wrong. You just have to find the matching partner through organizations, publications, friends and the Internet."

"I could never do that."

"You're talking to me. Come with me. I'm turning into a prune in the tub."

We climbed from the tub, dried and went into the house. I know you have a dry bikini. Go put it on and come to my office."

By the time she returned, I had this no windowed room almost dark. I had also changed into dry trunks and was sitting in armless chair. "Sit in the desk chair facing me, relax and close your eyes. Now, tell me your favorite fantasy."

She struggled for about ten minutes getting started. I would try to help her by adding things that I knew were wrong and she would have to say, "No, No, that's not what I'm thinking" and straighten me out. Chloe was getting into her story telling how she slapped a man.

"Do it Chloe."

I saw her eyes open and focus on me. "Do it Chloe. Slap me."

I felt a very tentative pat. I returned her pat with a solid slap across her face. "I said, 'Do it Chloe.'"

Her eyes flashed in anger and she slapped me hard. She continued her story but now it had some fire in it. When she said she tied his hands behind the chair, I handed her two pair of Velcro cuffs. Her eyes were sparkling now. She cuffed my hands behind me and then used the other cuffs on my ankles. She sat back down breathing harder. She did not close her eyes. She was looking at her captive.

She told of straddling, pulling his head back with his hair, biting his neck and forcing him to kiss her.

"Do it, Chloe."

She straddled me, but started to get back up when she settled on my hard cock. "You are in total control. Do it Chloe."

Chloe, pushed her bikini-clad cunt hard onto my cock, put both hands into my hair and forced my head back and bit my neck lightly.

"Damn it Chloe, do it, play out your story." She bit the shit out of me, roughly tilted my head and pushed her tongue into my mouth. She was breathing hard when she pulled back.

"Its just you and me. Play this all the way out, just don't kill me."

She hesitated.

"Chloe, is your pussy wet?"


"Bullshit, you don't know. Prove it. You are a little lying cunt."

Chloe really slapped me this time. She pushed her hand into her bathing suit and put two fingers into her very wet pussy. When she pulled them out, her eyes were full of passion.

"You called me a lying cunt." She pulled my head far back and forced her wet fingers into my mouth and throat. "Suck, asshole" was all she said.

My head swam from the smell and taste of her cunt. A moan escaped my lips signaling her about how much I liked her juices.

Chloe needed no more encouraging today. She removed her top and commanded me to lick, kiss and suck her breast. She moved my head as she wanted, used my ears as handles and made me learn quickly. She even slapped me again just because she wanted to.

She was really getting turned on. My office was filled with the smell of her over heated cunt. She stood, removed the bottoms of her suit and settled in my lap again; but this time, she spread her pussy's lips and centered her clit on my covered cock.

Chloe rode my cock, using me to take herself through two orgasms. She was licking me, tasting me, making my face and neck wet. She sunk her teeth into my neck hard both times she came.

She sat on me for a long time coming back from her fantasy. Finally, she said, "Bob that was fantastic. Better than I thought it would be." She stood, un-cuffed my hands and ankles.

I pushed Chloe into the overstuffed leather chair in the corner and bent a leg over each arm. "That one taste of your hot cunt was not enough. Please, mistress, may I lick your cunt?" I was completely directing now but she was getting back into character.

"I have never had oral sex before. Yes, Slave, you may lick me."

I put her hands on the sides of my head and lowered my mouth to her eager little slit. I would not be thirsty for days after this; she was flowing. I licked, kissed and sucked every part of her beautiful pussy. I was sucking her clit when she came, pulling me painfully into her. When she relaxed, I pushed a finger into her and kept time with my tongue. I worshiped all around her clit and pussy's lips. She came again and tried to hold me still.

I wasn't finished with my Mistress. This was a massive first lesson for her inexperienced body. I continued to lick lightly until she began to build again. When Chloe climbed near the top, I lowered my mouth and licked her little pucker. She started to close her legs but I held them in place strongly until she relaxed. I kept licking her from asshole to clit and rubbed her clit with my thumb when my tongue wasn't there. She was close again. I wet my finger in her juices and pushed it slowly into her ass as I sucked hard on her clit. She screamed loudly and came very hard.

Chloe's body was limp but still convulsing softly when I pulled her from the chair to the floor. She lay motionless with her eyes barely open. My bathing suit was soaked with her pussy's juice and my precum. I slipped it off. As I started to guide myself into her, Chloe closed a hand around my cock and spread her legs wider. She pulled me into her and whispered, "Fuck me, Slave."

I knew I wouldn't last long, but it would be long enough. "Mistress, you have made me so hot I'm going to cum soon. I cannot make you pregnant. Please let me cum in you and let you feel me fill your womb."

She moaned under me but never answered. I fucked her slowly and firmly until I reached my limit. "Take me now, Mistress." I came a bucket inside her when I felt her body arch up against me to get my cock deeper into her.

When I lifted my weight from her limp body, Chloe was asleep. My cock was still hard. I pulled a throw and pillow from the couch and made her comfortable on the floor. Tickles was banging around in the kitchen, so I slipped my trunks back on and went see what she was doing.

"She fucked the hell out of you. Damn, look at your neck. Come over here and let me clean you up."

I did as I was told. She was not mad as she washed my neck. I asked, "You set this up didn't you?"

"Chloe was going off the deep end. I knew you could help her and you admitted you wanted to fuck her."

"Chloe is asleep on the floor. I didn't get taken care of. Come here." Tickles came to me and we kissed deeply.

"You taste like Chloe's pussy."

"And just how do you know how Chloe's pussy tastes?"

Tickles blushed deeply. She had just told on herself. I loved my new knowledge. My instant hard on said I wanted to watch these two beauties together.

"Tickles, I'll make it up to you later. Just suck me off before my balls explode."

She knelt in front of me and pulled my suit down almost putting her eye out. Her aim was better on the second try. My knees almost buckled as her lips closed over my Chloe dipped cock.

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