tagIncest/TabooUncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 03

Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 03


A good read, less sex than most of Uncle Bob's stories. Tells why both girls came back from college, set's up Chloe's new career as a dom, starts getting Tickles off meth and introduces the tall thin pro, Trisha.


I was surprised to see Chloe's little red Miata in my driveway when I returned home from, of all things, pool-shooting lessons. She and Tickles had been in college for three months. Both had told me just last week that they were doing well and would not be coming home for Thanksgiving. That bothered me. My boundless male ego secretly hoped the two nineteen year olds couldn't stay away from my 53 year old body. Or at least that Tickles would need to visit my tongue.

I had not really tried to find a woman since they left. Truthfully, my body and my ears were resting.

The shower turned off in my downstairs bathroom, just as I set my bag of groceries on the kitchen counter.

She was beautiful, nude and wet. She bounded into my arms, "Surprised?"

"Yes, you just told me a few days ago that you weren't coming home for Thanksgiving."

"I need to talk with you."

"If you want me to have any intelligence at all for our talk, put some clothes on that tasty cunt of yours. I'll make us some coffee."

"All you want is my cunt."

"After three months? This exact minute? Damn Right, that's what I want!"

"Lick me until I cum, before you make coffee."

"Suck me off first."

She pushed me down on the bed, stripped me and said, "We'll do each other."

This was a new trick for Chloe. In all our times together she usually wanted to be on top, in control and serviced to her specifications. I often had to take her to get satisfied at all. Sixty-nine was a great new mutual game.

She was still rough, grinding her cunt into my mouth and lightly chewing the head of my cock. It didn't take long for her to cum but she hadn't finished me. When she got very still, I was puzzled. I heard her giggle and then she peed a little into my face.

I rolled her over, turner around on her and pushed my cock into her in one smooth powerful stroke. "Give me a little warning when you do that."

She laughed and wiggled until another climax crept upon her. "You better still be on the pill." I arched and came into her. I kept thrusting, even with my softening cock, until she finished.

"Damn, Chloe, that was fast. I didn't get enough of you."

"Later, I want you too, but I need to talk first. You're really going to be angry with me."

Wrapped in a big, thick bathrobe, she joined me at the little breakfast table for coffee.

"Bob, I really appreciate you getting me into the same college with Tickles and paying my way. The problem is, I really don't belong in college. The classes are boring and the students are mostly interested in having a good time and getting laid. I feel I am wasting time. I want my own business and want to make money."

"I'm not disappointed. Lots of successful people didn't go to college. They just learned what they had to when they needed to. What is it you have in mind that you want to do?"

"That's the problem. I don't know. I was hoping you could help me find out. You do all that business consulting and stuff. You know everybody."

My light robe parted as I rose to refill my coffee cup and my hard dick bounced in front of me.

"Damn it Bob. You didn't listen to me."

"O yes, I did. I even have some good ideas for you, but you are going to have to fuck me dry to hear them."

When I sat back down with my coffee, Chloe stood dropped her robe, straddled me and impaled herself on my dick. I grabbed her by her hair and kissed her passionately. "I have really missed you, Chloe."

She began a strong rocking thrust with her hips and said, "Me too."

I did very little. I let her fuck me. All the friction had me groaning and begging to cum. She knew that she had me totally under her control. She could see that I was intoxicated watching and feeling her soft body move against me. She could feel that my hands were struggling to but could not touch her enough.

"Take me now Chloe." This time it was satisfying.

"Thank you. Now I can think and talk for a few minutes, even though I'm next to that magnificent sexy body of yours." She hugged me, rose, put on her robe again and sat down to hear my thoughts.

"Yes, I can see you operating a small business. Initially, you would have to learn supervision and business skills but I could teach you. I couldn't see you running a coffee shop, women's apparel store, Kinko's, doggie day care or anything like that. I can't see you wanting to learn skills like hair styling or catering to uppity demanding women."

"I agree, but what else is there?"

"Hear me out on a few wild ideas. We will come up with something. How about being the Mistress of a Dungeon. You could whip, boss and ..."

Chloe interrupted me, "That sounds wild. Isn't that illegal? How would I learn and get started? I would be turned on all the time."

"That's just a quick idea. You would get used to the business quickly. It would become a business. You would not be turned on all the time. Within limits, it is legal in some places but you would have to be low profile and very discrete to protect your customers. Remember, anything we talk about would be a business, with records, taxes, employees, assets, bills, etc. All businesses are lots of work. But if you like the work, you'll want to do it every day."

"The dungeon idea is exciting. Do you know of any such businesses?"

"That's why I thought of it first. I consult with a woman who has a very successful BDSM business and has been hinting at retirement for a couple of years now. If you wanted to work for her a couple of months to check it out, I could arrange it."

Chloe was very excited. She wanted me to make everything happen right now.

"I have a few questions first, Chloe. Do you want to live with me? Are you hoping I will buy the business for you? Is Tickles part of this idea? Are you conning me? What is going on?"

She really looked hurt and confused by my questions.

"Chloe, you had me thinking one way and then out of the blue you showed up. I've trusted and cared about people who have used me and picked my pockets. When it comes to business I have to be cold, demanding and calculating. If you want my help you are going to have to grow up fast."

"Everything I've told you is the truth. If you help me I'll pay back every dollar that you agree to loan me. Yes, I want to live with you and share your bed, if you'll have me. Tickles is not part of this. I've been distant because I didn't want you to know that she has gotten into the meth scene, doesn't go to class and is a mess."

Chloe could tell she had just cut me in half. I had lost two sons to meth. Meth and Viet Nam were two subjects I could not handle.

"I'm sorry Bob. I didn't know how to tell you."

Tears were rolling down my face, "I have to go get her. I'll call Kirsten Howard so you can meet sometime during the next few days. She owns the Dungeon. You stay here and talk with her."

I had never seen Chloe cry but she felt my hurt and was crying for me. True, Tickles came to me last year and gave me her virginity. True, we were often playful and passionate lovers. But it was also true that I had protected her and loved her since the day she was born. Now she was into something I had never seen anyone come back from.

I drove three hours, stayed in a motel and was at the Dean's Office at eight a.m. Tickles was failing all subjects. Her parents had not been notified and would not be after my conversation with the Dean. The Dean's staff directed me, after I promised not to disclose that I had learned anything from them.

I found the small cluttered house with eight shabby cars out front. No one looked like they had slept last night or were going to any time soon. There was one small child running around the house. Meth and needles were on the coffee table. A young pregnant girl started to say something as I pushed by her. Tickles was coming out of the hall bathroom. She never said a word and did not resist as I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me toward the door. A tall, unwashed, blemished skin young man headed me off.

"Hey, dude, that's my squeeze."

To avoid any problems I handed him two one hundred dollar bills and said, "She's mine now, get another one."

He smiled revealing bad yellow and brown teeth. "Come on back when you want another one."

We drove for an hour before Tickles said a word. "You are really mad aren't you?"

"Disappointed. I thought you were smarter."

"I hated school and just wanted to hang out."

"Don't lie to me or yourself. You chose to be human trash, lazy and weak. You probably fucked ten guys who don't care about you to get your meth. I bet you now have sexual diseases and are pregnant. Take a deep breath Nicole, you stink, your cunt stinks, your clothes are dirty. Remember who you were and see what you have become."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm taking you back to my house. I'm going to try and get you off that crap. You had better kick it or I will burry you in the back yard. I will not allow you to live as a crack whore."

I called from the car as we drove and we went directly to the hospital to meet with a wonderful doctor friend of mine. Being right is a bitch. Nicole was still hyped, under the influence of meth. I was hard and cold. She wasn't my Tickles as we learned the treatments for chlamydia, hepatitis B and gonorrhea. After we had been at the hospital for eight hours, she was starting to come off the shit. She broke down when her abortion was scheduled. I wanted her to hurt but she needed some hope.

I pulled her up and hugged her almost nude, dressing gown clad body, "Nicole, if you stay straight we can make everything right again. All the diseases you have are curable. You don't have herpes or AIDS. The doctors don't believe your reproductive system is damaged. You don't even know who the father is of the baby in you. Let's get you healthy and all this behind us. Let's get you happy and laughing again. As long as you try, you can stay with Chloe and me."

"Chloe's not in school?"

"School wasn't right for her either. She is still deciding what she wants to do."

"Maybe I can get out and find something too."

"Nice try. For a few months, I'm going to get the toughest woman I know to be your shadow when you are not with Chloe or me."

"Will you, at least, call me Tickles again, so I know you love me?"

I held her tighter; her request hurt, but I couldn't let her twist me around her finger like she had done all her life. "Tickles, I do love you, more than anything. But I will not let you hurt yourself, no matter how much you think you need the stuff. Today you still have that shit in your body. Starting tomorrow, every morning I'll hug you, tell you I love you and ask you to stay straight for me just 24 hours."

Chloe hadn't met with Kirsten Howard yet. We caught her up on Tickles medical issues and I left them together while I went to call Trisha, my tall, pencil-thin, sickly, hard as nails meth expert. Trisha had done seven years of hard time for doing crazy things to feed her habit. She had been a stripper, escort, hooker, thief, gun seller and dope dealer. She had heard it all. She was straight now; she was the person who taught me about meth when my sons got hooked. She was very crude, foul mouthed and likable. She agreed to work for me and be Tickles shadow for two months.

Before we hung up Trisha gave me something to think about, "You can keep her straight for two months but she will probably go back on the stuff when you let up."

"I know, but we have to try anyway. Can you baby-sit between eleven in the morning and nine p.m. weekdays? You are welcomed to stay here anytime it makes it easier for you."

"Of course I can. You're still a nice sucker, Bob. When are you going to keep your promise and fuck me?"

"I've have often thought about those long, long thin legs of yours. You know too much, I wouldn't be able to think up anything new to excite you. I would bore you silly."

She laughed, "Orgasms are never boring. See you tomorrow, chicken."

Tickles and Chloe had never run into anyone like

Trisha. Within five minutes of her arrival, she had told Tickles that she looked like shit, discovered that Tickles had lost all her clothes, told her to get ready they were going shopping to spend some of my money and told her to strip first so she could see what she had to work with. I was about to bust a gut laughing. Not to be out done, Tickles stripped in front of all of us. Trisha whistled, looked at me and said, "Bob, you have to get these girls and me a stripper pole for exercise."

"Exercise, hell, Trisha. Your mouth is watering."

"You trying to keep them just for yourself?"

"Well, yea!"

Soon after noon, I was alone. Chloe had left for a meeting at the "Dungeon" and Tickles had left to go shopping and get felt up by Trisha. I took my first deep relaxed breath in forty-eight hours and had a peaceful feeling that all this was going to work out.

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