tagIncest/TabooUncle Bob & Micky

Uncle Bob & Micky


I begin this tale on a sad note, a note of despair, a note of loneliness and emptiness. I begin as I walk away from the grave of my sister who died of cancer at 45 years. She left behind four children, two still living at home, two ex-husbands, and me her only sibling.

The tale worsens as I remember my father dying four years earlier on my 45th birthday and my mother dying four years before my father near their 45 wedding anniversary. Cancer was the beast taking all three and I am, always have been, cancer free.

I was dazed. How could it be that out of a family of four, three died of cancer? Perhaps I should have been despondent, yet dazed and empty is all I felt now. My cell phone rang with the caller ID telling me it was my oldest niece, oldest of my sister's four children.

Micky, short for Michelle asked to come visit me in my hotel room. "Lets have dinner together Uncle Bob." Micky is about five feet and eight inches tall and has been modeling since she turned 16 and now, at 23, she models full time and makes a good living. "We don't see each other very often and I took bereavement leave for a couple weeks. How about I meet you around 7:30."

Micky said to dress casual, "jeans and knit top is all I'm wearing," she related. I was thrilled with being casual after a few days of suits and dress shoes.

I was the older brother, three years older than my sister, 48 compared to Micky's 23. I was not in bad shape except that beer expanded my waist a bit over the years. I do jog and use gym facilities several days a week.

With three hours before Micky arrived, I rested for a couple hours before having a fresh shave and shower. I prefer wearing loose fitting carpenter jeans and microfiber knit tops and slipped into clean clothes and New Balance cross fit shoes and waited for Micky's door knock.

As if she was reading a cue card, Micky knocked right at 7:30. I opened the door to see a stunning Micky, hair tied in a perfect ponytail, make up that not over done, and clothes that must have been painted on. Micky made jeans and knit tops look like evening dress. "Welcome to my humble hotel room, Micky. Come in for a moment, have a drink." Micky slipped past me entering the room and I got a whiff of her perfume, it was a lite scent barely perceptible. "You look lovely, Micky."

Even though Micky wore a smile, it was obvious she hurt badly. I lost my sister and she lost her mother. Losing mother hurt much more than losing sister. I closed the door, turned to Micky and she feel into my arms sobbing deeply. "Uncle Bob," she cried saying nothing else. I held her gently letting her have her cry.

After a couple minutes her sobs subsided, I rubbed her back a bit and kissed her forehead. "Micky, I cannot imagine how Cher's death affects you. We both lost someone, but you lost a lot more, your mom." We stepped out of our embrace.

Micky's eyes were now red and swollen from crying. "That drink offer sounds good right now Uncle Bob." I mixed a simple whiskey and water over ice for us and went to the bathroom for a clean washcloth to make a cold compress for Micky's eyes.

Micky took the compress, sat in one of the chairs, took a long pull on her drink, then leaned back placing the cold compress over her eyes. Micky exhaled a sigh as the cold relieved her sore eyes. We did not speak as Micky relaxed with her drink and compress.

When Micky spoke next, her words were not to me. "Thanks, mom. I feel better now." Immediately she realized she spoke to her mother not me. "I'm sorry Uncle Bob. Just for one quick second it was mom caring for me."

"Micky, sweetheart, Cher and I learned from your grandmother. If you feel it was Cher then maybe she pushed me to make the compress." We smiled affectionately as Micky began recovering getting more color back in her face. "Do you want to order room service or eat in the hotel restaurant," I asked.

"Let me use the bathroom, fix up my mess and we'll go out. I'm your trophy date tonight." Micky shocked me with those words; she was my niece not a lucky catch.

"Micky, I don't want a trophy date. I want to be with my niece." Then I shocked my self, speaking aloud, "However, you are a very attractive date."

Micky smiled broadly, "At least I know you see me as more than nice, I mean niece." My mind raced; were we locked in some kind of sexual banter; did we both have ideas and thoughts about the other?

Micky fixed her make up and her eyes were clear again. I guessed she used eye drops to get the red out. "Uncle Bob, I have a suggestion, lets eat at a little Spanish place I know. It is authentic Spanish, not Mexican, and has the best Mediterranean shell fish in city. Plus, it has secluded booths for quiet conversation."

Shell fish, secluded booths, I was not sure what she had in mind; however, I took her hand as we strolled to the parking lot. Micky guided me to her car; "I'm not good giving directions, probably better if I drive."

With reluctance, I gave Micky her hand back and took my place on the passenger side. "You're in charge. Drive on."

Micky's smile became coy, she turned to me with an innocent look saying, "I'm driving now but I'm not driving all night." There was nothing innocent in her words and I darn sure did not miss her intended meaning. Worse, I had no remorse for the incest we might commit tonight.

The drive to Micky's choice took almost 20 minutes, it seemed that every traffic light in town was set to red as we entered an intersection. I used each stop light as an opportunity to reach across the center console to touch Micky's hand and offer her a smile and she returned each in kind. Our conversation centered on my work, Micky wanted to know everything that freelance do and I enjoyed telling her all she wanted to know.

If I believed Micky's description of the restaurant as having secluded booths, I believed wrong. This restaurant was intimate, dimly lighted with flickering battery candles on each table. The booths were horseshoe shaped with very high backs. I could hear snippets of conversation as we reached out booth, then upon sitting deep in the booth, nothing from adjoining booths was audible.

The headwaiter knew Micky as a regular diner rather than a models face in an ad. He gave Micky an embrace and a very friendly kiss. "Micky, I read about your mother's death. I always enjoyed coming to your house for parties. She let us be kids but kept us under control somehow. I miss her and the parties too."

Micky dipped her head a bit and sniffled a bit at the waiterÕs remembrance. "Thank you David, it still hasn't sunk in all the way yet. David, this is my Uncle Bob, mom's only sibling."

David extended his hand to mine and gripped it sincerely. "Your sister made us kids feel welcome whenever we showed up. Tonight, I return the favor." Micky explained that David was a classmate throughout middle school and high school, "... and this is his place. This is where I come when I need a friend to spoil me."

We settled into our booth and David asked if we wanted a wine to prepare our pallet and suggested a Spanish red wine to start. We agreed and he left to draw our wines. Micky sat closely next to me in the back of the booth; she found my hand and squeezed it. "Uncle Bob, I am glad you consented to have dinner with me tonight." Micky leaned into me planting an obviously intimate kiss on my lips.

David returned with our wine, set them down on the table waiting for me to sniff and taste the wine for approval, with that formality complete, he asked if we wanted a menu. I looked at Micky before saying, "Micky knows the quality here; I will trust you to choose our dinner and appropriate wines." Micky agreed and David again left us.

"Micky, you have asked me about my work, tell me about you and your work. Really, I want to know about you." I placed my hand on her upper thigh and gave a squeeze. A very low ah escaped Micky's mouth from my touch and she covered my hand with hers.

"Most people think I have a glamorous life running with the beautiful people and traveling the globe. I cannot begin to tell them how false that image is. I have not had a relationship since high school and live out of a suitcase calling some hotel somewhere my home. Yeah, I've earned enough money to retire right now but that isn't what I want. I want to relax and enjoy life for a while, take a couple years off. I want to sleep in the same bed every night not some bed dozens have already used. I want a hug when I am happy, a hug when I am sad, and a hug for any reason." I took my cue and hugged Micky to me feeling a woman not my mourning niece. We looked into the other's eyes before dissolving into a very warm kiss. We both knew where we were headed and we had no qualms.

David served us an excellent dinner of Spanish shellfish prepared several ways. There were more raw servings than cooked and several flavors of dips for seasoning. Each serving came with a different wine that complemented the taste of each serving. I cannot remember having a better meal, ever. This meal was not inexpensive and David wrote the whole cost off.

I spoke to David before we left, "Leaving a tip would be an insult to your kindness, David. However, I want to make a contribution to a charity you represent." David accepted the offer and took my check for five hundred dollars saying he would use it to feed people at homeless shelters across town.

We drove back to the hotel and the traffic light gods turned all the lights green. "Micky, we don't have to call it a night right away. Come in for another drink." Micky smiled broadly and accepted the invitation.

In the room, Micky dropped into one of the lounge chairs; I mixed our drinks and sat in the opposite chair. "It isn't easy saying good by; unless there is a hello that follows. Let me say hello, Micky, and let me say you don't have to say good by unless you want." I tipped my glass to her and drank deeply.

"Hello, Bob," Micky chimed leaving uncle unspoken. "Does your offer include tonight?" She drank deeply from her glass as well.

The hour was closing in on 11:00 p.m., the wine and now our drinks were making us content and relaxed. "I have a clean T-shirt you can wear to sleep." We completed the over night sleeping negotiation and toasted the decision.

Micky mixed another drink for us and rather than returning to her chair, she snuggled into my lap. "Kiss me, Bob. Kiss me like you did in the restaurant." The warmth of her 23-year-old body against mine was no longer that of my niece, it was that of a woman who sought a man's affection. I recalled her restaurant lament about having no real lasting relationships and sleeping in beds dozens used before her. I twisted my body and brought my lips to hers, we locked in a passion filled kiss and embrace.

Our hands roamed the other's body feeling wantonness grow. Micky was young strong and firm in her breasts and butt. My hands tugged at her shirt pulling it over her head exposing her breasts encased in a tiny lace bra with a front clasp that popped open, fell away, and allowed beautifully firm and full breasts to fill my eyes. Micky tugged at my shirt, which joined hers on the floor.

We returned to our kiss letting our hands explore bare skin. It did not take long for me to begin fondling Micky's butt and up the inside of her thighs right up to their junction. My hand went higher to the snap and zipper of her jeans. Micky wiggled out of her pants without leaving my lap. Her panty was a matching lace to her bra and came off smoothly with her jeans. My sister's naked daughter sat on my lap begging my touch and kiss.

Micky fumbled with my button and zipper finally slipping off my lap to her knees between my legs. Quickly Micky freed my button and zipper to begin pulling my jeans and shorts off. I am not going to lie saying I am well endowed, yet I do measure up fairly well and Micky saw me naked and at full staff when my pants and shorts came off.

Micky gently caressed my cock and balls, pulling and massaging. She was tender and loving in her touch, stroking my length and using my natural lube to ease her hand movements. I was close-eyed when I sensed a warm moist breath on my cock followed by Micky's tongue licking at my dick head. Then her mouth closed over my cock and sucked. I warned her to be prepared because I was already primed and would cum soon. Micky stroked and sucked harder as if daring me to cum. With a loud gasp, I began filling her mouth. Every blast I ejaculated, she swallowed and only turned me loose after every drop found her warm mouth.

Micky moved to the bed and beckoned me. She was surprised and upset that I said no. I explained I did not want to take her on a bed where dozens of others had already spent themselves. I took her hand and sat her on the same chair I occupied. We kissed deeply before I began kissing down her body exploring her with my mouth and tongue.

I took time adoring her breasts, licking at her cute little belly button, before making my way to the perfect triangle at the center of her being. Micky was shaking, twitching, rotating her hips upward to my face, her scent filled my nose and her musk tasted sweet in my mouth. Her tiny love button perched openly awaiting some attention and I offered it a tiny lick before kissing and licking her thighs just below the open petals of her vagina. When I finally made direct contact on her awaiting pussy and clit, Micky exploded in a wet gush of cum. She stiffened, took a deep breath, held it a couple of seconds before screaming out an intense orgasm.

In a quick move, I slipped my cock into her still quaking pussy and that set off another orgasm. Her clamping muscles on my cock were tighter than vice grips. Micky slowly calmed down from two simultaneous orgasms before we began making love.

Our lovemaking lasted long, was sweet and natural, and very fulfilling. We did not change positions throughout the entire session and in the end, we came together locked in a kiss and embrace. We knew what we did was incest and we did not care. Our after glow lasted many minutes before we got in bed to sleep.

"Bob do you have to fly out tomorrow?" My ticket was as an open-ended bereavement flight and I knew I did not have to. Something in Micky's voice compelled me to answer, no.

"I can stay a couple days longer but I do have assignments waiting. Micky, what are you asking or expecting?" We lay face to face our lips almost touching, our bodies fully sated from our lovemaking.

"I want to be with you, Bob, with you everyday. It is wrong to love my uncle, yet love is what I'm suffering, for you. Don't jump to conclusions about being mom's brother, I want to take time off from modeling and be a woman for the man I love." Micky wrapped her arm around me and draped her leg over mine. "My bags are packed and in my car."

I pulled her body to mine; she felt my cock straining against her. Micky rolled me on my back and mounted me. We began slowly and before long Micky pounded her pubic bone against mine and ground her clit into me with total abandon. We both came hard. As Micky collapsed onto my chest, I told her, "I'll cancel the flight when we wake up."

It dawned on me as I drifted off to sleep, we just added our contribution to what dozens before us did. We slept in the same position we were in when our lovemaking ended and woke hours later.

When we woke, the scent of sex was strong and our bodies reeked of sweat and cum. There was nothing sexy about us and we did not pretend. "Maybe we should shower, Bob," Micky smiled. She had to peal herself from me and I had to peal myself from the sheets.

"You know, Micky, we did use the bed and added our contribution." Micky laughed standing at foot of the bed as I dragged sheets stuck to my back. Even sweaty, cum covered, and smelling bad, Micky was a sexy sight to gaze upon and I began to react.

We darted into the bathroom where Micky, very unceremoniously, sat on the toilet and peed. I took my turn after her. We took washcloths and liquid body soap into the shower. After adjusting the water temperature, Micky twisted the shower nob and the warm spray hit us; we stood under the spray for a long time before beginning to wash.

I massaged shampoo into Micky's hair as she stood with her back to me. Her beautiful butt rubbed against my cock in a provocative way, intentionally teasing me. I finished washing her hair and as she dipped her head under the shower spray, I bent at the knees giving my cock a clear path to her freshly washed pussy. With a push of my hips and a gasp from Micky, we joined at the hip a third time. We were in the shower much longer than I have ever been and after sex, we washed again. The hotel provided toothbrushes and toothpaste and Micky was able to take care of her oral hygiene.

I had my clothes in my suitcase; however, Micky did not have fresh clothes. "Bob, please go to my car and get my powder blue overnight bag. I need clean clothes." As I left for her bag, I heard the hotel hair dryer blowing her hair dry.

Micky's car was far enough away that I had time to ponder the last day and a half. Yes, I buried my sister. Yes, I was the only remaining member of my nuclear family. Yes, I felt the loss of my parents and sister. Yes, I grieved. Yes, I fucked my beautiful niece three times. Yes, I planned to cancel my flight. Yes, I planned to let Micky be my lover. With all these yes answers, was I able to say, yes, Micky I love you too? Or, was I taking advantage of a young beautiful woman who was grieving as much as me.

"I ordered a light brunch for us, Bob. I'm guessing you are hungry as well." I acknowledged I was, kissed Micky, and thanked her for ordering. She took the bag and disappeared into the bathroom to dress. "I'll give you a show, but not the room service guy." Sure enough, room service arrived within a couple minutes. While I waited for Micky, I called the airline and canceled my return flight.

Micky's brunch was fruit, cheeses, and lean ham. We ate the healthy mix while talking about plans. "I need to get back to Nebraska by the end of the week, Micky. I have two important deadlines that cannot wait past next Monday. Are you really taking a leave from modeling?"

"I feel like people I love took a ride in the back seat while I made a name for myself. I wanted people to know me and since I was 16, seven years, I flaunted myself in front of cameras. I told you I have enough income from residuals and enough savings and investments to retire. I am not lying to you about love or about taking time off." There was sincerity in her voice that matched the sincerity my sister used. I could not imagine any way to fake the tone.

"Micky, you have three siblings. Aren't you concerned about them, shouldn't you spend time with them?" A sad look spread across Micky's face, she was on the verge of tears.

"I burned a few bridges, Bob. We are still family but it is going to take time to heal. You are the only one I did not try to escape from. Let me show you a picture." Micky showed me a well-worn picture of her as an infant held by her proud Uncle Bob. "Look at your eyes as you hold me, look. I always fanaticized about you holding me and yesterday I decided to go after what I want."

"I could have rejected your advances. Where would that have put you?"

Micky answered quickly, "You didn't reject me."

********** We decided that I would stay one more night and we would begin the long drive tomorrow. I made Micky take me to see her siblings asking her to start rebuilding relationships with them. We spent a tense afternoon and cried many tears. In the end, there were agreements to try being closer. We left our plans out of the conversation and avoided any appearance of our new status.

As evening approached, Micky drove us to the grave sight and we stood quietly. Micky wrapped her arms around me and sobbed some more. For that moment, we were Uncle Bob and niece again.

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