tagIncest/TabooUncle Dave's Midlife Crisis Ch. 02

Uncle Dave's Midlife Crisis Ch. 02


My sincere thanks to everyone who has provided feedback, both positive and negative, hopefully the feedback will help make me a better writer. This is Chapter 2 in the continuing story of "UNCLE DAVE’S MIDLIFE CRISIS". Currently I am working on six or seven additional chapters. This story line has also led to a spin-off called "AMY’S AWAKENING" I posted in the FIRST TIME section. I hope you enjoy this installment and please let me know if I stay on track. Again Thanks.


As Jamie crushed out her cigarette and finished the beer she had been nursing she looked at her watch, 1:45am. She had worked at the restaurant until 10 when Beth picked her up and they headed for Paul’s apartment. A small party was going on and both girls soon had a beer and we mingling with their friends. About midnight, Jamie noticed Beth going into Paul’s bedroom with him and smiled thinking about the redheaded girl with her legs in the air and Paul ramming his big cock into her.

Jamie didn’t feel much like socializing and there were no boys around she was interested enough in, to get laid. Besides, she was still upset that her parents felt it was necessary for her uncle to baby-sit her and her sister. After all they were both 18 and more than capable of taking care of themselves. In general she like her uncle, he had always treated her as good and seemed to tolerate her moods whenever they were together. Maybe having raised a couple of kids, made him a little mellower than her parents. However, she wasn’t about to let anyone tell her what to do or what time to be home and being late was her way of showing that.

"If he is upset, it was too fucking bad!" She thought. "If he gives me a hard time I can tell him to fuck off and just go to bed." Besides he’s had to put up with that goody-two sister of mine all night. She is such a Prima Donna, I bet she’s never seen a boy’s penis and probably hasn’t even had an orgasm. Beth reappeared from the bedroom and Jamie approached her saying she wanted to go home. Beth although not really ready to leave, agreed and the girls headed for car. As they drove home Beth asked Jamie; "What’s eating you tonight or is it that no one did?"

Jamie explained about the situation with her uncle and how mad she was that he was there. As Beth continued to drive she looked over at her best friend and slid her right hand down to Jamie’s thigh. Creeping up the inner thigh she finally come into contact with Jamie’s thong and began to rub the pussy lips through the cloth. Jamie let out a small moan and immediately remembered that night when they first became intimate.

It was a sleepover at Sara’s house for Amy’s birthday earlier in the year. Amy, Jamie, Beth and Sara all in small teddies sitting on Sara’s bed when they decided to play "Truth or Dare" only there were no "Truths" just "Dares". All the girls had at one time or another taken notice of each other’s body as the sleepwear they wore was somewhat revealing. Being Amy’s birthday, she dared Jamie to let Beth spank her. Being the most adventurous of the group, Jamie immediately laid herself across Beth’s lap, pulled her nightie up exposing her nylon panties and waited for Beth to begin. Beth wasted no time and soon a sharp smack was heard in the room, followed by a second and third. Jamie while not in pain squealed and was surprised that moisture began to flow in her vagina as Beth administered the paddling. She was both amazed and embarrassed at how aroused she was becoming and quickly pulled herself from Beth’s lap. Figuring turn about was fair play, Jamie dared Sara to sit behind Amy and touch her breasts through the nightie. Sara was very hesitant at first, but not wanting to be considered a prude, moved behind Amy and placed both hands over her breasts. Amy jumped at Sara’s touch and then silently fell back into her arms. Sara marveled at the softness of Amy’s large tits and was aware of Amy’s hardening nipples pushing against her hand as she massaged the globes. Soon both girls were became unsure of how to handle their growing arousals and Sara removed her hands. By now everyone but Beth was starting to get excited by the actions of the game and Sara decided to press the game a little farther. Daring Beth to remove her top and show everyone her boobies they all watched as Beth not being the least bit shy, reached down and pulled the top of her nightie over her head. The other girls sucked their breath in as they saw Beth’s large breasts topped by large areoles and fully extended nipples for the first time. Amy was now the only one left to perform a dare and Beth instructed her to lean over and suck on one of her protruding nipples. Amy leaned across the bed and clamped her mouth around one of the morsels and began sucking very gently. This final dare started a chain of events that led to a weekend of sexual awakening for all the girls. (Read…."Amy’s Awaking")

Jamie was snapped back to reality when she felt the car come to a halt in her driveway. Pulling Beth’s hand from under her skirt she thanked her and got out of the car. "I wonder just how mad Uncle Dave is going to be?" She thought as she climbed the front steps and headed in the door.

I was awaken by the sound of a car door closing, taking note of the time I was furious that Jamie had elected to defy my wishes and was indeed coming home well past he agreed upon time. Jumping up from my position on the couch, I stood in the middle of the room, arms folded across my chest waiting for her to enter the house. As the door opened and Jamie walked into the room, my anger began to increase. But her appearance momentarily caused my anger to become distracted. Wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen, she had a tube top that barely covered her young breasts and a white men’s style shirt, tied at the waist and completely unbuttoned. Pair this with high heel sandals, and makeup and she looked ready to walk the streets. I immediately could smell a mixture of cigarette smoke, beer and the faintly hint of female arousal. Refocusing my attention to the real situation I sternly asked;

"Where have you been until 2 in the morning? I thought we had an agreement that you’d be home by 1! I told your parents that the only way I would help out is if you did what you were told!"

"Screw you, you’re not my parents!" Jamie angrily replied. "I didn’t ask you to baby-sit us and I’m old enough to come and go as I please!"

Her answer coupled with a flagrant attitude only fueled the rage growing within me. This was one teenager that needed to learn her place and maybe it would be up to me to teach her. "There is no way you are going to talk to me like that!" I sternly retorted trying now to keep my rage in check. "If you think I’m going to tolerate this type of behavior, you have greatly underestimated me!!!"

"Fuck-off you old son-of –a bitch!!! I’ll behave any fucking way I feel and there isn’t shit you or anyone else can do about it!!" Jackie shot back quickly. Looking into her uncle’s glaring eyes she wondered if she had pushed things to far. She decided the best course of action was to just go upstairs to bed. She turned and headed for the stairway.

The last comment and Jamie’s move toward the stairs sent me over the edge. Crossing the room with two easy steps, I wrapped my arm around her waist, hoisted her up and in one motions sat down on the nearby ottoman pulling her across my lap. "You’ve needed a good spanking for quite a while and I ‘m going to give it to you right now!!!" I yelled as my right hand came down with a loud smack right on her tender young ass.

Jamie was mortified when her uncle picked her up and pulled her down to his lap. Suddenly his large hand landed with a tremendous force on her butt inflicting more pain than she could remember. Squirming as hard as she could she could get loose when a second slap landed intensifying the pain until tears began to flow down her cheeks. But tears were the only thing flowing as Jamie could feel herself getting excited by the punishment her uncle was doling out. She also thought she could feel his dick starting to get hard and push into her stomach.

Jamie wiggled trying to get off my lap, but I easily held her in place. I flipped her skirt up over her ass and damn if she wasn’t wearing one of those thongs. Well the spanking would work better on the bare cheeks of her ass anyway. Whap...my hand hit her right cheek turning it an instant pink. Whap...another slap creates a matching bloom on her left cheek. I could now hear she crying and after several more, well placed smacks, I decided that I had administered enough punishment.

Whap..."owww Uncle Dave please stop, it hurt’s." Jamie was not sure which was worse, the spanking, and yes it hurts, or having her near bare ass sticking up in front of her uncle. She begged and cried but he continued slapping my ass. "God, it burned but…no I can’t believe that...this is uncle. Well, yes, it’s turning me on; I can feel the tingle…the wetness."

Looking down, her exposed butt was flaming red and the outline of a handprint was clearly visible. I began to feel bad for having spanked her so hard and started gently rubbing her butt cheeks as if to try and rub away the pain. I also noticed that my dick had hardened and was softly pushing into her stomach. I was thankful the shorts were able to contain my member and was afraid she might become upset by its presence. As I continue to rub the now hot reddened area I softly talked to Jamie.

"I’m sorry that it had to come to this young lady, but you must learn that while I’m here I’m in charge and you have to behave!! Can we come to an agreement for the rest of the weekend and get along?"

"OK, Uncle Dave, I’m sorry for being bad. I guess I just thought I could push things are far as I wanted and you wouldn’t care! I promise I’ll do as you ask for the rest of the weekend and we’ll get along!" Jamie tried to say between the cries and sniffles. Her butt felt like it was on fire and she was sure she would not be able to sit for a week. But the feeling of her uncle’s rough hand, now softly rubbing her thong-clad ass, mixed with the sensations from the spanking had her juices flowing. She was sure he must be able to detect the moisture she was sure was seeping from her cunt onto her thighs and there was no mistaking the feeling of his now rock dick pressing into her stomach.

Pulling Jamie from across my lap I sat her down on one knee. Giving her a hug I released her and sent her upstairs to get a shower and go to bed. Standing, she turned, put her arms around my neck and gave me a small kiss goodnight. Turning she headed for the steps and I noticed the damp spot on the top of my knee. "Did she get turned-on by the spanking I’d just given her?" I wondered as I shut off the lights and headed for the bedroom to sleep.

Jamie entered her bedroom, immediately stripped off all of her cloths, grabbed a towel and nightshirt and headed for the bathroom across the hall. As she started the shower she looked into the mirror at her face. Her mascara had run down her cheeks as a result of all her tears and left long dark stains. She turned and tried to inspect her ass but only caught a glimpse of the bright red cheek. The pain of her uncle’s punishment was still very intense and she was concerned at how the hot water of the shower would affect her backside.

"Only one way to find out." She thought as she climbed into the tub and under the cascading water of the shower. Immediately the pain in her rear intensified as the hot water hit it and she jumped back hoping to ease the pain. Carefully, she moved back under the spray and shampooed her hair, rinsed and worked on the rest of her body. As she worked her soap covered hands into her full young breasts she sensed her nipples start to harden and extend. Pulling on each of them she sighed at the feeling of arousal again began to creep through her body. She finally released her tits and sliding her hand down her torso lathered up her pubic hairs. Jamie, unlike most of her girlfriends, was very hairy in her pubic region. She never had the desire to trim or shave the area and since she rarely went swimming didn’t seemed too concerned about it. More than one boy had remarked that she was too hairy during sex and even Beth had tried to get her to shave during several of their encounters. Working her fingers across her mound and down through her pussy lips she discovered she was very wet. Sliding a finger into her opening she slowly pushed the digit in and out. Soon her mind conjured up images of several different boys fucking her and then of the feeling of Beth’s tongue as it worked its magic on her cunt. Soon a mini-orgasm hit her and she squealed from the sensation and the pain as the water again hit her still burning ass.

After Jamie turned off the shower and was drying off, the image of her uncle’s dick pressing into her stomach as he first spanked her and then rubbed her ass came into focus. The truth be know she had hoped that sometime during the night she could have gotten laid or even had Beth eat her out. But neither had happened and now she was as horny as ever. "Maybe I can get Uncle Dave to satisfy me?" She thought as she pulled the nightshirt over her head. Combing her hair, she found a bottle of aloe lotion and headed downstairs. Everything was dark at the bottom of the stairs when she noticed the light glowing from her parent’s bedroom. Quietly she moved down the hall and into the room.

I was lying on the bed reading a magazine when Jamie entered the room and sat down beside me. She looked much better after her shower and I could see her nipples pushing against the nightshirt as she sat there.

"Uncle Dave, my butt feels like it’s on fire and I don’t think I can get to sleep. Would you please rub some of this lotion on and see if that helps?" She asked innocently.

"Jamie, I’m not sure that would be too appropriate given I’m your uncle!" I replied.

"Hell, you’ve already seen 90% of my butt when you were spanking me so what’s the big deal. Besides it’s your fault my ass is as sore as it is." She said in a soft pouty voice.

"First of all, it’s your fault your butt feels like it does. If you had behaved none of this would have happened. Secondly, I still don’t think it’s a good idea." I responded to her even though I secretly knew I’d love to get my hands on the cute little butt again.

"Oh pleeeasssseeee, just for a little while. I’m sure it will help a lot!"

"Ok, but just for a little while." I agreed as I put down my magazine and crawled onto my knees. "Stretch out and land me the lotion."

Jamie laid face down in the middle of the bed, reached down and pulled the bottom of her nightshirt up to her waist and settled her head in her arms.

Looking down I could see her ass was still bright red and although faint, one handprint was still visible. I straddled one leg and squeezed some lotion into my hands. Dropping my hands to her blazing red cheeks I softly began to work the lotion into her skin. The cheeks of her butt were hot to the touch and as I kneaded each one Jamie let out a soft moan. After several minutes of working the lotion I took the tube and applied more lotion to the cheeks accidentally dripping some down her butt crack. I went back to massaging the lotion into the crimson cheeks and then slowly slide my hand down her crack. When one finger reached her anal opening I sensed Jamie push her ass up and out seeming trying to capture the finger. Again she started to moan and her legs began to open slightly. I could now see a thick course of dark hair contrasted against the white sheets and framing her pussy lips. This pain easing treatment was starting to take on sexual overtones and my dick was beginning to respond to the feelings of this young nymph’s skin.

Jamie basked in the feeling of her uncle’s hands ever so gently massaging her still stinging butt. The pain was beginning to ease and was replaced by the tingle of her growing excitement. As he continued kneading her ass all she could do was emit soft moans. Then she felt more lotion being applied and the feel of the cool liquid as it ran down between her cheeks and over her asshole. Soon she felt his hand and fingers smoothing the liquid in the crack and when his finger touched her anal opening she involuntarily opened both her cheeks and legs and pushed against his finger. She also felt the familiar shape of a hardening cock against the back of her thighs. "Guess I am going to get laid tonight!" She smiled to herself.

"Oh Uncle Dave, that feeeeeeeeeels soooooo goooooooood! Would you please do my back and legs also?" Jamie cooed as she reached under her stomach and pulled the nightshirt over her head and dropped it on the bed. Now lying completely naked on the bed before her uncle she waited in anticipation to feel him hands on the rest of her body. A feeling of naughtiness crept over her and she felt her slit becoming wetter and wetter.

I was a little shocked when Jamie pulled her nightshirt off her body and lay back down. I took in her nakedness and my own excitement started to mount. My dick was fully hard and tenting the shorts I was wearing making my task a little more difficult. I applied more lotion to her back and began to work it in to her shoulders and lower back. For the next 5 minutes I massaged her back and along her sides making sure I rubbed the exposed sides of her ample tits whenever I had the opportunity. Shifting my weight I proceeded to oil up her legs and started manipulating the backs and insides of her feet, ankles and lower legs. As I worked my way up her inner thighs Jamie opened her legs further and further until I had a totally unrestricted view of her hair covered pussy and rosebud asshole. When my fingers made contact with her outer labia she shuttered and began to rock. Slowly working my fingers around the outer lip I teased her making sure not to touch the inner crease or her clit. Finally, I slid my hand completely over her hairy little snatch and cupped it in my hand. Moving ever so slowly, I found her wet opening and gently pushed a finger into the heavenly canal. As I worked my finger in and out I spread some of her juices over my thumb and finding her puckered asshole, pushed into it. Her anus was so tight that I had trouble penetrating her until I felt her relax and accept the intrusion. Working my thumb and finger in concert I was rapidly bringing the teenager to climax.

Jamie lay on the bed, her legs spread as far as possible feeling her orgasm mounting as her uncle’s fingers worked their magic. She had been on the ragged edge during his teasing and when she finally felt his hand cup her pussy and a finger penetrate her completely soaked opening she began to let go. But then she experienced a totally new feeling as his thumb pressed up against her puckered opening of her ass. She was convinced he’d never be able to get his thumb inside but the feeling as far too erotic to ignore so she relaxed as best she could and was rewarded with a new sensation as it finally entered her. Now she could clearly feel both his finger and his thumb working together to incite new sensual feelings within her. Most of the boys she had sex with were either not interested or did want to spend any time with pleasuring her like this, if the did play with her pussy they were usually rough and harsh. Her uncle on the other hand, seemed to enjoy stoking the fire within her and his touch was the most gentle and stimulating she’d experienced. However, right now all she could really think about was how to get his big hard dick buried inside her sizzling cunt.

Jamie decided to accelerate things and turned her head saying.

"Ok Uncle Dave, fair is fair. Here I am naked as the day I was born and you’re not. Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of those fucking shorts?"

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