tagIncest/TabooUncle In The Cabin

Uncle In The Cabin


The following story is a work of fiction.

Any resemblances to persons real or imagined is coincidental.

"It's way too far out. Got to be miles from the ridge."

"Closer than you think."

We pulled in around noon, with the sun still going strong. I hadn't been up to my uncle's lodge, but from what I'd heard about the mountains nearby, it was great scenery. My cousins used to hunt quail in the forests back home, and I remember tagging along with them, staring wide-eyed up at the trees that loomed above me. The forest here was different, with a much quieter feel to it. It seemed to stretch for miles.

The road was dusty, and we pulled into the garage with all windows up. My uncle looked around for his keys. The air inside the car was dry, like the road.

"Need any help?"

"Close the garage door. Lever's broke, so it goes by hand"

We entered the house, which turned out to be more spacious than I thought. Every room smelled like dark wood, with large beams that stretched high.

"It's really something."

"Yeah. It really is."

We unpacked, and my uncle soon fired up the grill. I broke out cards later and got a few games going. It was a routine we knew well.

My uncle and I were never really close—it basically came down to a few sparse encounters at family functions, but ultimately that was it. Recently I'd been trying to get down to the mountain region where my uncle spent his summers because I'd heard there was world-class hiking in the area. After several trips over the summer, I must say, it looked promising. My uncle even dropped by on one of my hikes, the summer before.

"We have anything to drink?"

"Might have some beer."

He sent me downstairs to the cellar. There were a few empty cases, but I managed to find a few beers, and several bottles of rum,



"You're full of it."

We drank and played dice for several hours. With already half the day gone from our drive, there wasn't much point in hitting the trails until tomorrow.

My uncle was in high spirits. I couldn't blame him, as far as dice was concerned, he was always the better man. The better drinker too, with only twenty two years under my belt, I could hardly say I was out-classing him. His dice playing was still solid. But nearly a bottle later, it was clear that I was starting to get the upper hand. Not to be outdone by my uncle's typical drinking hardiness, I began hitting the remaining beers harder. He laughed at me, and I scowled back.

After another hour, it was clear that neither one of us was in much a state to play further. I managed a grin, but found my uncle staring at his shoes, blankly. With swaying steps and slow plodding, we managed to pull ourselves upstairs, leaving the dice below. I wasn't sure which rooms were which, so we headed for the first room we could find.

From the look of it, we had stumbled into my uncle's room. I recognized the wooden chests from earlier.

With a grumble, I shoved my uncle onto his bed. He lay on his back in a drunken stupor, the sight of which I found quite funny. I had rarely seen him this drunk before.

My head began to spin, and the stairs had begun to catch up with me. My entire body was warm, and seemed to radiate hot energy. I had never felt this finely buzzed in my life. The feeling was incredible. I looked over at my uncle. He seemed to be mumbling something, but from the look of it, he was happy.

I wondered how much of this night he would remember?

Without thinking, I drew closer to my uncle. He was still lying face up, but by now had fallen asleep. If there was ever a chance to feel this, it was now.

A wave of drunken energy propelled me onto his belt line, forced his pants down to his ankles, and without another thought, I thrust him into my mouth. I couldn't believe how good it felt. His cock was limp and warm, but it seemed to like my wetness. I began to work it over in my mouth, tugging hungrily. Unbelievably, I could feel it growing. It tasted soft, and tough. Breathing hard, I enjoyed the feeling. His body was at my command, and I wanted nothing more than to service it. I tasted cum at the tip, and drew it deep into my mouth, savoring him.

He did nothing, but take me. I was to make sure of that.

Rocking with drunken satisfaction, I drew deeper onto his cock. My head bounced happily as I tasted his fullness. His dick was too much to pass up. I had to have it.

Without a moment's hesitation, I slid my belt off. Then trousers. Down to my ankles. Swinging one leg over, I found myself entirely against him. He barely felt a thing.

His body was warm, and heaved with a slow drunken deliberate stroke. His wet cock pressed against my own. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. He was still mine.

I dug my face into his chest, and reached down for his cock. I could feel heat radiating from my body, heart pounding, skin tingling.

I had never done this before, and I wasn't ever sure that I'd get the chance to do it again. In my drunken stupor, all I wanted was to put his moist cock into me. I rubbed gently against his tip. It was warm and familiar. It slowly began to break into me, with a weight that I craved.

I pressed down, eyes shut. To my surprise, he entered me fluidly. I gasped for air, pressing down harder. His long cock spread inside me, and I could tell my oral handiwork earlier was now sliding in and out of our bodies. It was wet, and it drove me crazy. I wanted him to fill me, I wanted him to pound my body and cum inside me. I wanted him to wake up.

With a drunken half-lidded smile, I knew what to do. I took off all of our clothes. Anything that could get between our bodies went on the floor. Without saying a word to my uncle, I spread myself on top of him once more. I pressed him inside me again, and I could barely contain my excitement—his cock flooded my body like a hot shockwave. I began rocking gently into him, slowly working up the courage to go faster, faster until his piston began to roll small white-hot streams of cum between our bodies, rolling down his hips and soaking the bed. I bounced harder, taking him deeper inside me, filling every space—

My uncle slowly opened his eyes. In his drunkenness, he made no sounds. He stared blankly at the sight of my naked body bobbing furiously on his cock, looked down at the puddles of hot cum streaking along his sides. Seeing all there was to see, he nodded drunkenly, and drifted back to sleep. I grinned, victorious. His cock slid in and out of me—

I was going to have to change these sheets.

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Older Uncle

Some details may differ and others reminescent of the days with uncle Phil on his farm. Very remote countryside and just the 2 of us. Couldn't keep his hands off me. Drink or two and I would let himmore...

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