Uncle Jack Gives Lessons Holly


Uncle Jack continued to stroke his little niece's pussy gently encircling the little nubbin of her clitoris he then touched it with his finger. "That's your clitoris baby, that little button of flesh in your pussy is what makes most girls feel hot and tingly. Women love having their pussies stroked. For most women that little nubbin is where they want to be licked." Alternating soft and firm strokes he teased her just a little, gently stroking but now and again avoiding contact with her clit.

Holly let out little mewling sounds and wiggled against his hand. "Oh Uncle Jack, that feels so good. Yours fingers are making me feel so wet. Oh Uncle Jack, oooouh, she moaned. Please play with my nubbin."

He stroked now, more purposefully, moving his thumb onto her clit, gently thrumming the slick button of flesh. Holly gasped , wiggling more purposefully, as her Uncle thrust a finger inside her wet passage. Holly felt like it was scratching an itch but more enlarged, intense, yet somehow elusive. She bounced her pussy on his hand wanting him to go deeper and deeper.

Moisture poured out of her, coating her Uncle's fingers and spreading over her pussy lips. Uncle Jack put another finger inside her and moved his two fingers in swift long strokes faster and faster in her tight, hot, slippery passage. He groaned as Holly ground her hips against his fingers and engorged cock. She was lost in her own sensations and feelings, flushed and looking so fuckable. He nuzzled her pert tits with his lips, sucking and gently biting the jutting tips of her nipples until they were bright red and swollen. He growled. "Holly girl move your body, go on baby, let go, and ride my fingers." He moved with her rhythms and rubbed her hot little clit.

Holly rocked on her Uncle Jack's hand caught up in the electrical jolts and rhythms of her own needs. Groaning. She mewled and rubbed her clit against his thumb, riding his fingers. Letting go finally with a wild explosion. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, uuuuh. Oh Uncle Jack, what's happening? I feel like I'm going to pee, no not pee but what's happening. Oh, oh, I've never felt like this. Oh Uncle Jack, oh. As she rode his hand she looked into his face with wide eyes, flushed, exhilarated a little scared of the sensations she was experiencing. Oooooh oh, oh, oh, don't stop this feels sooo gooood. Oh, Uncle Jack!

Uncle Jack, laughed with pleasure, pleased with her reactions, her pleasure and her naivety. "Oh Holly girl, ok Holly that good, that's good. Oh my sexy little niece, I'm going to show you all the ways we can feel good together. He gradually slowed the stroking of his fingers as her rhythm slowed. Gently removing his fingers and hand he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body into his. He kept his iron hard cock pressed against her pussy lips.

Holly rested her head against her Uncle's neck her arms wrapped around him. Kissing his neck she whispered, "thank you, Uncle Jack."

"Oh baby girl you look so good. It's going to so easy to teach you to pleasure a man. But there is one thing to remember Holly, what we do is between us and it will be better if we keep it that way. If you tell anyone else it will spoil the pleasure. I can teach you Holly, you can explore how far you want to go. Can you really trust me and do what I say? Can you do that baby? Are you ready to do that for your Uncle Jack?"

Unclasping his arms from her waist he reached up and pulled her arms from around his neck and then sat her back. Looking intently into her eyes he said, "I'm not going to pressure you to do something you don't want to do. You must choose. Think about this Holly, before we go any further."

Chapter two

Holly, moved off her Uncle's lap until she was standing beside her him. Straight-faced she looked at her Uncle his face mirrored hers. He seemed slightly tense to Holly. She knew he was waiting for her decision. She turned and then walked to the edge of the raft. Then turning back to look at him she smiled. "Ummh Uncle Jack, I do want to continue and I agree to that this should be our secret." She giggled and pulled off her bikini top and stood naked at the edge of the raft. "C'mon Uncle Jack let's head back to the lodge and continue our lessons." Quickly she dove into the water.

You little minx, he thought.

Jack quickly rose and followed her off the raft into the clear lake water. Swimming with quick broad strokes that cut cleanly through the water, he caught up and swam ahead of her. Reaching a depth where he could stand with his arms clear of the water, he caught Holly by the waist and lifted then pulled her body close to his. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck laughing and looking up at him. Uncle Jack buried his tongue in her mouth, exploring, she responded to this onslaught with a responsive passion that blew him away. He growled into her neck in mock anger. "No skinny dipping here. At least not were the guests can see you."

Uncle Jack kissed her moist sweet lips and mouth. Holly moved her pussy against him in the water. Between kisses she murmured, "Tell me what your baby girl can do for her Uncle Jack. I want to learn more from my darling Uncle." Walking toward the water's edge he kept moving over the small sandy beach and over the grass. Her legs and arms still wrapped around his waist and muscular chest. Walking around the side of the lodge, he let Holly down and they both entered the apartment through the French doors.

Pulling her into his bedroom he quickly kicked off his swimming trunks. Kissing her deeply and running his hands lightly over her body he sat down on the edge of the bed. She stood before him naked and innocent. He pulled her into his lap almost growling with the arousal he felt. "Holly honey, if we go further, we will need protection. If I spill my seed inside you, you could become pregnant. You will want me to fuck you and I definitely want to fuck you. For now, I can wait there are other ways of giving each other pleasure."

"Uncle Jack, you don't need to worry about pregnancy. A couple of months ago, I went on the pill. I was getting some bad menstrual pain and the Doctor said that it might help with the cramps but he also said that it would stop me from getting pregnant, if I had intercourse. I don't know what fucking is but I still want to know how to pleasure you Uncle Jack."

What a rare treasure his little niece was. He had so much to teach her.

"Holly baby I want you to kneel between my legs. Take the time to satisfy your curiosity, look at my cock and then I'll show you want you can do to give me pleasure."

Holly knelt naked between his legs. Her long auburn hair falling down her back and she looked up at her Uncle. Looking down she saw the helmet head of her Uncle's turgid penis and the veins running down the sides. Holly tentatively stroked it with one finger. Her Uncle's cock twitched and she can hear him take a deep intake of breath. Moving her hand underneath his cock she felt the ball sac and the coarse pubic hair. Her hand encircled the almost vertical shaft at the base of his cock. From the eye of the engorged purple head Holly sees a glistening pearl of clear moisture beaded on the eye of his shaft. "What's that Uncle Jack?"

"Touch it baby, rub it a little. It helps to make my cock a little slick, a taste of things to come." With one small finger she gently rubbed the tip of his cock and around the sensitive rim; feeling the liquid on the tip of his cock glide with her finger.

Uncle Jack groaned, "Oh, baby girl, that's nice. But you know what else makes a man feel so good? It's when his cock is sucked. Put your Uncle Jack's cock in your mouth baby and move it up and down slowly and firmly."

Holly wanted to make her Uncle Jack feel good, she wanted to please him. She felt the hardness of him against her lips. Holly breathed in the musky, clean smells and felt the rim and glans of his cock with her tongue. She moved her mouth up and down and with it the hand, which encircled the shaft.

"Ooh watch darling, if you want to make your ole Uncle Jack feel good you need to watch your teeth don't graze his cock." Holly again moved her mouth up and down, careful to avoid grazing her teeth against her Uncle Jack's rigid shaft. She slid his pole in and out of her warm, wet mouth with smooth long strokes.

Looking up at him, she removed her mouth. "Uncle Jack does this feel right, is that good?"

"Oh, yes, Holly, baby that is good. Honey lick my balls hold them in your hand and gently stroke them. Then try licking Uncle Jack's shaft like you were licking a lollipop and then bury my cock in your mouth baby."

Holly followed her instructions. She gently sucked on her Uncle's balls, burying her nose in the hair at the base of his cock. She then licked his cock with long smooth licks, then put her Uncle Jack's cock back into her mouth. Holly started to bob slightly, sliding her Uncle's huge cock into mouth. Still grasping his cock at the based moving her hand up and down. In her enthusiasm, she gagged slightly as her Uncle's cock hit the back of her throat.

Jack buried his hands in her hair. He groaned. "There's a good girl, my little sweetie. Oh you are going to be so good at this. Baby, this feels so good, you are so good at sucking cock and giving me what I want. I know this makes you feel good baby to suck my cock and give me pleasure. Suck your Uncle Jack's cock baby. Relax now, relax the muscles in your throat. If you do that you'll find it's easier and better for you."

They moved in rhythm. Her Uncle's hands entangled in and stroking Holly's hair. She gave herself up to his control, let him set the pace. It made her feel wet and horny and good inside. Look at what I can do, she thought, look at how my Uncle Jack responds to what I do.

Hoarsely Uncle Jack spoke, "Holly darling, stop now, I want to stop and I want to fuck you. Like before when my fingers were inside you, I want to be inside my baby girl. When my cock goes in your pussy hole that's called fucking and it feels so good. "

"Oh Uncle Jack, I'm so wet and my pussy is throbbing so much, I want that, I so want for you to be in me but your so big. Will it hurt?"

"Oh Holly baby don't worry your first time will hurt just a bit but then it will start to feel better and then it should feel really good and I promise you will want to do it again."

Reaching down he pulled her up and scooted back onto the bed, pulling her with him. "Holly, Uncle Jack wants to fuck you with you on your hands and knees. It's called doggie style." Holly giggled. "Go on baby do as I ask." Holly moved into doggie style her little peach ass sticking out, her pert firm tits exposed. "Now rest your head and arms on the pillow baby girl and Uncle Jack will guide his cock into your sweet moist cunt."

"My what?" said Holly.

"Your cunt baby. Your Uncle Jack likes to call his special girl's pussy a cunt. But only between us baby. I'm going to fuck you now baby and it will feel good, you need to relax and I'll take it gently when I fuck your gorgeous cunt."

Uncle Jack parted her cunt lips with his fingers rubbing her clit and wet passage. He entered her hole with his finger, she gasped slightly and groaned. She was so wet, dripping with moisture. He wiggled his finger around widening the tight passage of her cunt persuading it to allow another finger in. Swiftly he moved his fingers in and out, until he felt Holly was ready to take his cock. Removing his fingers he guided the tip of his cock into the entry of her tunnel. Uncle Jack pushed gently and stopped when his niece gasped a little. Putting his hands on her hips he pushed his cock into her slowly.

Holly gasped, "Oh that stings, Oh." He let the tight muscles in her cunt wrap around his cock almost trying to push against it, push it out. She was so tight and he thought he would not be able to hold on for much longer. Her Uncle took his time, making short gentle strokes and reaching around his cock he rubbed her soaked slick clit with one finger. Holly groaned and started to push back against him. She forgot the stinging sensation of before, the heat building in her soaking wet pussy. His strokes became longer and longer, she gasped a little trying to accommodate him. Both of his hands were now on her hips, the two lovers in tempo with each other.

"Holly baby, stroke your clit it will feel really good." Holly groaned and moaned underneath him and ground her pussy against him. Reaching back she stroked her dripping inner lips and the little nub of flesh. "Oh Uncle Jack, Uncle Jack" she murmured as she pressed into him. Feeling she was ready, his strokes became longer driving strokes.

"Oh this fucking, this thing we are doing is so good, it feels so good. Oh I've never felt like this before. Oh god, oh god, oh fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh, oh, Uncle Jack."

Holly was in the moment with him. Her words and her sweet moist, cunt wrapped around his cock drove him on. It was like a short dance. The heat intense, as he stroked into her, his nerve endings electrified. The wet slapping movements as they fucked with abandon, filled his heart with joy. Jack slid into her again and again and then felt his seed rise, his balls tightened. He slid his full length in her as far as he could and felt her cervix rubbing the tip of his cock, he thrust again and again and again. With one hard convulsive hard stroke, he spurted his seed into her pussy and then gave a few more convulsive thrusts. Holding her hard against him she milked the last of his seed from his cock with the tightening muscles of her cunt.

They slowed the pace in a natural rhythm. Jack slipped his softening cock out of Holly's cunt. Holly was sobbing slightly. Concerned Uncle Jack held her against him rocking and stroking her hair. "Holly baby, honey, don't cry, what's wrong!"

"Oh Uncle Jack that was good. I'm not sad, just overcome." He groaned and lay down beside her. Kissing her neck and cuddling her he pulled her to him. Uncle Jack stroked her and told her she was a luscious peach that he was going devour. He tickled her slightly making her giggle. Holly wiggled her butt until it was tight up against her Uncle's cock and they lay entwined and eventually dozed off.

Chapter Three

Uncle Jack woke up. He looked down on his naked gorgeous niece cuddled into his body. He stroked her stomach, her smooth breasts and kissed her neck lightly, his cock already semi-hard. Little did he think when Holly came to stay with him that they would be in this situation. Responsive and passionate, Holly had taken to being shown her erotic side like a duck to water. Uncle Jack's fingers slipped inside the sleeping girl and moved inside her moist wet gash, gently massaging with his fingers. Slipping his middle finger into her tight wet passage, he made several long strokes. Her cunt was hot, wet and tight and had closed around his finger. Still not fully awake Holly turned over and blinked sleepily. He smiled at her and kissed her breasts and played with her nipples sucking and biting arousing them into puckered jutting rosebuds.

Holly began rocking her body against his hand, moaning slightly her breathing shallow and rapid. Oh that's nice, thought Uncle Jack. His cock became iron hard, he parted her legs with his knee and then moved on top of her guiding his cock into her cunt. She gasped. Jack entered her wet passage fully thrusting taking his pleasure. He spread her legs wider and then held them at waist height. With a driving force he banged into Holly's wet, slick cunt with his hard cock. Holly could feel his balls slap off the lips of her pussy as he drove himself into her. He looked down at her flushed face. She had instinctively grasped the bed head and was holding onto it for purchase. She was meeting his thrusts with her own. All too soon, Jack came inside her. He kissed her and gave her a quick squeeze then pulled out of her, leaving Holly feeling aroused, a bit sore, but not sated.

His stomach grumbling, he extricated his arms, stretched and moved off the bed.

"Where are you going Uncle Jack?" Holly asked pouting a little, feeling a little deprived of her Uncle's attentions, her pussy still throbbing with need.

"I'm off to look for something to eat. I need to build up my strength" he joked. "I'll go and make us something to eat.

Holly was aware of the stickiness between her legs. She was still tingling down below and her clitoris was still throbbing and swollen. "Mmmh yes I could eat but I want to have a shower if that's ok?"

Holly got out of bed, Uncle Jack look over with appreciation at her trim form, beautiful pert breasts and pussy. Holly padded off to the bathroom her peachy bum and long auburn hair swinging in rhythm to her footsteps. Turning on the shower she stepped inside the cubicle and started to wet her body down. Suddenly the door opened and her Uncle stepped inside. Smiling at her, "thought I might share the water". He had a facecloth in his hand and wetting it he poured some shower gel on it. With long smooth strokes he rubbed the shower gel over his niece's body until she was slick and wet. He took his time rubbing the cloth over her breasts dipping down to rub between her legs and massaged her pussy. Holly parted her legs willingly allowing him access. He rubbed the cloth from one end of her pussy to the crack of her ass and parting her cheeks he gently massaged the puckered opening to her ass. Holly jumped a little and then moaned as he pressed more firmly and rubbed his body against her. Feeling her smooth soft skin pressed against him.

Moving his hand away he discarded the cloth and knelt between Holly's parted legs. Cupping her pussy with his hand, he washed away the soapy suds of the shower gel and then bending his head swiftly stuck his stiff tongue on her clitoris, lapping at her pussy. Nuzzling the inner lips with his mouth and chin. Holly groaned and grasped her Uncle's head as his tongue plundered her pussy. He sucked at the nubbin of her clitoris exploring with his tongue, lapping at her cunt. Then as quickly at he had knelt down he stood up and then quickly exited the shower. Grabbing a towel, Uncle Jack spoke to his niece. "Baby, I'm feeling a bit hungry, I'm going to get dressed. I have a little present for you it's on the bed.

Holly stood in the shower feeling so keyed up. The hot water beat down on her. She rubbed her pussy and dipping a finger inside stroking her clit. She was still so wet her pussy throbbed. Her Uncle's tongue had left her wanting more. Feeling slightly frustrated she took her fingers out and finished the rest of her shower and washing her hair. Stepping out of the cubicle she wrapped a large towel around her. She towelled dried her hair and combed it through with her fingers and left it to dry naturally. After rubbing a floral scented lotion into her body and legs. She went into her bedroom, on the bed was a red gift box.

On the top was a note it read, wear these for me, nothing else. Curious Holly opened the lid. The box contained a satin smooth camisole top in a dusky pink colour and a short black flared skirt, a pair of black hold up silk stockings with lacy black tops and a pair of Stiletto Pumps. These had 3-inch heels and were made of good quality black leather with a ½ inch red platform base. Holly looked at the high heel shoes, not aware that these were handmade. She had never worn heels or stockings.

Holly pulled the camisole out of the box. The top had thin straps and would need to be worn braless. She slipped it on. The silky satin clung to her skin, outlining her breasts, it felt soft and sensuous. Her nipples jutted out rubbing the smooth, buttery material. She didn't see any panties. Shrugging she put on a pair of her own white cotton bikini style panties. Next, she carefully rolled on the black lacy stockings and slipped on the flared black skirt. The skirt was much shorter than she had thought. Though it fit on the waist it barely covered her bottom. She knew that if she bent over slightly her panties would be exposed. You could see the lacy tops of her stockings at the top of the thighs. Looking at herself in the full length mirrors of the built in closet, she saw a young women with nicely shaped legs. The heels that made the outline of her legs appear longer than they were. She lifted her skirt slightly admiring her legs and the tops of the stockings.

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