Uncle Jack Gives Lessons Holly


Holly wobbled slightly as she practiced walking in the heels. She grew accustomed to the way her bottom stuck out a bit more to counterbalance the heel. She straightened her back, which thrust, out her pert breasts. She took a few more turns in front of the mirror, to practice her walk and then conscious of the time she left the bedroom and walked down the hall into the living room.

Soft music was playing and the lights were dimmed. She could smell a tantalizing smell from the kitchen. Leaving the living room she walked through double doors into the dining room. The table was set for two. Candles burned in a holder and a wine cooler sat by the table with a bottle of champagne on ice. She continued slowly and purposefully. Trying to glide on the high heels she went into the kitchen. She stood just inside the kitchen door. "Hi Uncle Jack, can I do anything to help? It smells wonderful."

Uncle Jack, was dressed in worn blue jeans that fitted and moulded to his rump and a loose white dress shirt, that set off his tanned face. He looked over at her as he placed two dinner plates in front of a casserole dish. "It's just ready to be served Holly. Can you take the salad out of the fridge? I'll bring the plates through to the dining room."

Holly was puzzled that he hadn't mentioned the clothes she wore. Perhaps she didn't look good? A bit silly in the high heels perhaps? She felt a little nervous, had she done something wrong? He left so suddenly in the bathroom and he seemed a bit distant. This was not the Uncle that had made her feel so welcome. Perhaps he was just pre-occupied with preparing the meal? Not sure, she mentally shrugged off her doubts, the food smelt delicious and she was hungry. Holly did as her Uncle Jack asked and went to the fridge. She bent over and produced a large wooden salad bowel from the fridge, which contained assorted leaves and salad fixings.

Following her Uncle's lead, they went into the dining room and sat across from each other at one end of the large dining table. Uncle Jack poured Holly a glass of champagne and they clinked glasses. He made a toast to a successful year for the lodge and to Holly's new job. Holly sipped the fizzy wine, she had drank champagne once before on her 18th birthday and had liked the bubbles tickling her nose.

Catching up on news they sipped the wine and ate their food. Holly complimented Jack on his cooking skills and promised that she would cook them a meal the following evening, using one of her momma's recipes. She updated Uncle Jack on the work they had done on the ranch in the previous year. She felt a bit nervous, Uncle Jack still seemed a bit remote.

"Holly I should have also mentioned to you. When you are working here you will call me Mr. Hart in public. Around the guests and other staff it would be more professional. In here you can call me Uncle Jack."

Holly nodded, she was an obedient girl and she would try to do her best. "Yes, Uncle Jack I understand."

They ate the chicken gumbo. The three glasses of champagne made Holly feel relaxed, a bit giddy really, she had drunk the first quite quickly. After dinner, Holly offered to clear the table. She brought the plates through from the table, concentrating hard on not wobbling on her heels. The table cleared, she started to load the dishwasher, bending over in her short skirt. Finished she went into the living room. Uncle Jack was at the window looking out at the lake. Turning to her he said. "Holly why are you wearing panties? Those weren't in the box.

Holly flushed, "Oh Uncle Jack, oh I'm sorry. I didn't realise..."

"No mistake baby girl. Remember you need to do what I tell you. This is part of teaching you to pleasure a man. You said you would trust me. Don't you trust me?"

"Oh Uncle Jack, I'm sorry, I do trust you. Tell me what I have done wrong!"

Jack didn't raise his voice, he spoke gently, a regretful tinge in voice. "Well baby, Uncle Jack needs to remind you that when he asks you to do something you will do it. I'm going to remove those panties and I am going to remind you that you need to do what Uncle Jack asks. The high heels will be part of your uniform when you work in the restaurant. I have them especially made. You need to get used to wearing them. When I instruct you to dress in a certain way for me, I expect you to do just what I say."

Holly's blushes deepened. Uncle Jack sat down in a chair next to the window. "Holly come here." Holly approached her Uncle. "Uncle Jack doesn't want you to wear panties in the house. He reached out and pulled her down so that she was lying across his lap, her pussy resting against the bulge in his trousers her arse cheeks in the air. Flipping up her skirt he swiftly pulled down her white cotton panties until they were down on her thighs. He secured her on his lap by reaching around her waist with one arm and then he slipped his hand lower until one finger was inside her moist cleft. He stroked her fleshy little nubbin purposefully. Holly squirmed with pleasure rubbing her cunt against his finger moaning slightly.

Swiftly, Uncle Jack raised his free hand and smacked her ass cheek. Leaving a pink imprint. "If I choose an outfit for you, you will wear it, do you understand?" Holly jerked back in surprise. "Oh Uncle Jack, I'm sorry, I promise I'll do as you say." Uncle Jack continued to rub her nubbin. She relaxed and ground her cunt against his finger again, her love juices running down her legs.

"Holly, Uncle Jack is going to punish you. I am going to give you 15 smacks on your behind for not doing what you were told. You need to be obedient. This will teach you and hopefully you will remember not to make mistakes. Between each smack, you must count and say my name. Do you understand?"

Fearful now Holly said "Yeah yes, Uncle Jack I understand."

"Holly if you don't want to continue we can stop now. What we are doing is playing a game of sorts. I like games but if you don't want to continue just say red light and I'll stop and we'll finish here and now. Do you understand? None of what we have done today will go any further, ever again if you say red light."

"Yes, Uncle Jack, yes, I understand, please don't stop, I want to continue."

Uncle Jack raised his hand and smacked her bottom. "Owwwh, uh" groaned Holly.

"What do you say Holly?" Uncle Jack raised his hand. He smacked her ass again.

Holly hissed expelling air with the pain. "Hfffffffffft 1. Uncle Jack." Again his hand smacked loudly on her ass leaving a red imprint "Hfffffffft 2. Uncle Jack," she yelped.

On the 5th stroke he increased the pressure. She could feel her ass cheeks glowing. They stung with the smacks he imparted. He rubbed her warm ass cheeks and simultaneously stroked her pussy and then he tore the white cotton panties off.

On the 7th stroke her ass was bright red and she sobbed, tears running down her face. Holly had never been smacked before – even as a child. The pain mingled with the pleasure she was feeling in her cunt and her nipples. Her pussy was soaking wet. She felt confused that she could feel pain and pleasure at the same time. She wanted to be a good girl for her Uncle Jack but she also did not want this to stop and she wanted her Uncle Jack to fuck her. Perhaps if he punished her for being a bad girl, then he would fuck her!

On the 9th stroke any thoughts she had melted away. Holly was caught up in the pain and anticipation of the downward stroke and the hand manipulating her cunt, the fingers inside her and the thumb rubbing her fleshy nubbin. Pain and pleasure blended, blurred and she allowed herself to embrace the experience.

On the 15th stroke Holly was spent. "Holly say thank you to Uncle Jack."

Sobbing she hiccupped, "I'm sorry Uncle Jack, I'm sorry." He smacked her again on her ass harder than before. His hand ached and glowed with pain.

"No Holly, say thank you Uncle Jack".

Holly sobbed, "thank you Uncle Jack".

He stroked her hair gently, "good girl", he murmured. Reaching over to the cabinet beside him he removed the lid from a pot of camomile cream and removed his fingers from her pussy. He rubbed the cooling soothing ointment into her ass cheeks. They glowed brightly like the red on the skin of a fresh peach. The cream brought soothing relief.

He stroked and massaged the ointment into her inflamed buttocks. Massaging he gently pulled her ass cheeks apart and occasionally massaged and gently touched her soaking wet pussy, "Holly for you to pleasure me you must do what I say. You are my sex toy, my fuckable, lovable, baby girl. But sometimes if you're a bad girl, a naughty girl, a girl who does not do what she is told you will be punished. Would you agree that you need to be punished?"

Holly moaned, "Oh yes Uncle Jack I will try to be good and be your fuckable, lovable, baby girl." If I'm naughty or a bad girl and don't do what you tell me I deserve to be punished." Holly sniffled a little. The cheeks of her ass were very sore but she was still highly aroused and wanted her Uncle Jack to fuck her. She felt his bulge underneath her she knew this meant he was aroused too. Holly moved her hand and stroked his bulge. She wiggled feeling a twinge in response and an in-take of breath from Uncle Jack. "Uncle Jack", she pleaded in a little girl voice, "please fuck your baby girl's cunt. I sooo want my Uncle Jack's big cock inside me, I so want to be fucked by my Uncle Jack."

Jack smiled above her. The little minx what a tease she could be. He was delighted that she was so curious, eager to explore. He was looking forward to further delights with his lovely niece.

Chapter 4.

Uncle Jack massaged and stroked Holly's reddened ass cheeks after he had just finished spanking her. He lightly touched and rubbed her bare pussy as she lay over his lap. "Holly there are other ways of getting pleasure and providing me with pleasure too. Would you like to know what these are?

Holly raised her tearstained face and turned to look at her Uncle Jack above her. "It doesn't involve spanking me anymore does it?" Her mouth trembled, "I don't think I could cope with that."

No baby, it doesn't. Uncle Jack likes to spank but only if the other person wants to play. Remember you can always stop by saying red light. I'll stop immediately. No, I have something else to show you."

"Baby I know you haven't used any sex toys" I have a few little toys for girls and boys that can enhance your pleasure."

"Stand up Holly and let's go into the bedroom and I'll show you what I mean." Uncle Jack led her by the hand to the bedroom. Inside he took her to the full-length mirrors. "Lift your skirt Holly and look at your ass". She did and stared fascinated at the glowing ruby red cheeks.

"Baby I want you to take your skirt off now for me and your top. Hold onto the poster of the bed." Holly did as she was asked. Removing her top she then pulled her skirt down until it dropped to her ankles she stepped out of it and lobbed it to one side with a

high-heeled shoe. Uncle Jack, drank in the sight of her lovely body in the black leather high heels and silk stockings. Her little tits rode high on her chest and her lovely rosebud nipples jutted out. What a treasure his lovely niece was.

"Holly baby, bend over for Uncle Jack, but do it with straight legs. I want to see your ass. I want you to look at your ass and legs in the mirror. Holly did as she was asked, peering around her body to look in the mirror behind her. Uncle Jack stared intently from the recesses of a large leather chair he had sat in.

"Holly baby, open your legs for Uncle Jack, keep them straight, bend over a bit more baby." Oh, baby that looks so good, you can see your pussy lips baby and your tiny clit. You are my precious girl, any man would want to fuck you baby, if he could see this. Uncle Jack reached into the beside table drawer and produced a camera.

"Baby, I'm going to take some pictures of your fine ass and your pussy lips. We can look at these together later, I want you to see how fine you look." Jack clicked away as he talked to her. "Holly look into the camera from the side. That's it, now smile, lick your lips baby, sweet peach bend over a bit more and hold onto the post of the bed, spread your legs wider. Let's see your cunt. Baby put your fingers near your clit on either side of your pussy lips. Turn and look at Uncle Jack from the side, smile baby. Oh baby girl you're natural born for this."

Holly felt wanton, standing in only stockings and heels before her Uncle Jack. She was soaking wet. Somehow it added to her aroused state that he was fully dressed and taking pictures of her. She so wanted to rub her clit and stick her fingers inside her cunt. She so wanted that relief! She started to play with her nipples, running her fingers down her stomach until they touched her pussy. She placed two fingers inside her cunt as her Uncle Jack had asked. God that felt so good. She started to rub she could feel the juices run down her inner thighs.

Uncle Jack continued to take pictures, God he loved his little niece. He knew she would do anything for him. His cock was rock hard inside his jeans. Uncle Jack interrupted her, "Holly stop that now baby, come here and sit on this chair." Holly reluctant to give up her treasure but eager to find out what Uncle Jack had in store for her, did as she was asked. "Take out what you find in the top drawer of that cabinet next to you and have a play. I want to watch you playing with your pussy while you sit in this chair."

Getting up Uncle Jack moved to the bed, removing his shirt as he did. He briefly stroked Holly's ass and then sat down on the bed.

Holly reclined back in the leather chair. She could see her Uncle's rigid cock outlined against his jeans. Holly smiled pleased at seeing her Uncle's reaction. She spread her legs wide in the high-heeled leather pumps. She had taken a purple coloured object out of the drawer that looked like a smaller version of her Uncle Jack's cock with veins and knobbly bits imbedded onto the soft jelly like substance. "Uncle Jack what is this for?,"

"Baby girl I call that the purple bullet, when you twist the bottom of it, it vibrates you can rub that on your clit or on your pussy or in your pussy. Try it baby, see how it feels, you look so good when you play with your sweet little pussy."

Holly stroked her body and slid a hand down over her breasts, her stomach and over the tight outer lips of her glistening pussy. The light gleamed off the beads of moisture. With her legs spread wide she would only needed to part the outer lips slightly with two fingers to rub the nubbin of flesh and the inner pussy lips. Turning the bullet onto low she gently touched her outer lips with it. She rolled it over the outer lips of her cunt feeling the buzzing over her clitoris. Holding the bullet she parted the almost nude lips a little more and looked down with curiosity.

Looking back at her Uncle, with wide eyes, Holly commented, "this is the first time I really ever seen my cunt". Holly smiled and continued her explorations. Her breathing becoming more rapid. Uncle Jack was looking over intently, his hand resting on the bulge in his tight jeans. She placed the bullet directly on her clit and rubbed very gently. The sensations became very, very intense, almost too rapidly for her. She quickly removed it from her clitoris. It was coated with her juices. She then inserted the tip into her honeyed passage and pulled it in and out with long strokes. Moaning softly her head thrown back. "Uncle Jack this feels so good, so good."

Reaching down again with a free hand Holly simultaneously rubbed her clit and inner lips while fucking herself with the vibrating dildo. Strumming her clit fucking herself with the purple toy she could feel the throbbing building and she ground her hips against the cock the intensity making her call out."

"Baby girl, I want to take some pictures of you this way. You're so beautiful! I want pictures of your wet, swollen pussy and stiff nipples." Lost in what she was doing, Uncle Jack took more pictures of Holly.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, I am your fuck toy Uncle Jack. Oh you have shown me so many things. Things, I would have never thought were possible." She groaned as she ground her hips and fucked herself. "Oh Uncle Jack I like you watching me while I do this. Your baby will do this for you anytime. I am going to love being yours and doing what you want me to do. OOOOH oh god ohhhh." She briefly closed her eyes.

Uncle Jack was now lying back on the bed naked his cock sticking up into the air, purple and tumescent. "Holly baby come up here beside me on the bed".

Discarding the dildo, Holly climbed onto the large four-poster bed on her knees. "Baby, fuck your Uncle Jack's cock baby." Straddling him she took his purple engorged cock and guided it into her pulsating tight pussy. Uncle Jack, spread Holly's legs further while she moved and ground her pussy on her Uncle's cock.

"Oh Holly baby my special niece. This pussy is mine. You make me feel so good. No other cock will go inside you. This is mine." Her tight muscles pulled on his cock as she moved up and down on him. Her juices making it slick, so slick he could hear squelching sounds. He held her hips as she grounded down on his iron shaft.

He reached back further with a finger. He pressed against the tight little pink hole of her anus and pushed gently. Holly gasped and then her fingers came forward and she frantically thrummed her clit and fucked his pole. "Oh Uncle Jack, what's that? It feels a little strange but good, good, I feel so full. Oh Uncle Jack fuck your baby girl. I love you, oh fuck I love this. Fuck me. Oh Uncle Jack I'm going to explode oh yes, oh yes, ooooooh yes!" Holly was nearly screaming as she came with an explosive force."

"Oh baby, oh yes, your Uncle loves to fuck you." Her words and the way she took to having her ass explored delighted Jack. He groaned with pleasure as his young niece sat on him his cock buried to the hilt inside her slick wet cunt. Holding her close to him as he shot his load into her pussy, he knew that he was hers and that she was his and that they there were more delights in store for the both of them

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