tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUncle Ted's Last Piece of Ass

Uncle Ted's Last Piece of Ass


"Senator, I..."

"Call me Ted or uncle Ted if you like, young lady. What were you saying?"

"You want to have sex with me, don't you, uncle Ted?"

"Isn't that what you're here on my boat for? I mean you've been shaking that little ass of yours at me back at the marina for the last two weeks!"

"I really like older men." The deliciously well appointed young blond said as she removed her skimpy bathing suit top. "You're kind of cute, uncle Ted. You know I have a fantasy about a big strong older man making me do things...dirty things...forcing me to take his fat cock in my...ass! Would you like to force your big cock up my ass? I'll let you, you know but I like to role play...pretend that you're raping me."

"I'd like that. Can I see your little pussy now?"

The nubile young nymph removed her bathing suit and began to languorously finger her bare little snatch. "You can't fuck me in this hole uncle Ted; I might get pregnant. I really don't like rubbers." She turned around, rotating her perfect young hips and fingering her darker hole. "But you can put your cock in this hole...bareback...no rubbers, would you like that?"

The Senator had removed his own bathing suit and was now stroking his cock wishing he had taken one of the triangular pills that would ensure that his erectile issues didn't flare up.

"Uncle Ted, I have something in my purse that you might like." The wanton young woman produced exactly what the old man required. He quickly swallowed the pill, washing it down with a slug of gin.

"Uncle Ted, are you going to make me suck that big nasty cock in my tiny little mouth...force me to suck it, call me a nasty little slut?"

"Come here you nasty little slut; suck uncle Ted's cock."

"Oh please uncle Ted, don't force my head down, your cock is going to go right inside my uhmmmmmph....!"

"That's it you little cunt, suck, it you little whore. Oh man, I haven't had a blow job this fine in almost forty years..."

"Oh, uncle Ted you're making me do dirty things. I'm so little and that cock is..."

"Where do you want uncle Ted's big cock, little bitch?"

"You can't put it inside me...you can't cum...I'm not on the pill and we don't have any condoms and..."

"How about if I ram it inside you're other hole?"

"Oh, no that would hurt so much, but if you throw me over board like you said you would, I can't swim, please at least let me use something to lubricate."

The naked young woman returned to her purse and retrieved a small bottle. Rotating her tight little butt inches from the Senator's face she began working several fingers of the slippery goo inside her anal opening. Bending over and grabbing the Senators organ she placed it at the designated opening.

"Oh, uncle Ted, you're hurting me. I'm a virgin, I've never done this before, oh you're so damned big, oh, you're coming already, oh, it hurts so much, you cock is going to tear my virgin little ass hole. Senator? Uncle Ted? Hello? Oh, my, what's happened? Are you asleep, oh no, oh, my God...your dead!"

"What's the call?" The Coast Guard cutter captain asked his first mate.

"We got a radio call from a female who claims she and an older man were getting it on and he croaked."

"Marvelous. Is that the boat she described just ahead?"

"That looks like it, we'll pull along side and check it out."

"Uh, oh! Do you see who that is? It's hard to miss that bloated body and face; hell I was on a cutter a few months ago that had to pull his fat ass out of the water when he got drunk and fell overboard and was too heavy to pull himself back into his own boat. Oh, fuck!"

"Are you okay, young lady?"

"He raped me...forced me to...he sodomized me..."

"Hold on here, those are pretty serious charges!"

"Whose shit do you think that is all over his greasy cock? I don't swim very well; he told me if I didn't do what he wanted he'd throw me overboard. Take me to a hospital immediately; I want a medical exam. That's my right under the law. You can tell your crewman there that he's wasting his time. I've have CMT training; he's dead. He took some pill and washed it down with Gin." And then the young woman broke down into sobbing, body shaking tears.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. We'll take of you."

"Cutter 506 this is air three."

"Go ahead, air three."

"It's me you're hearing overhead, do you have need for medical transport?"

"Roger that! The winds are calm, recommend a port quarter approach."

"Take her to Mass General and escort her in for a rape exam; make sure they do a rectal. I didn't know we had any of these models?"

"We don't; were leasing this one because the regular bird is in for a major overhaul."

"Okay, have a safe flight!"

"Roger that!"

The young woman strapped into the seat next to the single Coast Guard pilot and donned a head set.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. What a fucking creep! You're sure there's no chance they'll find something on a tox screen?"

"It was just Viagra, albeit 500 times the safe dose for a man in his condition. He does have a prescription for it; he just decided if one was good, a whole hand full would be even better. Or maybe it was a manufacturing defect. The alcohol is strictly contraindicated with ED medication of that variety."

"Where are we going?"

"Not Mass General, that's for sure. We're going to a private hospital at which it will be confirmed that you have recently been anally assaulted and the offender conveniently left an ample supply of his DNA on hand. Amusingly it's the same hospital the Senator used to use. They happen to have his DNA on file."

"Then what?"

"We'll type up your official statement, you and your attorney will visit the chief of detectives in this bailiwick and you'll answer a few questions."

"What if they want to keep me there?"

"A friendly judge will, well, actually, already has signed a writ and you will be released...after you remember that while you had been terrified, you had the presence of mind to turn on the recorder in your purse after he threatened to throw you overboard if you didn't do what he wanted. You will offer to play it for them. They will listen in disgust. They will make a copy of it; even if they don't we will ensure that we have a copy before we see the cops. How was the angle on the video camera?"

"I checked the play back, a minute or two of it, before the coast guard arrived; his face and cock and my ass are clearly visible. Suppose the Viagra hadn't killed him?"

"Plan 'B'! I would have noticed a possible rape occurring below my helicopter and dispatched the cutter, which just happened to be close by investigating a reported ship in distress to investigate. The script would have played out a little differently but after the official police report, the audio and video tapes and the testimony of several concerned Coast Guard crew members all conveniently got leaked out to the national media it would have been impossible to effectively cover it up like they did last time."

"Would it have gotten to trial?"

"That's very doubtful. The elections are in two weeks. The police would have checked out your ID and discovered to their horror that you were not actually of legal age; you are by better than twelve years in spite of your youthful looks, but the young woman in the official records that coincides with that driver's license is not, she's only sixteen. They would attempt to contact you, ultimately paying a visit to the apartment that you reported as your residence. They would get a warrant and enter only to find signs of a struggle and small samples of your blood, some hair and fiber---all that neat CSI stuff. Then there would have been that glass you put in your purse off the boat with his DNA and finger prints---which matched a set of glasses in your cupboard---and it would have been a murder investigation. Motive and opportunity would have been no brainers; the body was dumped at sea and never found. The heinousness of the crime which involved an apparent minor would have made a plea deal unlikely."

"You didn't leave much of anything to chance, did you old man?"

"It's certainly cleaner this way. No need to stick around and continue to spread the seeds of deception. Look, it's been almost thirty-seven years so I've had lots of time to plan and prepare for this day. The diver who recovered her body said her body was too light to be full of water, that she had suffocated not drowned, regardless of what the official cause of death was. If that drunken son of a bitch had tried to save her or gotten help...he got a suspended two month jail term and a one year loss of his license to drive. There was never an autopsy; her parents refused to sign the approval for it and the local officials didn't push the issue. I don't know what happened but that prick either murdered her or let her die."

"And what about you? Is this the end of it?"

"You know I still love her and miss her; I still have the ring. I was going to ask her to marry me on her birthday, nine days from the day he killed her. I guess it's some degree of closure but he's had the last thirty-seven years of life that she---we---didn't get to enjoy. You look a lot like her."

"Is that why you picked me?"

"Not consciously but the irony of it all is quite remarkable. If I'd never seen, met---or married---you it might have been different. When you put that blond wig on one day as a joke, you reminded me so much of her that it brought it all back to the forefront. With that blond hair you're almost her spitting image. I'll be glad when you can get rid of the hair color and look like yourself again."

"She sounds like a wonderful person; I wish I could have known my great aunt. How long do you think we're going to have to stick around this hateful place?"

"Everything that is arranged, the leaks and such are all in place even if we're not here. The authorities are going to have a hard time keeping you around much past late afternoon, particularly since they'd have to defy a writ, not to mention the fact that you reported the death and have been completely cooperative---and he sodomized you on tape. The jet is gassed and packed and the flight plan is already in the hopper. We'll be airborne by six and home six hours later."

"I love you."

"I love you too baby."

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