tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnconventional Therapy Ch. 07

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 07


Alex woke up and got straight out of bed and dressed which was very unlike him but today he had a reason. His cock was still locked away in its cage and was currently aching as his morning wood tried to break free but had no where to go. It pressed tightly against the cage as Alex dressed but thankfully it began to subside by the time he was fully clothed. He went downstairs to find Ashley who as usual was already up before him.

"So what's the plan for today?" Alex said, trying to sound casual but desperate to get on with today's swap. He'd rather be in Ashley's body than wear the cage any longer.

"Morning to you too. Sleep well? Hope that didn't cause you too much trouble in the night," Ashley giggled gesturing to his crotch.

"Very funny, are you gonna take this off me or what?" He asked.

"Tonight maybe," she smiled, enjoying teasing him so much.

"Fine, although if we are swapping then it's you that'll be wearing it," he smirked.

"Well it's a good job we aren't swapping today isn't it," Ashley grinned as Alex's face fell.

"What why not? It's your day to use the coin and prior experience says your enjoy swapping too much to not," Alex remarked.

"Because mom left us a note, she wants the house tidy and it gave me an idea, I'll be back in a minute," she replied, handing Alex a piece of paper before vanishing upstairs. It was the note from Kate saying that she'd be home tonight and her yoga group would be coming round and asking if he and Ashley could tidy the house today. Alex groaned, he hated house work and he knew what Kate's yoga group was like. It was a bunch of middle aged women who lived off their husbands income and thought they were better than everyone else. While that didn't bother Alex much, he usually just ignored them on the few occasions he had met any of them, it did mean the house would have to be spotless or Kate would throw a huge hissy fit. He actually found it funny, normally Kate didn't really think much of what state their house was in. Sure they all helped clean and tidy from time to time but it was never spotless unless the yoga group were coming round. He wondered why she cared so much about getting their approval by pretending to be someone she wasn't.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard Ashley coming back down the stairs. His jaw hung open as he saw her. She was wearing a very revealing French maid uniform complete with apron and hat. It was frilled on the short sleeves and so low cut it sat on her breasts so low if it slipped an inch her nipples would be on show. It was equally as short, barely reaching long enough to cover the g-string underneath and leaving the bottom of her ass exposed. She had accompanied it with nylon stockings and stiletto heels that made her walk very precisely. Alex couldn't help but stare at her, it was incredibly sexy, she looked like she belonged in one of the pornos Alex had seen.

"I take eet you approve?" Ashley asked with her best impression of a french accent as she turned and showed off the outfit.

"What? Oh yeah but the accent could use some work. Do I even want to know why you own such an outfit?" Alex asked after gathering his wits and desperately trying to suppress his arousal.

"It was something Mike wanted me to wear, I wasn't sure at first, it looked like some horny teenagers wet dream when I bought it but once I wore it, I couldn't help but feel sexy," she grinned, dropping the accent. "Now come and help me clean," she said, taking his hand and pulling him up from his chair with one hand while the other 'accidentally' brushed his cage through his jeans. Alex knew what her plan was, keep him locked up all day while she walked around the house in that outfit and constantly teased him. He groaned and decided to just focus on cleaning to keep himself distracted.

They agreed on splitting the tasks. Ashley volunteered to dust, saying it was only fitting considering her outfit. She began dusting as Alex began tidying. He kept his eyes down as he picked up the various items around the room. He felt it unfair considering a none of the clothes or mess he was picking up was his. He glanced up as he heard a thump and looked at Ashley. She was reaching up with a duster trying to get a cobweb in the corner of the ceiling. As she stretched it showed off her legs and her dress rode up, revealing her shapely ass. The string of her underwear was invisible between her cheeks and if he didn't know otherwise, Alex wouldn't have known she was wearing any. His cock stirred and pressed against his cage. He looked away and focused on tidying, trying to keep his mind off the uncomfortable pressure. Ashley smiled to herself, she had purposely thumped the wall to get Alex to look. The idea of him leering at her body while his cock was caged and denying him an erection turned her on immensely.

Alex moved onto the kitchen, washing anything he could find and putting it away before he started wiping down the sides. Ashley soon followed and joined him, dusting all the nooks and crannies. At one point she squeezed past Alex, pressing her body much closer to his than necessary and smiling as he tried to move away. Despite the discomfort Alex found himself half hating and half enjoying being locked up. Being tricked into it annoyed him but equally feeling totally under her control excited him. Being so tall and naturally muscular, he had never had chance to be the submissive type so the experience was new and thrilling. He knew if he really demanded it Ashley would remove the cage, or at least he hoped she would, but he didn't want to give her that satisfaction. Instead he decided to try and enjoy the experience.

He almost caved when it came to cleaning the floors. He had agreed to vacuum while Ashley swept the kitchen and pantry. He had been vacuuming the hallway when he looked into the kitchen, Ashley had crouched down to sweep up a pile of dirt with a dust pan and as she stood up, her dress had fallen and her breasts had spilled free. Alex stood and watched as she looked around, deciding what to do. Her hands were full and after a moments hesitation she seemed to settle on ignoring her wardrobe malfunction and proceeded to finish sweeping with her breasts exposed. Alex gritted his teeth and looked away, trying to focus on vacuuming and distract his cock as it swelled against its metal confines.

The final challenge came when they were cleaning the bathrooms. They had agreed to take one each, Alex downstairs and Ashley upstairs. The downstairs didn't take long, it only had a toilet in it so Alex finished cleaning quickly, thankful for the quick reprieve from seeing Ashley in her outfit. He gathered himself before going to check on her, she should have been done soon and Alex hoped she would unlock him once she was finished. He went upstairs and stuck his head around the doorway and his eyes went wide at what greeted him. Ashley was on her hands and knees, cleaning around the base of the bath which left her ass pointed at the door.

That was only part of what was making Alex's cock ache though. Ashley had removed the g-string she had been wearing and instead was wearing a jeweled butt plug and had pulled her dress up to make sure Alex got a perfect view. She rocked back and forth as she cleaned in a very sexual manner, as if she was thrusting against and invisible lover. The inside of her thigh glistened showing Alex he wasn't the only one aroused right now. His cock was screaming for release, bulging against the steel cage, trying to expand any way it could as it desperately tried to become erect but couldn't.

"Enjoying the view?" She asked Alex. He jumped as she spoke, he didn't know she had noticed him behind her.

"Can you blame me?" He replied as Ashley stood up. She threw the cloth she had been using into the laundry basket and washed her hands before walking towards Alex. He moved to one side thinking she wanted to pass but instead she turned on him and pressed him against the door frame. Her hand grabbed his caged cock and tugged on it gently.

"Want me to take this off?" She grinned, keeping a firm grasp. Alex could only nod as the stimulation made his cock swell even more against its metal prison. She smiled and began walking towards her room, pulling Alex with her by his cage. He followed quickly and let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding as they reached her room and she released his manhood. She went to a drawer and retrieved the key before returning to Alex. He had already pulled down his pants, desperate to get the cage removed. Ashley grinned and gently grabbed the cage before unlocking it.

"Awww poor thing, trapped so tightly, let me stroke it better," she whispered as she gently began stroking his cock. It was fully erect almost instantly, free of its confines it swelled to full size. Alex groaned at the feeling, he never knew just having an erection could feel so good, it was like a weight had been lifted off his very soul.

"I think you deserve a reward," Ashley grinned. She had enjoyed teasing Alex all day but did feel a bit mean. She planned to make it up to him though as she lead him to the bed. She bent over it and pulled up her dress, exposing her pussy and plugged ass for Alex. He didn't need any instruction or encouragement as he lined himself up and plunged deep into her slick tunnel. She was already very wet, it wasn't just Alex who had been aroused most of the day and Ashley had had to resist the urge to masturbate a few times. She moaned loudly as Alex buried himself to the hilt.

His pent up lust exploded out as he began to roughly fuck her, there was no slow tender build up like he usually would do. Instead he went straight to work, thrusting his entire length in each motion as his hips slammed against her ass. Ashley didn't complain, after today this was exactly the kind of fuck she had wanted. She clutched at the sheets and moaned loudly as she quickly reached her first orgasm. Alex didn't slow and her whole body shook, the plug in her ass twitching back and forth as she tensed and relaxed. Alex slowed, allowing her to calm down before he withdraw entirely. Ashley briefly wondered why he had stopped until she felt him tug on her butt plug. She gasped as he pulled it out, the flared base stretching her before it slid out. He dropped it on the ground and pressed the tip of his cock against her stretched hole. He barely needed any force as the head slipped inside, quickly followed by most of his shaft.

He half thrust back and forth a few times, testing his rhythm before increasing his pace. It didn't take long before he was once again slamming into her with all he had. Ashley bucked and moaned as she reached another orgasm. She shuddered and fell forward slightly so she was almost laying on the bed. Alex paused and re-positioned himself before he continued. Ashley's breasts had broken free from her dress, rubbing against the bed with each of his thrusts and almost threatening to get carpet burn from the force. He slapped her ass hard and Ashley groaned in delight. Alex's thrusts grew more erratic as she reached her third orgasm and she knew he was close. He groaned loudly as he began to empty his load inside her, his cock twitching and pulsing and she moaned in unison with him as she felt her insides fill with his fluids. The both collapsed forward onto the bed breathing hard from their animalistic fucking. They lay there quiet and still while they recovered.

Alex quickly scrambled up, pulling his almost soft cock from her ass as heard the door slam downstairs. Kate had arrived home and he didn't want her questioning why he was in Ashley's room, especially if she saw what Ashley was wearing. Ashley burst into a fit of giggles as she saw the panic in Alex's eyes and quickly guided him out of the door. He dashed out and into his own room as Ashley began to undress. He heard her go downstairs a few minutes later and left it a few more before he went down himself, thinking it would appear less suspicious that way. He wasn't sure why he was so paranoid, it wasn't like Kate had any reason to suspect anything was happening between him and Ashley. Hell they had only recently started talking as far as she knew but he still played it safe. Once he was satisfied enough time had passed he went downstairs.

"Thanks for tidying, Ashley said you were very helpful," Kate said as he entered the kitchen. Ashley smirked at him, she had changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Now he was no longer caged Alex wished she had stayed in her maid uniform but didn't think Kate would have approved.

"So when are your friends coming over?" Alex asked.

"Soon, I need a shower and to get changed before they do. I know you've already done me a favor tidying but could you two do me one more and stay downstairs and keep them entertained if they arrive before I come back down?" She asked. Ashley mock groaned in frustration before smiling and agreeing. Kate thanked her before rushing off upstairs.

"Well today was fun, we should do it again sometime," Ashley smiled.

"Which part? The cage or the sex? Because one of those was a lot more fun than the other," Alex countered with a grin.

"Both, admit it, you enjoyed it deep down," she pressed.

"Ok I might have done but how about next time you ask me first?" He said, cocking his head at her.

"Fiiiiine," she giggled as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it," she said, pushing off the side. As she passed Alex she stopped and reached up, putting her hands on his neck and pulling him down. He leaned over as she kissed him tenderly. She pulled away and smiled before going to answer the door.

"Hi, come in, good to see you. Moms just upstairs but will be down in a moment," Alex heard her say. A few voices responded and grew louder as 6 middle aged women bundled into the kitchen. Alex suddenly found himself trapped in one corner with them between him and the door. He resigned himself to the fact he would have to talk to them despite the fact he found them all dull. He smiled politely and put on a show of being polite and courteous until thankfully Kate reappeared and directed everyone into the other room. Ashley grinned at the look of relief as they left the room.

"Don't like my moms friends?" She asked.

"Not really, they're all gold diggers who think way too highly of themselves. I don't know why your mom is friends with them," he admitted.

"She has fun hanging out with them, as long as she's happy I don't mind," Ashley conceded.

"True, well I'm going to go to my room, there's some tweaks that need to be made to yesterday's work and I was meant to do them earlier," he told her as he headed out of the room.

"Mind if I join you, you can show me what you do because if I'm honest, I'm not exactly sure what your job is," Ashley admitted. Alex was surprised, she had never taken any interest in his job before, even going so far as to dismiss it as a job entirely when he had tried to explain it. He just nodded and Ashley grinned, following him up the stairs. He sat down at his desk and booted up his computer as she took a seat on the foot of the bed. They spent most the evening there, him explaining what he was doing and her asking questions. Alex was more surprised and slightly suspicious, she seemed genuinely interested and he didn't know why.

"So why all the interest?" He asked as he finished.

"I don't know, just curious I suppose. Its a lot harder than I thought it was. I thought you just clicked a few things and were done. I didn't know there was that much to it," she admitted.

"It's easy once you know how and what the client wants. I tend to work for the same people a lot so their requirements are often similar from project to project which makes it easier," he replied.

"That makes sense, well I'm going to get a shower and get to bed, I'm beat," Ashley said as she stretched and stood up. She leans down and kissed Alex on the cheek before skipping out of the room. She had been way too nice and shown too much interest in his work, Alex was extremely suspicious. He shrugged it off and decided he was too tired to care. Between today and the lack of sleep he had gotten last night thanks to that cage, he was tired. Showering could wait until morning, for now he just wanted to sleep. He woke up the next morning to find Ashley sat on his bed shaking him awake. He was annoyed at being woken up until he saw she was crying.

"What's the matter?" He asked.

"I ended it with Mike," she replied, sniffling as she spoke.

"Then why are you so upset? I thought that's what you wanted?" He asked, confused.

"I did and I do. It wasn't breaking up with him, it was what he said after. We met for coffee this morning and I told him I wanted to end things. He got really nasty really quickly, I had never seen that side of him before. He shouted at me in front of everyone before storming off," she burst into a fresh set of tears as she recounted the events.

"Don't worry about him, it's over with now and you don't have to see him again," Alex reassured her. He reached out and pulled her down, wrapping his arms around her as she lay next to him and sobbed.

"I do though, I have to get my stuff from him," she said once she had calmed down enough to speak. "Would you mind coming with me later? I don't want to give him the chance to throw it away or destroy any of it."

"Of course not, we can go whenever you want. Just let me grab a shower and something to eat and we'll go straight round. Will be home or do you have a key?" He asked.

"He'll be home, he always is on Thursdays but thank you, this means a lot," she replied. She smiled and her tears stopped, she got up off the bed and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. Alex got up too and went to the bathroom to turn on the shower. Ashley followed and sat talking with him as he showered, it was strange how normal having her there felt. Once he was clean he quickly dressed and grabbed some toast before setting off to Mikes house. Ashley directed him and they soon arrived at a quiet side street filled with identical looking houses. Ashley pointed out which one was Mikes and they pulled up out front. She took a deep breath and reached out, grabbing Alex's hand and squeezing it tightly before climbing out of the car. Alex followed her up the steps and she rang the bell, she was visibly shaking from her nerves.

"What do you want?" Mike said bluntly to Ashley as he opened the door.

"I came to get my stuff," she replied quietly.

"And who the fuck are you?" Mike asked Alex, his tone suddenly turning aggressive.

"Alex, her step brother," Alex replied with a friendly smile.

"Ah the waste of space Ashley told me about, whatever come in and collect your stuff and make it quick," he said turning to Ashley. Alex ignored his comment as Mike stood to one side and let them in and Ashley went straight upstairs. Mike and Alex followed but Alex stopped at the door, he felt weird intruding into some strangers bedroom. Mike went in and a few minutes later Ashley appeared with a box.

"Take this to the car, there's another couple to fill," she said, handing Alex the box. He wondered what she had that took three boxes to move, he knew she had spent a lot of time here but that seemed like a lot of stuff. He shrugged and took the box downstairs, fiddling with the front door handle for a moment before he managed to open it. He carefully carried the box down the steps to his car and put it inside. As he returned to the house, he heard shouting from upstairs. It sounded like Mike and Ashley had got into an argument in the minute he had been gone. He quickly jogged up the stairs and stuck his head around the door just in time to see Mike lash out and strike Ashley on the cheek with the back of his hand. She screamed and held her cheek, horrified at what had just happened.

Alex's blood boiled, he hated violence, especially towards women, it was just the way he had been brought up. Normally he would do anything to resolve a situation peacefully if he could, but seeing Mike hit Ashley triggered something in him. He burst into the room and grabbed Mike by the front of his shirt and, using his height and weight advantage, slammed him into the wardrobe. Mike tried to fight back, throwing a punch into Alex's ribs but he barely even felt it. Alex pushed him back into the wardrobe and cocked his arm before punching Mike square on the nose. There was a sickening crunch as cartilage and bone was crushed and broken under the force of Alex's fist. Blood poured from Mikes broken nose as he crumpled, he wasn't unconscious but he would be dizzy for a while. Alex let go of his shirt and dropped him to the floor. Mike struggled to his feet while pinching his nose and staggered off to the bathroom, leaning on various objects and walls to keep his balance. Alex smirked before he moved over to check on Ashley. She had a red mark on her cheek but other than that and being a bit shaken, she was alright. Alex helped her collect up the last few items of clothing and make up and pack them into a box before they took them down to the car. They heard Mike running the tap and spitting, presumably blood, into the sink as they left.

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