tagFetishUnder Lock And Key Ch. 05

Under Lock And Key Ch. 05


Evey and Gabby let me out of my cage that night long enough to empty a week's worth of backed up semen into both of them. Gabby was too exhausted to take much, but I took great satisfaction when I roughly grabbed Evey's hips and pulled her back against me, making sure she felt every thrust as I exploded into her. She groaned as she took it, and Gabby kissed her passionately as she finally accepted me.

I knew that this would be the last time I had sex for quite awhile, and I made sure to take advantage of it, but I soon grew exhausted as well. My worn out cock finally surrendered itself to its fate, falling sadly downward as the blood receded back into my body. Gabby kissed me softly on the cheek. She had already gone to get a wet towel and the bottle of oil. "This is it, baby." she whispered. "I want you to be ours to use at any time. It's going to be awhile before you're out again."

I nodded, looking up at her with nothing but love in my eyes. Nothing I had ever done for her before had made her as happy as she was tonight. That happiness was intoxicating for both of us, and I wanted her to chase that feeling until both of us got our fill.

Gabby smiled, and carefully cleaned the nights' dried up fluids off my dick. Evey took the oil and rubbed it down. I must have been completely numb by that point, but even still the hormones began flowing – Evey had to quickly slide on the cage before a half hearted erection sprang up. I sighed. I was horny already.


Evey basically moved in after that. I moved most of my stuff to the guest room. She and Gabby shared our king sized bed, and on most nights they had me sleep at their feet. We never wrote up a contract: my role was simply understood. I was there to please them with my tongue, and clean them out after one of their trysts if I was lucky. Gabby drew immense pleasure just knowing I loved pleasing her so much that I literally got off licking other men's cum out of her. Evey instead drew most of her pleasure out of the control she had over me. It got to the point where she enjoyed my humiliation more than my tongue, which she still used on a nightly basis one way or another.

As far as I knew at least, Gabby only fucked the same man who had unknowingly donated his sperm to my first taste. She would see him a few times a week, never at home, but she seemingly could not get enough of his endless ability to fire off round after round of his thick sperm into her. She began teasing me, telling me she was going out to see "Mr. Load." When she returned, she would have me beg for a taste of him upon her return. Half of the time she left me wanting, groveling at her feet as she went to shower, already satisfied. It didn't take long for me to begin begging without provocation, training that she gladly rewarded.

Evey on the other hand never passed up an opportunity to empty herself into my mouth whether I asked for it or not. Increasingly she would come home having fucked someone, I assumed a stranger, and the only taste I could get was the bitter remnants of spermicide and latex. Even the nastiest mess of sperm dripping from her sweaty, unwashed pussy tasted like a gourmet desert compared to those condoms. She figured this out very quickly, and took great pleasure in making sure I stuck my tongue as far up inside of her as it would reach. It took days to get the taste out of my mouth. Things went on like this for about a month – and then came the day that I finally met Mr. Load.

Gabby actually brought up the idea to Evey who was thrilled Gabby had adapted to her role so quickly. She agreed it that an evening rendezvous was well overdue, and they planned it for the upcoming Saturday.

It was a very strange feeling to see Gabby so excited to have the man fucking her raw almost on a nightly basis meet her husband. I had no idea whether or not he knew about our situation. They kept me in the dark about the entire thing. Evey took charge of me the night before, ordering me about the house to clean everything and prepare what food I could for the next day. Gabby took the opportunity to spend some time on herself. She went out to get waxed and have her nails done, arriving just in time to inspect my work. She and Evey gave me nods of approval, Gabby slapping my ass appreciatively as they retired to their room. They locked the door behind them.

I got maybe an hour of sleep.

I was already well awake laying out the drinks when Evey came out of their room around noon. She had a tight pair of jean shorts and a plain t shirt with no bra, her nipples proudly announcing their presence to the room. "Naked!" she ordered sharply, snapping her fingers.

"Yes ma'am." I murmured. I dropped my shorts and boxers, and took off my shirt. She laughed at the site of my cage, though she'd seen it countless times. "Mr. Load is going to love your little cock, pet." she said, winking at me. "Stand by the door until he arrives, then show him in."

The doorbell rang only minutes later. Heart beating quickly, I opened the door up slightly and invited him in. He walked in and shut the door behind him, turning to look at me. He towered above me, probably about 6'3 or 6'4. I don't think he took steroids but muscles were definitely evident through his dark t shirt. I couldn't help but glance down at his crotch, expecting to see a mountainous bulge. None existed, at least not at the moment. He caught the glance, but laughed it off, sticking out his hand. "What's up man, I'm Bryan." I didn't react for a second. I'm not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it. Finally I took his hand and shook it, mumbling "Hey, what's up..."

Before I could say anything else, I heard a squeal and Gabby ran past me. She wore a small, tight khaki skirt, cotton panties teasingly apparent beneath the hem, and a black tank top. She jumped into his embrace. "Bryan!" He folded her up into his arms, kissing her deeply as I stood behind them. Evey strolled in behind Gabby, and kissed him on his cheek.

"Afternoon, Ladies!" he said pleasantly. Gabby turned towards me.

"You met my husband?" she asked.

"Yeah, we've met." he grinned. "Why don't you grab us a couple beers, bro?"

Still unsure how this was going to go, I nodded and went to the kitchen. When I returned to the living room, Gabby was already unbuckling his belt. "Baby! Come sit over here!" she said to me, not turning her head from the task at hand. Bryan held his hand out to me. I handed him the bottle, chugging mine quickly. He chuckled, and did the same.

"Kneel down." Evey ordered from behind. I obeyed, getting on my knees next to Gabby as she pulled down his jeans, then eagerly took out his stiffening cock as if she was an excited kid opening up a Christmas present that she had asked for all year.

I couldn't help but stare. It was even more impressive in person. It couldn't have been longer than 8 inches, but Jesus Christ it was so thick. Gabby wrapped her lips around the head, sucking it in and out teasingly. Bryan moaned, grabbing the top of her head and moving it back and forth. Evey came up behind him and began nibbling his neck, taking off his shirt then running her hands down his chest.

"Show him how you can control it, we'll make him do it right now..." she said intently. He winked at her. Moments later, Gabby gagged a bit then began to suck in earnest. Bryan never even made a sound, he just turned his head to kiss Evey. Gabby stopped, then leaned over to me, pushing my head back and holding my mouth open with her hands. I realized what was coming almost too late. Gabby made a tiny O with her mouth, and his first load dripped from hers into mine.

Bryan stared in disbelief from Gabby to me. "That's awesome!" he said, laughing.

The rest of the afternoon was an absolute clinic of male orgasms. This mythical son of a bitch could come endlessly and effortlessly, however fast or slow he wanted. And come he did. His only weakness was having to stop for a minute to drink water every hour or so. Gabby and Evey took turns fucking him in every possible position it seemed, and while one got his cock, the other rode my face.

I hated to admit it but I had developed a real taste for his spunk fresh from a pussy. I began enjoying myself as much as he was. At one point he even slapped my hand in celebration after swallowing a large sticky chunk of sperm as it spilled out of Gabby.

Evey decided it would be fun to have Bryan cum on their bodies in various places, having me lick it off. Gabby went first, bent over in front of them both spreading her ass wide. Evey used her mouth to finish him off, spitting what ended up in her mouth onto Gabby's perfect little asshole, then squeezing his cock tightly making sure every last drop got where she intended it to go. She smiled at me as she finished, grabbing me by my hair and shoving me down.

I attacked, swirling my tongue into her hole, mixing the white mess around with some of her natural lube that had migrated down at some point during the day's insane fuck session.

Evey's beautiful tits were next. Like a true gentleman, Bryan let the ladies have a rest and jacked himself off onto her chest. I guess even Bryan was running out, as this particular load didn't quite have the mass of the previous 8. I was ecstatic, as worshiping her nipples was an extremely rare treat. His cum residue stubbornly stuck to her hardening nipples, which suited me just fine. Evey got impatient, however, and pushed my head down to her pussy. Smiling, I went on a treasure hunt for anything that I might have missed from her last ride straddling my face.

Bryan announced that he needed to refresh, and retired to the room to take an early evening nap. Evey and Gabby followed him.

"Clean up this mess!" Evey called over her shoulder. "We're not done yet."

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