tagErotic HorrorUnder My Skin Ch. 03

Under My Skin Ch. 03


Dustin awoke with a start on the cold kitchen floor. The freezers hummed around him as he blinked several times and slowly regained his senses. His heart was racing in his chest and it took several moments to calm down. He groaned feeling stiff all over from being on the hard floor. With another groan he tried to move his arms and legs to get up off the floor. His knees popped as they bent under him and pushed him up to stand. His first step was so wobbly he lost his balance and fell to the side barely catching himself on one of the nearby freezers.

His back felt so stiff and his chest ached from laying down so long.The scratches and cuts all over his body stung and his he still felt exhausted. His skin felt cold and clammy and showed patches of bruised skin where the skin had been scraped off. Using the freezer as support, he began to move again slowly step by step until he could walk without fear of falling. The kitchen around him was dark. Darker than it had been when he had pulled himself through the floor.

What time was it he wondered? How long had he been out?

His pace grew more steady right as he reached the entryway to the kitchen. Peering out into a long hall, his eyes scanning the darkness for signs of Aksana. He was not sure where she slept or if she was still asleep but he was did not want to take the chance of her sneaking up on him.

Dustin made his way down to the other end of the hall, passing many more doors presumably locked as well as more shadowy paintings and portraits on the walls as he went. Each step was silent as possible. His breathing was careful and measured. Though he did not know why he was being so cautious.

You can't possibly sneak up on a vampire dummy, he mentally chided himself.

He peeked out around the doorway slowly, mostly because his neck still ached whenever he tried to turn it, and looked into the next room. His eyes widened at what he saw.

The room was a large dining hall. In the center of the room was a long table draped in frayed cloth. There were ten oak chairs on each side of the table. Unlit candles and dusty, old flower pieces adorned the middle of the table. Windows a foot apart let the night in through their open panes along one wall.

"Damn night already." he cursed under his breath.

It wouldn't be long before Aksana was up and about. His heartbeat quickened as a glimmer of hope blossomed in his chest at the sight of the windows.Windows meant outside. Outside meant there was a way out! Quickly Dustin grabbed the nearest chair and hoisted it upside down by the back end and prepared to swing.

The chair felt heavier than it looked. His arms ached in protest as he carried it slowly towards the closest window. Putting all the energy he had in his weary, hurting body he swung the chair like a baseball bat at the window.

Glowing, Orange-red eyes met his in mid swing as Aksana came out of the darkness standing just outside the window. Her eyes peered deep into his and he started to hear her voice in his head. His arms felt so tired and the strength left them, stealing the chairs momentum. His fingers lost their grip on the chair and it left his hands to crack against the wall at the base of the window. One of its legs snapped off and rolled on the floor.

Dustin stared in Aksana's eyes falling ever deeper. His legs buckled, too weak and weary to stand as he listened to her sweet voice echoing in his mind. His aching, heavy body crumpled to the floor and curled up in a ball by the window. His eyes locked on hers as he listened to the words that sweetly repeated in his ears.

Aksana watched him sink down and crumble to the floor. Her blood stained lips curled in a smile as she held the boy's mind enthralled in her hypnotic gaze. She cooed and sang soft lullabies to his mind coaxing him to lay down and to sleep.

She shivered with excitement and arousal as she felt his helplessness through the window. Her crimson lips mouthed the words good boy as she held his gaze.

Dustin whimpered as he lay there weak and powerless on the floor. He saw her lips move as his eyes grew heavier and heavier. His eyes became slits then finally closed as dark slumber claimed him.

Soft, gentle touches roused him him from his imposed slumber. His eyes flickered open slowly feeling the gentlest, touch upon his cheek. He felt himself laying down against something soft and warm and as he came to realized he was floating.

No, not floating, he suddenly realized as his feet came into view. He was being carried. He was suddenly aware that there were arms holding him. Aksana smiled down with dark eyes, pleased to see him awake.

"Ah You're up my pet. That's good." She said as she carried him in her arms.

One arm was tucked under his legs while the other held on to his shoulder. Her fingers caressed his cheek as she moved further down a dark hall with him. Her caramel breasts rubbed against his side as she held him close. He noticed her lips were stained with blood and that she like him was naked.

"How did I-?" He started to speak.

"Shh Don't talk pet."


"Hush pet and don't think of escaping my arms," She warned in a motherly tone, "Don't make me remember that you tried to escape."

Aksana turned a corner and went down another long hall before coming to an open door. The soft light of many candles spilled out into the hall. Dustin had to squint since his eyes had become accustomed to so much darkness. She carried him in, seemingly unaffected by the sudden light.

Aksana went in and carried him toward a large, ornately carved wooden sauna. Candles of all sizes littered the floor and the edge of the sauna itself bathing the room in light. The scent of vanilla was strong in the air. Dustin's eyes widened recalling the sauna from a dream he had before. His body trembled in fear at the recollection.

Aksana smiled showing a hint of fang as she stepped up the wooden step and over the lip of the tub with him. She felt him shaking against her caramel flesh and it thrilled her. A soft moan escaped her lips as she lowered herself and him into the milky, white water. Dustin let out a whimper as she stepped into the water, expecting it to be like his nightmare. His body trembled even as the hot water flowed over his skin as he was lowered in. She let go of his legs as she sat him in front of her a little between her legs. Her left hand gently stroked his bare back.

"Why are you so afraid?" she asked coyly, for she already knew the answer.

"I thought..I thought.." he stammered. His skin tingled from her touch.

"You thought I was going to feed on you right here, didn't you?" she prompted.

"Yes" he replied simply.

"No...least not yet,"she teased.

A smile formed on her lips seeing him shiver with that. She leaned her head on his shoulder, ear pressed to his neck. His pulse thumped quickly in her ear, exciting her more. He sat deathly still, afraid she would strike him if she moved. His nerves were on edge and his muscles tense. Her arms wrapped around his waist tightly and hugged him. Leaning in closer, she whispered into his ear.

"I am not pleased to find you trying to escape after I offer you a choice." she hissed in his ear.

Her came out harsh, sharp, and deadly. Her arms slid effortlessly from his waist as she moved around to face him.

"I just wanted to go home-" he started to protest.

"Hush." Aksana cut him off sharply.

Dustin went silent, his eyes lowered..

"Good boy. You are learning," Aksana praised. "With enough time and training you will be an excellent pet."

Dustin's eyes went wide with fear and his stomach turned into a cold knot. He could not keep himself from shaking or blurting out. The words left his mouth before he had time to think of the consequences.

"But I'm Not you're pet!"

"Yes you will be,"Aksana corrected. "Or you will die. That is the only choice. You forfeited the bargain when I found you smelling of death."

Aksana moved before Dustin had time to register she had, hand wrapping tightly around his throat and squeezing. Her face came right up to his bare neck, her fang's exposed, poised to bite. He trembled,body stiff with fear as he began to choke. His heart thumped in his chest as he felt her lips move against his skin.

"Do you wish to die?" Aksana asked, hand slowly closing tighter.

"N-no," he choked.

"Nor do I want you to," she admitted.

He let out a strangled whimper as he hand continued applying pressure. Aksana held on for a long, torturous moment then let go. She rose gracefully to her feet and turned away from him, grabbing a nearby sponge and soap. She dropped them down into the water before him then stepped out of the sauna.

"You will wash and be clean when I return shortly," she instructed.

Her face was soft and gentle again but her eyes still held that fire. Without hesitation, Dustin picked up the sponge and soap and began washing himself.

"If you leave this room," she added, "Your life will be forfeit."

Dustin continued washing, not daring to stop for fear that if he did she would rip his throat out then and there. Confident her point had been made, Aksana left the room without a sound. The door was left wide open as both bait and invitation for him defy her. Dustin scrubbed his body clean as he could, too preoccupied with not angering the vampire further to notice the door at all.

When Aksana had returned a short while later, carrying a folded vanilla scented towel in one hand, she found Dustin still in the sauna. His attention came upon her fully the second she entered the room. He was shaking, more from fear of what she would do than the cold. She smiled wickedly, showing fang.

Dustin recoiled, hands raised in a defensive posture instinctively at the sight of her sharp fangs. Calmly she walked over and opened the towel wide and held it out to him. Dustin sat petrified.

"Up. Come out and dry off," she calmly instructed.

Dustin did as he was told, getting to his feet, and stepping out of tub onto the cold stone floor. His nipples hardened and the hairs on his body rose as cooler air touched his skin. Aksana gently wrapped the towel around his back and shoulders then stepped back to give him room. His eyes watched her as she came in closer and relaxed when she stepped away.

Aksana sighed quietly and frowned. She did want him to respect and obey her but she did not want him as a frightened animal. There would have to be steps taken to repair the damage she realized. Slow, careful steps.

Her frown disappeared into a warm smile as she left her thoughts. She noticed in that time, the boy had almost finished drying off. She stepped closer to him, wiped the blood from her lips, and wrapped an arm around the back of his shoulders.

Dustin stiffened immediately and flinched at her sudden movement. When he had realized she had only embraced him, he relaxed some but still kept his guard up. Her soft skin and lovely figure also made his cock twitch and tingle but he was still in too much shock to act on it.

"What are you going to do with me?" he asked tentatively.

"Come with me," the vampire implored him.

He went along with Aksana out of the room and down the long, dark hall. He shivered still more than a bit uncomfortable with the situation, but realistically he had no choice. Well he did just death wasn't a preferable one. She smiled, arm still draped around the back of his neck. Her fingers caressing his naked shoulder every couple of steps that sent shivers up and down his spine.

"You need to relax pet," Aksana gently urged him." I can feel your fear of me."

"Sorry." he replied meekly.

He was barely able to keep his fear hidden too deeply with her so close. She turned her head and smiled wide, fangs showing as she leaned in and met his gaze.Her eyes shimmered and grew a bright orange- red in he darkness. His lips moved in protest but no sound came forth as a finger pressed against them.

"Shh now, no need to speak," Aksana whispered soothingly to him, "Just walk with me and relax. Look into my eyes and let your thoughts fade away."

Dustin couldn't help but stare as her gaze ensnared him. His mind screamed at him to look away, to turn away from her, to resist her somehow but he could not. That thought would drown along with the rest of his will into the molten pools of her eyes. He was distantly aware of himself moving along with her, her arm gently resting on his shoulders, her lips moving as they moved. All else became a blur as he sank deeper into her eyes and under her power.

Aksana led him down deeper into the very depths of her home. Past several closed doors and down a long atone spiral stair they went. All the while deepening his trance as she kept her eyes locked on his. She saw his shoulders and head slump onto her shoulder and felt his mind give way as she swallowed him up in her hypnotic orbs.

Her heart raced as she saw into his thoughts and hopes. Even his wants and desires were laid bare for her to see. Her thighs began to drip with wetness as she reveled in the sheer power she had over him.

She could see that he was submissive and had deep, hidden desires to be controlled. Oh how she could mold and control him to her darkest whim! That thought alone made her heart beat rapidly. She was beginning to pant hard as they reached the doors to her inner sanctum where she slept.

Aksana pushed her thought and desire down and exercised some control. Pushing the doors open, she whispered into his mind for him to enter and she watched as she let him go in first. Her eyes ate up the vision of his naked body moving in front of her. His skinny body teased her senses as she bade him to walk to the black, silk covered bed in the middle of the room and lay down upon it.

Licking her lips hungrily, Aksana followed him in, stalking his movements gracefully, like a panther hunting prey. She did not follow him completely to the bed, not yet. She softly instructed him to lay there quietly while she prepared. She watched him a moment, making sure he had obeyed, which he had completely then turned her gaze from him as she disappeared to a side room.

After a few long moments, Aksana came out into the bedroom once again, this time dressed, and slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled his mindless body. She leaned down over him, pressed to him tightly and breathed down the side of his neck. The goosebumps growing over his flesh made her body quiver with arousal. Her tongue glided up then down his flesh savoring the sweet taste of warm skin.

Aksana moved her face mere inches from his, her tongue flicking over his lips as she stared into his glazed eyes. She pressed her now emerald colored lips to his then softly whispered,

"It's alright Dustin my sweet. You will enjoy this. Don't resist and you will have everything you desire. Wake now and feel me."

Aksana gently but firmly placed her hands onto his wrists and held his arms down to the bed. Still atop him just mere inches from her pussy sliding down over his manhood, she watched him come out of the trance. He blinked and was suddenly very aware of her weight on him. She smiled like a Cheshire cat as she gently, suggestively, rubbed her body against him.

Dustin moaned as he felt her body slide against his flesh and felt latex rub over him causing him to tremble and grow stiff. His eyes widened as she pressed up close again and made his body quiver. He couldn't believe his eyes, She was clad shoulders to toes in a tight, emerald green latex catsuit.

Aksana smiled wickedly down at his growing erection then looked back up to his eyes. Dustin felt his mind start to swim again as their eyes met.

"Please...stop." he begged weakly.

Her glowing, fiery orbs stole his will with each passing second. Her eyes closed for a moment, giving him a reprieve but also showing her matching eyelids. She pressed her latex covered breasts to his chest and kissed his lips. His cries were muffled by her lips as he squirmed futilely. His arms stayed pinned by her superior vampire strength no matter how much he willed them to move.

Aksana finally broke the kiss and opened her eyes once more. He gasped for breath and averted his eyes as best he could to not fall into her spell again. But the vampire had other means of control.

Slowly, she lowered her waiting, wanting sex down onto his erect member, moaning in pleasure as his length went deeper within her until she'd taken him in all the way down. The rubber squeaked as she rocked her hips and began to ride him, her breasts sliding up and down his chest as she moved.

"Don't fight it pet. I know it's what you want," She hissed in his ear as she continued to ride his cock, "I know how much you love latex."

"H...How do you know what I want?" he groaned.

Dustin winced, trying his best to resist her. His body yielded to the latex and her temptation, rocking back into her hips slowly.

"Poor boy. I have seen into your mind. I know you've wanted someone to take you, to comfort you, to love you. To give you all you need." she replied," You have been so lonely, so needy. Just submit and be mine."

"NO!You'll kill me and I will be like those bodies in your basement!" He refused her.

It took all his will and concentration to keep his eyes shut to block out her powers. His body however could not stop reacting to her.

Dustin moaned louder, feeling himself grow warmer and more aroused by the second. The soothing, soft, smooth latex was making him weaker and want her and it more.Panting, he doubled his efforts to resist and block out the pleasure.

"Not if you just relax and let me take you. I want to help you Dustin," Aksana coaxed softly, "Can't you see that?"

Her body rose up then slammed down on his cock in one quick movement, forcing his shaft to strike her clit. Using her wet, slick, warm walls to grasp and milk his cock, Aksana let out a low moan and watched his body writhe under her.

"I don't wish you any harm. I am lonely just like you." she pleaded.

Dustin's eyes shot open wide as her pussy's wet lips slid down his length. He shuddered with blissful ecstasy. His lips moved to speak but instead all he could do was cry out. His body quivered as his hips continued to roll with hers, unable to stop. The latex of her gloves and suit teased and tormented him. Oh how he deeply wanted to give in but he knew he could not!

"N..no.. Please..S.s.stopppp.." he stammered.

He was unable to stop shaking as she continued to fuck him relentlessly. His heart pounded in his ears. He could feel himself aching and throbbing inside her. He wanted to surrender but it was a trap.

Wasn't it?

It was so hard to think. She made it feel so good. The latex felt so good but he had to resist!

Aksana caught his gaze once more as his eyes went wide. She did not pull him deeper instead she read his thoughts. Seeing his fears and his feelings, she slowed down to a barely there roll of her hips to try and calm him. Her eyes turned from orange fire to their dark natural color. She rolled onto her back with him and wrapped her rubber arms around him, holding him tight while she vampire strength push his body up with her hips and take him into her from the bottom. Gloved hands caressed up and down his back.

"I could break your mind very easily Dustin," she said calmly, "But I want you to trust me. I want your companionship. I want you to feel cared for as well as care for me."

Dustin whimpered as he listened to her words. The reality of them stinging him profoundly even as her soft, velvet sex made his balls fill and ache. Even as her latex soothed him as he was held, he knew he was trapped.

He could not move. His body shivered in fear as he laid his head upon her smooth, shiny, emerald breast. The scent of the rubber filled his senses and calmed him a bit but he still resisted the urge to give in.

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