tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUnder My Thumb Ch. 10

Under My Thumb Ch. 10


Angel walked down main street. It was just after midnight and the place was deserted. It was his favorite time of the night. There was a lull in demon activity and the human traffic was also at a low point. It allowed him to collect his thoughts. He had a song stuck in his head as he gazed up at the moon. Angel paused to sit on a porch stoop and allowed himself to whisper along, not wanting to wake the occupants
of the house up. “It’s a wonderful night for a moon dance, it’s a wonderful night for romance.”

He grinned as he leaned back to take a better look. It was bright in the velvety blackness of the night sky. Almost a full moon. It would be here in only two more nights. He usually dreaded those nights. Both demons and humans acted up at that time. Moon madness is what they called it when he was a child. ‘Lunacy’ actually came from the French word for moon -- luna. He chuckled as he shook his head, he was full of useless knowledge.

Now he was looking forward to the full moon. He felt stronger, more powerful in the moonlight but he had no explanation for it. It was as if he was at peace with himself. That hadn’t happened since he got the soul back. True, Angelus was a brutal bastard but he was comfortable with himself. And he had no problems in the self-esteem department. Angel had always felt set apart from both demons and humans. He wasn’t completely one or the other, yet somehow, he felt whole now.

Angel reluctantly stood and continued walking. He was also in an inordinately good mood, which was surprising. All in all, his life sucked -- he’d lost his girlfriend, he’d went evil and terrorized his only friends, and he’d taken advantage of Willow. Sweet, innocent Willow. His thoughts drifted towards Willow as they inevitably did. She was the brightest spot in his existence now.

He still intended to follow through on his seduction plans for the young woman. It was for her own good really. Angelus had awakened her sleeping sensuality, not even stopping to consider the consequences. He didn’t want Willow experimenting --as he knew she would do -- with another man. Well, boy really. Oz was a mere child compared to him. Funny, he didn’t think of Willow as being a child. Angel looked up
in surprise. He had drifted to Willow’s house without realizing it. He grinned, his body seemed to have a mind of its own. Maybe it was time for a visit.


Willow shut her eyes, lost in memories of Angelus’ touch. She drifted in a quiescent idle, dreaming of his fingers drifting over her, the feel of his hands on her skin. It had been so perfect, her one night with him. He had been the consummate blend of demonly danger and gentlemanly concern. Touching her body in ways that made her tingle even now, just thinking about it. Who would have thought he could be
so seductive?

“What are you thinking about?”

She jumped. Great. Another Angel sneak attack. Xander was right, he really did need a bell. “Nothing.” Oh, yeah, that was convincing, Willow.

Angel smiled wolfishly as he hopped up on the desk surface beside her computer. He was enjoying her discomfort, pleased to know that he bothered her. She wasn’t immune. “What are you writing about? Must be very interesting.” He cocked his head to one side. “I can even hear your heart beating faster.”

“Oh, it’s a scary story. Uh-huh. Very scary!“ Willow lied.

“You live on the Hellmouth with real demons running around. . .and a story you’re writing scared you? Not buying it, but I’ll let it go.” He tried not to sound upset. She was thinking about Angelus again. He hoped that maybe she would confess what she was writing.

“Uh, Angel?”


“Why are you wearing leather pants?” She was looking at his legs as if a snake had slithered up beside her.

Angel leaned back on the desk and looked down at his legs. “I was searching around for something to wear in my closet and they just felt so good when I accidentally touched them. I wanted to put them on.” Angel’s sable eyes were fastened on her. “So soft and inviting. I had to have. . .them.” She gulped, he wasn’t talking about his pants.

“Touch them.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Angel.” Willow blushed furiously.

She wouldn’t have hesitated to touch Angelus. Hell, they’d have been on the floor by now if he were his demon. A small voice in his head crowed with laughter. ‘Jealous, soul boy?’ He ignored the voice, wanting only to focus on her. Making her want him. “Touch them. Come on, you know you want to.” His voice was hoarse. She wasn’t sure if he was pleading with her or ordering her.

Willow tentatively ran her hand down his leather clad knee. She patted it awkwardly. “Nice. Was it expensive?” She pulled her hand away as if it had been burned.

“Nice?” Angel laughed throatily. “I know something that would be nicer.” He brought her hand up to his thigh and ran it up his leg inch by inch. Letting her feel every sinewed length of muscle. Until he almost reached . . .

She pulled away. “What are you doing!?” She jumped up, then her face softened and her voice became a mere whisper. “Angelus?”

He scowled. “No, not Angelus. I’m Angel. Angel!” He jumped up from the desk to stand over her. Then his hands reached down to pull her up and stand her on the chair. She was not a little bit taller than he was. But he was in control. There was no doubt about that. “It eats at you, doesn’t it? Seeing me in this body instead of him.”

“No! No, I’m glad to have you back. ” She denied.

“Are you really? Or are you just disappointed?”

“Of course not! You’re my friend.”

“Friend? Friendship is so weak, Willow. It’s not what I want to be to you.”

“But Buffy–“

”I get it now. You are disappointed. Disappointed that I didn’t turn away from you, transfer my affections to Buffy. Forget about poor little Willow. That robs you of the chance to be the martyr, doesn’t it? Doesn’t help you get over your guilt.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to his body. “I can’t forget about you, Willow. I can’t! You’re in my thoughts, in my dreams. All I can see is you!”

“I-I’m sorry.” She took a deep breath. “I didn’t know you felt that way. I’ll leave you alone–“

”But I don’t want you to leave me alone. I want you.” He pulled her down to kiss him, ravaging her mouth. “Do you know that? I need you, Willow, I want you all the time.”

“W-we can’t. Angel, if we–“

”Isn’t that what you want? All you have to do is give me a moment’s happiness and you get him back. I know you’ve thought about it.”

“No, I haven’t!”

“Yes, you have.” He tightened his hold on her. “One moment of happiness, Willow, and he could be yours.”

“Stop it! I love Buffy, I would never–“

”This isn’t about Buffy. We’re OVER! There is no Angel and Buffy. There’s only
you and me.”

“I don’t think of you that way!”

“Really? Then your body lies, Willow. I can feel your heart beating, hear blood pounding in your veins. . .” He kissed her and she felt herself respond. Then he murmured against her mouth.“Say the word. Let me teach you about passion. Pick up where he left off.”

Gods help her. It was so tempting. She shook her head, wanting to stave off the reckless impulses of her body. “I can’t–“

”Yes. You can.” Then his a sinful smile spread across his handsome face. “And you will. Thumb wrestle me.”

“What?” Willow blinked.

“Thumb wrestle me. Or don’t you think you can beat me?”

“You want to leave this decision up to thumb wrestling?”

“Yes.” He pulled her down and set her on her feet. “Come on. Are you afraid?”

“No! I’ll beat the pants off you!”

“I’m counting on that.” He rose one silky black eyebrow.

“That was a figure of speech!”

“Or a Freudian slip.” He countered. “ But let’s stick to the topic, shall we? We’ll remove our pants later. If I win, you become mine. To teach, of course.”

“And if I win, you start courting Buffy again. I’ll look for a spell to secure your soul.”

“Courting Buffy?” That damnable voice in his head made a disgusted sound. He shook his head.

“Is it a deal or not?”

“Alright.” He stuck out his thumb and joined it with hers. “I’m going to win this one.”

“I don’t know who’s more evil, you or Angelus.”

“It’s a toss-up, little one.” He smiled. “Actually, I’ve been dying to do this. I always wondered if I would have won against you.”

“You won’t.”


He did. “You won. You actually won.” She glowered at him. “You must have
cheated! I know you cheated somehow.”

“I do not cheat.” Angel said, affronted. “I just have a special technique.” He smirked. “And longer thumbs.”

“Angelus won because he kissed me, threw me off balance. Why didn’t Angelus–“

”Because he doesn’t have access to all my memories all the time. This technique is an obscure memory. Besides, it’s not like he thought all that clearly around you anyway.” The trick was getting your opponent on the run. He had ruthlessly chased down her small thumb and pinned it easily.

“Oh.” Willow blushed. “Can you teach me how to do that?”

“No, in case I need to use it again.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “I will teach you how to do something with that appendage though.”

She blushed and then fired off. “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll turn back into him?”

“No. I have. . . ways around that.”


“Don’t sound too enthusiastic.”

She was enthusiastic. That was the problem. She must be a terrible person, doing this to Buffy. Doing this to Angelus. “It’s just-- I just hate keeping things from Buffy. And I suck at lying. Really suck.”

Angel’s smile was wicked, exactly like one of Angelus’ trademark grins. It melted knees and made butterflies stir. But he didn’t comment on her ‘suck’ comment verbally. “Well, you can’t tell her. We aren’t involved anymore, but I don’t think she’d want to see me with her best friend. I don’t think it would hurt her exactly, but can you imagine the rant we’d have to listen to?“

”Angel! That’s not very nice.”

“I know.” He retorted.

“I just don’t get it. Why are you doing this?”

“ I have my reasons.” His eyes softened. “I wouldn’t do this if I knew you were unwilling. You want me , Willow. Let me teach you.” He moved forward, seeking out the warmth of her body. “Give me a goodnight kiss.”

“G-goodnight? You’re leaving?” She tried not to sound so disappointed.

“There isn’t time for a lesson tonight.” Then his mouth fell over hers, teasing and tasting her as if for the first time. Then he pulled away to brush a finger over her mouth. “I don’t want to rush this, little one.”

“Why are you calling me that?” She asked as he released her.

“Because it suits you.” He crossed to the balcony doors and then called over his
shoulder. “Oh, and little one?”

She gritted her teeth. “Yes, Angel?”

“Just remember, I’ve got you under my thumb this time.”

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