tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUnder My Thumb Ch. 11

Under My Thumb Ch. 11



Good Morning, my sweet.
Come to me after you read this.
Wear my gift.


Willow folded the note with trembling hands. She peered into the red gift bag which was lined with black tissue paper. She pulled a cream satin nightgown and matching robe out. They were delicately made, almost spider web like. Each was vined around the neck with a green rose pattern, sporting red roses. They were beautiful.

Willow put her hand in the bag to make sure she hadn't missed anything and collided with something sharp. She gasped in pain and then looked into the bag. A lush red rose lay at the bottom of the bag, it had been cradled by her nightgown. She plucked it from the bag, noticing the two crimson droplets that appeared on her fingertips.

Curious, despite herself, she placed her injured fingers in her mouth. She wanted to know what it tasted like for him. What it would be like to be a vampire. Not that Angel would ever take her blood. Not like Angelus had. The way he'd pressed into her, making her gasp. She shook her head, refusing to dwell on what had been. Then, she drew the flower to her nose to savor the scent.

She'd woken up this morning to find the bag on the end of her bed. Angel had been here during the night. She didn't know what to think anymore. He was acting more and more like Angelus. It thrilled her more than it frightened her. She had lost the bet though. Time to face the beast.


Willow wrapped the coat tighter around her body. It was ridiculous, no one could see under it. But as she passed people in the street she could almost imagine them knowing where she was going and what she was about to do. She'd borrowed her father's black trenchcoat and it went all the way to her ankles. She'd put on a pair of strappy sandals with the nightgown and robe. When she'd looked at herself in the mirror, she had to admit that he'd chosen well. She looked beautiful but she still felt foolish.

She was missing school to go to him. Willow's mind swam with all the ways that this day could end. . .would end. She was able to admit that she wanted to experience his touch, wanted to know what it would feel like. She may have known his body but she had never been with Angel before. She only hoped that she would still have Angel's friendship when it was over.


Willow went to back entrance of the mansion, by the garden. She pulled aside the heavy black velvet drapery and stepped inside the cool, echoing living room. A fire blazed in the fireplace and several candles were lit on standing candelabras. A black fur rug lay directly in front of the sofa which was situated near the fire place.

"You came."

She shrieked at the sound. Then she turned her head to see Angel standing in the doorway of the room holding a glass of champagne aloft. He was wearing another pair of those tight midnight dark leather pants and a silver chain with a Celtic symbol. That was it. No shirt. No shoes. Just lots of exposed golden skin. Unblemished supple golden skin that made her fingers itch to touch it. Touch him. Willow's breath caught.

"Cat got your tongue?" She managed to shake her head 'no'. "Good, because I may have some plans for it." He gave her a sensual smile that made her knees a little weak. Angel produced the champagne bottle and another crystal flute from behind his back. He set one glass down on the coffee table and deftly filled another before setting it down as well. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

Like what? Willow thought, a little hysterical. Nothing that she felt like saying seemed appropriate. Homina. . .homina. . .homina. Or she could always go with 'Wow!' Oh, God, he's staring at me. He wants me to say something. "Hi, Angel." She gave a small wave.

He padded over to her until he closed the distance between them. His cool hand reached out to cup her chin. His voice was low and husky. "Hello, Willow." She shivered. "I'm glad you came to me."

"What would y-you have d-done if I hadn't?"

"I would've come for you when it got dark." He rubbed his thumb across her berry tinted lips. "Maybe I would've punished you."

"Oh," She took in a shuddering breath. Why do I get the feeling that the 'punishment' would have brought me pleasure?

He ran his hand down the length of her neck then, stopping at the high collar of her coat. Angel inserted his hand in between the coat and her skin, coming to rest over her heart. "I can feel your heart beating fast." He licked his suddenly dry lips. "Do I excite you?" Willow nodded. He gave her a pleased smile and then withdrew his hand. "Take it off."

"All of it?"

"Just the coat for now." He backed away, so he could see all of her. Her fingers felt numb as she brought them to the buttons. She worked on them awkwardly, fumbling with the large buttons. Finally, she undid the last one. Willow locked eyes with Angel. She couldn't seem to look anywhere else. She drew the coat off of her shoulders. It sank heavily to the ground at her ankles. His eyes turned smoky black as he surveyed her slight form clothed only in the soft satin. "Come here."

Willow walked until she stood directly in front of him. She could literally feel the coolness of his body, offset by the feverish glint in his eyes. He captured the delicate chain she wore around her neck. The necklace Angelus had given her. "You're wearing it."

Her hands rose to remove it, she didn't want to upset him. "I didn't even realize–"

"Don't. I like it. It suits you." Somehow it didn't bother him that she wore it. He bent his head then and captured her sweet mouth in a sly kiss. He couldn't do rush this, it meant too much. When he pulled away, her eyes were still closed, her mouth trembling. "Aren't you going to. . .?"

"Did you think I would have my way with you as soon as you got in the door?"

She blushed, she had thought that. "Of course not."


"Yes." She murmured, staring at his mouth.

He chuckled. "For food?"

She lowered her eyes and cleared her throat and then threw him an evil glare. "Yes, I could eat something."

"Glad to hear it. " He handed her a champagne flute and picked up the bottle and other glass. " Follow me." He turned on his heel and lead her past an ornate dining room and into the large kitchen in the next room over. Inside, there was a small oak table and two chairs. A vase full of roses sat in the center. There were also two place settings out. A pitcher of orange juice lay on the table. Angel pulled out a chair for her, solicitous as any gentleman should be. "Have a seat. Breakfast is served."

Angel scooped up their plates and turned to the stove to fill them with flavorful food. He'd made sausage and bacon because he wasn't sure what she preferred. He'd also made them fluffy croissants and hot coffee. The piece de resistance was his eggs. Angel whipped up a batch of light and airy scrambled eggs flavored with some spices. He sat down opposite her.

She hadn't realized how hungry she was. But the food smelled wonderful and if they were eating there couldn't be talking. "It looks delicious, Angel." She said enthusiastically as she took a forkful of egg.

Angel smiled wickedly as he looked directly at her, not the food. "I agree." Before she could reply, he poured some orange juice into their champagne to make mimosas. He raised his glass and she raised her own. They clinked glasses and Angel said. "To surprises."

"To surprises."


Willow smiled, finishing up the last of her eggs. Breakfast had been a rather silent affair, except for the body language. Angel almost seethed with tension. Willow was flustered, making her drop her napkin several time as well as her fork. Luckily, Angel had a drawer full of them, which was odd for a vampire. "You know that I'm missing school right now."

"I know." He tilted his head to the side. "But you'll be learning today. I promise you."

She looked down at her plate. His flirting was so hard to deal with. Yet, Angelus' flirting hadn't fazed her. "Snyder might give me detention."

"No, because your father called you off this morning."

"My father's in Madrid at a conference on–"

"No, 'Mr. Rosenberg' called in this morning at 8 A.M. and reported that you weren't up to going to school today. In fact, he said that you'd spend most of today in bed."

She had no idea 'Mr. Rosenberg' was so clever. Or devious. " I see. Well, tell him thank you.

"I'm sure you'll come up with a way to repay his kindness."

Did all verbal avenues lead to sex? Subject change. Let's talk about the weather now or something else mundain. Willow set her napkin down. "That was a wonderful meal, Angel. Thank you."

"You're welcome." He poured her another cup of coffee, pushing the sugar and the cream towards her.

He liked his coffee black. "I try not to drink too much of this. It makes me jittery." He grinned.

For once today they weren't discussing sex. "Me too. Buffy always says–" she broke off. "Sorry."

"Don't be." He slid his hand over hers. "I keep telling you that Buffy's part of my past. We can talk about her, it doesn't bother me." Though a discussion about the Slayer wasn't what he had in mind.

"Okay." This wasn't the time to argue.

He turned her hand over, exposing her palm. His thumb traced the letter 'A' into it, as if he could emblazon it on her skin by the force of his will. He wanted everyone to know that she was his. "Maybe I need to offer you some proof?"

"Oh. No. That won't be necessary. I believe you. Yep. Whatever you say." She tried to pull her hand back but he held fast to it. She jerked her arm again and he released it, afraid she would injure herself. Her hand bumped into the half-empty mimosa glass, sending it into her lap.

Angel hopped up and pushed her napkin into her hand. She attempted to soak up some of the liquid but it didn't seem to be working. "Let me help you clean that up." After he spoke, she imagined him on his knees before her, his tongue lapping up the cool drink from her heated skin. Good Lord, he's corrupting me. But he retrieved a handful of paper towels and began mopping up the mess. Willow frowned. I'm not disappointed. Not at all. They soon had it cleaned up. "I'm sorry." She said, looking down at the stained gown. "I really liked it."

"I'm sorry I wouldn't let go." Though that little contest of wills was fun. He grinned then. "As for the gown. Don't worry about it." He held out his hand which she took hesitantly. "Come with me. Let's get you in the shower."

She stopped immediately. "I don't know if I–"

"Not with me." Not yet anyway. Maybe tonight.

She expelled a breath, trying to ignore the flash of frustration she had. "Oh." She blushed. Again. "Okay."


Willow was luxuriating in Angel's large claw-footed tub. It felt decadent. She should be in school but instead she was goofing off. Soaking in a tub when she should be working algebra equations. She washed her left arm, enjoying the scented water. Angel had an array of bath salts. She'd chosen lavender to soothe her nerves. She couldn't imagine the vampire using them, but who knew what hidden depths Angel had.

There was a knock on the door. "You alright in there, Willow?"

"I'm fine. I'll be out in a second."

"Take your time." He offered.

Willow decided to do just that. She let out some of the lukewarm water, filling it back up with hot water from the tap. Then she added more lavender bath salt. Then she put a wash cloth over her eyes and leaned back. She hadn't felt this relaxed in far too long. How strange that she would feel that way while lying naked in Angel's bathtub.


Willow woke up to find herself still in the tub. She'd been lying in the perfumed water so long that her fingers had gone all pruney. The water temperature was very cool. She stood up and pulled the plug on the drain. Then she grabbed a fluffy white towel from the small bench beside the bathtub. She stepped onto the bath matt and then toweled off her hair, wrapping it around her still damp hair when she was done. She took a second towel and began drying her body. When she finished, she draped the towel around her body.

She walked over to the clothes that Angel laid out for her when he'd escorted her to the bathroom. She went to the sink and found a silver tray full of men's toiletries. There was an old-fashioned razor. An expensive bottle of shaving cream. Next to it was a black hair brush and comb set. The last item was Angel's cologne aptly named 'Enigma'. She opened the bottle and sniffed experimentally. It had a musky, sandalwood undertone. She recognized the scent from being around him, it seemed to cling to him. She'd always thought the scent was just him.

"Willow? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. I just got done."

"Can you open the door? I had your nightgown dry cleaned down the street."

"That's fast!"

"It's a one hour laundry." He didn't add that they only perform that service so quickly if they're slipped a $50 bill.

"Oh. Thanks!" She actually been looking forward to perhaps wearing one of his shirts or even better -- one of his sweaters. She opened the door a crack and held out her hand. A large male hand insinuated itself into the small fissure and pushed, letting himself in. Willow clapped a hand over the generous amount of cleavage that was displayed by the towel.

His gaze was curious and frankly carnal. "Thanks." She said, taking the clothes from him with her other hand.

"You do wonders for that towel."

She let out a nervous giggle. "Yes. Well. Okay. I need to get dressed now."

He leaned back against the door. "Are you sure that's what you want?"

She could feel her pulse pick up. She wasn't sure what she wanted anymore. "I- I. . ."

"You what? Want to be prim and proper again? Admit it, Willow, you're curious. You want me every bit as much as I want you."

Willow felt her throat constrict with emotion. She managed to get out. "I am curious, but–"

"Shhh." He whispered, putting a finger to his own generous mouth. "Don't deny yourself any longer. Don't deny us. Come here. Let me show you."

She did, pulled in by his charm and wicked promises. He opened his arms to her and she went into them, loving the blend of soft skin and rippling muscle underneath her cheek. Angel brushed her hair back from her forehead and kissed her temple. Then he swung her up in his powerfully built arms.


He laid her down before the fire on the soft rug. Then he laid down beside her, propped up on his elbow so he down into her sweet face. "He made love to you outdoors on the cold hard ground."

"Yes." And it had been glorious.

"This time I want you to be warm. Want you to feel the heat." He traced the line of her neck with his cool finger.

She gulped. "I think I already do."

Angel smiled softly before he leaned down to feather a kiss across her lips. "So sweet." Then he traced the seam of her lips with his tongue, begging entry. She opened them willingly, welcoming his invasion. He groaned as she granted him access. His tongue sought all the hidden recesses of her mouth. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down.

Angel was able to feel her body as he pinned it down with his own. She was so delicate, he was afraid that he'd crush her. But her arms kept him there. Willow wanted him to be that close to her. After he'd tasted her lips, he began to hunger for more.

Angel brought his hands to the tie on her robe and flipped open the silky panels, leaving her in the thin satin shift. It outlined her body more than it covered it. His hands sought the downy weight of her breasts as he reveled in her quiet moans. Angel placed a kiss on each globe before backing away and kneeling, a leg on either side of her body. He peeled off the robe and began sliding the nightgown up and past her hips. He gently lifted her with one arm and pulled it over her head. She now lay on his rug clothed only in creamy skin flecked with cinnamon colored freckles. Angel groaned. "I have the memory of how lovely, but . . .you're exquisite. I wasn't prepared. . .you're a painting come to life."

Willow basked in the glow of his praise. She'd never felt this desirable or so free in her life. "I want you, Angel." She cupped his face, tracing the line of his jaw. She couldn't help herself. She had to say it. "I-I love you." And Angelus too. I love you both.

"I love you too." Angel bent his head and kissed her hard. Desperate to convey his emotion. He'd never been able to express himself with words. So, he would tell her how much he loved her with his body.

He set out to prove his love with his lips and fingers. With his eyes and his heart. Angel traced an imaginary line from between her breast to her navel with his tongue, pressing kisses to her newly moistened skin. He lavished each hip bone with small nips of his white teeth as well as with his cool mouth. His eager fingers delved between her thighs to know her most intimate place. Eventually he brought his mouth there as well to worship her.

All the while, Willow moaned beneath him. She encouraged him by curling her fingers in his hair, grasping his shoulders, and holding him close in her gentle arms. When he began to lap at her, she lifted her hips up to him. Beseeching him for more. Demanding release. A release he was all to eager to give her. When she couldn't stand it anymore and sobbed his name he gave it to her.

Then he rolled himself to the side and shut his eyes. Angel was still clothed in his suddenly snug black trousers. Quite simply, he was in agony. Angel could touch her, take her body to new heights but he could never join her there. He was in love with her. And his love would cost him his soul.

When she collected herself, Willow cradled him in her arms. "Are you alright? You didn't–"

"I told you there were ways around it. I wanted to please you, make it good for you." He kissed the top of her head.

"You did" She ran her hand down his torso. "If we were careful, it wouldn't be a problem. Maybe I can help."

For a moment, he flirted with the idea. The thought of having her hot little hand wrapped around. . ."Oh, Willow." He shut his eyes as she cupped him in her hand through his pants.

"Let me give you pleasure too."

His hips began to move in time with her movements. He loved her, needed this so much. The specter of Angelus loomed in his mind. He saw himself killing again. Wreaking havoc on Sunnydale and perhaps the world. "No, I can't. It's too dangerous." He stood up abruptly.

Her hands reached for him. "But, Angel, I–"

"NO!" He backed off. Angel's voice calmed. "I want you so much." He let his longing for her show in his eyes, the trembling of his body. "But I can't , Willow." Looking down at her, he gave her smile. "I love you and I'm never leaving you. I won't make the same mistake I did with Buffy." With that, he left to take a cold shower. A very cold shower.

Willow was left to ponder this as she sat bare and satiated on his rug. "What am I going to do now?" She asked aloud. Unfortunately, there was no answer.

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