tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUnder My Thumb Ch. 4

Under My Thumb Ch. 4


"Mochas. Muffins." Oz held out a white bag and a carrier with two travel cups.

Willow still held the front door open, she'd been prepared to walk to school when she almost ran into him. His finger was still poised to ring the doorbell. "Uh-huh. What are they doing on my front porch? With you?" She smiled, bewildered at his behavior.

"Well, there's this thing, where people eat in the morning." He thought for a moment. "I think they call it breakfast." He spoke in a conspiratorial tone. "I think it's going to be the next big thing."

Willow stepped completely out on the front porch, adjusting her necklace around her turtleneck. "And–"

"Well, this is the part where I'm really suave, and say I just happened to know you love chocolate chip muffins and mochas first thing in the morning." He gestured that she should follow him toward the street as he spoke. "And then I slip in how you're on my way to school and I just happened to have mochas and muffins. So I thought I should invite you to have some."

They had stopped in front of his van. He set the coffees on the top of it and opened the passenger side door for her. Willow couldn't help but be amused by his behavior. "Planning on bribing me with food so you can abduct me for ransom?" She teased, as she climbed into the car.

"Actually, I was going to take you to school, since I go there from time to time." He paused and gave her his best thinking face. "But I can, you know. . . if you like that sort of thing."

"I promised that I would never miss school unless I'd been kidnapped. So I always had this guilty fantasy, and the chocolate just helps." She grinned.

He handed her the coffee, held the bag while she chose a muffin, tucked the edge of her coat into the van, shut the door, then climbed in on the other side. "If I just happened to drive to school this way tomorrow, would you want a ride?"

"Oh, Oz, I don't think I should impose on you–"

"If I told you the seat was broken, and if no one sits in it then it'll fly into the back and I'll have to fix it, would you?" He suggested, schooling his face into a serious expression.

"Sure. That's so–" Sweet, charming, and thoughtful. But where the HELL were you a month ago before I had fallen for a demon!! "Nice. Thank you."

Oz just bobbed his head and started the engine. It wasn't what he had in mind when he had first seen her on Halloween. But it wasn't bad, being friends with her. Not bad at all. Most importantly, being friends with her was a good start. He wouldn't push her just now, but he wanted to be much more than her friend.

Willow looked straight ahead, a few weeks ago she would have been thrilled at Oz's interest in her. Now, all she thought about was Angelus, the demon that lived in the body of her best friend's boyfriend. It wasn't fair.


"Damn vampires ruin everything!" Xander exclaimed. He crossed his arms, his lips twisted in a scowl.

"Will you stop whining about that?" Cordelia snapped, not bothering to look up from her copy of Vogue.

"We were in the championship! The championship! Normally, I don't care about those dumb jocks but we were winning! But no. . .big old gang of vampires have to eat the quarterback! Hello? Why not the bench warmers? Or the stupid fullback, I hate that guy. Or - or. . .the cheerleaders!"

"Hey! Watch it, mister." Cordelia hit Xander's arm with the magazine. "If you ask me, Brad was asking for it. At least I carry protection, I put a stake in my pom pom."

"I could make a remark but I'm too much of a gentleman."

"I'll believe that when I see it. Besides, at least I could use protection unlike some virginal people in this room."

Xander blushed. Giles cleared his throat. "Is it possible to get through one meeting without a discussion of Xander's sex life?" He couldn't stop the smile that momentarily graced his lips. "Or lack thereof."

"We could talk about Buffy's sex life." Cordelia pointed out. "Since it's her boyfriend that's running around killing everyone." Buffy cringed at the comment, but Cordelia was, for the most part, right.

"I'm glad to hear you use protection, Cordelia." Willow said in a false sweet tone. "Or it could be your sex life that's running around killing everyone."

Cordelia stared at the redhead with a vacant expression for a moment. She never really understood Willow. Xander and Buffy lost it, loving it when Willow went off on somebody. The poor person never knew what hit them because she was normally so sweet and calm.

Giles started coughing and went to his office for a moment. A small burst of laughter sounded from under the door. Cordelia threw down her magazine. "I don't get it! Willow, I don't sleep with vampires!"

She couldn't resist and Queen C deserved it for taking Xander from her -- even though she no longer wanted him. "Well, that's at least one category of male that's safe. How do you feel about demons?"


"That's two!" Willow cried, sounding like a game show host.

"What are you talking about, Willow?" The cheerleader spit out.

Xander grew angry. It was funny at first but it had gone too far. She was his. . .his. . .girlfriend? "They're talking about syphilis, Cor. Among other diseases." He glared at Willow. "Syphilis is no laughing matter!"

Willow spared him a glance and patted his arm. "Don't worry, Xander, you're not in any danger."

A book fell to the floor inside Giles office and another burst of laughter came and then a fake coughing fit."That's it! I don't have to take this anymore."Cordelia cried, standing up. She glowered at Buffy and Willow and then at Giles door. "I have better things to do than hang out with you losers." Xander stood up beside her. "Let's go." They walked out in a huff.

Buffy had tears running down her face. "You're terrible! But thanks for defending me." She wiped her face with tissue. "What's gotten into you?"

Good question. Willow thought about Angelus, he was starting to be a bad influence on her. "I'm sorry about that. I just couldn't help it. She irks me."

"Me too." She sighed, rubbing her stomach. "Thanks , Wills. I needed that, it feels like I haven't laughed in days."

She sensed some domestic disharmony ."How are things Chez Summers?"

"Better. Now that he can't come in anymore. But my mom is on overload, she knows something's up."

"At least you can get some sleep and I bet your mom will settle down soon, she's always bought your explanations."

"I know, but I hate lying to her."

Willow looked away from her friend. "Lying is hard to do."

Giles reappeared, three books in his hands. He gave one to Willow and one to Buffy. "Let's look for that soul restoration spell again. This is the only way to get Angel back and the best way to stop him from doing whatever he's planning." He looked at Buffy carefully, causing them all to sober up. "The other alternative is to–"

"Don't say it." Buffy whispered, tearing up again. This time in despair. "I know what I'll have to do." She took a shaky breath.

Willow lowered her head in shame and misery. Buffy was heartbroken and she was going on behind her back with Angelus. She forced herself to squeeze Buffy's hand and offer her the comfort she needed, even though it made her feel like a fake. She didn't want Angelus to go away. Ever. "It'll all work out, Buffy. I know it will." They all bowed there heads over their respective books.


Willow sat at her computer screen, she was emailing Ms. Calender her computer science homework. The teacher encouraged them to use the computer as a tool and wanted their assignments turned in via the internet. She had gotten back from the research party a half an hour ago. After the email was sent, she noted that there was a message from Ms. Calender in her mailbox.


I meant to find you after school today but I didn't see you. You were probably in the library with Rupert, weren't you? I decided to email you the information instead. I think I found the soul restoration ritual! Unfortunately, it is written in Latin and is not complete. My grasp of the language is spotty at best but I've devised a computer program to randomly sample the text, it will give me a means to decode it. I also need to pick up a few magickal supplies to complete the ritual. I wanted to tell Rupert and Buffy myself, but I haven't exactly been welcome there lately. Anyway, I wanted to let you know. I needed to share this with someone. Please don't tell Buffy or Rupert yet, I don't want to get their hopes up. I've already let them down and I don't want to ever do that again.


Jenny Calender

It was almost done. Knowing Ms. Calender, she was hurriedly working on it this minute. It wouldn't take long at all to complete. She took a deep breath and tapped the 'save' button on her email account. She didn't want Angelus to leave. But it was wrong of her, she knew innocent people would die because of him. . .people she knew! Buffy might die because of him. What a mess. She sighed, closing out of her computer session.

Two hands suddenly covered her eyes. "Guess who?" A raspy voice asked.

"Angelus." Willow's heart leapt. In joy or fear? Did he see the email?

"I should hope so. I don't want to think any other strange men are wondering around your room at night." He whirled her around in her chair until she faced him. He opened his arms and she went into them.

He didn't know. She decided then she would put all thoughts of the resouling spell out of her mind. She didn't want to think about him leaving her. She'd worry about it later. Willow let herself relax against him and hugged him back. "Are you alright? The way you left last night–"

"I hade to take care of some things, little one. Everything's fine now." He stroked her back, inhaling her scent. Angelus delighted in the steady thud of her heartbeat against his chest. She felt so right in his arms.

"I was a worried that I might have done something." She said quietly.

"No, you didn't do anything." He hugged her tighter. "Are you hungry?"

"Are you?" Willow asked. She wanted to experience his bite once more.

"Is that an offer?" He pushed her back gently, watching her expression.

"Yes." She said, meeting his eyes.

Angelus moved his hand to her throat, reaching under her turtleneck to feel his bite mark and the increased beat of her pulse. He closed his eyes at the onslaught of hunger and love that swept through him. He cleared his throat before he spoke, keeping himself in check and he pulled his fingers from her neck. "I'll gladly take you up on that offer. Later. Right now, I have a surprise."

"A surprise?" She grinned, delighted as any child. Then she sobered. "This doesn't involve–"

His lips twitched. "No dead people's necklaces. I promise."

"Okay then. What is it?" She looked at him expectantly.

"First you have to thumb wrestle me."

"You expect me to thumb wrestle over a something? I don't even know what I could win."

"You misunderstand me, my sweet. We're wrestling for the location of the surprise."

"Still not making sense." She said but she gave in. "Fine. But no touching, okay? Nothing but our hands will touch." He had robbed her of her victory last time by doing that.

"Fine, little one, I won't touch you any more than necessary. Since you can't control yourself." He smiled mischievously.

"Put your thumb where your mouth is, Angelus."


"I should have won." Angelus grumbled. He looked down at his inept thumbs. They were longer than hers and he knew he was much stronger. What was the problem?

"I warned you." Willow said, shrugging. "If I hadn't been distracted last time–"

"We'll have a rematch later." The vampire decreed. Though he was starting to realize that his defeat of her had been a fluke. Or destiny. He smiled at that thought.

"Fine. I'd never pass up an opportunity to beat you." She put her hands in her jean pockets. "I get to choose where we have the surprise?"

"Yes." He had agreed, even though he had picked out a picturesque spot. "Where to, little one?"

"What are you giving me?" She asked, regarding him carefully.

His tongue traced his lower lip. "Something delicious."

Okay. " So we can't have this 'surprise' in front of others?"

"I don't know about that. Sometimes its fun to watch."

Was he talking about. . .? "I think I'm going with a private spot then." She thought a moment. "Why can't we have it here?"

"No, I think a change of venue is in order. This is a special night."

"Yes, it is." She smiled at him.

"And you are a very special person."

"I am."

"Can we go to the place I picked?" Angelus asked petulantly.

"Being a special person means that I'm capable of benevolence. Fine, take me there."

"You won't be sorry. Better get your coat." He pulled a denim jacket from her closet.

"How did you know–"

"I was your closet monster once, remember?"

"Oh." She smiled. "You're better looking than the one I had when I was four. He was green and had one eye."

" I haven't looked in a mirror lately but I'm sure that I have more than one eye." He held the jacket while she put it on. They crossed to the french doors and walked out to the edge of the balcony. "Do you trust me, sweet?"

She put her small hand in his and met his eyes. "Yes."

Angelus groaned before pulling her into his arms and kissing her soundly. "I love that word on your lips."

"Yes?" He nodded. "Then yes, Angelus. Yes, yes, yes. Yeeeeesssss!!" While she was talking he had flung them both from the balcony. He still held her in his arms and absorbed the impact with his body.

His eyes gleamed wickedly as they landed, her legs had gone around his waist in the air. "That was. . . was. . ." He nibbled her earlobe and he slid his hands up to cup her behind. "Exciting." She almost moaned. Adrenaline could be. . .nice.

"Thought so." He walked a short distance to his car which was parked on the street. It was a vintage black convertible. "This is yours?"

"Now it is." Angelus said as he reluctantly plucked her from his body and placed her on the passenger seat. He bounded around the car and jumped in the other side.

She really didn't want to know about his vampiric activities. Don't ask. Don't tell. That was her policy. "Where are we going?"

"You'll see when we get there."


"It's beautiful." she breathed, touching a pale purple flower. He had taken her to a night blooming garden. It was part of a mansion on Crawford St. "Is this yours?" Damn it, new policy, Willow! "Never mind."

"Don't worry, my sweet. It used to belong to a master vampire. I took over when I. . .came back."

She brightened. "Do you live here all alone?"

"I only come here every so often. No one else knows about it."

"I wouldn't tell anyone." She meant 'Buffy'.

"I know you wouldn't." He looked in the direction of the car. "Stay put. I'm going to get something from the car."

Willow sat down on a large bench, listening to the fountain burble. He was going to make love to her here, under the stars in this ethereal looking place. She could hardly believe it.

He came back with a picnic basket.

"Oh, food. You're surprise. . ." She thought about what he had said. "Of course it's food." She laughed hollowly.

"Yes, food. But it's for later." He set it down deliberately, drinking in the sight of her.

"Later? You mean after we-"

"That's what I mean." He walked over to her and took her in his arms once more. "I need to tell you something Willow. I've never said it to anyone. Ever." He pressed his mouth against her ear. "I love you."

Willow felt tears flow down her face. "I–"

"Shh. Don't tell me you love me. I don't think you know yet." He touched her cheek. "So innocent and trusting. I've put you in quite the position." He twined his hands in her luxuriant hair. "This is the part where he would break down and tell you that he wasn't good enough for you." He was speaking about Angel. "That he was a monster and didn't deserve you." He tilted her face up. "I'm not him. I am a monster and I may not deserve you but I want you. I love you. As much as a demon like me can love. And no one will keep me from you." With that, his lips crushed hers in a branding kiss.

Willow pulled her mouth from his. "I know you're not Angel. I know who I'm here with." His kiss was gentler this time, appreciative. Willow tried to speak once more. "Angelus, I–"

"No, little one." He brushed finger over her lips. " The time for words is over." He walked to the picnic basket and picked up the blanket that lay on top of. Carefully, he put unfurled it and set it on the ground. He held out his hand to her and together they stepped onto the soft woven blanket.

With shaking hands he peeled the coat from her body and tossed it to the ground. He knelt at her feet, looking and acting like a manservant. He removed her right shoe and sock. Then he did the left side. He circled her ankle with his large hand, it was delicate in his grasp. He reminded himself to be gentle.

Then, he ran his hands up her legs and brought them to the fastening on her jeans. His eyes asked a question and she nodded. He undid the snap and then unzipped them. He curled them down her legs and helped her step out of them. She braced her hands on his back as she did so, tracing his tattoo idly while she did. His muscles tensed and he seemed to arch up to her caress, like an insistent cat. When her ankles were freed, he stared up at her, his eyes smoky. She was dressed in a turtleneck and her underthings. He held out his hand to her and urged her to lay down.

Willow laid down on the soft blanket with Angelus hovering over her, still on his knees. He smiled at her tenderly before he hurriedly went to work on his own clothes. His hands deftly undid his coat and the shiny satin shirt. Then he pulled off his leather boots and socks with care. Now, he was dressed only in his leather pants. He bent over her again, looking like some rock god come to life. Around his neck, he wore a long silver chain, the charm on it was a silver 'A.' It brushed against her stomach as leaned over her to claim her mouth again.

His tongue thrust in and out of her mouth as one large hand cupped her breast through the fabric. Angelus brought one leg between her thighs and she widened them to accommodate him. He pulled away from her mouth, panting. Even though he didn't need to breath. He brought his hands to the edge of her shirt and rolled it up her body, exposing her pale skin to his insatiable eyes. He helped her pull it over her head. She immediately brought her hands to her hair, trying to smooth it, but he caught them. He liked the way it looked. Her hair was wild around her face, like she'd just made mad passionate love to someone. And she was about to.

He saw his bite mark on her throat. Without thought, he vamped out, aching to taste her again. He caught her eyes again and she nodded slightly. Needing no further invitation, he bent to her throat. His cool tongue snaked out to trace the mark. She had already accepted him into her body once. Tonight, he would have all of her. He sank his fangs in and almost cried out as her blood poured in his mouth. She arched against him, bringing her legs up and around his thigh. He drank deeply for a little while. Reluctantly, he soon let her go. She cried out, trying to hold him to her but he didn't want to take too much. Angelus wanted Willow to be aware of what would happen next.

Angelus then allowed himself to look down at her small pert breasts encased in purple lace. She was exquisite. He placed a kiss between her breasts and moved his mouth to suck one nipple through the cloth. She pressed her hand to the back of his neck, urging him to take more. With a grin, he flicked his hand over the center clasp and the sides burst apart, leaving her exposed to his gaze. He brushed the back of one hand against the nipple he had just suckled at. It hardened further and he groaned before he took it in his mouth again. Then, he gave the other pink peak the same attention.

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