tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUnder My Thumb Ch. 6

Under My Thumb Ch. 6


Angelus was waiting for her . He was pacing the length of her room with his clothing mussed and his hair tousled, muttering. He looked as if he had ran all the way from the school. Willow walked in regally and appraised him with a cool look. "I think you should leave."

He ran a hand threw his hair, trying to retain his composure. Control his anger. "We need to talk."

"No, you need to talk. I've said everything that needs to be said for right now." She walked to the door to the balcony and flung it open. "Leave."

In answer, Angelus moved to the other end of the room to stand behind her fish tank. "I'm not leaving until I know his name."

"Leave!" Willow cried, exasperated.

"Give me his name."

"Get out!"

"Have you forgotten who I am, little girl?" Angelus purred. His tone was menacing and provocative at the same time. When he'd used it before, most humans shuddered. It had the desired effect, she went white but didn't flinch. Brave girl.

"Haven't you done enough for one night?" She whispered.

"It was an accident, Willow. Is it my fault she was clumsy?" He ran his hand along the cool surface of the fish tank. He needed to take his anger out on something. Anything but her.

"You went too far." She explained. "Giles is devastated." Willow shook her head, trying to figure a way out of this. "I just know he's going to ask Buffy to stake you. He'll order her to!"

Angelus smirked. So, he'd really wounded Giles and Buffy to boot. With almost no effort on his part. Damn, I'm good. . .well, bad. "We'll wait and see." He really, really hoped they came after him. He'd enjoy killing them both. A Slayer and a Watcher! His vampire street cred would increase tenfold. Watch out, Dracula. The 'Dark Prince' didn't stand a chance. Angelus had a much better wardrobe and plus, no dopy accent.

Willow correctly interpreted his glee. "How can you be happy?" She felt sick to her stomach. "Giles is almost like a father to me and Buffy is my best friend. Miss Calender was my favorite teacher. I know that she tripped, but you practically--"

"Again, not my fault that she tripped. Maybe if she weren't trying to run in those high heels. . .what is with women and shoes these days?" He pondered this a moment and then stared at Willow who was beginning to fume. Excellent. Anger was much better than tears. "I wasn't even going to torture her." He sulked.

"Fabulous." She said sarcastically. "You weren't going to torture an innocent woman. Wow! They should pick you for man of the year."

"Vampire of the year actually." Angelus drawled, taking in her flushed cheeks and glowing eyes. She'd never been more irresistible. "Come here."

"Go to hell." At his surprised look, she went off again. " Yes, hell! Go there. . .you!"

"You missed me today, didn't you?" His eyes became hooded, burning with need. "I bet you thought about me. Fantasized." He walked around the fish tank, giving it a once over. You got lucky tonight, fish.

"Fantasies?" She whispered. The conversation was taking a new turn. "No, I don't have any of those.

"Sure you do. Tell me one of your fantasies." He continued to advance on her.

She held her ground. "I'm not talking to you about that. The last thing on my mind is sex!" By now he was looming over her.

"I doubt that." He brushed her lips with his own. "I get to you."

"No. . .no. . . you don't. You really don't" She said, taking a deep breath. She was desperately trying to ignore his nearness.

"Then this doesn't bother you?" He leaned over and kissed the bite mark on her neck and she felt her knees start to buckle. He caught her.


"What about this?" He traced the curve of her ear with his skillful tongue and bit down gently.

Breath hissed out from between her clenched teeth. "No."

Then his mouth claimed hers and he pulled her off her feet. Angelus clutched her to his chest as he kissed her senseless. She clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. When it was over her he held her close to his chest, her feet still dangling in the air. "Tell me his name."

That sobered her. "Ugh! Now you bring this up again?"

He pulled her back to look at him. "Tell me!"

"Alright, that's it." She smacked his chest. "Let me go!" He did so, making sure she could feel every inch of him as he slid her down his body onto her own two feet. "Get out!"

"No, I'm not going anywhere."

"Fine. If you won't leave, I will." Before he could react, she had swept out the door into the hallway. As she opened the door, it slammed into another person.


"Oh, I'm sorry!" Willow cried. "Buffy? What are you doing here?"

"Hi, Willow." She pressed a hand to her throbbing forehead. It just stung, she hardly ever bruised. "Being in pain, mostly."

"I'm so sorry!" Then she thought of something. She turned around and gave Angelus a truly wicked grin. "Come on in!"

He narrowed his eyes and ran for the door. She saw him leap off the balcony. Buffy made her way around the young hacker and settled herself on the bed. "Actually, I'm here because of Giles."

Willow was serious once more." How is he?"

"Angry, Willow. He wants to kill Angel."

She nodded. "Did he order you to–"

"No, he would never do that. I offered." Two teardrops fell onto her cheek.

"You offered to kill him? Oh, Buffy!" She pulled the Slayer into her arms.

It was if the flood gates were released. "I have to, Wills. I have to! It's my job. What I was born to do. And he's so. . .so awful. He kills, I know he does. Every night. He likes the killing, the torture and the blood." She sobbed on Willow's shoulder. " He's not my Angel anymore. My Angel is dead and I'm never going to get him back."

Willow rubbed her best friend's back and murmured nonsensical soothing phrases. "W-when?"

"Tonight. I can't put this off, I just want to do it and get it over with." She pointed to the heavy weapons bag which was just outside Willow's door. "Giles is going to meet me at the factory they're hiding out in."

Willow was starting to panic. No! She couldn't kill Angelus! "Are you sure this is the right thing?"

Buffy scrubbed her face with her hands, trying to retain some composure. "I'm sure." She stood up and patted down her clothes. "I'll go . . kill him. Then, I can mourn Angel." She took a deep breath. "And go on with my life."

"But Buffy–"

"I fine, Wills." She pulled her friend into a hug. "I just needed to tell someone. I really should go. The sooner this thing is over with, the better."


"Goodnight, Willow." The Slayer was already lugging her bag down the hall and out the front door.

"Dammit!" Willow cried, running her hand through her hair. She couldn't warn Angelus, he would ambush Buffy and Giles and kill them both. She couldn't let him die either. He might be a soulless demon, but he cared for her. Loved her. And she returned those feelings, she refused to let him die. Then, she knew. There was only one solution. With precision, Willow began laying out the contents of Miss Calender's knapsack.


"Hello, Buff. What a surprise." Angelus called, walking down the stairs. "It is customary to call before coming to someone's house."

"Yeah, well, I couldn't remember your number." She took out a stake. "I did remember to get you a housewarming gift though."

"I see you brought your old man, too. 'Fraid to be alone with me?" Angelus stubbed out his cigarette on the wall.

Giles pulled a broad sword from the duffel bag. "Actually, she thought your company would be rather boring."

"Enough with the small talk. It's time to get dusty." Buffy said. She began to circle him, stake in hand.

"Fine. I'm a feeling little hungry, Slayer's blood might hit the spot."


Willow knelt on the floor in front of the Orb of Thessula. A tray of animal bones and candles held the orb, it was accompanied by two braziers full of burning herbs. It was time to begin the ritual, she prayed that she was in time. "Goodbye, Angelus." She murmured. Then, she began. "Not dead, nor not of the living. . ."


Buffy kicked Angelus in the chest, but he grabbed her ankle and twisted it, sending her to the floor. He was about to jump on her when she flipped up and was once more on her feet. They circled each other once more.


"Gods, bind him, cast his heart from the demon. . . realm. . .return his. . ." Willow faltered. She felt so strange. Like she wasn't alone in her own body. "I call on. . . I. . ." Her whole body tensed and it was as if something or someone snatched her. Took hold of her and was speaking through her body. "Te implor Doamne, nu ignora accasta rugaminte! Lasa orbita sa fie vasul care-I va transporta sufletul la el!" Willow was no longer herself, she was speaking another language yet it didn't feel foreign to her now. Somewhere deep inside herself, she watched in awe as the spell was performed. " Este scris, aceasta putere este dreptul poporuil meu de a conduce. . " The globe began to glow.


"You're looking mighty tired, Buff. You need a break?"

"I'm just fine, lover." She smiled nastily at him. "I'll be even better when I'm sweeping your dirt off my sneakers."

"Funny, I'm not the one who's tired here." He punched her in the jaw and sent her flying.


"Asa sa fie! Acum!" The orb disappeared. Willow gasped for breath as the presence released her.


Angelus' eyes began to glow with a brilliant light. "Ahhh!" He hit his knees as the pain ripped through him. Angel's consciousness emerged. "B-Buffy?" Tears began to flow down his face. "Where am I? What's going on?"

"Angel?" Buffy gasped, afraid to believe. "Angel?"

"It's me." He noticed a small bruise on her cheek. "You're hurt." He reached out to brush her cheek but she withdrew. " I feel like I've been away for so long. Everything's a blur." She flung herself into his arms and he held her tight.

"It is you! Oh, Angel. I love you. I love you." She pressed kisses to his cheek, his forehead, his mouth.

Giles watched from the corner of the room. He was touched by their reunion . . .the emotion. . .the pain. But bitter. It almost choked him, the rage building inside him. There would be no tearful admissions of love for him. Jenny was gone, taken by this man. . .this monster before him. It might have been kinder in the long run to kill him. Angel had a lot to answer for.


Across town, Willow climbed into bed. She flicked off the lights and stared up into the darkness. She was clad in Angelus' shirt once more, his scent surrounded her. "I love you." She said to the dark empty cavern of her room. She hadn't been able to save Angelus but she had saved his body. At least Buffy and Angel would be happy. She pressed her nose to the sleeve and the tears began to flow freely. She stared sightlessly at the wall.

A calendar on that wall reflected the date and the stage of the moon. The new moon had begun that day.

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