tagGroup SexUnder the Flying Trapeze

Under the Flying Trapeze

byPholkie Phred©

"What a hoot. Let’s do it!" Neither Mary nor Joan had ever really heard too much about these private sex clubs before and the thought of what must go on there intrigued both of them. Mary had not even heard of them before Joan had brought it up. Her good friend had been to one and had described much of what goes on there to Joan. When Mary had the word passed to her, her eyes lit up and her demeanor had changed from stressed-out to turned-on.

"Do you want to go this Friday?" Joan asked. "How ‘bout next Friday instead; I’ve got some blind date to deal with this Friday. Besides, I’ve got the kid this weekend. My ex gets him next weekend. " Mary replied. She was getting clinical now. "And do they provide like the condoms or some ground rules?" The only way to find out the answers to a lot of questions was going to only have to wait one weekend more. "I don’t know if I want to go as a casual observer with an open mind about joining in or as a full fledged party girl ready to test out a lot of man-meat." Either approach would certainly be more fun than another Internet date. Those guys were usually really lacking in class. "Well, I intend to be a very active participant." Joanie offered. "I’m gonna line em up by dick size and start at one end and see how far I can go!" She quipped. "Yeah and I bet I know which end you’re planning to start at!" Mary laughed as she held her hands about a foot apart. This was gonna be a learning experience, a chance to test out how much fun zipless, unattached humping could be and an opportunity to see if that’s what either girl really wanted at this stage in their life.

This kind of begs for a description of the girls. Mary was a deadly Blond with an alpha-bitch T-shirt. Approaching middle age gracefully and with a renewed interest in carnal lust thanks to a recent divorce and a wild fling with a semi-attached stud muffin, Mary could be a handful for one man. She had never wanted more than one man at the same time let alone several at once or even two in a week. But she wasn’t getting any younger so it was time to find out what the commotion was all about.

Joan was a bit more demure on first look but had a smile that lit up when she was turned on so that she shone like a beacon in a wasteland night. She had frequently suggested threesomes, orgies and mentally unattached feelings for some of her many sex partners. She’d never gotten her best friend Mary to bite on her schemes but this time she had her. This could be way cool. The thought of all that dick in a confined area was too stimulating a concept for either of them to overlook.

The club Joanie had heard about was "The Flying Trapeze". It was a south Florida swinger’s landmark among the fast lane-inclined folks of the area. A large private club with a male must pay, ladies are free policy, Trapeze was a huge club with a dance floor, several private rooms, several rooms with two-way mirrors, an orgy room and many amenities to go with the cushy interior design. Sort of like a French New Orleans whore house on speed. The clientele were judges, lawyers, policemen, athletes and John and Jane Q Public. A cross section of cultures, races, libidos and desires met under one roof and got busy.

Friday finally came and the girls decided to go in separate cars in case individual exits were called for. Usually the stayed together for the night but this evening might prove to be special. They had never had any attraction for the other although both had experienced an experiment or two with lesbian love. And, given the reduced likeliness of disease transmission, a bit of saphic pleasuring might be at least part of what makes sense; just not with each other! And Joan had brought another friend of hers along who wanted to try some of this weirdness out. Linda was a bit plumper than Mary and Joan but had plenty of enthusiasm and loved to dance as much as her friends did.

Passing under the Trapeze over the door, the girls were ushered into a locker room were they were given toga-towels to wrap themselves in and a combo lock hamper to store their clothes in. Then it was on to the main floor-a dimly lit dance area with several hallways and doors leading off from the main room. "Looks friendly enough." Said Mary as she surveyed the crowd of about 30 or 40 people about evenly split between men and women. "Anyone you recognize?" "No, thank God. That’s about the last thing I want tonight. I do see some guys out there I wouldn’t mind getting to know better though." "Depends on what they’ve got under the towel." "Of course it does." "If he looks as nice under the towel as he does above it, I’d certainly be game for a shot at him" Joanie nodded towards one seemingly unattached stud standing over by the bar. "or at least one of his friends" referring to the half dozenYOUNG men lounging around next to him. "I haven’t fucked a twenty-something in a long time. Joanie said. "Yeah, the problem was always what do you do afterwards. Who wants some illiterate rap poseur telling you that you’ve got a saggy ass or something?" Mary continued. But maybe if you don’t even have to worry about seeing them again or, God forbid, have to talk with them getting some of that young adrenaline going might be a whole lot better than any of that old men with their easy-limp dicks crap I’ve had to deal with. Hmmm."

An orgasmic scream coming from a door to their left as they strolled around the place turned all three girl’s heads. Through the two-way glass mirror a busty brunette was getting two timed by a pair of black men. One’s 8" rod was going in her pussy while the other was standing in front of the girl getting his enormous erection stroked, licked and fondled. Now she was being forced down onto her hands and knees by the exertion attacking her from behind. The big buck in front of her just rubbed his dick across her still open lips. The cries of passion were getting louder now and were soon joined by the grunting of the man who had now withdrawn his still squirting member from her pussy and was shooting the remnants of his cum onto her back. And as quickly as he had finished, his buddy had flipped the girl around so that her ass was facing him now. Then, without warning or opposition, he slowly pushed his monstrous member deep into her anus. The girl’s mouth now went silent as she opened it as wide as she could and still produced no sound. Her eyes seem to roll back in her head as she arched her back a little and gradually accepted the entire length in. A few seconds of this and she felt a huge load being deposited in her rear. "Whew, don’t know if I’d want to go there." Mary mumbled aloud. "You mean in the rear or with the black dude?" Joanie cracked. "Both!" It was then that Mary noticed the bowls of fluorescent condoms that proudly stood at the portals to each room and hallway. "At least not without some of these handy." Mary joked while grabbing a handful just in case. The other girls too helped themselves to a hopeful handful of the brightly colored packages.

"Would you be interested in some of this?" the toweled man had appeared from nowhere and offered a long glimpse of his equipment to all three girls. And even semi-erect it was apparent that the man had been treated kindly by the great dick-apportioner in the sky. The girls looked at him, back and forth at each other and then back at the rising 7 inches. It was Joanie that spoke up first. "What did you have in mind there? Can you make that thing dance as well as you can make it big?" "Check it and see!" Joanie turned to Mary and shrugged her shoulders. "Don’t wait up…." Off they went into one of the private rooms. The door had no sooner closed behind them than the man dropped his towel to the floor and produced a bright red condom to Joanie to unroll on his now very stiff pecker. Without being given further instruction, Joanie unwrapped then unrolled the red baggie over his now 9" erection. Cuddling his balls while she stroked his meat, Joanie was in the early stages of blissful surrender. Gently he placed her on her back on the bed and in one thrust made easy by Joanie’s already dripping wet snatch, buried himself about halfway into her honey pot. Two quick strokes to get ready and go man go. The man could fuck; Joanie had to allow to herself. He was pounding her good and hard just the way she liked it and was not neglecting her clit either. I do believe he's going to make me cum she almost thought when that familiar flash of fire just overcame her thinking ability. Holding onto his back for dear life she soon could feel the beginning of the man’s own orgasm which was accompanied by a grunt, a snort and then all 9 inches buried just as deep as her cervix would allow. He ejaculated for what seemed like a minute or more, all the time burying himself deeper into her. When he finally withdrew he was still semi-hard. "I wonder if Mary would like to try some of THIS" she mumbled barely aloud. "I’ll do her and her fat friend too if you want." he uttered. "Maybe, maybe, you’ll have to ask them. I’ll give good recommendations for sure."

Meanwhile Linda and Mary had wandered along past the dancers, the private rooms and the two way mirrors. They had found the orgy room. It was pretty easy to find; all roads seemed to lead there and that’s where the real carnal noises seemed to be constantly cumming from. "Look at that," Mary whispered in her most high-strung voice, that woman is doing three guy at once!" And, sure enough, her ass, pussy and mouth were indeed being put to use by a collection of men who had happily volunteered for the experiment. The lab rat, as it were, was Linda who had surprised herself by taking the dare that the man on the microphone had made to the women in the crowd. Any woman who can take these three guys on at the same time wins a Trapeze pin to wear out in the warm world beyond these gates. The announcer seemed to be looking at the two new girls in the room when he said it and Linda was quick to accept the offer. She had indeed earned her pin. The men seemed to have done this before. They had a rhythm going in no time and even switched holes after about five minutes as if on cue. Linda had about enough time to roll over when the man in her pussy switched to her mouth while the one in her ass switched to her pussy. When the man who had been in her mouth slid into her already well-reamed ass, the switch was complete. Mary stared on in amazement. Several men had already hit on her without success. The show was too good to miss.

The caliber of the men hitting on her did seem to be improving anyway. Most of them hadn’t been doing every bimbo in the room and actually seemed to want her slightly older ass. It was getting harder to say no. The handful of condoms in her hand wouldn’t go to waste. She knew her regular man would be more than happy to help her use them up, but with him there was no chance of disease or pregnancy anyway and they usually did without these nasty things and went bareback. Telling him about her planned adventure was a bit of a risky thing to do. How would he feel about me doing this? Sure, I’m a free agent and all but if this could be some sort of infidelity in his eyes might not it be better to avoid pissing him off? She had thought it over and told him she was going to check the place out-for both of their curiosities. His wife would never let him come here much less join him, whether it was to watch or participate. They had agreed that it was going to be up to her to do the (hard) work of checking out all those holes and poles. Her sense of honesty fought with the Southern belle in her and made it difficult to know what she would report back to him. But there was certainly no need to say anymore than was absolutely necessary about her needs and desires. This was a girl’s night out after all and not subject to prior censorship. And what was that loud noise she was hearing from the other end of the room? Time to become a player.

Her ex had always said she was obsessed with sex. The infrequent liaisons she had enjoyed since their split made her question that judgement. "Any chance of getting you to rest that towel for a while?" the baritone voice from across the room was asking. Blond over blue-just like she liked her men she thought. And he was tall with rippling muscles, a washboard stomach and didn’t seem to be with anyone else. Lots of plusses. "I could find a nice safe and warm place to keep that nasty old towel for you; it’ll give us a chance to get to know each other too." Add charming to the list of plusses. The baritone man had stepped closer to her and was now reaching out to assist in the anticipated towel lowering. Mary peeled the towel off of her lithe frame and offered it to her new buddy. She couldn’t help but notice from her closer vantagepoint that baritone man also had a sizable and still growing erection between his long legs. Except for the charm, he reminded her of her ex. "Can I get you a glass of wine or a glass of iced tea perhaps?" Not too presumptuous and he wasn’t trying to get her drunk and take advantage; more plusses. "The iced tea sounds good, but nothing in it okay?!" The iced tea appeared and was soon gone while the conversation had gotten increasingly hotter. The small room they had retreated to had a lava lamp and a bed. Mary was feeling very warm despite her nudity and her all over tan was garnering praise from passer-byes. She had just sat down on the bed and thrown her long hair back while laughing at a clever compliment someone outside had offered when she first felt a long and strong tongue making direct and much appreciated contact with her clit. "Good aim." was all she could say before her breath left her and she had instinctively grabbed his head. The tongue was now moving rapidly up and down her rapidly moistening cuntal lips.

Suddenly she began to wonder if maybe there had been a roofie or something in that last glass of tea. What the hell, she thought, I’m cumming already. She had always been loud orgasmically and today was certainly no exception. "Ahoooowaaaaaah." The look in her eye had gone from teasing to intensity. She stared into her new lover’s eyes with a look that said-I hope you know what you’re doing to me. Fortunately he did know very well. And now everyone within earshot knew as well. Mary’s head was spinning from the orgasms and the chemical enhancements. The room slowly filled with onlookers and potential participants some of who looked vaguely familiar. Looking much like they’d just escaped a Halloween ball, several men in masks of all sizes and descriptions had entered the room. Oddly enough, they were all white men. None of them had to be asked if "that thing" came in adult sizes.

Baritone Man was now standing between her legs which he had pulled down to the end of the bed. Grabbing her firm butt with both hands he was teasing her warm and wet spot with the tip of what now appeared to be a solid 9 inches of love muscle. "Enough of that shit," Mary thought, "Time for…." But her reverie was short-lived as he quickly impaled her with everything that he had. As quickly as he had entered her she had clamped her legs around his ass and was pulling him deeply into her, allowing only a brief second for him to withdraw before being slammed in again and again. She didn’t know or care about the condom now but she did notice some of the masked revelers making their way into the room and over to the bedside. One shorter guy had stepped right up to her and offered his familiar looking tool to her lips even while baritone man was still slamming into her. "Just this once," she thought "this is too much fun to pass up." The cock in her mouth had a familiar taste but most cocks tasted about the same didn’t they? Baritone Man announced loudly that he was about to cum. The crème was soon pouring out from between her legs and Baritone Man disappeared into the crowd. The somewhat smaller man in her mouth asked her if he could have sloppy seconds. Wait a minute, that voice was very fam….ooh, aah. With no fanfare he had buried himself into her still dripping pussy and was fornicating for all he was worth. "I’ll give you ten, no 15 minutes to quit that she joked. And about ten minutes later he added his cum to the mix.

There was now a line formed around the bed. Mary was flipped onto her belly where a third tall man was now using some of the moistness leaking out of her to first lubricate his own cock and then, with a bit of cheek spreading from Mary, to slowly insert himself into her anus. Gritting her teeth and steeling herself for the onslaught into an infrequently used venue, Mary was ready. The ease with which he had penetrated her back door surprised her. The rapidity of his cumming had not pleased her much. But there were more at the door. Some didn’t seem to want to wait for her to finish with the growing line of men and were now masturbating over her while others were getting hand jobs from Mary while a second anal penetrator was slipping into her now very wet back door. When he had finished she was moved up onto her hands and knees and was now getting it from the rear and the front at the same time. Only one man who had previously had his way with her had remained in the room. After all the others had come and gone, he approached her with a towel and some aloe-vera lotion. "Need some help drying off, cutie?" Now there was no mistaking the voice and she reached up quickly to snatch the mask off his face. "Did you like the blond over blue guy I found for you?" She was almost too stunned to speak. "I hope no one hurt you-I tried to watch everything to make sure it would be cool." Her long time lover was speaking to her. I found out from Joanie that you were going to be here tonight so I tried to arrange things. I hope you don’t mind." It was hard to tell who had enjoyed the night the most. Joan and Linda had appeared from out of nowhere. The door was closed and the four of them got down to some serious bisexual, trisexual and multiple one on one encounters.

Mary was amazed that she enjoyed watching her man and Joanie getting it on almost as much as she enjoyed making love with him herself. He had always wanted to prove that he could cum 4 or 5 times in a day and tonight he had shown that it was well within his capacity. Her own capacity had never been in doubt. As Joanie and Linda had finally enjoyed their rather quick encounters with her best lover man and then rejoined the swirling fray in the main room, he and Mary fucked on into the night, kissing, sucking and exploring every angle that they had never before had the time to enjoy. She would be sore in the morning but…ooh, aah ow.

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