tagFetishUnder the Thumb Ch. 02

Under the Thumb Ch. 02


That weekend, they were in the same position. She had insisted he come round to her place and an hour later, he found himself tied to the bed, as she straddled his face, facing his feet. She had already had one leisurely orgasm and he understood she wanted to take her time before coming again.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" she asked him.

"I think you are the sexiest girl ever" he replied.

"Good. Hold that thought" she said, sliding forward a little and taking his cock in her hand.

It also brought her ass over his mouth and she let him gain entry with his tongue before her hands seemed to get busy again. A half hour of rimming brought her soaking pussy back on his mouth with an audible slopping sound.

"Yes, lick me, fuck, lick my clit now!" she groaned as she came against his tongue hard.

All in all, it was two hours later she untied him and slumped exhausted onto her bed.

"Could you pull the door firmly shut on your way out" she said.

It was clear she wasn't bothered about him staying the night. That week it was worse as he was dying to fuck her but she was either 'too busy' or 'too tired'. After much coaxing, she had finally agreed to come round to his place on Thursday night but was heading off to meet some old school friends that weekend. He opened the door to her and she strode in and sat on the sofa. She was wearing a very prim and proper outfit today; which on her just made her look even sexier. blouse and cardigan, skirt above the knee in a sort of tartan design and heels.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked her.

"Just a cup of tea" she said and he put the kettle on then returned, sitting on the seat beside the sofa.

"So em, what do you plan to do this weekend with the girls, anything exciting?" he enquired politely of her.

"Nothing much - we're going for drinks on the Friday night then a girly meal out on the Saturday. Sunday, I'll head back at some point" she said.

They continued talking about mundane stuff until he fetched her a cup of tea through. He noticed her taking her shoes off too.

"Are your feet tired? Maybe I could massage them for you" he said hopefully. His hope was that she would become more and more turned on to fuck him before she went away for the weekend.

"Yeah they are actually. Go on then. No, hang on you'll rip my damn tights. I usually wear those fairly sturdy hold ups but I was in a rush this morning so it was the cheap last minute tights. Hang on" she finished and swiftly hooked her thumbs under her skirt, bringing her tights down and off her legs.

He didn't waste any time and began to massage them for her. She was doing a good job of not noticing at any rate so he tried harder. After 5 minutes on each foot, he changed tack; he brought his mouth onto her toes while his hands continued to caress the main portion of her foot. When he was engrossed in it, she glanced down at him, idly wondering how long she could stand this before she would want his mouth in other areas. Or if he would ask her before she had to hint or tell him to move on. Having him actually ask to do something she wanted him to do anyway was a real turn on and her thoughts strayed to the object in her bag again.

Leaving her right foot for the 3rd time, he looked up hopefully at her.

"Um, perhaps I could do other things that might relax you" he said earnestly.

"Such as?" she said, giving nothing away.

"Perhaps I could go higher - may I kiss your legs please?" he asked.

"Okay, but go all the way up" she said, seemingly content to play along with this little game.

His delicate oral attempts glided up her calves, kissing them all over before he reached her knees. As his mouth moved towards the tops of her knees, she helped her skirt shuffle around her waist, leaving her crotch exposed to him. Letting him part her knickers, she decided to enjoy an orgasm first before she introduced him to her little 'gift' and perhaps another session of oral. Below, his tongue parted her cunt lips and his breath was harsh from arousal and desire.

As she came down from her orgasmic plateau, she pushed him away.

"Strip your clothes, then lie on the rug, on your back" she said and he hurried to do so.

Once in position, she removed her skirt completely and mounted his face, facing his feet. Once descended, she told him not to lick until she said so, then reached inside her bag. Her hands were a blur at his waist as she swiftly fitted the cock harness on, letting it lock shut. He was about to protest, she knew it, so looked at him over her shoulder.

"Now, it's just a cock harness. And look, here's the key. Now, here's the deal. The thought of you wearing one is actually more arousing to me than you could imagine. I mean, if I knew you were wearing it all weekend then I would be dying to unlock it on Monday and have you fuck me silly. Or perhaps I could release you shortly, although I can't say when I'd next let you fuck me. So I know it's not exactly what you were thinking, but you have been keen to have me absolutely gagging for your cock and this is how you could get me in that state. So, what's it to be, let me have the key and come relieve you Monday, or let you have the key and well, who knows when I'll get round to wanting some cock. What option?" she quizzed directly.

His mind was a turmoil, struggling to take it in. He had began to realise she was actually very sexually inventive, very sexy, very amazing and a little selfish but this was still unexpected. The idea of her walking through the door and tearing his clothes off was so tempting and he thought, if he could simply occupy himself all weekend, the reward would probably be worth it.

"You keep the key" he said, sounding genuinely worried.

"Good! I'm happy you've made the right decision. Now then, seeing as I'm poised like this" and as a way of finishing her sentence, she sank down to sit on his face.

As his tongue came up to caress her slit again, she subtly moved forward, bringing her anus into contact with his mouth. His tongue began the slow task of entering it, while she looked at his crotch. Although he was clearly on the verge of erection, he couldn't quite get one due to her contraption. The feeling of control it gave her was immense and it was as if her perfect fantasy relationship was being slowly realised. A young, gorgeous guy, sexually generous at pleasing her body and mind, obedient and willing to go without to give her more pleasure. As she felt his tongue gain entry and begin to rim her fairly deeply she could relax, knowing the rest of the night would result in a couple more orgasms at least for her and Monday would be great fun.

Eventually, the excitement became too much and she rode his face to an earth-shattering orgasm, the sight of the cock cage sending more shivers through her. She rose and sat back on the sofa as he rose to a sitting position on the floor.

"Keep me on the boil" she said and lazily cocked a leg before dropping it over one of his shoulders.

He knew she meant 'don't make me cum, but still give me great oral' and began a familiar task. He used long, slow sweeps of his tongue over her entire pussy before dipping down to lick insistently at her ass again. She was almost torturing herself aswell though, as the sight of him on his knees, pleasuring her, knowing he wasn't going to get any was making her incredibly horny and she contemplated releasing that magnificent cock and fucking him all night.

But she didn't; it would be so much more wonderful on Monday to release him and she really did intend on getting as much cock as possible next week. But this little contraption could be part of their sex games from now on. He had already shown obedience by wearing it and was slowly becoming, if it were possible, the perfect boyfriend in every way. She might even give him a blow job she was so turned on.

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