tagRomanceUnder the Willow Tree

Under the Willow Tree


"If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will." --Unknown


Middle of the night. I'm laying beside you, snuggled up against your chest, sleeping ever so soundly. You lie awake, listening to the rain start to pelt the windows. Over the next several minutes, it gets harder and harder until it's coming down at a good steady pace. You look down at me, softly caress my cheek and kiss my forehead, which causes me to stir.


I shift in the bed, bringing my arm up over your chest and curling my hand around your neck.

"Lore? Wake up, baby," you whisper as you turn towards me and pull my entire body into yours.

I stir again and finally open my eyes. The biggest smile dances across my face as I see you next to me. You smile back at me in return. "Can't sleep, honey?" I ask, giving you a light kiss on the lips.

"It's raining pretty hard outside," you inform me.

At first, that piece of information doesn't really hit me. "Mmmm hmmm," I moan.

"Princess...I said...it's raining pretty hard outside," you repeat.

"I heard you the first ti---oh!" Finally, I catch on. I giggle. "Ya want to?"

"More than anything."

"What're we waiting for then?!" I ask, hopping out of bed and heading for the front door. You're not far behind me.

Suddenly VERY awake, I tear out into the rain as it pours down in buckets. I stop, look up towards the sky, enjoying the pelting of the rain on my face as my little baby doll nightie gets thoroughly soaked through. You come up and stand in front of me, then slip your arms around my waist and pull me into you as you, too, look up towards the sky.

"This feels awesome," I whisper as the cool, crisp rain cuts through the warm summer air.

"You feel awesome."

I smile up at you as you look down at me...your eyes so full of lust and love. We lean in and our lips meet for a light kiss, but it's electrifying nonetheless. Sparks fly as the rain continues around us.

Without warning, you take my hand in yours and tear off across the parking lot with me in tow. You don't slow until we're across the way in this little grassy area beneath a willow tree. You turn and quickly take me in your arms, pulling me in for a deep, passionate kiss. You kiss me hard and I kiss you back with everything I've got. My soft, pink, pouty lips emanating all that I feel for you as the rain, now a slight bit less intense under the minimal cover of the willow tree, continues to pelt our hot skin and drench us.

"We're soaking wet!" I giggle.

"I bet you are...and it's not from the rain," you suggest.

"What makes you so sure?" I challenge.

"Because I KNOW you," you state confidently, giving me another quick peck on the lips before you break from our embrace, walk over to the trunk of the willow tree, and slide your body down it. You're now sitting at the base of the tree, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxer shorts, staring at me standing only a few feet away.

"What're you waiting for, Rick?" I ask coyly.

"You to come ride my hard cock," you state matter-of-factly as you pull your cock from within your boxers. It's indeed hard and ready for me. I stare momentarily at your hard, veiny cock and lick my lips.

I want to play it cool, but I can't. Once I see your cock, I get too hungry, too needy. I MUST have you inside me.

I walk over to you, straddle your legs, then slink down to your lap so that my bare pussy is hovering just above your harder than hard cock and my arms are now wrapped around your neck, drawing you into my chest. "You probably think you can have me whenever you want, don't you?"

"I know I can," you inform me, cockily.

"What if I get up now and go back inside?"

"You're not going to."

"Why won't I?"

"Because you need my hard cock to fill up that tight cunt of yours."

I groan.

"Don't you?" you press.


"Tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me what you need, LoreLai."

I shake my head at you. Normally, I'd take the time to compete, but I can't deny it this time. I'm already on the edge as it is. "I need your hard cock to fill up my tight cunt."

You don't take the time to gloat for a change. Instead, you put your hands on my hips and slowly guide me down over your cock. You impale me on your shaft. As you do, I lean my head back and my long, wet, red curls stick to my shoulders and back. After what seemed like minutes but was probably only mere seconds, your cock is buried perfectly inside me. I lean my head back up. I take your face in my hands and bring you towards me. I kiss you hard, my tongue ramming past your lips, entwining with your tongue, staking my claim. You kiss me back just as deeply, wrapping your warm arms around me, holding me close to you, making me feel safe and cared for. But as perfect as our kiss is and as perfect as the rain feels against us, I need more.

I begin moving my hips slowly...bucking forward and backward, building a steady rhythm. You quickly lift one of my breasts out of my little baby doll top and take it into your mouth, suckling on it. I moan aloud. Your other hand strokes my back.

I, meanwhile, hold you so tight against my chest...run my fingers through your hair. I look down at you as you suck my nipple. You look up at me and our gaze meets. A million things are said even though we exchange no actual words. This in and of itself drives me insane. I start to rock my hips into you faster. You then reach down and rub two fingers towards the top of my pussy...they land directly on my hardening clit.

"Oh yessssssssss...." I hiss.

I pick up the pace even more...moving my hips faster, harder, taking you into me deeper than ever before.

You let my nipple fall from your lips. Your fingers start grinding into my clit, rubbing it in wide circles, matching the pace I've set. Concentrating on the growing heat between us, my eyes close and I fall forward a bit so that my forehead rests against yours. "That's it, princess...make love to me," you whisper as the rain falls around us a little harder.

This single sentence makes me crazy for you. I kiss you hard again. So hard that you fall back slightly and land against the tree with a thud. My hips move faster. So do your fingers against my clit. You match the pace I've set perfectly. I don't think anything could feel more perfect...until it does.

Suddenly, I feel a finger swirl around my tight little asshole. I break our kiss and look down at you. My face must've said it all because you smile deviously.

"Oh fuck...." I moan.

Before I can say another thing, though, your finger is buried inside my ass. My eyes close and my lips part, but no sound escapes. I can feel the rest of your fingers grabbing my ass cheek. You continue rubbing my clit in the same pace at which my pussy is taking your glorious cock in and out of my body. You keep your hand steady on my ass, letting me be the one who fucks back against your finger. Just when I think it's impossible for this pleasure to escalate, I open my eyes in time to see you take my left nipple into your mouth again. With your perfect cock inside me, your fingers on my clit and in my ass, your delicious lips sucking my tit into your mouth, and the rain falling all around us, I'm in pure ecstasy like never before.

My orgasm is rising faster than I want it to. I want this to last all night, all week, all month. But I can't stop it. Everything's too perfect...my body's on fire. You watch me carefully as you suck lovingly on my nipple. You know me. You know I'm about to lose it. You rub my clit faster, widening the circles and pressing down a bit harder. That's all it takes.

I scream as my orgasm reaches its pinnacle and overtakes me. My long, painted fingernails dig into your back, marking you. My hips continue to buck into you as I'm lost in the throes of passion. Your finger keeps moving in and out of my ass as my juices seep from within me and coat your thighs.

Soon, I'm coming back to my senses. As I do, I look down at you. I see a fire in your eyes that wasn't exactly there a second ago. You're close, too. I can tell. So, I rock my hips into you faster again. Harder. I ride you through my orgasm. I bring you close to me and hold you tight. I lean into your neck and suck on it, all the while taking your cock in and out of my soaking wet cunt. I whisper in your ear, "Honey?"

"Yes?" you whimper.

"I want you to cum inside me...please, Rick...I need it...."


"That's it baby...that's it...."

This was all you needed to hear. You grab my hips roughly and grit your teeth before exploding inside me, filling my womb with your warm cum until your balls are drained. We collapse into one another, spent, lying under the willow tree in the warm summer rain.

Minutes pass. We happily just hold each other as our bodies tingle and the warm rain pelts us.

Finally, you take my head in your hands and bring my face to yours, kissing me softly on the lips, then pulling back and looking straight into my deep brown eyes. "I love you, ya know."

It was the first time you'd told me that. It might as well have been the first time anyone had told me that. They were the three most beautiful words that were ever spoken from anyone's lips.

"I love you, too," I say, breathlessly.

Then, just as I'm getting lost in the most perfect moment there ever was, I start to choke. I try to catch my breath, but I can't. I'm gasping for air, trying to breathe. I can't. I'm suffocating. I go to scream. Instead, I wake up violently. My eyes pop open and I'm sitting upright in bed. I look around the cool, dark room...shivering and confused. I hear the rain pelting the windows. I look down at the empty bed beside me. It was all a dream. There is no Rick under my willow tree. There is no passionate sex in the rain. There are no "I love you's."

I settle back into bed, rest my head on my pillow, and close my eyes. A single tear streams down my cheek. Is it better to dream about love than to actually go through the heartbreak of it all? Or is truly better to have loved and lost?, I wonder to myself as I hug my soft pillow in my spacious bed and attempt to sleep without dreaming.

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