tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 12

Undercover Ch. 12

byAda Stuart©

No matter what Warren said he was definitely getting soft, Cade thought as he left Warren's office. Even so, the soft, old man had still managed to talk him into spending another fortnight in the presence of the bitchiest female he had ever come across. But she was also the most intoxicating one. He could feel his cock preparing for some serious fucking just by the thought of the woman. He had never experienced such a lack of control before meeting her and the fact troubled him.

At least he had been honest about their affair. He had even bought an engagement ring for her, only to have her dump him, and make him feel like the worst sort of idiot to ever be swayed by a woman. He had fallen head over heels for her fresh scent and alluring body. So much that he had wanted to keep her forever. He shook his head. It was no need to think of what could have been.

Still, the sight of her had triggered memories of her naked body draped across his own, his cock enveloped in her tight sheath as she gasped in pleasure. How had she been able to act so naturally when they were together? She had seemed so honest about wanting both him and his body -- to the extent of having strong feelings for him.

He remembered the red blush that had spread across her skin as she screamed out her release and kissed his mouth so sweetly. How could anyone be such a good actress? To make him believe so wholeheartedly that she cared for him just as much as he cared for her. Maybe Warren was right after all? Maybe there were some genuine feelings there after all?

If that were the case, he needed to change tactic if he was ever going to find the correct answer. Right now she was as testy as ever and even though his body was ready for some hard fucking, he doubted she would indulge him. But maybe he could persuade her the same way she had persuaded him? H'mmn, that was a thought. If Warren was right that might be the only way to storm the fortress and make her body tell the truth for once. Past experience with her had taught him that she was much more indulging once he got her heated up a bit.

He chuckled as he imagined how she would feel about having the tables turned for a change. To let her play the part of a sex-starved human trying to avoid being seduced -- but failing miserably. That might give her something to think about. He would just love to teach her a lesson about choosing her opponents more wisely in the future. This was a game they could both play.

He tried to convince himself that revenge was not one of his motives, but it was a part of the total. He wanted to own his own company, but making that woman do some serious crawling after what she had done to him, was not to be underrated. He would love to teach her a lesson about playing with the feeling of others -- especially his.

The plan was set and he quickly returned to Warren's office.

"Do you have an office for me?" he asked Warren.

"An office? What for? I thought you were going to seduce Erin - not work?"

"I need a room where I can do the seduction. I don't like audiences."

"What's wrong with a bedroom?"

"If you can lure her near one I'll prefer that. But in the meantime..."

"All right, all right. I'll give you an office. Here, try this one," Warren said and handed him a key. "But try to keep her quiet, will you? I don't want the whole company thinking it's now allowed to have sex during working hours."

"I'll do my best. Thanks, uncle." Cade chuckled and headed for his new office.


The office was perfect for him. A large desk was placed in the middle of the room, and along one of the walls there was a large couch. It was perfect for seduction with a smooth surface and the low arm rests. He sat down and enjoyed the view through the windows. All of them were facing the city. He looked toward the rest of the office area. The lack of glass walls meant any nosy colleague would only hear but could not see the erotic seduction that would happen in this room. The room was just what he needed, and Cade was very pleased.

It was just perfect, he chuckled. Now, he just had to lure his prey in the right direction. He unbuttoned his jacket and laid it on the couch. Next, he undid his tie and placed it on top of the jacket. Since he had been dazzled by the revelation of some naked skin, he wondered if the same thing applied for a certain ex-secretary. Either way he had nothing to lose for trying.

He unbuttoned the top three buttons in his shirt and did the same with his sleeves. Rolling the sleeves up to his elbow, his tanned arms were quite noticeable against the white fabric in his shirt. That would have to do, he concluded. Getting rid of the entire shirt was much too obvious. Now it was time a hunt a certain recalcitrant female and makes her temperature raise a degree or two.


"And get me that Henderson file as well, will you?" Erin ordered her secretary.

"Yes, ma'am," Sandy replied and walked hastily over to the file room to collect the files. Erin concentrated on the contract in front of her again. This one had to be waterproof. They didn't want another incident where the contract was full of weaknesses to be exploited.

She had to tell them to make some revisions if this was going to work properly. She reached for her notebook to write down the adjustments she needed. She would have to arrange a meeting soon so they could get it written out in the proper legal terms.

Lawyers' language was not her department, although it did seem that if you only wrote it boring enough, it would sound right. She chuckled as she read a particular trying passage. This contract would do very well to lull her to sleep at night. Maybe she should try some bedtime reading? This reading material would surely solve all her sleeping troubles once and for all.

"Having fun?" a deep voice interrupted.

She jerked her head up and saw Cade leaning casually against the doorway. He had unbuttoned his shirt and looked comfy and much too tempting for his own good. His tanned skin revealed the muscles she knew was just as hard as they looked. She felt like licking her tongue all over his skin. His smile was more worrisome. When last she saw him he had been angry, and this sudden change in demeanour was suspicious. He was up to something, but what?

"What do you want?" she asked icily. "If you have trouble finding the door I can always call someone to give you a hand."

"My sense of direction is just fine, as you should be well aware of," he said smugly. "I decided to stay for some time."

"What for?"

"Recalling some old memories and perhaps creating some new ones," he said smugly while giving her a heated look. "Perhaps you would care to join me?"

"No. Not particularly," she replied quickly and bent her head down to the contract again, hoping that ignoring him would make him vanish as quickly as he had appeared.

Instead he came closer and placed his large hands on top of her desk and leaned toward her. She looked up. His face was only a few centimetres away from hers. She could not help but stare at his mouth as his lips moved to say something she barely understood. The room temperate seemed to have risen a few degrees and she felt her body feeling warmer.

"Are you sure about that? I seem to remember you liked joining with me only a few weeks ago," he drawled as he reached out a finger and moved it slowly along her chin line.

She felt herself being drawn closer to his mouth as his words resonated through her ears and made her entire body tingle. Her lips separated and her body began to tremble as his mouth closed in on hers and she felt a tiny peck from his lips as her eyes closed to the exquisite sensation pulsing through her body at the light touch.

At the same time, Sandy came rushing into the office and gave a surprised squeak as she dropped the files on the floor with a loud bang.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'll come back later."

"Don't worry," Cade answered in a relaxed tone while retreating only slightly away from Erin's mouth. Still he held her spellbound by his eyes as he continued. "I was just about to leave." He retreated, giving Erin a last heated look. "But, I'll come back later." He gave Sandy a smile before he casually wandered down the corridor.

"Phew, who was that?" Sandy said while looking just as flabbergasted as Erin felt. They both stared after the retreating figure of Cade. "Where on earth did you find such a stunning specimen, and why didn't you say something? You sleazy girl. Well, I can certainly understand why you want to keep him all to yourself. He's really hot," Sandy droned on. "But really, we should be allowed to look, shouldn't we?" She adjusted her glasses, seemingly to make sure she caught every detail of the man that was almost out of view.

Erin just shook her head and tried to get back her grasp of reality. What was Cade doing here? It definitely looked like he was trying to seduce her. Or perhaps he wanted to exert his revenge by using her tricks against her?

In that case she hoped he would come to the same conclusion that she had: That the tricks backfired and made you mad about your victim. Her face still felt warm and she held her palms to her cheeks to dampen the red blush she felt was lighting her up as a Christmas tree. Damn that light skin of hers. It was impossible to conceal any blushing with her skin colour.

Suddenly she was aware of Sandy shaking her left shoulder.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty. Wake up, will you? He's gone now. It's time to wake up from the trance."

Erin shook her head again and cleared away all her erratic thoughts of Cade lying naked on her bed. Damn it. There she blushed again. She had to stop this.

"So, who is he?" Sandy prodded again. "Come on, now. I promise I won't try to steal him. Only, tell me, does he have a brother -- preferably unattached, but I'm not too picky in that department."

"Oh stop it, will you? I don't know if he has a brother, and of course you're picky. Besides, you wouldn't want that one even if he was served on a platter and coated in chocolate." Sandy's face turned into a dreamy expression.

"Oh, forget it. I would even have him myself if he turned up like that, but I'll murder you if you ever tell him about it," Erin chuckled. "Never mind, he's an arrogant bastard, and we're lucky he's not staying."

"He's not? It surely looked like he had settled in," Sandy said humorously.

"Oh that? That was simply his sucking-up-to-the-females-day. It happens once every leap year. He will be his usual grumpy self tomorrow if he has not returned home to his hunting lodge by then."

"Oh, my. He can go hunting in my garden at any time," Sandy said dreamingly.

"Silly chit," Erin grumbled to herself. Some women did not know their own good - and even though she hated to admit to it, she was definitely one of them.


The next few days passed with many feminine ooh's and aah's being voiced along the corridor as Cade made several visits to Erin's office. A trail of women was following his every step and Erin wondered if she was the only one who hadn't got completely brainwashed. He was just a man, after all. What was all the fuss about? The dress code had suddenly changed from formal suits to sexy dresses with low cleavages. At the same time the traffic to and from the ladies room had increased greatly as perfect make-up and hair-styles needed minor adjustments.

Cade was not acting like the icy and controlled man she had learned to know before. Instead he simply ignored the fuss, but took the time to smile and talk to every one of the women trailing him - always being the perfect gentleman and showing each and every one of them attentiveness.

Erin hated the sight of him tasting all the cakes created in his honour as the women flocked around him and winked their eyelashes as they catered to every word he said. The entire female part of the company had turned into non-operative elements and Erin fretted particularly over her own secretary's total lack of concentration.

"I said the Robertson file. Not the Rochester." Sandy was looking in a completely different direction, until Erin knocked the file in her stomach. "Wake up Sleepy head, and fetch me the Robertson file!"

"Oh yes, of course," said Sandy and almost ran out of the office.

It would probably be quicker if she got the file herself, Erin thought irritatingly. Sandy had stopped thinking as soon as Cade had come through the door. The man had been a complete menace for the last four days. She wondered if she would have acted just as silly as Sandy if she had not know a thing or two about his real personality. No, she would never sink that low with any male.

Or...to be honest she had acted quite abnormal herself when she was Cade's secretary. The role had somehow got to her and made her dare to do things she normally would never have considered. Like fucking her boss on a desk. Or draping his naked body with her kisses or massage oil. Or giving him a blowjob when he was busy talking on the phone.

Bloody hell. She had been mad -- stark, raving mad or simply temporarily delusional. Good thing she had awakened from that trance in time and escaped the jerk.

A shadow was standing in the doorway. Oh no. Him again. She didn't even have to look up to know it was him. The scent of his cologne was practically glued into her brain and made her heart rate take a familiar and tell-tale leap that annoyed her immensely.

She shook her thoughts away and mumbled a "Go away," before returning to her work. Her door slammed shut and she heard the lock being turned just as she looked up to see Cade standing there grinning at her.

"Are you ignoring me, honey?"

"Trying to, at least. Now just open the door so that your harem can see you. I don't have time to cuddle you, so just go away!"

"Harem? Ah yes, your co-workers have been very nice. Not like a certain female I know. She was very nice one minute, and now she is sourer than curdled milk."

"Perhaps she learned a thing or two about your true character?" Erin suggested with fake sweetness.

"Did she now?" Cade moved nearer and dragged her up from her chair. "So why don't I show you some more of that true character of mine, and you can decide if it's good or bad?"

Before Erin could grasp his meaning he leaned forward and took her lips in a hard kiss, sneaking a hand behind her neck and holding her tightly to him as he plundered her mouth.

Erin was too shocked to get away and the heat starting in her body was so overwhelming she could barely keep standing. She had forgotten all of her surroundings and the women standing outside of her door, probably wondering what was going on inside.

All she could think about was the strong arms holding her tightly and the warm lips playing so softly with her own. His tongue caressed her lower lips so softly she felt like crying and she snuggled her arm around his neck and held him tighter to her.

His hands moved over her backside in slow movements so as not to wake her from her trance, and he gripped her bottom and lifted her, rubbing her pelvis against his hard flesh. She moaned and felt her body moisten to be possessed by him, to feel his hard cock surging into her depths and filling her to the rim. She spread her legs and hooked them behind his thighs.

Dragging her pelvis closer to his hardening cock, she could feel the effect on his cock as he continued to harden. She felt her body answering in kind as the thought of him lodged inside of her wet her panties. Her breasts tingled and she heard her hoarse breath as she rubbed herself against him in a circular motion.

"God, yes," he groaned as he placed his hands on her hips and lifted her on to her desk. Leaning her backwards, he followed her down until her back hit the desk. He carefully roamed his hands over her breasts, feeling her warm skin through her thin blouse. He started to unbutton the top buttons and kissed the skin he was revealing as he moved his mouth over her chest. Her breath hitched as she held him tightly to her, revelling in the feeling of bliss as he showered her breasts with attention.

She felt cold air hitting her nipples and looked down to see he had unclasped her bra and was enveloping her erect nipples with his warm mouth. He suckled her hard and she almost jumped as he moved and suckled her other nipple. Warmth spread through her torso and collected in her cunt. She was aching for his body to fill hers, to feel his strength as he pounded into her and made her erupt into climax again and again.

Cade moved closer and slammed his knee into the desk in the process. The loud bang rattled her brain and cleared the fog a bit.

"Damn," he muttered. "Next time we try to find a bed, right? I hate desks."

Desks, her foggy mind repeated. Bed...? No, no, no. This was not happening. At the same time she felt Cade lift her skirt and roam his warm hands along her thighs.

"Get off!" she said almost hysterically.

"What?" His foggy brain was not so clear either it seemed.

"Get off of me!" she snarled at him while she tried to hear any noises from the other offices. Oh god, they weren't still standing right outside her office, were they? She shoved him away from her.

"Hey," he protested as she jumped off the desk and quickly put her clothes back in something resembling order.

"Oh god," she groaned aloud. "This is not happening. I work with these people. Do you realise that?"

"So?" Cade arranged his disarrayed clothes as she stood up and desperately tried to get her bra into place again. "One can always use some fun, don't you agree?" He smiled and looked down where his hard erection was tenting his trousers. He seemed to enjoy the situation immensely.

"Fun? This is not funny at all," Erin yelled at him, not caring if anyone listened. "You damn Casanova. Can't you pick on somebody from that harem of yours? Someone who's willing?"

He snorted and started laughing heartily, and she realised he was laughing so hard he had to hold on to his stomach.

"Stop that," she growled in a lower voice this time. "Will you just stop it?" She gave him a punch in the stomach, and he laughed even louder as her protestations increased in vigour.

She prepared her fist to connect with something of his anatomy that would surely hurt, but before she could aim properly, he gripped both of her fists and shoved her against the wall, making a loud banging noise as the back of her shoes connected with the thin walls. Still holding her hands above her head he looked her over with that heated look of his while he moved even closer, crowding her easily and slowly rubbing his erect cock against her stomach.

"Oh, you are very willing, darling. So willing I could easily have taken you standing up like this." He bent closer and looked into her eyes. His eyes were smouldering with heat and she felt herself transfixed by the hungry look in his expression.

She could not stop the small moan that escaped her mouth before she could control herself.

"But, I've decided to wait for a bed this time. That way I can make it last for hours and hours. So long you will beg me for release."

She gaped at him as he gave her a heated look and bent down and kissed her hard on the mouth. She moaned again as he let the warmth float over her body again, making her arch her head to give him easier access and she felt her body softening to his touch. When he had her gasping, he gave her one last kiss before he turned around, unlocked the door and walked out without looking back.

Erin just stood staring after him for a while, before noticing her chest was cold. Looking down in horror she noticed her blouse had been unbuttoned again. She had been so lost in his kiss that she had not even noticed him unbuttoning her. In horror she noticed her nipples had tightened as the cold air was hitting her skin and she quickly buttoned up her blouse and dragged down her skirt. Her hair was irreparable and she simply dragged off the hairgrip and tried to collect her hair in something looking a bit more presentable.

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