I suppose in hindsight I must’ve known it all along.

Call it pheromones, or woman’s intuition - it doesn’t matter. Either way, I must have known that he was not like any other man I’d ever met just by the way I found myself blushing at the sound of his voice. The way I turned into a giddy little schoolgirl in his presence. Me, the one who went all intellectual and logical around men…giggling like a damn teenage flirt.

Of course it didn’t mean I had any intentions of following through on any of his thinly veiled invitations. No, this girl had sworn off men. Their selfish oh-gee-but-I-am-scared-of-caring attitude. Their I-can-only-be-truly-in-love-with-a-supermodel bullshit. Not to mention their I'll-sleep –with-you-but-don’t-expect-me-to-make-you-feel-
anything way of turning a night in bed into a night I wished I’d spent washing my hair or de-clogging my sink.

Don’t think I am bitter, oh no, just old enough to know that fairytales don’t come true. There was no prince on a white charger, I was no damsel in distress absolutely assured of rescue.

But there was Nick, and his dark Latin eyes, and his soft Latin lips, and that skin - olive and smooth and well it was a case of lust at first sight.

It wasn’t long before I was finding any excuse to be near him and he did everything to encourage it. I played the perfect helpless-female with no shame. It was ugly but I couldn’t help myself.

I ran into him wherever I could. Good friends with an ear to the grapevine were very helpful. His favourite hangout was a beach near my apartment and so on the first sunny day armed with suntan lotion, a flattering outfit over my as-flattering-as-possible bathing suit, I set off to ambush him.

Of course he was there, and throwing down my blanket and my pride I hit the sand beside him. He was all gentleman, eager to slather my back with sunscreen, brushing sand from my legs. He was diligent, remembering to get lotion under the edges of the suit, where thigh meets ass. He seemed to spend an awful long time getting those edges just right. I was afraid he could tell I was already getting damp there, and it was not from a dip in the sea.

He undid my bathing suit straps and gave my back a good coat of lotion. I knew by the way that he deliberately returned again and again to the sides of my breasts that the attraction was mutual. I was one happy girl, let me tell you.

While I was fighting the urge to roll over on this public stretch of sand and just let him go on with his breast-attention he leaned against my back and whispered, “Ever gotten an all-over tan?”

I admitted I hadn’t, but the image of lying naked in the sun with Nick made my voice come out as a whisper. This man could have no doubt now that I was putty in his hands.

“I’m house-sitting for a friend who has a perfect balcony for nude sunbathing…we could go there…” The words and the voice, husky and full of promise did me in. I was flowing.

We packed ourselves up in record time and before I knew it we were standing on a secluded balcony high enough to offer fairly reasonable privacy.

Nick pulled a couple of lounge chair cushions of their metal frames and tossed them down for us to lie on.

“I’ll get us something cold to drink,” he said. “You go ahead and stretch out…”

Swallowing a sudden case of nerves I hurried to shuck my clothes - and my modesty - and was primly stretched out on my stomach with my blanket draped across my ass. I would need Nick to apply sunscreen there before I could safely expose it to the sun, white as it was.

I didn’t even have to ask. Nick put down the glasses, dug out the bottle and before I could even clear my throat to ask he was dragging the towel off my ass.

The softness of the cotton gliding across my exposed ass raised Goosebumps. The idea of being so exposed to him sent shivers through m belly.

Carefully and thoroughly he coated my backside. His hands were gentle, and his thumbs had a habit of slipping down the crack of my ass and drifting dangerously close to places even the sun couldn’t reach.

He could have no doubt that I was aroused now. He could feel the dampness between my thighs, the smell of sex was already in the air. I imagined him taking a deep breath...smelling me. Images of a bull checking out a mare in rut crossed my mind.

He was still clad in denim shorts.

I closed my eyes, not wanting his caresses to stop and I didn’t have the energy to open them when they did. I heard the clink of ice in the glass and assumed he had stopped to take a drink.

Silly me…

I practically jumped to my feet as icy wetness hit the back of my neck.

His other hand settled on the base of my spine holding me still. His laugh was so deep it vibrated against my skin.

The ice made its wicked wet way down my back, along the riverbed of my spine and trickled into the furrow of my ass. I was squirming but the urge to flee had long disappeared.

I could hear him fishing for another cube and the sound made my clit harden. The spasm it sent through my swollen pussy was almost as startling in its power as the ice had been.

My nipples were already pressed painfully into the rough mat, hard and aching, and I didn’t know how long I could take his games before my body exploded. This ice cube took the same path as the other…but this time was followed by the hot stroke of a tongue…I was melting faster that the cubes.

“Turn over,” he whispered, sending my stomach into spasm. I knew he had more ice in his hands…I knew where that ice was going. We hadn’t exchanged so much as a kiss and I was about to let him do this…

Hell, I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to.

“If you want this, you have to turn over,” he whispered again. I knew this was the point where I could say no. I also knew I’d actually passed that point a long time ago.

Keeping my eyes shut, I rolled, exposing pale breasts and hard nipples to the sun - and to the ice.

The dripping touch of ice against my dry lips was welcome, he rubbed it over my lips, let it drip into my mouth, and then replaced it.

With his mouth.

The ice drifted down my collarbone, driven by his hand as he warmed my lips with soft nibbles and sucked my bottom lip between his teeth.

I wanted to lift my arms. To grab him by the hair but I was too weak from the sensations of ice sliding towards my nipple and his mouth taking control of mine.

He pulled away long enough to fetch a new cube, and I opened my eyes briefly.

He was half-dressed and I was so close to coming that I knew it was going to happen long before he got naked, but I was past caring.

My eyes closed again, as a shudder went through me.

“Lift your knees…”

His voice invoked spasms in my pussy.

I planted my feet and bent my knees. Ice hit my other nipple, pressed tight against it by the heel of his hand until it was so aroused it was almost painful. My hips lifted of their own volition…begging for the ice, his hand, anything.

“Spread your legs,” he directed, as the ice made a trail down my stomach, dripping into my bellybutton.

My knees lost strength, opening me to sun, ice, fingers, eyes…my pussy was shameless. It didn’t care which. I heard a whimper…my own. Followed by his chuckle.

I felt him move, heard the glass…fresh ice…

He drew it down, over the curve of my mound, along the left side of my pussy, up the right side…avoiding my clit. Knowing somehow that one touch might set it off.

My hips lifted again, trying to push the hard button of flesh into the ice that was making its roundtrip over and over. He kept the rhythm slow, steady, teasing me. Again and again until I thought I’d beg him to let me come.

He stopped, as the ice cube dwindled into nothing and reached for another one, hard and wet from the glass. He used a hand to push my knees further then parting the lips I felt him push the cube between them just into the opening of my pussy, lodging it there, just inside where I was starting to feel spasms overtake me.

I wanted to scream.

Then the sensation of warm, flat tongue…sliding over the ice and up over the hood of my clit which felt like it was going to burst it was so hard. Over and over the sensation of wet warm tongue alternating with the cold…

I bit my hand.

Tried not to beg,

His lips closed over my clit, sucked hard and flicked it once, twice, three times with the firm tip of his tongue and I was racing over the edge, pushing my pussy against his chin as I came.

I rode the ebb as two fingers slid inside, unimpeded by ice, long melted. Before I could catch my breath his fingers found the spot buried deep against my walls and pressed.

“That’s it…More…More...Yes!!!” I heard myself chant.

Laying the flat of his tongue firmly against my clit he made a vice of fingers and tongue and I went back up, waves of pleasure so intense I screamed his name despite myself, hearing his muffled sounds of encouragement egging me on.

He stayed there a moment, as the spasms died away, as if he knew how raw and almost painful the area was. Then, as my breathing calmed he moved up and gathered me in his arms burying my face in his shoulder.

I was grateful for his sensitivity. My body and emotions were too charged for looks or words. I gave a shudder and let the warmth of his arms - and the sun - calm me.

Then after a moment I moved away. With one hand I pushed him so he was lying flat and trailed my hand down his stomach, heading for the zipper of his shorts.

He waited, a half smile on his face until I got to the snap, then he placed a hand over mine, stopping me.

“What?” I asked, unnerved. What man isn’t in a hurry for this?

He moved my hand down, over the zipper to where I was expecting to feel a bulge.

Something seemed different, not quite right. It should be straining at the zipper, dying to get out.

He held my hand there and looked me in the eye.

“There’s something I have to tell you first. Then if you still want to…”


I’d just acted shamelessly. What did he think would turn me back at this point? Was he married? I couldn’t think of anything else that he might think would do it. After all, it wasn’t likely he was going to confess to being gay…not after that last performance…

“I was going to tell you before…but the ice…well…” he smiled, tried to shrug.

“What is it?” I croaked, wanting to get this over with.

He lifted my hand up and held it against his belly.

“I’m not the same as other guys. I was born differently.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I waited.

“I was born with female genitals. I was born a girl by mistake…I’ve had surgery, that’s why my chest is flat, you can see tiny white scar lines if you look.”

I didn’t look. My eyes were glued to his face.

What other surgery had he had? Or not had…I was beginning to see where he was going with this and I wasn’t sure I’d like the answers.

“But I didn’t like the risks of having a penis surgically made…so I took another alternative…”


“Testosterone…that’s why I have facial hair, a deep voice…”

And? The thought did not pass my lips. They were too dry.

“And it enlarged my clitoris into a penis…” His hand closed on mine and I realized that of course this was difficult for him. I lifted his hand to my mouth and kissed it. I didn’t know what else to do to help. I was still confused. But I was already becoming attached to him. My heart reached out to him.

“It’s only small, three inches or so…I can’t…fuck with it like a real one…but this way I have sensation and I can make us both…”

I cut him off by covering his mouth with my free hand. This person…this man…had just given me the best orgasm of my life. He did not have to reassure me that he could give me anything!

I told him that, blushing all the way down to my breasts.

Together we got his shorts off. He started to move as if to take control but I pushed him back. I was not brave but I was going to have to check this out, get comfortable with it.

I moved down his body, kissing his belly as I went and when I got there, I took a close look. It did resemble a small penis, of course there was no opening, no true head. It looked rather like an uncircumcised penis. I ran a finger over it and he bucked, making a small sound that pleased me. Somehow they had made small, realistic balls out of what must have once been pussy lips.

The thought caused me to take a deep breath.

I’d never had bisexual fantasies…

This didn’t strike me that way, anyway. It was something altogether different, new.

I had to remind myself that they were balls, so I did what I thought wise, dipped my head and ran my tongue over them, taking them one at a time into my mouth.

Nick reacted as any man would. He groaned, and his hand drifted to my head as though he wanted to hold me there. But he resisted the urge, perhaps afraid of scaring me.

That made up my mind. I closed my eyes and went to work. I ran my tongue over his cock, noticing that it was getting harder, even growing a little. I closed my mouth around it, easy to do, and pressed it carefully to the roof of my mouth with the flat of my tongue. I gave it a strong suck, then flicked it with my tongue.

Suddenly there was blur of movement and I found myself tossed to my back. Nick was grinning an almost evil grin, his eyes glazed with arousal. I had no idea what he had in mind, and I even doubted I had another orgasm in me after the power of the last one…but it looked like he was going to try, I could tell that.

It was enough to cause my brave clit to raise its head in interest.

Nick sat up. Turned me on my side. I was willing to let him take over…he had proven once that he knew what he was doing…I wouldn’t doubt him again.

He lifted my leg, drawing closer, fitting the vee of his spread legs into the vee of mine. My leg was draped over his arm, spreading me wide enough that he could bring his pelvis, with its hard little cock up against my wet pussy. I could feel it brush the lips of my pussy, run over my hardening clit.

Over and over he moved. Slowly, rhythmically, grinding our pelvises together, sliding his cock through the juice of my pussy up over my clit again and again until I knew it was going to happen again.

I began to thrust back, the hard pressure of pelvic bones and hard cock rubbing sent me careening over the edge again and I could hear him urging us both on.

He increased the rate of the thrusts, his own sounds of pleasure dragging me right along with him.

I thought I would die from the waves of pleasure that washed over me.

He held our pelvises tight against each other as our spasms died and we both collapsed back as our breathing slowed back to normal.

After a moment he laughed, squirming up and pulling me into his arms.

“I never put sunscreen on your front…I don’t want you to burn!”

I hit his chest playfully…wondering if we could reach the sunscreen from where we lay.

I had a feeling we were going to need it.

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