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Unexpected Change Ch. 01


[This story will be at least four parts. It could be in Loving Wives, First Times, Incest/Taboo or a couple of other categories. I apologize right up front for any misrepresentation of the Shoshone peoples. My intention was to honor them and their culture. Naturally, you are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. Especially leave feedback that is intended to assist me in improving as an author.]


On the first Monday of June the year I was a senior my Dad picked me up after school. By itself that wasn't too big a deal. What happened after we left school was. Mom and my older sister Maureen had left L.A. the Friday before. Mom was taking Maureen to Chicago to visit some friends. At least that's what Mom said. Maureen told me Mom had a boy-friend in Chicago and they were going so Mom could be with him. Mom also was trying to get Maureen into Northwestern so she'd have a ready excuse for visiting Chicago on a frequent basis.

I came out of school and saw my Dad standing beside a car that wasn't his. He was wearing casual clothes. Both were out of character. I got close and asked, "What's up?"

He said, "An adventure. Get in, please." I got in. My Dad owns a one-year-old Caddy. The car I got in was a new Chevy Tahoe. As I got in I saw three suitcases in the far back area.

"Going somewhere?"

"Not yet. We're going to have a talk before anyone goes anywhere. I don't want the conversation at home or in my car. Please let me have your backpack."

I gave it to him. From the back seat he brought another bag that looked sort of like a backpack and stuffed my backpack in it. He sealed it up and put it in the back seat. He got another bag and handed it to me. As I opened it he started driving.

"Inside that bag you'll find new clothes. They were purchased today. As we drive I want to you put them on. Take the clothes you're wearing off and put them in the bag the new clothes come out of. Please don't talk, yet." I was worried Dad was going to tell me that all these years he'd been a spy or something. Instead, I just did as he asked.

My ryen spooner shirt and Dockers came off. I looked in the bag and saw new underwear on top. He meant change everything. I got out of the Calvin Kline shorts I had on and completely redressed. I ended up in Levis, a Wrangler shirt and wearing a new pair of the hiking boots I had at home. I bagged my old clothes and as I did I got my wallet out of the Dockers.

Dad said, "Leave everything you had in the bag. You can have it all back in a couple hours." I dropped the wallet in the bag. He bagged all my stuff in another weird looking bag and they went into the back seat.

He said, "Not long ago I found a bugging device in my briefcase and on my phone. Bagging your things is a precaution." He paused as we merged onto the freeway then he said, "Son, I fucked up!" I'd never heard him use that word.

"Twenty years ago I let my pecker overrule my brain and I married your mother. She was pregnant at the time and I believed the baby was mine. I did the right thing and married her. Maureen was born seven months after we were married. Eighteen months later you were born. Maureen was born in Idaho, but you know that. I left the farm and came to California to support my family. Your mother had never liked my family and over the years, to keep the peace, our contact dwindled to almost nothing. For the last ten years it's been so strong that when Nadine wants to see her family she has them come and visit us here. You haven't been in Idaho since you were eight."

"I've wondered why we never go visit."

"They, meaning your mother and her whole clan, want nothing to do with the Peterson side of the family."

"You mean there is a Peterson side of the family?" I was shocked. Mom had said they all died around the time I was eight.

"Yes. All that's left are my Aunt Buzz, my brother Walt, your Aunt Sue and their three kids; Don, Steve and Kay. Kay's just about the same age as you. But I'm getting away from what I need to tell you. Your mother wants you to go away to college in Atlanta. You know that?"

"Yeah. She started in about me going there over a year ago."

"She's enrolling Maureen at Northwestern this weekend for the same reason she wants you to go to the University of Atlanta. There's a man there she likes to have sex with."

"You know?" I knew about the man in Chicago but hadn't said anything. I didn't want to live through a divorce like most of my friends.

"I've known she was screwing around for a long time, but I couldn't prove it. I knew if I filed for divorce I'd never see you or Maureen again. I love you both, although I think I've lost any chance I had with your sister. Last time they went to Chicago the man your mother screws had Maureen and Nadine in his bed for most of the weekend."

"Dad! I can't believe you! Maureen wouldn't!"

"Open the glove box. There's an envelope in there with pictures of the three of them in bed. They are copies. My lawyer has the certified originals."

I opened the glove box and opened the envelope. Five pictures, in color, five by seven prints showing my mom astride a man while my naked sister was astride his face, him feeding his cock into Maureen's pussy, him with his cock in my Mom doggy style and the final shot of the man fucking Mom in the ass and with his three fingers in Maureen's ass.

"Believe me now?"

It took me a while to answer. "So, what's next?" I asked.

"If I file for divorce now she may still be able to control my access to you and she'll take me for millions. I love you. She might claim in court that I have no parental rights to you, because you aren't my son. If she did that things in court would get ugly. I don't want things to get ugly. I don't care about your DNA. I know I may not be your father, but I am your Dad."

"I don't care about DNA either. Love is more important."

He smiled and patted my arm. We parked by the ocean, opened the windows and kept talking. "The divorce will most likely be ugly if I file now or I file the day after you turn eighteen. My thinking now is to do my best to leave her with nothing. However, she is your mother. I'm conflicted. On the one hand she gave me you and Maureen. On the other she's used me as her own personal cash cow and cuckold for all our lives together. I will wait as long as I can to file if you ask me to."

"She can claim I'm not your child?"

"Easily. Look at yourself. You're six foot tall and have blond curly hair. I'm five-seven and my hair is coal black and straight. Genetics tell us that black hair is dominant. How'd you get blond? Well, I had the DNA testing done. Nadine is your Mom and your father is related to her. I'm not your Dad."

"Yes, you are! Dad!"

He was quiet for a while and I thought.

I turned to him and asked, "What's in the suitcases?"

"One of them has clothes like the clothes you have on for you. The other two are mine. I'm not going home. If you want to go home I'll take you."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to Taiwan to open a new manufacturing facility. Everyone here at the company knows to tell Nadine I am available only by email. My plan is to come back the day after you turn eighteen and have her served that day."

"Where am I going?"

"Nadine will be told you went with me. You will actually go to Idaho and stay with my brother and his family."

"Won't the Evans' notice me and tell mom?"

"Before you go to the airport we get your hair cut, really short. Until you turn eighteen you don't go to town."

"How does your brother feel about this plan?"

"He's looking forward to your arrival. You fly to Salt Lake and take a bus from there to Pocatello. He'll meet you there." He got a packet of tickets and maps from the door pocket and sat them on the seat between us.

"When is my flight?"

"Tonight at ten-fifty-five. You should be in Pocatello before one tomorrow afternoon."

"Can I call Beth? I asked. Beth was my girl-friend. Actually, she said she was my girl-friend. I said she was the girl I dated. I knew all along that after high school she was going to France to go to school. I wasn't.

"Yeah, good idea. Do you mind telling her you're going with me to Taiwan?"

"Good idea. I'm sure either mom or Maureen will call Beth. Can I give her an email address that looks like it's in Taiwan?"

"When I get to Taiwan I'll set up two email accounts. I'll email Walt both addresses and you can send Beth the one I set up for you. I'll set it up so all the mail coming to that account gets forwarded to you at Walt's and all the mail you send through that account looks like it originated in Taiwan."

"Then lets get my hair cut and get dinner." We did exactly that. I flew out on Southwest and Dad turned in his rental and flew out from the international terminal.

In the terminal at LAX I looked out of place, dressed as I was. In Salt Lake and Pocatello I blended right in. Dad said I'd know Uncle Walt when I saw him. Said he looked like Charlie Weaver. He also said not to change shirts because he was going to tell Walt what I was wearing.

When I got off the bus in Pocatello I looked around and didn't see Uncle Walt. I got my bag and had a seat inside the station. Dad said he'd be there so I knew Walt would be along. I drifted off in my own thinking about being on a farm after years of city life. Someone sat next to me. She was pretty and had red hair.

She sat quietly for a minute and then softly asked, "How soon will you be done watching people?"

Without turning to face her I said, "I'm just waiting for my uncle to pick me up."

"Oh. Will you know him when you see him?"

"Not really." I was amazed that a girl would just start talking to a stranger.

"Is his name Walt?" She asked.

I looked at her, then. Her smile was so big I thought she'd start laughing any second.

She said, "If your Dad hadn't sent us a picture I wouldn't have known you. I'm Kay. Walt's youngest."

"Ben. Nice to meet you." I stood and she led the way out of the bus station. She led us to a three or four year old Ford F-350 with dual rear wheels. I tossed my suitcase in the back. I said, "You're not what I expected. You look extremely healthy!"

"Good food, hard work and lots of Idaho dirt. We can get damned near anything to grow."

"Where's Uncle Walt?"

"Didn't come. Too much work to waste a day coming to Pocatello. He sent me. At first I was insulted, but then I figured it was a blessing. I get to drive his truck all by myself. I get to have lunch with Aunt Buzz and then we drive back home. So, ready to go?"

"Sure." Kay started the truck, and we were off. She asked lots of questions about California and laughed at the stories I told her. We got to Aunt Buzz' house and she was waiting for us on her big front porch. I'd never known I had an Aunt Buzz or why she was called Buzz. I found out she was the Principal of a high school in Pocatello and a very powerful woman, even though she was small, like most of the women in the family. She stood maybe five foot one, wearing heels. She might have weighed a hundred pounds if she carried a big purse.

Kay and I towered over her. She hugged us both, made some joke about us spending too much time standing in manure barefoot and led us inside for lunch. In California I'd never known how farm people eat. Aunt Buzz was a Principal who also had fifteen acres she farmed. Buzz called it a garden. She had grown up on a farm near Uncle Walt's. Our lunch was the kind you feed people who will spend the rest of the day with a hoe in their hands or tossing hay bales.

My Mom had adopted California thinking and was always telling me to eat less. When Aunt Buzz put milk on the table for Kay and me she put an ice-cold quart bottle in front of each of us. I drank it all, ate three sandwiches, some potato salad and a big peach.

Buzz gave us a box to give to Uncle Walt and sent us on down the road. It suddenly hit me as we drove that Kay might not be old enough to have a license. In California I got a learner's permit at fifteen and a half and a real license at sixteen. I asked, "Kay, do you have a license?"

"For what?"


"No. Daddy does. Momma does. I started driving when I was nine." Kay said with a little attitude attached.

"And now you're old. You must be all of fifteen."

"And how old are you? Fourteen?"

"Nope. In August, I'll be eighteen."

"I'm seventeen too. Eighteen in September."

I looked over at her often. Wherever she had been standing when puberty had blessed her it had been kind and generous. Her shirt had bumps in it. The shirt was stretched pretty tight between the bumps and every time I looked I felt a reaction in my jeans. Uncle Walt's truck didn't have air conditioning so we rode all the way with the windows down and the wind blowing.

It took us an hour and a half to get to the farm. Kay pulled to the side of the two-lane road and said, "See the dust?" She pointed and I saw the dust plume from a tractor about half a mile away. I nodded.

"Hike on over there. Daddy's expecting you. I'll take your stuff home."

I didn't move. She reached over and gave my shoulder a shove. "You're burning daylight! Get a move on!" I climbed out of the truck and before I could even close the door she put it in gear and was gone! I worked my way across the ditch and climbed the fence. I headed for the plume. The entire trip was stepping over potato plants. Not walking along the rows, but stepping over row after row of plants. When I got close I saw Uncle Walt wave to me and motion for me to get up on the tractor with him.

He had to stop. He showed me how to get on the tractor and I got on. He welcomed me to a summer of work. The rest of that day he taught me to use that tractor, had me do it and coached me. It was about eight when he showed me how to unhitch the implements and leave them where I would start the next day. As we headed for the barns he explained that sun up was at about six, so we would get up at five. At about one Kay or someone would bring us lunch. At eight we'd stop work, go home and tend to the machinery and animals. Dinner was at nine.

As we approached the barns I saw another tractor coming towards the barns from the south. I assumed it was either my cousin Steve or Don driving. He stood up and waved. I waved back. I asked, "Are you Steve or Don?"

"Don's at football camp. He's going to be the quarterback this year, so we're getting him ready." Steve said.

Uncle Walt said, "Steve plays guard and tackle for the local college. Working for me is all the football camp he needs."

I followed Walt towards the house and Steve met us near the back porch. Stacked on the steps were three piles; jeans, a shirt, socks, underwear and a towel in each pile. Steve and Walt started undressing. I did too. Ten feet from the back porch was an outdoor shower above a concrete pad. There were bottles of shampoo and bars of soap on a shelf. We scrubbed and got clean from the day. When we were almost done Walt called out, "Sue, Ben's burnt." I had been aware that my skin was tender but had been looking at how muscled Steve and Uncle Walt were. Steve was four or five inches taller than Walt and weighed about two-fifty or maybe more. Standing near him I looked like the pictures I'd seen of people liberated for concentration camps. Aunt Sue came out the back door carrying a bottle of something. Neither Steve or Walt tried to cover up so I tried to behave like it didn't bother me that my Aunt was slathering something on all the burnt places on my body. When she was done she patted me on the butt and said, "Don't dress for a couple minutes. Let that soak in first." Then she went back inside the house.

My head swam with the idea that a woman I'd never met before had slathered lotion on me while I was naked!

I was pulling on my fresh jeans when Kay opened the back door. She had a big bowl in her hands. "Steve, please take this to the table." She said. He took it and Walt went to the back door. Aunt Sue gave him a platter of meat. I pulled on my boots and met Kay at the door. She gave me a bowl of mixed vegetables. Sue and Kay followed me down the steps and to the table.

We ate at a big table outside the house. It was positioned so it got the evening shade first. That first day on a farm it was about ninety degrees at dinner time. I was out there in the sun from about three-thirty until eight-thirty. Whatever Aunt Sue slathered on me took away the sting of the sun.

I was given a choice of sleeping spots, the summer porch, which I would share with Steve and Don when he came back from camp or the loft of one of the barns. I picked the loft. I also picked the equipment barn. I knew there would be fewer flies and things around the tractors than around the hogs, cows and horses.

By nine-forty-five I had made a bed and was in it. Aunt Sue gave me an alarm clock. It was set for five in the morning. She said, "When it rings, get up. It'll still be mostly dark. Come for breakfast. I'm glad your Dad let you come." Up until that moment I thought the three months of farm labor was just a place to hide and the labor was how I paid my room and board. I had some more thinking to do.

When the alarm sounded I sat right up and wondered where I was. I got the alarm shut off and heard laughter coming from the house. I dressed in the dark and went to the house. Breakfast was in the kitchen. Kay and Aunt Sue were serving eggs, bacon, pancakes and fruit. Aunt Sue encouraged me to eat more. When we were fed, stuffed in my case, she gave me gloves, some more of the lotion and a wide brimmed hat. It was six-ten when I started the tractor. Uncle Walt told me what to do and said he'd come see how I was doing later.

Kay said she'd bring my lunch to me. I had some trouble getting set up, hooked up and working so it was almost seven when I actually got working. At about eleven Walt rode up on his big Belgian mare. He rode her bareback. She walked alongside the tractor and me easily. Walt said I was doing well but could go about a hundred rpm faster. As I figured out how to have that happen he rode off. When I got to the end of a row and turned south I could see the plume from Steve. Each pass took me almost half an hour.

I was pulling a cultivator that worked the ground between five rows of plants. I saw lots of birds flying over the farm and two planes. The constant drone of the tractor meant I heard nothing else.

At the end of one run I was turning around and saw a horse and rider coming. It wasn't the big Belgian so I figured it was either Aunt Sue or Kay bringing lunch. As she got closer I saw her red hair. Aunt Sue was a blond.

She waved and I waved back. She unbuttoned her shirt and opened it. She was too far away for me to see clearly but I did know she was not wearing a bra! I'd never seen the breasts of someone about my age before, except my sister Maureen. Down in California I was very shy around any female within five or six years of my sister, who loved to fluster me by showing me her tits often. Even at two hundred yards the sight provoked a reaction. She let go of the shirt and rode closer. The fabric fluttered in the breeze and gave me glimpses of her pale skin and breasts.

"Hungry?" She yelled when she was twenty yards away.

"Do I stop the tractor?" I yelled back.

"If you want dessert, stop." I stopped. She dismounted and brought the lunch over to the tractor. She had not done anything to button up or cover herself. I was so hard I thought I'd cum from just looking.

She handed me a sandwich and a bottle of cool water. She perched on one huge tire and I sat on the other one. We ate and she asked, "Like being a farmer?"

"Better than I thought I would. I never had lunch delivered like this before."

"I looked."


"Last night when Daddy, Steve and you were in the shower. I looked."

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