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Unexpected Change Ch. 04


[This story will be at least four parts. It could be in Loving Wives, First Times, Incest/Taboo or a couple of other categories. If you have read Ch. 1, 2 & 3 you know there have been sexual events, cheating, pay-back, justice, etc. I apologize right up front for any misrepresentation of the Shoshone peoples. My intention was to honor them and their culture. Naturally, you are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. Especially leave feedback that is intended to assist me in improving as an author.]


We checked and found that both Nadine and Maureen were on the flight into Salt Lake.

I borrowed Walt's truck and drove to Salt Lake. Ten minutes after they landed I called mom's cell. She answered. I told her that I had a friend in Salt Lake and he was coming back to town, if they needed a ride. If they would call me I could have them picked up in half an hour."

She called back in five minutes. "Uncle James was going to pick us up, but can't. How will we know your friend?"

"He drives a Ford F-350 pick up. It's blue and has four doors. He told me he's wearing a green western shirt and jeans, has dark hair and very tanned skin. He's over six foot tall. His name is Pale Eagle."

"Ok we'll be at the curb. I'm wearing gray slacks and a gray sweater. Maureen is in black slacks and a pink sweater, a gray jacket over her sweater. It's cold here."

I stopped and had a soda and then drove into the airport. I pulled to the curb by them and rolled down the window. "Mrs. Peterson?" They both gave me a smile. I got out and loaded their expensive luggage into the bed of the truck. They both looked to see how dirty the bed was. I opened the back door and helped them into the cab. I got in and introduced myself.

"Hi- I'm Pale Eagle. I assume you are Ben's mother and sister. It is about a hundred ten miles to Uncle Walt's farm. I should have you there in a little less than two hours."

"That will be just fine. Thank you."

"Anything for the family." I put the truck in gear and away we went. My own mother and sister didn't recognize me. As we left the area of the airport I asked, "There are some fast food places, if you want anything. My treat."

They conferred and mom said, "Thank you. Maybe something to drink."

I pulled through the McD's and rolled down their window. They acted flustered. They ordered two diet Cokes. I ordered a bottle of water and an apple pie. I pulled to the next window and paid. The lady handed me the drinks and I recognized her. She had been at the ceremony when Pale Feather and I were married. She gave me three pies. She would not let me pay. She said, "Pale Eagle, you honor me. I will not let you pay."

I said, "Lean to me, sister." She did and I kissed her cheek. She went back inside and said, "Thank you!"

I handed the drinks back to mom and Maureen and we left. When we were on the highway I turned on some heat and asked them to let me know if it got too hot or too cold.

Maureen asked, "The woman at McD's. Are you related?"

"Same tribe. I don't remember her name."


A few miles down the road they forgot I was even there. They began talking as if I wasn't there. I listened.

"Do you think Nick will be in town too, or just Ben?" Maureen asked.

"Nick's email said he was coming back to the states just after the first. I'd guess they came back together and went to visit Nick's family."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to convince both of them I missed them more than anything. If I have to fuck Nick eight ways to Sunday he's going to treat me good! Then when I get him back to California I'll get him back in tow again."

"Tell me again why you stay married to him?"

"Because he pays the bills, he's easy to control and he's worth millions. If he's worth millions, so am I."

"So, you don't love him?"

"I did, once. I could still, if he were stronger. As it is I can go to Frank or Carl for strong and assertive. Nick is convenient and rich."

They rode in silence for thirty miles and then Maureen asked, "How soon can we leave? I want to get back to Frank... together."

"Oh, it won't be together! You'll get Frank for a few weeks to yourself. Remember, I have a job, to get your Daddy back in line."

"He's not my Daddy. Uncle James is my Daddy. Was he really so good that you let him father both of us?"

"Long and strong. Long and strong. He's never had a lot on the ball, but he can ball with the best! Maybe you'll get to find out."

When we were twenty minutes from home I picked up my cell and dialed Uncle Walt. He answered. I said, "Walt, this is Pale Eagle. I have the two women Ben asked me to pick up in Salt Lake. They want me to bring them to your place. It is quite dark here."

He chuckled and understood that mom and Maureen hadn't been tipped off and hadn't recognized me. They were in the dark. He answered, "They will be served shortly after they arrived. Smile."

The message was clear. Mom would be served soon after she arrived. Served with divorce papers.

I pulled onto the farm and asked, "Does it still look like it used to, Mrs. Peterson?"

"I don't remember. It's been about ten or eleven years since I was here."

As I got the bags out mom pointed out the concrete pad and shower. "Can you believe a whole family showers outside?" She asked. Maureen said, "Yuk!"

I said, "Go on in. I'll bring in your bags." They went in without a thought as to holding the door for me.

They were met by Walt, Sue and then Dad. They were met with hugs and kisses on cheeks. Steve, Don, Pale Feather and a man I didn't know were in the kitchen with Walt, Sue, mom and Maureen when I came in with their suitcases. Steve helped me take the suitcases upstairs. We checked on Donna while we were upsairs. She was in bed, asleep.

When we got back downstairs everyone was in the living room. Dad had not started. He saw us and asked, "Nadine, I have bad news and I have good news. Which would you like first?"

Mom said, "I want to see Ben first!"

Dad smiled. "That's part of the good news. You've already seen Ben." He pointed at me.

Mom laughed. "You must think I'm nuts. Ben is as skinny as a rail, blond and a California boy, not a farmer who looks a lot like an Indian."

"Does Ben have any scars or birthmarks?" Dad asked.

Maureen said, "Yes. He has a small scar on his upper thigh where a spoke from his bike stabbed him when he was twelve."

Mom said, "He has a birthmark on his scalp just above his right ear."

Dad said, "Take a look."

I stood and dropped my jeans. I showed the scar just where Maureen knew it was. I showed the birthmark too. Mom lost all the color in her face.

"Ben, what happened to you?" She asked.

"I grew up." I pulled my pants back up and sat down. We all waited.

Finally mom looked at Dad and asked, "Ok, what's the bad news?"

"I'm broke. I lost the company, our home and my job. As of the first of April the only money we have as a married couple is whatever you have. I don't have enough money to borrow Walt's truck and fill it with gas."

The man I didn't know stood up and asked, "Mrs. Nadine Peterson?" He held out an envelope. Mom took it. He said, "You've been served." He turned to me and asked, "Pale Eagle, may I stay?"

"Sorry, no. From now on it's a family matter. Leave it that way. Please." He shook my hand and left.

Mom asked, "Why did he ask you?"

"Dad doesn't have a dime. He can't hire a server. I did. As soon as the divorce is final I'm going to offer him a job, on my farm."

"How can you do this to us?" Maureen screamed at me.

"What did the two of you do to Dad?" I asked.

"Nothing! What are you talking about?" mom asked.

"How about infidelity? Cheating? Have you had affairs while you've been married to Dad?"


"Then please explain why his DNA doesn't match with mine or with Maureen?"

"There must be a mistake! I love your Dad!"

"On Friday night here in town there was a county wide dance. Your Uncle James admitted he's my sperm donor and Maureen's. In the truck coming here you told Maureen how good he was in bed and if she was good she might get a shot at him while you're here. Well, she won't. He's in jail. Your Uncle Jack and my grandpa are in jail too, for raping your niece Friday night and attempting to kill all of us."

She was sobbing. Maureen was sobbing. Dad stood up and walked to mom. He asked nicely, "Hand me your purse, please."

She held it tightly. "No!"

"Easy way or hard way. Everything I owned was yours. You told me that a thousand times. The reverse is also true. Whatever's yours is mine."

She gave him the purse. He also got Maureen's. He put it in a plastic bag and said, "You can have it back in the morning after breakfast. Now, it's late. Let me show you where you two get to sleep." He got up and led them out the back door. I followed, with Pale Feather by my side. Half way to the barn Nadine said, "I wouldn't sleep in that damned loft twenty-years ago and I'm not sleeping there tonight."

Dad asked me, "Did you make the loft into a comfortable bedroom?"

"Yes, sheets, pillows and two quilts."

"The keys to all the vehicles are in the house. The nearest farm is three miles away, in the dark. The warmest place you can sleep is up above all the animals, in the loft. It's supposed to get down into the thirties tonight. The choices are yours. The lights will go out in ten minutes and then it will be very dark." Dad said.

He walked past mom and Maureen and into the house. I said, "There are lots of people you can blame. You can blame James for screwing you before you married Dad, but you chose to do it again. You could have been honest with Dad about who was the father of your children. Your mother told the whole county last night she tried to get you to abort Maureen, but you thought it would be funny to cuckold Dad and make him pay for children that weren't his. You even stooped to having Maureen screw one or more of your lovers. I'll bet both of you wish Carl or Frank would come rescue you tonight. Yes, you can blame any number of people, but it all comes back to you."

"How can you do this to your own Mother?"

"Two reasons. First because you are my mother, but not my Mom. I honor my Dad not the man who donated sperm to you. Second, because you didn't stop it! There's a young girl up in Kay's bed right now that was beaten and raped by the men in your family. She is scarred. She's my half sister, because you wouldn't stop the incest! The rest of the women in your family didn't do anything to protect her either! I did, I was just late."

"Good night." As Pale Feather and I walked back to the house Maureen asked, "Whose baby is she carrying?" The tone of her voice asked the question with venom and insinuation.

"Mine. Pale Feather is my wife." Inside the house I locked the door for the first time in many years. Kay and I kissed and I sent her to bed with Donna. She told me again she was my woman and that she loved me.

I covered myself on the couch and slept there for a few hours.

At five Walt woke me. He and Dad were dressed and Dad said, "Rest today. I'm gonna start earning my keep."

I rubbed my eyes and asked, "By the way, how much money do we have?"

"I don't have any. You have almost thirty million." Dad said. He smiled and they left. I went to the barn and crawled up the ladder. Maureen and mom were under both quilts. Their expensive clothes were draped over hay bales. They were still asleep. Quietly, I climbed back down and met Donna, Pale Feather and Sue for breakfast.

I ate quietly. The three women respected the silence until I looked at them and asked, "Aunt Sue, is there any way we can house and feed Donna, Maureen and mom?"

"Well, it isn't a matter of money. Your Dad saw to that. Are they working or sitting?"

"Working. I'll pay them to work. Maybe they can actually become good women. Not you Donna, we know you're already a good woman."

She softly said, "No, I don't think so. I'm learning there wasn't a good woman to teach me at our farm." She paused and added, "But, I'm willing to learn and earn my keep."

Pale Feather said, "Did you look at them last night? They have nails three quarters of an inch long! I'll bet the only shoes they have are high-heels!"

I asked, "Remember when I got here? You had to test me to see where to start. Same here. Go look in their suitcases. We may need to buy them some clothes. Probably some shoes. Maybe they can work along side the rest of us, in skin."

Donna's eyes got big. I knew she'd never done it either.

Pale Feather and Donna went and looked. They came back laughing. I asked. Donna said, "There must me a thousand dollars worth of clothes in there, nothing worth putting on if you live on a farm."

"Can you get sizes and go to town? We need clothes and shoes today."

Sue drove. Donna stayed with me. I went out to the barn and woke both women. When they made noises I said, "Your breakfast will be on the table in twenty minutes. If you need a bathroom there's one near the kitchen."

They were in the house in fifteen minutes. They shared the bathroom and came to breakfast with scrubbed faces. Donna served eggs, sausage, toast and jam. They both drank two cups of coffee. Donna and I watched.

When they were done I sat with them and said, "You get to make choices. Dad says I can give you back your purses. You can use your phones to call anyone you want. They can come and get you or send someone to get you. If you leave we will never see either of you again. Or, you can stay and work. Sue, Kay and Donna have worked a farm their entire lives. You walk around like you're better than them. If you stay you will work as a part of this family. Whatever needs doing you will do, just like the rest of us. I will pay you each a thousand dollars a month, until you don't carry your part of the work. When that happens you get the money, in cash and you walk away."

"When do we start?" Maureen asked.

"You start by doing the dishes."' I helped Donna up and Pale Feather up and into the living room. Mom's voice asked, "When do we get the purses back?"

I answered, "When the dishes are done."

It took forty minutes to get the dishes washed, dried and put away. Mom came to me and said, "It's done. Can we have our purses?"

"Yes." I got them. I handed them over. They got them out and started calling people they knew. Their first call went to Carl. He said, "No way. I'm being sued for half a million by my wife. She has pictures of us, the three of us!" He hung up. Maureen called a professor at Northwestern. As soon as he recognized her voice he said, "You want me to help you? I'll be lucky to have a job tomorrow! I go before the discipline committee tomorrow for fucking a student in a classroom. The student was you! They have pictures!" The phone connection died.

Mom looked at me and said, "It doesn't matter who we call does it?"

"Unless you know someone Dad couldn't find. Do you know someone who might think you're worth the risk?"


"Ok. I can tell you both want a way out, a way off the farm and away from here. So here's your last other choice. I'll drive you back to Salt Lake. You both have half your tickets and I'll give you each five thousand dollars cash. Then we're done. No matter what happens after you get out of the truck in Salt Lake you cannot come back."

Maureen thought about it and asked, "My rent, food and classes are paid for until June, right?"

"Yes, but given the evidence against you, I'd think you've already been barred from campus. Maybe there are criminal charges pending in Illinois."

"I'll stay." Her voice said she gave up.

Mom looked at me and said, "How can you hate me so much?"

"I don't hate you. If I hated you I wouldn't have brought you here last night. I would never have offered you a job, food, and a place to live. I love you simply because you gave me life, gave me a Dad who loved me instead of an abortion. I appreciate all that. I don't like how you have treated my Dad or my sister. I don't like how you behave. I give you choices in hopes you can become a woman I can respect and maybe like, one day."

"I'll stay." No surrender in her voice. Postponement, but no surrender.

"When Sue and Pale Feather get back they'll have new clothes for you. Not Victoria's Secret but clothing farmwomen wear. She'll show you where you live, from now on. Then she and Pale Feather will give you work to do.

They sat on the couch. Donna asked, "When you got up this morning, did you clean up the loft? Someone may need to sleep there tonight."

They left the house and climbed into the loft. Donna and I checked the job they did on the dishes. We washed them again. Then had spent forty minutes on the job. We were done in ten. While they were in the loft Sue and Kay came back. They left the bags in the bed of the truck. Sue handed me the bill, two-hundred-thirty-six dollars. I called out to the loft. "Ladies, please get the bags out of the truck and come into the kitchen."

I was amazed again at how slow they were. They came in and Sue said, "One bag for each of you. These clothes will last. While we went to town to get them for you I thought about where the two of you will sleep. Donna can't sleep in the loft. She's healing from the rape and beating the Evans family gave her. Kay can't climb the ladder to the loft. Ben slept there for months. Steve and Don work damn hard every day. You get to sleep in the loft. How did you sleep last night?"

"The barn smells." Maureen said.

"You can sleep in either barn. One doesn't smell like animals. It smells like fuel, oil and tractors. Your choice."

"Can either of you cook?" Sue asked, knowing the answer before she asked. "No."

I left the house. Donna and Kay made lunches for the four men in the fields. I rode out and delivered. I got a certain about of harassment when I opened my shirt and showed my chest. They asked for a different delivery person. Dad asked about the scars on my chest. Walt explained about a Spirit Dance.

When I got back to the farmhouse I called my friend the banker. He let me know an Evans had asked him how much their farm might be worth. He told her under other conditions maybe a million or maybe two. Given that everyone knew the pressure they were under and the state of the economy, she might get three-hundred thousand. Before she got excited he reminded her that the bank held a note worth two hundred thousand against any sale.

I said, "Call her back. Tell her someone has made an offer. Half a million dollars with stipulations. Number one, none of the money can be used to get any Evan's out of jail or prison. Number two, James and Jack both plead guilty and tell the truth in court. And number three they all leave the county forever. That includes any one living in the house at the moment and any man not incarcerated named Evans."

"I have the feeling I'll be calling you back soon."

They get the money after the stipulations are met."

The phone rang before supper. They accepted.

Every day of the first month mom and Maureen cried. Every day they worked and broke nails. Every day they ate more and still lost weight. Dad talked to me and felt bad for mom. Sue noticed and Kay noticed mom suffered the most and loudest when Dad was around.

At supper one night Dad said he needed to go to town in the afternoon. Walt lent him a truck. I rode out on my paint just after dawn. At about eight I met Dad in town. He rode home on my paint and snuck into the house while Sue had the ladies hanging wash.

He listened by an open window. He heard Maureen tell her that sobbing to Nick didn't matter. That she needed to sob to Ben. Nadine said, "Nick will listen to me. I can still get to him. When I do, I'll be the queen again."

Maureen pointed out that Nick didn't have a dime.

Soon the sale of the Evans farm was complete. I invited all the family to drive to the farm. A new sign was already up over the gate. It said, "Pale Eagle's Nest".

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