tagLoving WivesUnexpected Discoveries Ch. 04

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 04

byThe Wanderer©

Susan followed me back to my cottage, as she got out of the Astra I noticed Sue was carrying an overnight bag. God, I thought she was bloody confident that I would fall for her charms.

The moment we were inside the door and we were in each other's arms and our mouths were locked against each other's. I felt Sue's tongue force it's way between my lips. This somehow, didn't seem to be the Susan I remembered; it was me that always used to take the lead. But I went with the flow; I had really been missing this woman.

We moved into the lounge still locked in our embrace; Susan broke the kiss and stepped back.

"I think I'm supposed to get on my knees now, aren't I?" She said as she moved down.

She undid my belt and pulled my trousers and boxers down.

"I've missed you fella." She said as she placed her hand around my earnest friend, She lent forward and kissed the end of it tenderly, then she looked up at me and smiled.

"I love you Donny. I know you always liked me sucking you; so this is how I'm going to thank you for taking me back."

She slowly took the end of my cock in her mouth and sucked, moving her tongue around the head. Shit, it was the best blowjob she had ever given me; in the past it had been a few quick sucks, if I was lucky.

Then suddenly she dived forward, my whole cock disappeared into her mouth and I could feel her throat massaging the end. For a moment I was in heaven. Then my mind went into overdrive again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. No girl can suck cock like that without some practice. Susan had sworn to me that besides her quick fuck with Gary Wilson she had not been with any other guy. That's why we were here now and I had forgiven her for her one silly indiscretion.

But if she hadn't been with anyone else how could she have learnt to suck cock like this? Fuck, it got to take time to learn how to deep throat like that and Susan had done nothing like that with me before.

I pushed Susan away from me and she fell on the floor with her back against one of my armchairs.

"You lying cow." I shouted as I retrieved my trousers. "How many guys have you been fucking while I've been away. Fuck me, you had me fooled girl. I really believed all your crap. Now get the fuck out of here. I never want to see you cheating face again."

"No. No. Please Donny. What did I do? What did I say? Donny I love you!"

"Look you slag; I didn't get off the boat yesterday. You were never very much good at sucking cock, but I enjoyed what you gave me. Well, all of a sudden you're a fucking expert. Suddenly you can take my whole cock down you fucking throat, just like that!"

"I thought that's what you wanted."

"Susan you don't learn to suck cock like that in two minutes, you couldn't take more than a couple of inches of my cock the last time you sucked it. Who have been practising on?"

"Oh Shit! I didn't think of that. Please Donny you've got to let me explain."

"Fuck girl, this should be fucking good to hear. Go on, talk your way out of this one."

"Will you please get me a drink and sit down."

I poured Sue a Gin and tonic got myself a Scotch and then I sat on the sofa, looking at her. Susan was still sitting on the floor looking up at me.

"Look Donny, I love you. When I fucked up last time, I think it was because that Prick somehow got me to believe that you were most likely cheating on me. After you left home, but before the divorce was final; I was somehow sure that you had strayed. I was frantic because I didn't want to lose you. I searched for any clue that you had been cheating."

"You left your computer behind, so I got Shirley the girl who looks after the computers at Tulgas, to come round and find your passwords and things. I checked all you files and e-mails. I was looking for anything that would make us even. Something I could challenge you with and say to you. Look, you did it as well, can't we both just forgive and forget."

"But there was nothing there, you were the faithful loving husband I always really knew you were."

"Then we had that meeting at the solicitors. I begged you to forgive me, but you wouldn't then. But there was a look in your eye. I just got the feeling that if I hung in there long enough, you might forgive me eventually.

When I got home I sat and brooded, I hoped that one day I might get you back. I thought that if and when I got you back I was going to make sure you never left me again. I remembered that all the things I had refused to try when we were in bed together. I knew that when you came back I was going to deny you nothing. No I would do better than that, I was going to be a bloody expert at anything and everything you liked or wanted to try. So I went back to your computer and checked out all the web-sites you had used. That little file you had with your nicknames and passwords on came in very useful. I looked at all the pictures and read all the stories you had downloaded."

Susan stopped to take a drink.

"You know you made it easy for me, with that filing system of yours. Once I realised which stories and pictures you preferred, I studied them."

"Deep Throating took me months to perfect, I started with a banana and now I can take this plastic dildo thing down my throat for four minutes. And when you want to fuck my arse. Well I won't tell you what I used the first time, but I can assure you that your cock will be welcome, it can't hurt anymore than that did. You'll find I've got l some lubricating jelly in my hand bag."

"Donny you're the only guy I want, besides that half a shag with that Arse-hole you're the only guy I've ever had. Please Donny you've got to believe me."

"Fuck Sue I don't know what to think."

"Alright, look in my bag."

I didn't move, so Sue picked her bag up and tipped its contents on the floor.

"I brought most of this stuff from that story web sight of yours. Oh I used your name by the way."

"Oh thanks, did you use my credit card as well."

"Donny that wasn't very nice." Susan had been sounding enthusiastic but now sound down.

"Just kidding, sorry."

"Look, here I've got rope and hand cuffs, you visited a lot of those sites. A little cane and a flogger, in case you wanted to punish me more for being a silly bitch. Here's a plug thing and a couple of dildo's, nipple clamps, straps whatever your perversion I've got what you need in here, you have my permission to use it all on me however you want."

"Donny I love you so much, I won't even ask you to give me a safe word. You can treat how you like. As your slut or your slave use me anyway you want but please don't leave me again. I promise you, you're the only man I've ever wanted. There's been no one that you don't know about."

I still didn't move. I just looked at her.

"Look you see this little gadget, you'll like this."

Sue got up holding a kind of hook thing in her hand. She walked over to the lounge door and slipped it over the top of the door. then she picked up a pair of Velcro straps and put them on her wrists; she walked back over to the door and standing on tiptoe hooked her strapped together wrists onto the hook on the top of the door.

"Right Donny I'm ready for you to punish me for all the stupid things I have done in the past. Rip my clothes of, pick up that strap and let me have it; you know I deserve it."

"For fuck sake Susan, what in heaven gives you the idea I'd want to flog you?"

"It's not what you want Donny its what I deserve, I fucked up a wonderful marriage. If in your heart you feel I've been punished enough. Then maybe you will find it in your heart to forgive me."

"Sue until you took me by surprise with that deep throat bit, I had forgiven you. Jesus you've got me well off balance here."

"Well in that case come over here, get me down and fuck me. No love making for the minute, just fuck me every which way you can. I don't know about you but I haven't had a real fuck since before I went to Ann's house."

"You've forgotten about the Arse-whole."

"No I haven't, he had an excuse for a cock, and he couldn't excite me in a million years; he was just going to use me as a whore. For all his humping I might as well have been doing the bloody ironing. I was bored silly. You've got a real cock and you know how to use it; I want you to show me how real a man uses his whore. From now on I'm you're whore I'll do whatever you want."

I had a little difficulty unhooking Sue from the gadget she had put on the door. the moment she was free she began to strip out of her clothes. The next thing I realised she was on her back over the arm of the sofa and I was pumping away at her shaved pussy for all I was worth. Sue suddenly began to shake with a massive orgasm. I actually stopped fucking her to watch, as I had never seen her react that strongly before.

As she recovered she pushed me off of her, then literally dived down and swallowed my cock again. My knees went weak and I slowly collapsed onto the floor, Sue following me down never letting my cock from her mouth. Then I released the biggest load of semen I ever think I've fired, into her mouth. She just kept on sucking until she had taken the lot. Then she sat up and opened her mouth to show me what she had left in there. Then she swallowed it and sat smiling at me.

"Fuck Sue, I should have got you on the computer years ago."

She grinned back at me, then said.

"When I started reading your sexy stories; I would never have thought I could do that. But every time I read about a wife doing it, I realised that the woman was doing it to keep her man happy. I'm determined that you will be so happy with me that you won't be able to leave me again. Now that's two holes dealt with; I want to know what having a real cock up my arse is like, so lets get this guy on duty again."

Once again she dived back down onto my now flaccid cock. Within moments I was as solid as a rock. Sue reached over and picked up a tube of lubricant. I couldn't see what she was doing but I guessed she was preparing her arse for me. Then she spun around pointed her bum at me and shouted.

"Come on super stud make me scream."

I was just about to fuck the first arse I had ever fucked, when I noticed a line of red marks on her arse checks.

"What the fuck are all these marks Susan?" I demanded.

"Oh those, do they show that much? I have given myself five strokes on each side with your old Scout belt every night since you left. I have punished myself for being a silly bitch. From tonight you will give me ten strokes a night, then I'll remember never to do anything stupid like that again. Now stop talking and stick that big cock of yours up my arse."

I gently pushed my cock into her arse.

"Oh fuck that hurts." She said, "No, don't stop, It's kinda nice as well. Oh fuck me Donny, come on, and fuck your slag's arse.

I was humping away for all I was worth now. I had never felt anything like it before, every so often I would stop and Sue would work her anal ring and squeeze my cock. I had always wanted to try anal but I never thought it would be anything like this.

I think I must have fucked her arse for about ten minutes. Sue climaxed twice and was begging me to fuck her harder. But it seemed to me that I was knocking her across the room. I slipped out a couple of times, kept on have to chase after her on my knees. Then I came with the second biggest climax of my life, I thought my balls were going to explode as I filled her arse.

We collapsed on the floor, my rapidly deflating cock still jammed up Sue's arse.

"Fucking hell" she murmured, "I didn't think I would enjoy it that much. We'll have to put that on the regular menu. Now off you get, we haven't finished yet, there's lots more we've got to try."

With that she pushed off and over onto my back. Once again she dived for my cock that had just been up her arse and sucked it into her mouth.

"Fuck Sue, you don't have to do that."

She looked up at me.

"Yea I think that might have been a mistake, and I probably won't do it again. But I had to give it a try. Now come on lets go have a shower, then we can see what else we can try."

As I got to my feet, Sue started stuffing all the gear she had brought with her back into her bag.

"I think we can move to your bedroom after our shower, and we will need this stuff, you can tie me up and give me my ten strokes."

"Sue I really don't think we need to keep that up."

"Ten strokes every day, I'd would prefer you give them to me, you probably won't be as harsh as I am to myself.

The End or maybe not. I think there's a part five somewhere.

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