tagLoving WivesUnexpected Discoveries Ch. 05

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 05

byThe Wanderer©

I awoke very late in the morning to find an empty space beside me in the bed.

I could vaguely hear Susan singing somewhere in the cottage. I got up but couldn't find my robe, so it slipped a pair of jeans on. I found sue in the kitchen.

"Hi darling." She said as I entered the kitchen.

"I was making us breakfast and was going to bring it up to you."

"Thanks love, but I think we should eat it in here the bedrooms a real mess."

"I know I'll have to clear it up in a minute. I'm sorry but dad's just rung he's bringing the children over for a little while, apparently they are driving him and mother crazy. They want to see that we are back together for themselves. I made them promise that they wouldn't stay long."

"It's to be expected, we've got to think of them."

"It's a shame I didn't think of them that ----."

I cut her off by raising my hand.

"Susan, please don't go there. We've had enough pain over the last couple of years. That's all over now; you have punished yourself enough. If we're going to get over this thing completely you've got to forgive yourself. That's why I wouldn't spank you last night."

"I know darling, but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself. I'll always remember what I did to you, and the children."

I had to get sue off the subject. She was still tearing herself up and I had to stop her somehow.

"Tell me something Sue, how come Mark Trerise and his wife became such good friends of yours. You were never that friendly with him when you worked for him, and he did give you the sack?"

"Oh dear, poor Mark, he felt so guilty about it. It turned out it was him who told Gary Wilson that I was in Basingstoke, and he thinks Gary might have got my cell-phone number out of his files as well."

"It was while the divorce was going on he came round and apologised to me. Apparently he and Gary went out for diner one lunchtime and Gary just mentioned in passing that he hadn't seen me around the office lately. Mark told him I was on leave, looking after Ann's children in Basingstoke. It was only after he heard Shirley asking the girls in the office which silly cow had told Gary where I was, that he realised what he had done. He was devastated and blamed himself for the whole episode. I told him that Gary would most likely have winkled the information out of one of the girls. But poor Mark blames himself for this entire thing happening, and he had to go to court as well over it as well. They gave him this bound-over thing as well as a fine."

"What the hell did he have to go to court for?"

"Ah Well, you see, when he came to see me. I told him that the first time Gary called me, it was on the pretence that Mark had told him to call me to clarify some details of a contract I had been working on before I went to Ann's. Mark was furious. He reckoned that Gary had used him to set me up. So he went up to Gary's house, ostensibly to collect Gary's company car. From what Dougie said. He's the guy who drove Mark up there. Mark and Gary had a real slanging match, and then they came to blows. Doug said that all he could do was stand and watch, as both of them are much bigger than him.

"Anyway Gary came off worse, but poor Mark got arrested and charged with affray or something. It cost him £200 in fines and he was bound over for a year. But he says, he thinks he will now be able to look you in the face the next time he sees you. Oh and he said one of the policeman told him he should have had the same restraint that you had shown."

"Maybe I should have given Wilson a good hiding."

"Oh no, you got him fired, and he has lost his driving licence and from what I have heard, his wife has divorced him as well. They came and asked me to be a witness, but they never called me in the end. No I think you handled it almost perfectly Donny. Although I do wish you had confronted me when you saw us coming back from the restaurant. I know that you would still have left me, but the bastard wouldn't have got his cock in me."

"Look, we've got back onto that subject again. I thought we agreed to forget it."

"Donny I think we wont be able to forget it until we both know everything that has happened. I think we will just have to grin and bear it."

"OK then, Susan just tell me one thing. What did you take out of the car that night?"

"What do you mean?"

"When you came from the restaurant, you got something out of the car."

"Susan looked thoughtful for a moment, then her eyes lit up."

"Oh God Donny, give me your car keys quickly. Oh god, I hope it's still there."

Susan grabbed my keys and ran out to my car.

"God I'm glad you never changed your car." She said as she opened the boot.

She almost climbed inside digging around in the corner of the trunk area. A smile came on her face and she triumphantly pulled a small polythene bag out from behind the bodywork

"Here," she said as she handed me the bag. "When you're ready, I hope you'll give them back to me."

Inside I found Susan's wedding and engagement rings, along with a gold locket and it's chain.

"I'm sorry I knew he was going to fuck me, I felt so guilty I took them off. There are pictures of you and the children in that locket. Remember you gave it to me for my birthday. I couldn't wear them while he."

Susan's voice faded into tears, and I pulled her close and hugged her. I realised that I don't think she will ever get over what she did that night. I'm pretty convinced that she has not got the faintest idea why she really did it. I made mental note that sometime I would have to get her to see a councillor, you never know were guilt like that can lead.

I lifted her hand and put the rings back on. She looked up at me, smiled and then went to remove the wedding ring, but I stopped her.

"Leave it on until after the children have been. They might not understand if you don't have them both on. We'll make it official as soon as we can, but wear it for now."

"Thank you Donny, I love so much."

The sudden arrival of Susan's parents with the children threw us into a panic. Sue was naked except for my robe and I only had a pair of Jeans on. Sue ran back inside and up to the bedroom; I could hear her crashing about trying to hide all her toys and make the room look presentable.

The children piled out of the car demanding to know were their mother had gone. But my father-in-law was grinning from ear to ear.

"Sorry, a bit early for you are we. I hope you had a good honeymoon night."

"Better than the first one Jack. Come in I'll make some tea."

The children ran upstairs and I could here them banging on the bedroom door. It was apparent that Susan had taken the precaution of locking it.

Ten minutes later Susan came down dressed in a pear of my Jeans and one of my shirts that she had tied at the waist. The clothes swamped her but she somehow managed to look beautiful in them. Her mother handed her a bag and said.

"If you'd waited a few minutes you could have put some clothes on, that fitted you. Susan if you must run about outside dressed in nothing but Donny's robe. Will you please at least do the belt up? You've got neighbours here you know."

"Sorry mum I was excited and didn't think."

"Well if you're going to be a respectable married woman again, it's about time you behaved like one."

"Lay of her Louise, we've settled our differences, if she wants to run around the garden naked, I won't object."

"Well I bloody well will. She's my daughter and I can't go through the last three years again."

"Donny don't you think you better get dressed if we're going out to lunch." Jack butted in. He could see the conversation was likely to get out of hand.

Susan expressed her surprise as she thought her parents and the children were not staying very long. We all pretended not to hear her objections and hint's that she and I should be left alone.

We went out to a pub for lunch and then took the children to the beach. Susan's frustration was really showing by the time we got back to the cottage. And I think she was really getting angry when her father and I started to light the Bar B Q.

I didn't seem to come into her mind that she had been set up. I had called her father at some ridiculous time during the night and between us we had planed the next couple of days.

When we got a quiet moment together I asked her father.

"Did you manage to find it alright?"

"Yes and you were right, it's valid for a couple more years. Mother had a lot of trouble picking out some clothes for her. You know she hasn't been taking as much care over her choices in clothes since you been gone. She's actually been dressing quite dowdy. Luckily she hasn't changed in size much, so mothers packed some of her older stuff. We'll have it at the airport in the morning."

"Thanks Jack. We can buy any thing else she needs. Are you sure you two don't mind looking after the kids for another month?"

"We'll look after them forever if it helps to get you two back as you were."

"I doubt it'll ever be exactly the same Jack. Just as close as I can make it."

"I figure we'll take the children home around nine, is that all right with you. If we leave it much later I think Susan will disown us."

"Nine's fine Frank, she's waited three years, she can wait a little longer."

Susan's folks and the children left just before ten. Susan was very quiet whilst we washed up and she left me to go up to the bedroom whilst I finish drying up.

When I entered the bedroom I found Susan sitting on the bed crying again.

"What's all this for, I thought we agreed no more tears in this marriage."

"Well, we're not married, and your flying off to Budapest tomorrow morning and wont be back for a month. I wanted you all to myself for today. They told me they were only staying an hour."

"Susan our children haven't seen us as man and wife for three years. I told you earlier we have to think of them."

"You can do that, can't you. You can forget what you want yourself and do what the children or I need. That's why you were in Basingstoke that night, isn't it. You thought that I needed to be driven home, and what did you find. A rotten cheating wife."

"No, I found a wife who made a silly mistake. Now stop your silly crying and let's do some serious begetting.

Susan laughed at my old joke; we had always used begetting as a reference to sex in front of the children when they were small. I took her in my arms and kissed her; then before she could say another word I started nibbling on her ear.

"Last night you wanted to fuck like rabbits and so we did. Tonight I'm going to remind you how we make love." I whispered into her ear.

My hand slipped down and undid the buttons on her blouse. And I felt her pulling my T-shirt from my waistband. Her blouse fell to the floor and my shirt was pulled over my head and off. We went back into each other's arms and I released the catch on her bra as I lowered myself and took her nipple in my mouth. Susan took a deep intake of breath that showed me her pleasure.

"I love you Donny. She whispered.

I couldn't reply, my mouth being too busy. I undid the waistband of her Jeans and slid them and her panties down and off her legs, as I dropped to my knees to the floor.

Easing her backwards onto the bed I started a long and circumspect journey down her body towards my ultimate objective. The Susan that I married would never allow herself to really enjoy my oral endeavours down there. The Susan that had spent hours reading my erotic stories from the web was showing signs of ecstasy as my tongue found her clit.

"Oh fuck Donny, don't stop, please. Oh fuck, I love you."

I could feel her grinding her self against my face as I slipped my finger into her.

"Yes Oh Yes."

It seemed to take no more than a couple of minutes before she had another one of those massive organisms, that had taken me by surprise the previous evening. She bucked her hips up at me so hard she knocked me off balance and I fell back onto the floor. For a moment she did nothing but moan then she said.

"For Christ sake Donny were did you learn to do that."

"It's not me that's doing anything different sweetheart, you're the one that's had the sexual awaking."

Susan slid of the bed and joined me on the floor.

"Lets get these bloody Jeans out of the way. I'm gonna need some access here before long. But first will you do that again please."

Having removed the rest of my clothing, she got back on the edge of the bed and I returned to sucking and licking her clit. This time I slipped two fingers into her virgina and massaged her anus with my thumb.

"OH Fuck" she called out as I finally slipped my thumb inside her.

A gentle rocking motion between fingers and thumb had her bucking away again in moments. After three further organisms, Susan admitted defeat.

"Fuck Donny, I don't think I can take anymore of that for the moment. Come on and fuck me now please."

Sue wriggled into the centre of the bed and I climbed between her legs, her little hand grabbed my cock and she guided me into herself.

"This how we did it the first time up ever fucked me, missionary fashion do you remember?"

"Of course I do my love." I replied.

"God I love the feeling of your cock in me. How I've missed it and you."

"Now Susan."

"Sorry but I was thinking. You turned me on to sex."

"If you say so darling." I panted.

"I always enjoyed our love making. No that's not right, is it? You used to make love to me. I never could bring myself to really let go."

"If you say so dear." Pant, Pant, I'm not as young as I was and was beginning to tier.

"Do you think that's why I let Gary talk me into going to that hotel."

I stopped pumping, my erection was gone and I fell out of her.

"Oh bugger, shit, I'm sorry Donny. How stupid of me. I'm sorry but I just had this idea come into my head.

"I noticed!"

"Look, I could never let myself completely go with you. I don't know why perhaps I thought I would let you down or some thing. But maybe I thought that with some creep that I would never have to be with again I could, you know, experiment and let myself go."

"Well I don't like the thought, but what the hell do I know about what goes in that head of yours."

"I'm sorry babe but reading your stories made me free. Only for you that is! This bodies yours and only yours, you know that don't you."

"Susan you lost me hours ago, but if you're happy, I'm happy with it, OK!"

"Thank you darling, but I think I've got some work to do now. Killed your mood a bit haven't I?"

"I've only one comment to make Susan."

"Yes darling."

"If you ever mention that cunt again when I'm fucking you again. You'll be sleeping in the spare bedroom."

"Sorry darling, I'll try not be so scatterbrain in future. Now on your back, I've got a friend down here that I've got to get on duty again."

With that Susan pushed me onto my back and sucked my cock into her mouth again. Within minutes the old John Thomas was back in working order. But then Susan suddenly stopped again.

"Here do me at the same time, I love the way you use your tongue." She said as she swung her leg over my head, to put us in the classic 69 position.

She sucked my cock for a while, bobbing her head up and down but she seemed to sense when I was about to cum and took her mouth of my cock.

"Not yet baby, there's a long night ahead of us and I want to make the most of it."

She turned her attention to my balls as I slipped my two fingers into her Virginia and my thump back up her arse.

"Oh yea I like that." she said as she bucked against me.

I didn't even have to move my hand; she was doing it all.

"Yea Yea Yes." she mumbled then plunged her mouth back over my cock.

Susan was jumping around like a woman possessed now.

"Oomph, Oomph, Oomph." Was all she could say with her mouth full.

I couldn't say anything as she ground her clit against my face. Then suddenly she pushed a finger up my arse and that was too much for me I gave up the fight and exploded into her mouth. She sucked everything I gave her down and kept on sucking, and then she began shacking with the now familiar orgasm. After what seemed like an age she collapsed on me and laid still.

"Sue, Susan are you alright?" I asked in panic.

"Yes I think so?" She said, "God that was the best one yet. Why the hell didn't I loosen up earlier in our marriage?"

"I think I might have been dead by now, if you had!"

"Ooh, I'd better check your life insurance then, because this is the lover you've got from now on."

We fucked each other silly until the early hours and then fell into an exhausted sleep. Susan woke me in the morning by sucking me back to action stations, and then we fucked again before we got in the shower then made our way to the airport.

As I got out of Susan's car she came around and hugged me with tears in her eyes.

"Oh god Donny, I'm going to miss you." She said.

"And why the hell would that be?" I asked.

"Well you'll be in Hungary, We won't be able to fuck for a month."

"Why not? I don't know about you but I'm intending to enjoy a good fuck every night."

Susan looked serious.

"Oh I see, so you are fucking those girls then."

"No I told you, never mix business with pleasure."

"Then who? Have you got another girl out there? But I can't really blame you if you have."

Susan was looking very upset now and I could see the tears welling up in the corner of her eyes again.

"No you silly girl! I'm going to be fucking you every night; you're coming with me. Look here's your passport, and your dads over there with your bags."

"What about the children?"

"Your folks are going to look after them, why do you think they stayed with us all day yesterday."

"You bugger, you had it all planned didn't you."

"Well I hope this is one surprise I have organised for you that isn't going to go tits up on me?"

"I love you, Donny."

This is The end


Authors note.

I hope you have enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed writing it, especially the last two chapters. Regretfully I think I'm going to be quiet for a while. That is unless I find some more old stuff to put out. I have that many old hard drives lying about here some of the stories I've written in the past must be on them somewhere.


Don't forget I welcome all comments good or bad. But I've got a thing about people leaving they're Tags. All the comments made I like to keep filed with my stories. Thick skinned bastard arn't I.

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Good story, but

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