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Unexpected Fantasy


My girlfriend and I were at a party in a friend's house one Friday evening. Everyone there was tanked up and in great spirits. My girlfriend was drinking more heavily than usual that night because she had been promoted at work earlier that week. She is normally very quiet and shy until she gets a few drinks into her, and then she becomes flirty and talkative. She loves attention, especially when she is drunk, and she loves to be the life and soul of the party.

On this night she was looking particularly hot. She was wearing a short brown dress which ended just above knee length. It hugged her ass and her perky tits, showing them off beautifully. Lots of guys chatted with her as the night went on. She was courteous to them, and laughed a lot. I was glad she was enjoying herself, as it was mainly friends of mine that were there and she didn't know them that well.

Anyway as the night wore on more and more people left until there were only six or seven of us left in the house, all guys and my girlfriend. We were all extremely drunk at this stage. The house was in a mess and the stereo was playing very loud.

All of a sudden we heard a thumping on the door. One of the guys got it and found the neighbour from next-door standing outside, fuming. He was a tall guy, heavy build and unshaven. Not the type of guy you wanted calling to your place late at night. He was livid and started arguing with Ken, who owned the place. He had a young baby and he couldn't get her to sleep with the noise. Ken assured him we would turn the music down. But the neighbour complained that there was always noise coming from this place and he was sick of it. He was extremely angry. Luckily Ken who is a very cool headed guy, managed to sweet talk the neighbour into leaving.

Just as he was turning to go one of the guys in the room with me started to laugh. The neighbour turned and stormed into the house making a beeline for him. Things looked like they were about to get nasty. The neighbour picked Tim up and was about to let him have it when my girlfriend shouted at him to stop.

He turned at the tone of the female voice and looked her up and down. I didn't like that look. He smiled sleazily, not letting go of Tim. "You'd like me to stop?" he said.

"Please, just leave. We promise we'll turn down the music" she replied.

"My baby's already awake." He turned his attention away from Tim. "These lads give me nothing but excuses. But maybe you could do something for me?"

"What?" she said.

"If you gave me a look underneath that dress I think I could go home happy."

I couldn't believe what the guy was saying. "What the fuck..." I said, getting angry.

He turned and glared at me. "I think I'll have to call the cops," he said.

"I'll call the fucking cops" I replied. "What fucking right have you to come into this house and insult my girlfriend?" I was fuming.

He just smiled sickeningly and said, "Is that reefer I smell?"

I looked at Ken. He looked horrified. Then I looked at my girlfriend. She stared at me, and then at him.

"If I give you a look underneath my dress, you'll leave?" She said.

He nodded.

"Don't do it!" I told her.

She looked at me and said "look, let's just get it over with. Come into the kitchen."

"No," the neighbour said. "Right here."

She hesitated, and then slowly raised her dress over her head revealing the sexy underwear she had bought for me earlier that week. The guy's jaw dropped. Clearly he hadn't been expecting this turn of events. And Val looked great; very sexy.

I stared at her for what seemed like minutes. Her nipples were hard, straining through the sheer material of her bra. I took a look around the room and all eyes were on her. I must admit I got fairly hard myself seeing how the others were looking at my pretty girlfriend. I was both really angry and really turned on. She stood there before us in a pair of high heel shoes, wearing nothing but a black shiny g-string and a sheer black bra. Then she went to put her dress back on.

"Leave it off!" The neighbour said.

My girlfriend told him no way, and pulled the dress on over her head.

"You got what you asked for. Now go home."

He walked over to her, and she stepped back.

I stepped forward.

"Reefer is illegal, you know," he said. "And besides, you must be a real slut to take your dress off like that for a complete stranger." He reached out and brushed his hand along her side, down to her ass, pulling her closer. I rushed forward but he pushed me back into my seat.

"Can't you see the girl wants this," he said. "She hasn't even moved away from me. Isn't that right?"

Valerie looked at me. I was rooted to the spot. She didn't seem to want to stop. And I didn't seem to want to stop her. The whole scene was driving me mad. I was both jealous and turned on. We had discussed scenes like this in fantasy, and even roll-played a few. I didn't think she'd ever actually go through with it.

"Leave me alone," she said. But she wasn't really struggling.

He looked back at her. "Now be a good little slut and take that dress back off."

She glanced at me and slowly pulled the dress over her head. It was like deja vu. I couldn't believe it. I was pissed off, but as horny as I've ever been. The rest of the guys in the room just looked on, dumbfounded.

The neighbour reached out and brushed his hand across her crotch. She moaned. I could see she was sopping wet already. The scene was obviously turning her on.

He pulled her to him and kissed her urgently. Then he began kissing her neck. He groped her bra and tried to take it off. He couldn't unhook it so he told her to do it. She did. She was a totally different woman. She seemed subdued, but I could see she was really horny, probably as bad as she'd ever been.

He leaned forward and licked her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. She moaned. She seemed totally unaware of the room around her.

After licking and sucking her tits for a while he reached for her thong. "You're going to enjoy this," he grunted.

He slid his hand inside her thong. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He fingered her a bit, then he withdrew his hand and licked his fingers. "Mmmmmmm, fresh pussy!" he said. Quick as a flash he ripped off her panties exposing her neatly trimmed bush.

"Very nice," he said, taking a good look. "Very nice."

He took a step back and unzipped himself. Taking out his sizeable cock he said: "Why don't you suck on this?"

She kneeled on the floor and licked his fat cock from tip to base, before taking it in her mouth. She played with his balls as she sucked him. He ran his hands through her hair.

Some of the guys were openly playing with themselves at this stage. I had to unzip myself.

"Oh, that's good," he moaned. "That's sweet."

After a short while he pulled his cock slowly from her mouth. She almost seemed disappointed.

"I want to sample that cute pussy now," he said, rubbing his fingers along her hot wet snatch. "You want that, don't you?"

"Oh yes," she moaned.

"Then lie down on the coffee table."

She did.

He kneeled down before her and told her to spread her legs. She complied. He buried his head in her crotch.

She lost control as he toungue fucked her, sucking and licking her wet pussy.

He pulled back suddenly. "No," he said. "You are not allowed to cum yet."

"I want to cum!" She shouted, like a spoiled child.

I could not believe the effect all of this was having on her.

"Stand up!" he commanded.

She did.

He held out his cock. "Do you want this?"

"Yes," she replied. "Please put it in me." She was out of control.

"Tell me to fuck you."

"Fuck me!"

"Say it like you mean it!"

"Fuck me with your fat cock!" she screamed.

He kissed her. "Bend over." She did as she was told. "We've got a real slut here, isn't that right guys?" he said, landing a sharp smack on her ass. He held out his fat cock and pushed it slowly into her sopping wet entrance. Both of them moaned aloud as he entered her. The look on her face was priceless. She began playing with her tits.

"Somebody take this sluts mouth," he shouted.

I couldn't believe it when I saw Larry going for her like a shot. He just turned to me and said, "Look man, she's hot! She wants it!" He held his cock at her mouth and she took it eagerly.

Seeing her lying they're fucking two men sent me over the edge. I went and shot a load all over her neck and chest. When the others saw this they decided to join in.

The neighbour pulled out before he came and shot a thick load all over Val's body. He zipped up and thanked her. Then he thanked me and told me to bring her over any time, and with that he left.

The rest of us continued to fuck her for several hours. She was sore but satisfied when the party finally ended.

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