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Unexpected Pleasures


My wife and I had been married for more than ten years, but we'd married young, and she was still only 32, and quite lovely. She had recently taken up going to the gym regularly, and it had paid dividends. Her breasts were still round and firm, and her ass was as lovely as the day I'd met her, soft and round and incredibly sexy. I couldn't get enough of her. Unfortunately, she pretty easily got enough of me.

Maybe it was her upbringing, maybe it was just me, but sex had become pretty rare with us. It wasn't that I wasn't trying, it was just that she was saying no. A lot. We were getting it on once a week during good times, and her attitude was always the same - she wanted it over as fast as possible, and then she wanted me to eat her out. Then she napped. I'm stubborn, though, and I kept trying.

One night we went out to a friend's house for dinner, and we had a great time. There were lots of people there, and lots of wine. We drank plenty there, and then someone suggested we all go out to a local bar they knew. It wasn't our neighborhood, and we'd never been there before, and we were already pretty trashed, but still, we were having fun, and I didn't expect to get any when we got home anyway.

We sat around together, six of us crowded into a booth, talking about how we used to drink when we were kids, and then doing our level best to match it. We started doing shots, and pretty soon, we needed more. I stood up to go to the bar and realized that I was pretty far gone, because the table wouldn't quit moving into my path. A steadied myself and moved toward the bar. I stood behind a crowd, hoping to get the bartender's attention. Just then my wife passed close behind me, and she slurred "I'm going bathroom." I smiled at her and watched as she disappeared into the rear of the bar.

While I was standing there, I realized that I needed to use the bathroom pretty badly as well, and decided to get the drinks after. I moved off toward the bathrooms. The two bathrooms were right across the hallway from each other, and they had odd little signs on them, so it was hard to tell which was the men's room and which was for women. After a moment, I figured it out and opened the door.

I was surprised to see my wife inside the men's room. Apparently, she'd made the mistake I'd narrowly avoided. But, to my surprise, she wasn't leaving. She wasn't even looking at me, because she was engaged in conversation with a guy standing at the urinal.

"Well," he said to her, "since you've come to the show, you might as well see all the action."

"No thanks," she said. "I'm going to leave now." She didn't move, though.

The guy finished peeing, shook off, and then turned around, his dick still hanging out of his pants. My wife stared at it. "That's nice," she said, giggling.

"It gets nicer," he said, rubbing himself so that his dick started to rise. I stood close by the door watching the scene. Surprised, paralyzed, and really, really turned on.

"It certainly does," she said, walking forward. She reached out and took his dick in her hand. "I like your cock. It's smooth."

He reached around her and put his hand under her skirt. It was a warm night, and she wasn't wearing stocking. I watched as he slipped his hand under her panties and onto her ass. I waited for her to protest, but she didn't. Instead, a small sigh escaped her, and she began to jerk him off faster.

He opened up the buttons on her shirt, and began rubbing her tits. I could see that he had worked them free from the bra, and he had worked his other hand well inside her. She jerked him and moaned, and then bent over and began sucking him off.

I walked into the bathroom and stood behind her. Her bent-over posture left her ass high in the air, and her skirt covered nothing at all now. I slipped her panties down, and she said nothing at all, just kept jerking this guy off and sucking on his cock.

She was wet, very, very wet. I stroked her slit and she pushed back against me. She hadn't been this excited, that I knew of, in years. I hadn't been this excited either, ever. I opened my pants and took out my almost painfully hard cock, and it slid right into her. She gave a cry of surprise, and then started furiously pumping against me. At that point, someone else came into the bathroom, and he looked at us, and immediately got his cock out and stuck it in her face. I began to get nervous about where this was leading, but decided to let it go, as I was way too excited to stop now. She took the other guy's cock in her hand, jerking off both guys, while I fucked her from behind. Suddenly, the first guy groaned. "Take it in your mouth, baby, take it." But he backed off and came all over her face. She jerked back against me, and I came at that moment in her snatch. Then the third guy came, right on her tits.

I hustled her out of there before anything else could happen, and we quickly left the bar. The next morning, my wife was hungover, and didn't say a word about the events of the evening before. Even if she won't talk about it, though, I know what happened!

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