tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnexpected Surprise

Unexpected Surprise


Sometimes being on the road really sucks. I had been on the same routine for so long that the cities were turning into one big blur. Fly out Sunday night, run 1 day installs and 2 day upgrades all week, fly home late Friday night so tired I can barely get my clothes off before falling asleep in my bed. I used to spend Saturday nights with my girlfriend, but she dumped me a few weeks ago. Can you blame her for wanting to be with someone more than one night a week?

Today I'm somewhere in Nevada and a minor miracle has happened. I finished a two day upgrade in less than six hours. Robert (the site manager) was so impressed that he insisted on setting me up with a friend of his. Eventually I gave in and agree to meet Kelley at my room around six for a night on the town.

At six there is a knock at my hotel room door. Opening it, I see an absolute vision of blond beauty. She is tall, nearly reaching my own six foot stature with her heels. Her golden hair is pulled back from her face by two small berets, and falls in pleasant waves about her shoulders. Her piercing blue eyes smile at me as I continue drinking in her beauty. She is wearing a simple black cocktail dress that hangs smoothly on her frame and hugs every curve. Black stockings cover her legs below the knee-length skirt, and she is wearing sleek, strappy black 5" heels. After a few skipped heartbeats, I finally find my voice.

"Good evening. I take it you're Kelley?"

"Hello. Yes, and you are Martin," she said with a smile. It wasn't really a question the way she said it.

Before I can answer Kelley places her hand on the middle of my chest and pushes me back away from the door as she walks in. A few feet later she wraps her arms around me, pressing her whole body into mine as she kisses me. She raises one of her legs between mine, pressing her thigh against my rapidly hardening cock while her tongue explores my mouth. She must have had some candy or something because she tasted like watermelon. I could get lost in a kiss like this!

Unnoticed by me, another girl follows her in from the hall carrying a bag. She quietly puts the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside handle and triple locks the door. About a million years later I finally notice her when Kelley allows me to come up for air.

"Say hello to Susan. I hope you don't mind, but Rob talked you up so much she insisted on coming along to meet you."

"Ummmm... Hi Susan," I said while turning my head to look at her. As I met her deep brown eyes time stopped... again. Her hair was somewhere between blond and brunette, and it hung free just below her cheeks. She was wearing an ivory sleeveless blouse that revealed just enough cleavage to remind you to look. Her knee length red skirt pulled in her waist and clung to her hips, revealing a classic hourglass figure. She completed the outfit with tan stockings and red pumps. I didn't remember to breathe until Kelley started to move.

As Kelley unwrapped herself from me, Susan removed my shirt. She then took Kelley's place by wrapping me up in another full body kiss. She must have been watching earlier because this kiss was a spot-on, mind-bending duplicate of Kelley's. By now these two women had transformed my cock into a steel pole that had taken over all of my thinking abilities. While I'm busy savoring Susan's grape-flavored kiss, Kelley returns to undo my pants and slide the rest of my clothes down to my shoes.

Susan releases me as Kelley brings me down to the bed on my back. By now she had stripped down to her black thigh-high stockings. Kelley starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. She captures my leg between hers pulling it to the side and wrapping it up tightly in her long lean powerful legs. As Kelley does a slow grind on my leg, Susan joins us wearing only her tan thigh-high stockings.

Slipping up beside me Susan duplicates Kelley's leg-lock, and I am truly held open by these two gorgeous creatures. Susan starts nibbling on my nipples while both women reach down to run their fingers through the thick black hair that guards my package. I'm in heaven. I cannot begin to describe how many fuses these girls have blown in my brain. Both girls now have their hands roaming all over my body.

Almost in a choreographed move they unwrapped from my legs and sensuously run their hands up my arms, stretching them up and to the sides, ending with slow gentle caressing of my wrists. Then at the same time they both jump off me and I feel two cuffs going around my ankles. No, that won't do... but when I try to move to stop them I discover cuffs are already capturing my wrists! How did I end up tied down hand and foot?

"What the hell?" I say while they take walk around and pull everything tight.

"Hey Kelley, I think we really got him."

"Just like you planned," said Kelley as she starts to pull a spandex hood over my head. When she finally got it over my head I learned it had a built-in blindfold. She pulled it back up and adjusted it so the bottom of the hood went above my ears and rested just below my nose.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" I said as I struggled against the cuffs and straps that now held me helplessly spread-eagled on the bed.

"Wow, can you believe such a good looking guy has that hiding in his pants?"

"Not really," Susan replied, "But it's nothing we can't fix for him," she said as she shoved a gag in my mouth and buckled it tightly behind my head.

"Meeeh mee moo iiiigh nooooo!" Blind, barely able to move, and unable to speak, I gave up. I was basically now in their complete control.

Kelley said, "Just relax and you should enjoy this." A few moments later they lifted my butt and slid a towel underneath me. Immediately after that I felt someone take something cool and slippery and start massaging it into my balls, cock, and entire general area. Okay, I will admit that felt good and my soft interest was quickly standing tall again.

"Hold still," said Susan, "Wouldn't want to make us slip and damage the merchandise, would you?"

I then felt one of them start to gently shave me. They started by gently pushing my dick down as they shaved pretty much everything between my cock and my navel. Whoever was holding my dick had the head centered in her palm, and she was slowly, repeatedly, gently squeezing me. Almost in time with the feather light strokes of the razor. As she gently applied pressure to my cock, the razor would start a stroke. Then she would release the pressure as the razor was rinsed in a bowl or something. I could hear the splashing anyways. Squeeze, stroke, release, rinse. Squeeze, stroke, release, rinse. After a little while my cock was being pulled to the right while the razor worked its way down the left side.

I can't quite describe the sensation, but by the time they finished with my cock and balls and moved on to the area between my nuts and my asshole I was using every ounce of willpower I had to hold still. I wanted to thrust into that hand and cum so badly that it hurt, but fear of getting cut held me back. Then it was over. I was released to flop around, vainly thrusting into the air. The girls giggled at the sight as they brought a warm washcloth to clean me up. Then the towel was pulled out from under me and used to dry me off.

"My, what a beautiful cock you have!" said Susan.

"Absolutely, what a shame you had it hiding under that mess!" Kelley was pulling the ball gag out of my mouth while Susan was gently slipping a condom in place.

"Now, Susan and I have a little bet to settle, and you're going to settle it."

"And we have something new we want to try. Some stuff we read in a story online."

"We don't know if it will work, so we are going to try it on you to see what happens," said Kelley.

"Your first test is to choose the better kisser," said Kelley.

"I have an idea. How about you untie me and then I'd be happy to judge your kisses."

"Tough luck. You don't really have any say in the matter," said Susan

A moment later I felt the two girls climb up on both sides of the bed. Both of them snuggled up to me, once again wrapping their stocking-clad legs around mine. I felt two hands start to caress me from different sides. Kelley started gently kissing me from my right while the hands moved down to stroke my cock and balls. I knew it was Kelley because she tasted like watermelon.

"I love your watermelon kisses, Kelley," I said when she finally broke for air. She giggled a little as Susan leaned in from my left for a passionate peppermint flavored kiss. Peppermint?!?!?

"Okay, now I know you two are trying to screw with me," I said as she moved over to kiss and nibble my left ear. The girl on my right moved in to give my right ear some attention, and one of them moved their hand up to play with my nipples for a while. "Huuhhhnnnng... god that feels good!"

Both girls moved away from my ears while watermelon flavor closed in on my mouth for another one of those kisses you feel right down to your toes. The other girl went down and started kissing and sucking my cock. After a few minutes they swapped and peppermint flavor was again kissing me deeply and passionately, the kind of kiss that feels like a brand on your soul. Meanwhile, watermelon flavor had me inches from a massive orgasm when they both quit and got off the bed.

"OOOooooohh! I was so close!" I exclaimed while pulling at the straps that held me. If I could just grab myself I could get there in two pumps. Being helpless and unable to cum just made the frustration worse.

"So, who is the better kisser?" said Kelley.

"You are both awesome. I could get lost for days kissing either one of you."

"Cop-out cheater. That's no answer."

"Yeah, you have to pick," said Susan.

"Seriously, you both have fucking PhD's in kissing!"

"If that's the way you want to play it, we can both leave now," said Kelley.

"Better yet, we can leave you tied up like this for the maid to find!"

"Or we can just do this," said Kelley as she slowly started pinching and twisting my nipple.

"AAaahhgg. Okay, okay. If I have to choose I think Susan has a slight edge... and I love that peppermint!" At this both girls started laughing.

"Yay, I win! I had the peppermint!" said Kelley as she climbed back on the bed, removing the hood. She favored me with another breathtaking kiss as Susan climbed between my legs.

"Good news. You don't have to choose anything for this contest." Said Kelley as she broke from the kiss.

"The test is to see who can make you beg first, so just shut up."

They started taking turns on my cock, bringing me right to the edge of orgasm without letting me cum. While one is busy on my cock the other one is all over the rest of me. They both prove to be geniuses about knowing when I'm about to cum, and also about preventing it. They tease me with their hands, lips, hair, breasts, pussies, and legs. They still don't let me cum. Sometimes I get to kiss one of the girls, nibble on a breast, or lick a pussy. For what feels like an hour or two they keep doing these incredible things to my body.

At first, I refused to give them the satisfaction of making me beg, although I made plenty of noises. Eventually I have to close my eyes and focus on something else to keep control. I plan meals and think of the shopping list. I try to remember every story on last night's news. I try to think if there are any states I have not been to this year. As time goes on this double tease and denial takes its toll. I have been so close for so long that I think I might go insane with lust if I don't cum.

"NNNnnnngh... Please, may I cum? Please?" Both girls stopped what they were doing and looked at me. Susan was grinning from ear to ear.

"I win. That makes us tied. And look how he's bobbing his hips around."

"Nooo... Please... Don't stop... let me cum... please...AAAAaaaargung"

"He makes funny noises when he's desperate," said Susan as she returned and placed the blindfold/hood back over my head. "No peeking now."

Unable to move, unable to see, and unable to reach the orgasm I was so desperate to have, I could only lie there and listen to the girls as they moved about doing something. Slowly the lust recedes, the burning need fades, and the moment passes. A mouth starts making love to my ear lobe right through the spandex, and leaves a trail of kisses down to my nipples. At the same time a second mouth engulfs my dick, and I start the climb back up that hill. She begins kissing and licking my balls before moving down to that sensitive patch of skin just below them while the other girl moves over to my other nipple.

The mouth down below moves back to my balls while something warm and slippery starts fingering my asshole. Slowly, gently, the back door is massaged and invaded. The hood is once again adjusted to leave my mouth free as I'm treated to a lemon flavored kiss. Everything feels perfect, but my cock is being completely ignored. That's okay though, because this feels so good I don't want it end.

"Huuunnnnggg.... Crap," I moan around the tit that I'm sucking on. Something in my butt had just sent an electric jolt through my dick.

"Aahhhhnnnnggggg," there it was again. The tit was pulled away and one of the girls straddled me, sitting down on my hips. God, my dick must me pushing against her clit like this! The prostate massage continued.

"Oh god I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum...I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Just then someone grabbed my cock and started pumping. Between the hand job and the prostate massage I was shooting like a geyser. When it got to be too much I tried to buck and pull away. After a couple times the fingers were removed from my ass, but the girl stroking my cock just kept going. She followed me and kept stroking no matter how I tried to move or push her off. I started groaning, screaming, pleading, but it didn't stop. I felt myself starting to get soft but she didn't let up. It didn't hurt, but it was crazy intense and way too much stimulation.

I panicked and started thrashing about like a madman, but it just got more and more intense. Soon in the midst of the panic I started to feel something else. There was a strange sensation growing within me. Oh. My. God. I was climbing to another orgasm! I had to make this stop. It was too much, but between the straps holding me in place and the girl sitting on me pinning my hips down I couldn't do anything about it. I continued foolishly trying to break free until suddenly the impending orgasm won and I started bucking into the hand.

Moments later I had the strangest orgasm of my life. Whoever was handling me was exquisite. The moment my dick started throbbing she shifted away from the head of my cock. She began rhythmically squeezing the base and shaft while using little half-inch strokes. Having just been milked there was nothing to squirt, but with her help I kept orgasming and throbbing longer than I ever have before. It was insanely way too intense, while at the same time I spent forever in bliss.

After it was all over they cuddled with me for a while, one on either side of me. They held me and whispered comforting things in my ear as we all come down from the sexual high. Eventually they got up to use the bathroom. They returned and while one of them cleaned me up the other released me from bondage. We climbed back into the bed with me between them for more cuddling and pillow talk. Eventually the three of us fell asleep like that, and when I finally woke up late the next morning they were gone.

They had left me note with both their numbers. The note mentioned another bet they had that I could settle next time I was in town. I don't know what the new bet was, but I fully intend to look them up when I come back for training next month!

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