tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events

Unexpected Turn of Events


**Authors Note: Hi everyone, this is the first time I have ever even tried to write a story. I am really nervous actually about posting it. I hope everyone enjoys reading it. And please let me know if I should work on something more to help make the next chapters better. Comments are always welcomed***


Beep Beep Beep. Rolling out of bed, I couldn't believe it was Monday already. Where on earth has my weekend gone? Oh yea, busy as usual working. Once I finally stood up, I couldn't help but stretch, trying to awaken my sleeping muscles. Heading over to my bathroom as quietly as I can—since it is only 4:00 am—I begin preparations for the day I have ahead of me. It has been already 5 months since I started my new job at the hospital. It was tough at first waking up every morning at 4:00 but I did finally get used to it. And that's not even the best part! The hospital is honestly just 3 blocks from my house! I couldn't ask for anything better then that! Even though I don't start work till 5:00, I still have to get up a whole hour early, because I am honestly slow at getting ready. I slowly make my way back to my bedroom, still being quiet, so that I don't wake up the rest of my family. Eh, I don't mind being 23 years old and still living at home with my family. Besides, it's not as if I can afford being on my own—since I am a full time student and working only part time.

I lay out a new pair of scrubs to wear on my bed, as I now need to figure out what the hell to do with my hair. Who am I kidding? I will just end up leaving it down or pulling my hair up by the sides. There is nothing more I can really do since I had my hair cut. Walking to my closet, so that I can grab my shoes, I... "Son-of-a---- damn it!" My eyes beginning to water as I just stubbed my toe right into the box spring of my bed. Just great! What a perfect way to start out my day.

I glanced fast at my clock. 4:50??? What the hell! Running fast to my bed, I grab my scrubs, putting them on, as I put my shoes and socks on while I gather my things. So close to work, and yet I am always the last one to arrive—ugh, can my day get any worse?


Growling. I don't feel one bit of compassion looking down at the men before me. Traitors. That's what they are. I look over my shoulder at my second in command, Gavin, as I just nod towards him. He will know exactly what I want done to them. Watching as the men are dragged out of the room, I take a deep breath. Being the alpha of the largest and most powerful clan in all of America, does take its toll on a person. Knowing from the beginning when I was just a child, my father had all these tutors teaching me all the things I will need to learn—preparing me for when I take over. I had no childhood. I had to grow up fast, and my father made sure that I learned right away in the beginning how to be strong, cunning, fast, and most importantly, never show any emotions. Not one for cuddling any child, my father taught me tough love. Perhaps that is why my clan fears me. But fear is good when in charge of hundreds of lives. It keeps everything in order.

"The traitors were put into the cells and I figured as much, that you would want to be the first one to deal the punishment onto them," says Gavin, as he walked back into the room towards the big desk Cullen was sitting behind.

"Aye," Cullen replies without taking his eyes off of the paper work laid out before him. "I thought it would be best if we ju..." Gavin didn't even finish ending that sentence, as his cell went off. "Speak," he responds as soon as he opens his phone up.

Cullen could hear a male voice speaking on the other line in Gaelic. Must be one of my betas. From the expression that Gavin is showing, I know my day will just get worse.


I just made it on time to work without a minute to spare. As I walk to the department we all gather at, I just can't seem to wake up completely. After a very long and tiring weekend, I haven't caught up on all my sleep. Sliding my badge, the steel doors open up to the Supply & Distribution department. I see already my co-workers putting their belonging in their lockers.

"Morning Angel," says Luis as he cant help but laugh slightly, as I just grumble 'Morning' back to him.

"That's what you get for drinking...again," Luis says, while still grinning at me.

"You know, if you keep saying that every time I come into work tired, people will start to think I am some kind of alcoholic," I smile up at him slightly. Luis and I are the type of co-workers where we constantly banter and tease one another. Its all very friendly, considering he is as old as my father.

"Hey, I never said that, but if people are ..." but he never got to finish it, as Emmanuel just came up behind and spanked him. I couldn't help but laugh. Those two are at it again, and here is where they will now banter and make fun of each other. I do love my co-workers. There are ten of us all together. We all are in charge of going around to each of our floors and making sure that each patient room has their patient carts filled up with different items. My floors are always busy. I'm in charge of NICU, PPPU and L&D. As much as I love babies, it gets really sad at times, seeing them put in incubators or hooked up to machines.

Waiting for my forms to print out, I head off to my floors, as I still hear Luis and Emmanuel still going at it. Shaking my head as I smile, I begin to head to the elevators so that I may first go to PPPU.


Pushing the swinging double doors open full force so that they slam into the walls, I walk through the hospital wings till I arrive at CCU (critical care unit). Of all the stupid things to do, he just had to get himself shot. Normally bullets wouldn't do much harm to us, but these were silver bullets, which had to be taken care of fast. It is a very good thing that one of the doctors is a were. It is so much better than trying to explain a few certain things that won't add up.

Growling, I see a few nurses make wide paths so that they could avoid being near me. I cant really blame them, as I am sure I look really dangerous right now. I hear Gavin behind me, walking with the same long strides.

"You know Cullen, if you keep on scaring all those nurses away like that, there will be no one to help Alec," says Gavin, while chuckling to himself, before continuing on, "But I suppose I will just have to be the one to try and soothe the pretty little nurses. It's a tough job I know, but someone's got to do it."

Shaking my head, "Do you mean soothe as in trying to get in their pants? Gavin, it would seem after all these centuries some things just never change. But I do look forward to seeing yet another hand print on your cheek as you try to get a little to friendly with the ones that are immune to your charm."

Laughing out loudly, Gavin replies, "that only happened once my friend! Besides, how was I to know that she was planning on becoming a nun? It's really a pity, she was quite the beauty."

Clenching and unclenching my fist, I continue walking straight to the CCU. How can the idiot get shot? His assignment was just to scout the perimeter. What else the hell did he do besides what I told him to?


Damn, was there a two for one deal here at the hospital? Pay for one surgery and get the second one free? Most of the patient carts in each room were nearly empty. And here I thought that today was going to be easy on this floor. Just my luck. I really don't mind. Its still so quite here. With it being only 5:30am, this whole area is empty. This actually gives me a time to myself and try to clear my head. But it seems that I can't even do that today. For some reason, I can't help but feel as if something is going to happen.

It probably is just my over-active imagination. Getting only 2 hours of sleep last night must be really screwing up with my head. Oh well. I will just have to take one of those great power naps as soon as I get my floors done. As I finish up on the PPPU floor, I begin to head out of the wing, and head towards the elevators. I push the button, waiting for either of the two elevators. God, these things are so freaking slow! Ding Ding! Finally, as I walk into elevator 11, heading down to the fourth level.


Damn these elevators. Couldn't they go faster? Growling. Feeling my patience slowly running out. I stop myself from growling some more. It honestly feels like I am caged in this stupid box. Come on...come on. Just one more floor. Ding Ding. I push myself off the back wall of the elevator, and walk through the doors as they began to slide open enough for me to slide through. I heard Gavin chuckling behind me, but I just ignored my beta. Why do I put up with him?

Pausing immediately as soon as I stepped out of the elevator. It felt as if I walked right into a wall. Sniffing the air. I can feel my heart starting to beat faster and faster as each second passes. I take deep breathes, trying to control my wolf that just wants to come out. I just can't believe it. After all this time. Here? Now of all places?

"What's wrong Alpha" Gavin asks behind me, already on alert. I know he can sense something is off with me from just how stiff my back is now. "What is it?"

Taking another deep breath of air to calm down some more. Seeing though that wasn't possible at this moment, I send my message to him through our telepathic connection,"She's here."

Gavin looked at me, and then looked around as to who I may be talking about."Whose here? She who?"

"My mate."

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