tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events Ch. 06

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 06


**Author's Note: I know I have been saying this over and over, but I really do mean it. Your comments are very helpful. I am beyond grateful that many of you are enjoying this story so far. There are moments when it is hard to begin a chapter, but when I am on the roll, it seems very hard to stop (as you can see with the last chapter, lol). One minute I had only 4 pages, and the next...I have written about 13 pages.

I hope you enjoy this chapter. And I want to thank Bella for editing this story and sticking around with my crazy ass!


Angel was fighting consciousness so hard. Accident. Angel knew she had an accident, she could hear many people screaming for help, and someone telling her to stay with them, but staying conscious was easier said than done. Come on Angel, hold it together. Need to stay awake till help arrives. Angel kept on repeating that over and over in her head, but the pain was making it so hard. She just wanted to go to sleep. Stay awake... I need to stay awake...

"Hold on ma'am. Help is on the way," someone tried to tell her

Angel knew she was loosing a lot of blood. She was able to feel it dripping down her body. But the pain... In the distance, Angel was just barely able to hear the sirens of the squad car and ambulance. There was a lot of shouting when the paramedics were telling many people to back away from the car and give them all space. She noticed a shadow drop over her, which she soon realized it was one of the paramedics.

"Ma'am, can you hear me?" There was no response. "Ma'am squeeze my fingers if you can hear me."

Angel managed to just barely squeeze his fingers to let them know she is just barely awake. She can hear the doors trying to be pried open, but it was no use. Then, she heard even more glass shattering. Just great, break another window why don't you. Angel knew she was being unrealistic, since her car was probably totaled. She felt one of the men crawl up to her...what was he saying? Then she felt a neck brace being put on her.

Angel must have lost consciousness again, because next thing she knew, she was being lifted into the ambulance. They got me out...I'm safe for now. Stay awake Angel...need to stay awake. It was just getting so much harder. She couldn't take the pain anymore and there was one way to help it go away....sleep...


Cullen glanced down at his watch for probably the hundredth time this night. What is taking her so long!? Angel must be out of class already. Running his fingers through his hair for the eightieth time, he began to pace next to his car. Cullen tried to call Angel, but over and over, it went straight to her voicemail.

Instead of trying to stay calm, Cullen began to think irrationally. How could she stand me up...again! After the great time we had last night! Being angry was so much easier than showing how hurt he really was at the thought of being stood up again by her. But she wouldn't do that again...would she? Cullen really hoped not, but then where is she?

Once again, Cullen tried to call Angel's number, and after two rings, it went to her voicemail.

Growling. Cullen got into his car and sped off. If she doesn't want to meet up with me, than she doesn't have too. Last time I go out of my way for her. Angel...how could you?

An hour later...

Cullen arrived home. Every single pack member ran fast out of his way, sensing his anger. Out of the corner of his eye, Cullen saw Layla making her way towards him. She ignored the warning growl that Cullen gave, as she slowly ran her hand across his chest.

"Come to bed Cullen, and let me make you feel better," said Layla seductively, as she pressed herself up against Cullen.

Next thing that anyone saw was Layla up against the wall with Cullen's hand around her throat. "I warned you Layla. I am through playing games with you. If you still wish to be in this pack, I suggest you learn your place...and quickly," growled Cullen. Cullen let Layla go, as he quickly moved to his office, slamming the door.

After about a minute, Gavin slowly poked his head through. "Cullen, is everything alright," asked Gavin.

Cullen looked up at Gavin and growled. "Well isn't that the most idiotic question of the day. Does it look like everything is fucking alright," shouted Cullen. "She fucking stood me up again," Cullen began to rant, "after the wonderful time we had before, I just don't get it..." Cullen took a deep breath as he dropped down to his seat before the hearth. He rested his head in his hands, "I don't get it Gavin. Why? Maybe I was wrong...maybe she isn't my... my," but even Cullen couldn't finish that sentence.

"Cullen, there probably had to be a good reason. You need to calm down. We both know that she is your mate, never question that. Perhaps her car broke down? Or maybe something came up with school or family..." Gavin tried to suggest.

"Then why the hell would her phone go straight to voicemail? Why wouldn't she have called to let me know if something came up?" Cullen questioned, feeling his anger begin to rise all over again.

Just then, Cullen's phone rang. He quickly shot out of his seat and walked quickly to answer.

"Yes," Cullen growled out.

Cullen was shocked to hear Isobel on the other line. He was easily able to tell, that she had been crying. "Cullen...there...was an accident. Angel was in an accident," Isobel managed to get out between breaths.

Cullen's heart just stopped. Fear incased his soul. My Angel...in an accident? "What? How, where? Isobel, you need to tell me which hospital she is at. I'm heading out the door as we speak."

"Calm down wolf boy and breathe! It's the same hospital she works at. I am sure you know where to go. Go to the emergency waiting room. I will meet you there," answered Isobel, still shaken to pieces.

"Alright, I will be there in fifteen minutes." Cullen hung up the phone, grabbing his keys. He called back to Gavin, "Come with me. Angel was in an accident."

Gavin quickly fell into step with Cullen, both striding quickly outside and into the SUV. Cullen couldn't think of anything but Angel. She didn't stand me up. What a complete ass I have been, thinking the worst. Cullen slammed his foot to the accelerator, trying to get there even faster.

In no time, both Cullen and Gavin were marching quickly into the ER. Cullen first saw Isobel right away. As he walked up to her, he grabbed onto her shoulders, "Isobel where is Angel now?"

Isobel looked at Gavin, wondering who he was, but the firm squeeze she just got from Cullen; she shifted her gaze upon him. "They just took her in for surgery. We have been told she has internal bleeding, and that they are going to try and stop it." Isobel still trembling from shock couldn't stop her voice from shaking while she was answering Cullen. "Follow me; I'll take you to the waiting room."

All three of them headed out of the ER and down the hallway. After a few turns here and there, and then finally going up the elevator and making another right, they ended up in the waiting room they were told to wait in.

Cullen was able to determine who Angel's mom was right away. She was pacing the floor, tears in her eyes. Isobel went right away to her mom, and spoke to her quietly. Then Angel's mom turned toward them, and walked over.

"Thank you for coming here," she said, "but we don't know how long it will take for Angel to be out of surgery."

Gavin nodded, "We understand. But we just needed to be here and make sure she is alright. Has anyone said anything about the accident?"

"No. The paramedics tried to question her, but she was going in and out of consciousness. From what we understood, it was only Angel's car that was in the accident. No one else was hurt, thank God," answered Isobel. Isobel couldn't help but think if this had anything to do with the letter. But there was no way in hell that she would be mentioning this right now in front of her mom and especially Cullen.

All four of them sat down in the chairs, and just waited and waited. Once in a while, a nurse would come in and tell them about the progress of the surgery. It must have been at least another hour before finally one of the doctors came out.

"Angel suffered some internal bleeding. But we managed to stop it. She has suffered two fractured ribs and just cuts and bruises. Knowing Angel like I do, she will make a full recovery in no time. In about 15 minutes, you may go in and see her. She is just being moved from the OR to a private room," said the Doctor. He placed his hand on Angel's mom's shoulder reassuringly and said, "She will be fine. She will pull through. I know Angel, she is a fighter. And I can easily say, that we all will be hearing her demanding to be released from the hospital," the doctor added while smirking.

As soon as he left, Angel's mom moved off to the side, and started to call the rest of the family. Isobel just kept on staring at the clock. Gavin slowly walked up to her, and placed his arm around her shoulder. "It's alright little one. She is out of danger now. You'll see, in no time, she will be back to herself," Gavin tried to reassure her.

Isobel nodded. "I know she will be. But it still leaves so many questions unanswered. Angel has been down that street so many times, I just don't understand what could have happened that caused this accident." Isobel had a haunch, but she was frightened to admit that that could be a possibility.

"All in good time Isobel. As soon as Angel wakes up and is able to tell what happened, we will all know. But until she is ready, we just need to be patient and wait." Gavin gave Isobel's shoulder an extra little squeeze to comfort her.

Gavin stood up, and walked over to Cullen and waited for him to say something. When he didn't, Gavin asked, "Do you need a hug too Cullen," while Gavin held his arms apart.

Cullen shot a dirty look at Gavin. "No, I don't need a hug from you. How long has it been," asked Cullen.

"Cullen, perhaps it would be wise to let Angel's family go and see her first. When they are done, we can go and see her then," replied Gavin.

Cullen knew that Gavin was right, but damn it, whether or not Angel wanted to admit it, she was his family now. She is Mine! Cullen nodded, and strode towards the window looking up at the moon and sighed.


Angel began to slowly stir. She tried to open her eyes, but the lights were so damn bright. She was able to feel a slight discomfort of pain, but it was tolerable. She remembered the voice...the accident. The letter...

Angel turned her head to the side, trying to look around the room. She noticed right away Cullen sleeping in the corner on the chair. She tried to murmur something, but nothing came out. Her throat was so dry. She managed to whimper slightly, and saw that this little noise was enough to wake up Cullen. At first, his eyes fluttered slightly, and he glanced around the room, thinking he must have dreamt hearing it, but then his eyes locked to Angel's. He shot from his chair and moved quickly to Angel's side.

"How are you Angel?" Cullen asked quietly, not wanting to wake up Isobel that was still sleeping on the fold-out couch.

Angel opened her mouth once again to try and speak, but nothing came up. But Cullen got the hint right away. He stood up and walked across the room, where he got some ice-chips. When he came back, he fed Angel a few, not wanting to overdo it right away.

"Thank...you" Angel finally croaked out. Her voice sounded so horse, but she suppose it was to be expected. "Cullen...I'm sorry..." Angel began.

Cullen shook his head. "What for sweetie? You did nothing wrong."

"For...ruining....our...evening," Angel tried once again to speak, but it was still hard for her.

Cullen leaned over and placed a soft kiss to her lips. "Nothing was ruined. All that's important is that you are alright. We have plenty of chances to eat your pizza, don't you worry about that Angel," replied Cullen. "Do you need anything Angel?"

Angel shook her head. She was still just so tired. "Sleep...just need sleep."

Nodding his head, Cullen placed a soft kiss to her forehead. "Go on and sleep Angel. I will be here when you wake up."

Angel closed her eyes, feeling safe, knowing that Cullen would be by her side while she slept. Soon, Angel knew nothing else. Exhaustion took over once again.


Later the next afternoon...

Angel was able to stay awake and actually answer a few questions that the officers' asked. Cullen stood by her side, holding her hand through it all.

"Is there anything else that you remembered? Anything strange before or after the accident," asked one of the officers.

"No, nothing else." Angel left out the whole part with the radio and the voice that she heard and the letter she received that day after class.

Cullen looked down at Angel. It was hard to tell, but it seemed almost as if she was holding something back. Was she not telling them something? He didn't know, but he sent Gavin and some other betas to the scene of the accident to investigate what happened.

"Alright Ma'am, we will keep in touch with you if anything else should arise," said one of the officers'.

Nodding her head, Angel replied, "Thank you officers."

Once they left, Isobel came into the room and said, "Did you see those officers'? Damn they were hot! I was tempted to ask if they wanted to body search me."

Shaking her head, Angel said, "Only you would be checking them out. Besides, don't you think that that one was a bit old for you" asked Angel, while she couldn't help but smile. She knew how much Isobel loved men in uniforms.

"Well just slightly, but he could be my sugar-daddy," suggested Isobel, while grinning.

"Alright, I think this is my cue to leave and bring something for us to eat. Is there something you want Angel," asked Cullen.

"Soup! This crap that they brought up to me is all watery. If they have any creamy soups, please bring me back a bowl or two," said Angel.

Smiling, "Sure, anything you want. I will be back soon." As Cullen stepped out of the room, he called Gavin right away. "Gavin, any news?"

"No Alpha. We are at the scene right now, and there is nothing out of the ordinary. We can't seem to find anything that would have caused the accident," responded Gavin.

"There must be something! Keep searching," replied Cullen, as he continued. "But maybe send someone out to take a look at Angel's car."

"Already done sir. I have two members already out by her car and checking it out. They should let me know soon enough."

"Good. Keep searching, because Angel wouldn't have just crashed for any reason. Call me back as soon as you find something out." Cullen hung up the phone and then headed to the cafeteria.


Cullen eventually came back to the room with a tray full of different types of food. He placed it down on the table that was near the bed. "Come on Angel. Let me help you up," Cullen said while he helped her to sit up and propped a pillow behind her back.

Angel smiled at Cullen, and when she just happened to take a look at the tray, she was utterly shocked. "Cullen what did you get? I asked for just a bowl of soup, and it seems like you just bought out the entire cafeteria," replied Angel.

"I'm not complaining," said Isobel, as she started to choose from the selection. "Wait, you didn't bring up any chocolates? Sheesh, I need to teach you a few things here wolf boy."

Cullen just grinned at Isobel, as he grabbed a bowl of creamy chicken soup for Angel. He was about to start feeding Angel, but she stopped him right away.

"Cullen, I can manage to feed myself. I'm not handicapped," stated Angel, as she grabbed the bowl from him and began to feed herself slowly. She made sure to take small bites and tried not to move too much since the ribs caused her pain. "Go on and eat that meat there. I smell that burger that you brought up."

Cullen sat on the bed next to Angel, "If I didn't know any better, I would have thought your sense of smell just got better," snickered Cullen.

Smiling, Angel replied, "Nope, I was just able to smell it right away as soon as you entered the room. When you are practically starving for some good food, you notice the distinct smells that food gives off."

"Well while you're enjoying your soup, I am still without any chocolate here. I will be right back," mentioned Isobel, as she got up from the chair and headed towards the cafeteria.

Both Angel and Cullen just laughed slightly. "You will need to get used to her Cullen," said Angel as she continued, "while she isn't as bad as I am with my inner-monologue, she still is very outspoken."


Later that night Gavin came to the room to pay a visit. As he walked in, he handed Angel a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a little stuffed wolf animal. As soon as Angel saw that stuffed animal, she just busted out laughing, but soon cringed at the pain that it caused her.

"Ouch Gavin... that really hurt," announced Angel. Cullen was right away by her side, helping her as much as possible.

"I'm sorry Angel, I just thought it was a nice touch," grinned Gavin, while he continued, "How are you feeling today?"

"I am doing much better I think. But I am slowly realizing that I really need to take it easy with how I turn or even laugh. It will take a while to get used to the ribs," stated Angel, while she handed the flowers to Isobel, so that she would be able to put it in a vase. "Thank you Gavin for the flowers. They really are beautiful."

Everyone was able to hear Cullen growling slightly.

"Easy wolf boy. It was a nice gesture," remarked Isobel, while she grinned at Gavin's shocked face expression over the fact that she knew. Isobel nodded to the unspoken question Gavin asked her with his eyes.

Gavin quickly looked at Cullen to see if he knew, and when Cullen nodded and said, "It's alright Gavin." Gavin relaxed right away and just smiled over at Isobel. Gavin slowly walked over to her, and put his arm around her shoulders again, "So how have you been doing Isobel? Been helping your sister out?"

"Yea right! With Cullen here, my job is very easy. He has been doing every little task. I am very much enjoying this laid back life right now," commented Isobel, while smiling.

Just then Gavin's phone just rang. "Yes? What did you find," asked Gavin into the phone.

Owen was on the other end of the line. "I think you need to come home Gavin. I need to tell you something, and I rather tell you first before announcing this to the Alpha."

"Alright. I will be right over." As Gavin hung up the phone, he announced to everyone that he was going for a while.

"Is there a problem Gavin," asked Cullen, while he was staring intently at him.

Sighing, "I don't know yet Cullen. Owen asked tha..."

But was interrupted by Angel, "Owen? OOHH you mean the guy that never smiles," asked Angel. "He really needs to take that pole out of his ass."

"Angel what did I say about interrupting others," asked Cullen, while he gave a warning glare to her.

"Hmmph," was all that Angel said, while she narrowed her eyes at Cullen.

Smiling, Gavin continued, "Yes that Owen. Well he called and asked for me to come back to the compound. So we will see what he has to say."

Cullen nodded his head. "Alright, but report back to me right away if details come up."

"And while I am there, I was thinking to let one of the omegas pack a bag for you. Another day in those clothes, you might make Angel cringe, and it would have nothing to do with her ribs," said Gavin while he grinned over at Cullen.

Isobel just laughed at that remark. When Cullen growled at her, she just laughed even more. "Listen wolf boy, I am not afraid of you. So you can growl all you want, but it won't work."

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