Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 06



Gavin finally arrived back at the compound. As he strolled in, he saw Owen waiting for him right away near the office. As he nodded for Owen to enter the office, Gavin entered and shut the door right away behind him. Before Gavin had a chance to ask what was found, he was assaulted right away by Owen sniffing his arm.

"Who were you with," demanded Owen. "Where is she?"

Gavin didn't know what to say at first. "I was visiting Angel. You know this Owen."

Growling now, Owen pushed Gavin against the door. "Where are you hiding her!?" demanded Owen once again.

Again Gavin was completely stumped. But things went a little too far. Gavin began to growl, "You better watch who you are talking to Owen. Remember your place or should I show you who is in charge when our Alpha is not here."

Owen backed down immediately and bowed his head somewhat.

"Now would you like to explain what has gotten into you," Gavin questioned.

Owen began to pace as he raked his fingers through his hair. "You must have...she was there. Who is she?" Owen didn't know what to think. After all this time, did he find her after all?

"Who are you talking about? As I mentioned before, I was at the hospital to see how Angel is fairing."

"Who was it that you hugged Gavin? Her scent is on you!" demanded Owen again, while he tried to get control of his wolf.

Finally it dawned on Gavin. "You mean, Isobel?" When he saw Owen's confused look, Gavin continued, "Isobel is Angel's twin sister. Wait, you don't mean she is your...your"

"Yes. I think she might be. We need to leave now to the hospital. I need to see her," said Owen as he was grabbing his coat already.

"Hold it! First things first," said Gavin, as he opened the door and asked an omega to fetch some clothes for the Alpha. Once he saw that task being taken care of, he shut the door and looked at Owen. "Now then, what did you find that you had to have me come here," asked Gavin.

Owen felt like an idiot for forgetting about the news he found about the future Alpha's mate. "It's worse than we originally thought." Owen waved his hand towards the couches indicating that they should sit down. Once they were both seated, Owen continued, "At first I thought it might have been a malfunction or something of the sort," shaking his head, Owen looked up at Gavin, "but it was her breaks. They were cut," Owen announced.

"What?" Gavin was completely stunned. "Why on earth would anyone cut Angel's break lines?"

"And that's not all Gavin," said Owen.

Gavin sat patiently, waiting for Owen to continue.

"From what I can tell, there was some sort of triggering mechanism. I'm not too sure of it yet, but it seemed like someone was able to just push a button, and boom, there goes her breaks." Shaking his head, Owen continued, "It seemed like someone was waiting for the right moment for her breaks to go. I have never seen this before. There were more wires coming from this mechanism, but I haven't looked in on it even more. I thought it was wise to first tell you this. Besides, I wasn't going to tell the Alpha on my own either."

Gavin sat there thinking over what he was just told. Who could possibly want to harm Angel? Was this related to the pack? So many things were running through his head. Gavin at last stood up. "It seems like we can't keep this from our Alpha much longer. He needs to know. Angel needs to know. Let's go."

Both Gavin and Owen started to head out of the office towards the garage.

"This isn't going to go well with Cullen," announced Gavin as he started the ignition.


As both of them began to get closer to the hospital, Gavin all the sudden pulled off into a gas station. He put the car in park and opened the door, "Be right back," announced Gavin, while he was smiling. He ran in and was back in just a minute. He started the ignition and began to drive once more.

"What was that for," asked Owen.

"Oh nothing. Just needed to pick something up fast," Gavin was grinning. He knew he was being cruel, but he had to get back at Owen some how.

Once at the hospital, both Owen and Gavin walked up to Angel's room she was staying at. At first Owen didn't even know what to say. Angel looked so fragile laying there in the hospital bed, with all these cuts and bruises that he was clearly able to see. Even though Owen only met Angel that once, he knew this wasn't right. Where is her short-temper or sharp-tongue? Her spunk!

But just than, when Angel looked up and saw Owen staring at her, Angel lift her eye brows up and asked, "Do I have something growing on my face Owen?"

Shocked a bit, Owen shook his head, "No Ma'am." He looked over towards Cullen, and gave a slight bow and said, "Good evening Alpha..." Owen was about to say something more but was interrupted by Gavin.

"Isobel, how nice to see you again!" Gavin announced cheerfully, as he walked over towards her.

Owen swiftly turned in time to see Gavin wrap his arms around someone that looked so similar to Angel. Could it be?

Laughing, Isobel said, "It is nice to see you too Gavin. But we did just see each not too long ago."

"I have something for you Isobel," stated Gavin, and he pulled out the chocolate candy bar and handed it to her.

Isobel's eyes lit up. She jumped and wrapped her arms around Gavin tightly, "OHH thank you thank you! You have no idea how badly I needed this. Even at the hospital they can't get chocolate right!"

As soon as Owen heard her voice and got a whiff of her scent, he knew that Isobel was his. He began to growl immediately, seeing her in the arms of another man. And it didn't help that it was Gavin's arms.

Cullen looked over, shocked that he was hearing Owen growl. Normally, Owen is a very quiet man, and never shows any emotions—not even any expression on his face. "Owen what has gotten in to yo..."

"What the hell is wrong with you people," demanded Isobel, as she interrupted Cullen. "Do you all have a damn fascination with growling about everything? And you," Isobel turned toward Owen, "if I am not afraid of that one," indicating with her thumb towards Cullen, "there is no way in hell, that I would be afraid of you."

Gavin started laughing, while Cullen just smiled at Owen's shocked expression.

Gavin held out his hand to Isobel, and slowly walked toward Owen. "Isobel, I would like to introduce to you Owen. Owen this is Isobel, Angel's sister," said Gavin.

Owen couldn't stop staring at her. She is mine! All mine. At last I found her. Owen needed to get his wolf under control immediately. It wasn't the right time for this, besides we all were still getting over the shock of Cullen finding his mate. He just nodded his head in Isobel's direction. He moved closer to Isobel, and turned towards Cullen. "Alpha, we have some news that we should tell you. But it may be better if I tell you out in the hallway," Owen tried to suggest, not knowing rather or not his Alpha wanted Angel and Isobel to hear what they discovered.

Shaking his head, Cullen answered, "What did you find with Angel's car?"

Now it was Angel's turn to look at Cullen and back at Owen. "My car? What about my car Cullen?"

Cullen looked at Angel, "We were just investigating ourselves what could have caused the accident."

Angel shrunk more into the bed, clearly nervous, which wasn't missed on Cullen. He saw it right away, and wondered why she was nervous. "Go on Owen, what did you find," asked Cullen.

Owen noticed Isobel becoming nervous as well, she was beginning to play with her nails. "It seems like the accident wasn't an accident after all," Owen said carefully. "From what I was able to detect, Angel's break lines were cut."

Cullen felt his wolf begin to rise. "Someone wanted to harm Angel?!" Cullen practically shouted. "Who was it?!"

"Alpha, we don't know. There weren't any prints left and there was no scent picked up around the accident. What was strange, was that it had to be some sort of triggering mechanism for the breaks to be cut. Someone specifically waited for Angel to be driving down that windy road before pushing a button so that the breaks would be severed," explained Owen.

Cullen was trying to calm down. He saw Angel pale completely, but he just figured it was due to the fact of being told her breaks were cut.

"Alpha, perhaps it would be wise to step outside for a moment," Owen suggested seeing how close his wolf was to the surface.

"You expect me to leave my mate after finding out someone wanted to hurt her?" demanded Cullen, while he began pacing back and forth.

"Cullen," Angel said softly, while reaching her hand out for him, "I'm alright. Why don't you step outside for just a moment to cool off or run or whatever wolves do. Gavin can stay here till you return," Angel added while trying to smile encouragingly up at him. "Besides, what would the nurse say if she were to walk in and see a giant wolf? I may be able to handle seeing you in wolf form, but I doubt it that the nurse would."

Cullen nodded. He knew she was right. The wolf was way to close and he was finding it impossible to calm it down. Cullen gently brushed Angel's hair to the side, while he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. "I will be right back Angel." Cullen stood up and gave a pointed look at Gavin warning him if anything should happen.

Once Owen and Cullen left, Angel turned towards Gavin and said, "Umm, would you mind getting me some more soup Gavin, please. I'm beginning to get really hungry again."

Gavin looked at Angel, "But you heard Cullen, he doesn't want you to be alone, not until we figure this out," stated Gavin.

"But she won't be alone Gavin. I will be here with her till you come back with her soup. Besides, I'm in the mood for some munchies too," said Isobel. She understood right away what Angel was trying to do. She wanted to get rid of Gavin, so they could talk in private.

"Alright, but I will be back in just a couple minutes. Let me guess Isobel, you want something with chocolate?" asked Gavin.

"You know me so well already," stated Isobel, while she smiled up at him.

Once Gavin left, Angel indicated with her head to shut the door. Once done, Angel let out a loud sigh. She just looked over at her sister. "Isobel, it happened. I need to tell you something I didn't even tell the officers." When Isobel came back and sat down on the bed, Angel began to tell her about everything that happened before the accident."

Isobel sat there, clearly shaken. "But how could this have happened. You would think someone would have seen someone tampering with your car while you were in class. It had to have happened then. Where else would someone have had the time to do it?"

Angel shook her head. She didn't know what to think. She sat there for a few minutes in silence, thinking about everything. "What I do know is that we can't tell anyone about the letter. Do you hear me Isobel? We have to keep everyone safe!" said Angel urgently.

"Angel you know better. We have to tell...we need to tell Cullen. Who better to tell then him? Besides, it is obvious that the letter you received was not a bluff at all," Isobel tried to reason.

"No Isobel! I won't let them get involved or even worse, getting hurt because of me. Promise me Isobel. You have to promise me that you will not tell anyone about that damn letter," stated Angel.

Isobel was about to nod, when all the sudden you heard, "What letter?" Both Isobel and Angel just froze and turned their heads toward the door, where they both saw Gavin standing with a tray in his hands.

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