tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events Ch. 14

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 14


Authors Note: Perfect timing don't you think? Lol Poor Cullen. Now he will have to deal with Isobel. And Edana will now have to watch out for the twins—they won't go down without a fight.

I want to apologize for taking a long time to post this chapter. It has been crazy with my schooling, and then Chicago got hit with that snow storm—so I lost power to for a little. Lol.

Please don't forget to vote and leave a comment. I always love reading them and seeing what you think.


"Isobel!" stated Cullen, as he stood up. Here a grown Alpha, afraid of his own mate's sister? That was completely unheard of.

"Yes, it is me wolf boy! You better start explaining before I shove my foot way up your ass!"

There was a loud gasp from the gathered members. No one could believe someone would dare to speak to their Alpha like that and plus get away with it. There were a few members standing up, ready to defend their Alpha.

"Isobel that is enough," stated Owen as he rushed to her side, grabbing a hold of her arm tightly. "My Alpha, please forgive me. I tried to hold her back...," Owen glared at Isobel, "You and I have some unfinished business. I will deal with you personally in private. That is the Alpha!"

Angel stood up, walking around the table and embraced Isobel right away. She never knew she would miss her this much. "Oh slut, I have missed you!"

Isobel removed her eyes from Cullen, to look at Angel. "I missed you too my little bitch." Isobel then looked her over. "Are you alright? I heard of your accident."

"I am perfectly fine."

Cullen took the time, to walk around and greet Owen. "Owen, it is nice to see you again. I see, that you haven't tamed your mate yet," he whispered.

Owen growled. "She is impossible. I don't know what to do, or even how to begin to explain everything," he whispered softly to his Alpha, making sure that both Angel and Isobel wouldn't be able to hear.

"Kiss her," Cullen just stated.

"Excuse me Alpha?" Owen asked, clearly confused.

"If Isobel should rant on about something, just kiss her. She should be quieted by that, but beware of her hand, as she will most likely hit you—depending on how well you kiss her," said Cullen, while giving Owen a smirk, just barely holding back his laugh.

'Not funny Cullen. I heard that!' stated Angel, but then she couldn't help but grin. 'Oh, you're going to really get it now! Wait until I tell her!

'Angel don't! Do you really want me too hurt to pleasure you tonight?' Cullen tried to reason with her.

Angel thought about that for a while. 'Hmm, you do have a point. I can't have that, now can I? So I suppose you are safe...for now.'

Isobel saw the looks between Angel and Cullen, and knew something was up. But she shrugged it off, as she walked to Cullen.

"Do you want to start explaining, or should I just skip to the part of me kicking your ass?"

"Isobel, listen, I don't know what you heard..."

"OH, I heard enough to take Angel back home away from you!" stated Isobel loudly.

"Never!" growled Cullen. He walked quickly over to Angel, holding onto her tightly. "You will not take here away from me now, not ever."

Now, that really had Isobel suspicious. She narrowed her eyes even more at them. As she tried to walk closer to the two, Owen once again tried to grab a hold of her. Isobel shrugged him off, as she stood right before them. She whispered quietly so only the two of them could hear, "What have you done? And don't you dare try to tell me some bullshit."

"Izzy, we will explain it all to you later. Perhaps much later in the evening, when we can be sure no one will hear," said Angel calmly. She begged Isobel to keep quiet with her eyes.

"Izzy?" Cullen asked, looking at Angel first, and then at Isobel. "I thought you didn't like that name."

Isobel's lips turned slightly upward. "I don't like it when YOU call me that. At this point Cullen, I don't like you very much right now. And I still have an urge to hit you. OH wait," Isobel reached up and smacked Cullen upside the head, "now the urge is taken care of...for now.

Owen grabbed onto Isobel, pulling her away from his Alpha. He growled in her ear, "I will not tell you once again. Let's go Isobel; we need to talk right now." He began to pull her out of the room.

Angel was about to go after them, worried for Isobel, when she felt Cullen grabbing a hold of her hand. "Don't love. Let them go."

"How can I let them go Cullen? Owen may hurt her."

"Owen hurt her? Don't be ridiculous Angel. I am more worried about Owen's safety. Besides, they need to work a few things out—it will be very important for them."

Angel stared up Cullen. "Why? Why would it matter if they get along or not?"

Smiling, Cullen leaned forward to place a kiss on her forehead. 'They are mates my love.'

The look on Angel's face was completely priceless.

'You can't mean that. Owen and Isobel? That's impossible. How could they ever be mates?'

Cullen smiled knowingly. 'Did you ever think we could be mates Angel in the beginning?'

'But that's different Cullen.'

'Is it sweetie? We fought like them in the beginning, and if you haven't forgotten, we just finished one. Not to mention, I can probably say, we will continue to have our little fights here and there. But at least, we will always have our make up sex afterwards.'

Angel thought about this for a while. She couldn't help but agree with him. Just then, Angel was able to pick up a few conversations, and one stuck out more than others. It was Edana and Layla. Layla was explaining that that other woman was Isobel, Angel's twin sister. She started to tell the story of what happened back in the States, of course portraying herself as the innocent one. Edana was about to comment, when Cullen brought her attention back to him.

"Are you back with me Angel?" asked Cullen.

"Yes, I'm sorry." Angel smiled up at Cullen. "Let's try to explain the situation to Isobel, before she hunts you down."

Cullen and Angel began to walk across the room, heading for the doors, when Layla stepped up to them.

"You're leaving already Cullen? Your stepmother and I rarely see you anymore, and I would really like a chance to talk to you."

Angel felt her wolf stirring even more. 'Cullen, you better get rid of her right now, if you know what's good for you.'

'Watch it Angel,' warned Cullen as he gave her a look. "Layla, right now, I am spending time with my mate. I suggest you find something..."

"you mean someone..." added Angel

"else that will occupy your time," finished Cullen, while giving Angel another glare for interrupting.

"But Cullen..."

Angel couldn't take anymore. "Listen bitch, I tried to be patient. But now get it through your fucking head. Back off. Cullen is mine and you will not be able to take him away from me!"

Angel pushed her way through the door, and pulled Cullen along behind her. She turned around then and glared at Cullen.

"You really need to grow some balls Cullen. How dare you let her talk to you like that with me standing right in front of you?!"

"Angel calm down. I think you are overreacting." Cullen immediately knew he said the wrong thing right away.

"Overreacting? Are you serious? We will see Cullen, what you would do if you are ever put in the same position." Angel knew she was overreacting. Something in her just couldn't stop the feeling of jealousy and need to fight—but perhaps with the wrong person. Angel was about to turn around and walk up the stairs, but Cullen quickly grabbed a hold of her arms. The way Cullen was staring intently in her eyes, made her a bit uneasy.

Cullen couldn't believe it. With Angel getting upset there a moment ago like that, he could have sworn he saw her eyes change slightly. But that's impossible. Angel's wolf was too close to the surface—it shouldn't be happening this soon.

"Cullen..." Angel asked with a little quiver in her voice. "What's wrong?"

Cullen sensed that he was making her uneasy, so he took a deep breath and took a step back. "Nothing Angel," and when he saw her about to protest he continued, "I will talk to you later in our room. Ok sweetie?"

Angel nodded her head. This can wait until they had some privacy.

As they both came closer to the door, they were able to hear Owen and Isobel arguing.

They both looked at one another. It was now or never. As they both entered, both Owen and Isobel turned to look at them, quieting down.

"It seems like we arrived at the perfect time," said Angel, while smiling. She couldn't help but stare closer, studying, Owen even more.

Owen nodded at the pair. He then turned to Isobel, "we will continue this a bit more later.'

"Yea, well we will see Owen. I may have better things to do, than to waste any more of my time being around you," stated Isobel, clearly trying to taunt him even more.

"So....," Angel interrupted. "I think it is time we start explaining a few things." Angel looked over at Cullen. "After you..."

Cullen looked shocked at his mate. When he saw her just smiling, he sighed loudly. 'I'll get you back later.'

Angel smiled even more.

Cullen began to tell both Owen and Isobel everything that happened. With Angel falling down the stairs, and then with everything that happened afterwards—excluding the mating. He will save that news for Angel. Cullen was able to detect the anger that was radiating off of Isobel, when he told her how he treated her.

Isobel stayed quiet. She was so close to loosing it, but she needed Cullen to finish telling her everything. She was able to sense how bad Cullen felt at what he had done, but she still felt like hurting him.

"You promised me that she would be safe Cullen," said Isobel.

"I know Isobel. But I will make it up to you both. I will show you, that you can trust me with her safety."

'Cullen, there is nothing else you need to do for me,' stated Angel.

'Oh my Angel...after what I did...'

'Enough. We were both wrong here. I shouldn't have blown up the way I did. We both still have a lot to learn.'

Owen frowned. Something wasn't right here. He noticed the looks that were going between both Angel and Cullen.

At that time, Angel happened to look up at Owen. She saw the wheels turning in his head. Were both her and Cullen that obvious? She would need to be careful.

"How about we leave so you two to can finish up whatever you were discussing earlier. Izzy, we can catch up soon. I have much to show you around here," said Angel while smiling endearingly at Isobel.

Cullen looked at Angel questionably, but he kept quiet. He knew that Angel had a reason why they both were leaving so soon.

As they walked out, Angel said, "Owen was suspecting something. We need to be careful, so no one would put the pieces together too soon. I still want to take the great pleasure in telling a certain bitch," grinned Angel.

Cullen started to smile, as they both headed back downstairs.

Meanwhile, Owen turned to look at Isobel. He sighed. He had no idea how to even begin to tell her everything.

Isobel just turned to look at him, rising her one brow up. "Well...."

"First things first, you will need to start watching that tongue of yours—especially to the Alpha." Owen raised his hand up to silence her when he saw her about to argue. "I am not done. He is the Alpha. You can not talk so disrespectful to him. Don't you see that could put him in danger, and not only him but Angel too?"

"How?" asked Isobel.

"If he is seen weak, he may be challenged. I do have faith in him to still have superior strength to anyone else, but now with Angel at his side, if he gets distracted just for a fraction of a second, it could all be over. With that in mind, who would protect Angel? Sure Gavin and many others would, but if the challenger wins, her faith would be put in the new Alpha's hand."

"Alright, I can at least accept that, for the sake of Angel. I will try to watch what I say in front of him while there are others around us. But if you think I am going to be completely submissive to him, you have another thing coming to you. Now, if you're done talking, I am going to find Angel now."

Before she was able to walk away, Owen grabbed a hold of her arm. "Not yet Isobel. Now we need to talk about us."

"Us?" Isobel began to laugh slightly. "There is no us, Owen."

Owen growled. "I know you feel the pull Isobel, so don't even give me that. We better start learning how to get along."

"Now why would I even want to try getting along with you? You're an arrogant ass that is constantly trying to control everything I do. I won't have that! Why don't you find some bitch around here to occupy your time," said Isobel. But for some reason, she didn't like the thought of him being with anyone else. Clearly confused, Isobel just shook her head slightly, not wanting to put much thought into that.

"How can you think I would want someone else when I have already found my mate?" Owen had no other way of breaking the news.

Isobel took a step back. He found someone else? Why the hell did that hurt her? Isobel straightened her shoulders as she glared at him. "Then stop wasting my time, and go to her."

"Alright," said Owen as he stepped closer to Isobel. "Now what mate?"

The look on her face was beyond priceless—under normal circumstances he probably would have laughed. But now was not the time.

"What did you say?" asked Isobel, her voice shaking slightly. She was so shocked, clearly she must have misunderstood.

"You heard me Isobel. That pull you have been feeling, and don't try to deny it, is because you are my mate. You belong to me, and I belong to you."

Once Isobel was able to get her brain working again, she pushed him away. "Are you crazy?! What kind of load of crap is this? If you are trying to be funny, it isn't working."

"I am not trying to be funny. This is not the time to be joking. You are my mate Isobel. And the pull will be getting stronger as the days pass."

"No...no. You are....I am not... I mean." Isobel couldn't even form a sentence. Of all the things she was expecting for them to discuss, this was clearly not one of them. "How can you be so sure? You can be wrong..."

Owen shook his head. "The day of Angel's accident, when Gavin stepped at the house to pick up a few things for Cullen, I smelled your scent right away on him. And when I finally saw you in the hospital room, I knew without a doubt. You are my mate."

Isobel, still confused about this all, but it soon turned to anger. "Wait! You knew all this damn time, and you are just deciding to tell me this now?!"

Owen was taken a back. "I thought it would be best to give you some time, especially since the Alpha just found his mate and all the incidents happening to her. Besides, I thought we would then have time to get to know one another, before I sprung the news on you. Who knows, maybe you would have even started to care for me before I told you."

"Clearly you were wrong," said Isobel. "You had no right keeping this from me." She had no idea why the hell she was reacting so unreasonable. Now she knew exactly how Angel felt when she found out. "And you think that just because we are so called mates, that I will just give in? I don't think so. I refuse to be stuck with someone that doesn't know how ...."

Owen interrupted her by grabbing her arms, and pulling her close. He leaned down quickly, kissing her deeply. He felt her stiffen and begin to struggle, but even she wasn't immune to the pull. Isobel began to slowly soften and lean into the kiss, deepening it—which Owen had no problem doing. He sure as hell had waited long enough.

He then stepped back to look down at her, not knowing how she would react. Was Cullen right with his suggestion earlier?

Isobel looked up at him. She still felt her lips tingling from the kiss. She looked into his eyes. Not knowing what to say, she said softly, "Stop that..."

Owen smiled, pulling her closer, and kissing her even more passionately. She was definitely not immune to his kisses. It was a good start.


Cullen had a few things he had to take care of in his office. He would rather get some of these matters taken care of just in case in the morning he was too preoccupied with a certain someone else. Cullen couldn't help but smile. He felt his wolf stirring already, wanting to be with their mate.

When he woke up this morning, he never expected for this day to turn out the way it has. He honestly thought that Angel may have talked to him a bit more, but to have gone full out and mated with him? Never...

"Cullen, may I speak with you?" asked Owen.

"Of course Owen, come on in."

Owen made his way to one of the chairs that were placed in front of his Alpha's desk.

"So tell me, what's on your mind? Is everything alright with Isobel?" asked Cullen.

Owen smiled slightly. "Isobel is Isobel, enough said. I have to hand it to you, the kiss worked. She admits there is a pull, but that's as far as she will admit to right now. It's at least a start, I should be happy for that."

"I'm glad I helped you in that small part," said Cullen while grinning. "So is there something else that's on your mind?"

"I really don't know how to say this, but I was wondering if both you and Angel didn't tell us everything upstairs."

Cullen stiffened slightly, but put on an emotionless expression on his face. "What do you mean?"

"I mean the looks. The way you both sometimes looked and stared at one another, it...I don't know. It kind of seemed...and also, Angel is different somehow."

"What do you really expect from being with a pack of wolves? Of course she will change slightly." Cullen was finding it very difficult with keep information from any of his members like this.

Owen, just shook his head. "No, Alpha, with all do respect, it is something more. And if it has to do with Angel, than it will involve Isobel."

Cullen sighed deeply. He stood up, and walked to his door shutting it. As he turned around, he knew he had to tell Owen. He was right. Isobel is now involved, which would mean so is Owen. He had every right to know everything that could possibly hurt Isobel—not saying that Angel would ever hurt her.

Cullen walked back toward his desk, sitting on just the edge of it. "Owen, what I am to say to you, will not leave your lips, until Angel is ready. I gave her my word, that she will be the one to announce it."

"Angel? What's wrong?"

"There is no other way to say it, but this afternoon, Angel and I finally mated. Of course I was going to tell the pack right away, but knowing Angel, she has some twisted deviant way she wants to tell Layla and Edana. I of course don't blame her, so that is why I agreed to keep it from the pack for the time being, until Angel is ready."

Owen sat there, processing everything. He couldn't help but grin. "Then I ought to really congratulate you. Umm, do you need me to, finish..."

"No no Owen. That won't be necessary. When my deviant mate decides to spring the news to everyone, we will have a little celebration," said Cullen. "Now, I don't think I need to remind you to keep this information quiet, even from Isobel."

"I completely understand Alpha. And don't worry, not one word will come from my lips."

Cullen smiled, and let Owen walk out of the office. He looked at the papers on his desk and then stared at the door. Oh, Fuck it.

'Fuck? I hope that is the reason why you are heading up to me...'

Cullen smiled hearing Angel. 'Yes sweetie, I am coming up.'

'Whoa! Don't forget to bring up a little snack and drink please.'

Cullen stopped mid-step. 'Do I need to ask why?'

'Isn't it obvious? We both will need to get reenergized after our fourth...fifth time, before we continue.'

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