tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events Ch. 18

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 18


Authors Note: I am beyond sorry for making you all wait so long for this chapter. It has been crazy trying to get ready for classes to begin in a week and the worst part of all, my hard drive crashed—completely wiping out all my chapters and even my outline. So basically I had to start from scratch and now I have no idea what to write for the next chapter. In the outline I would have written another chapter or two and then the story would have officially been finished. But now? I have no idea. I guess we will see what happens next. Lol. I will be as surprised as you all will be.

Warning: Since I wanted to submit this chapter fast to all of you, I wasn't able to send this to my editor. So.... Please take that into consideration. I'm sorry for the mistakes I know will be there.


"Would you like to explain Owen what on earth has gotten into you downstairs in the library?" asked Isobel as calmly as possible.

Owen began to pace back and forth while trying to find the best words to explain why his wolf took over.

"You need to remember Isobel, that even though we have not officially bonded, my wolf and I both know you are our mate. First the wolf was brought to the surface wanting to defend and protect you. And then there is not a better way to say this, but my wolf will always want to be dominant of you. It is just something I hope you will get used to soon."

When Owen saw that Isobel was about to perhaps make some sort of smart ass remark, he continued speaking quickly as he took her hands gently.

"But you must know that even though that side of me will always be dominant, we would never do anything to hurt you. We will always love and cherish you. And I know we can be very happy together if you would just let me in. But no matter what I try to do, you keep pushing me further away." With that said Owen released Isobel's hands and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

Isobel stared at him for a moment. She felt her heart swell a bit at hearing his words. Could she trust herself to open her heart once again? She hasn't done that for years for fear of being hurt all over again. He practically poured his heart out right here. Deep down, Isobel knew he was a good person—wolf—and everyone has faults here and there. She took a deep breath, and walked slowly towards Owen.

As he had his face buried in his hands, he jerked his head up when he felt Isobel slowly touch his hands gently, prying them away from him.

Isobel knelt before him. "Owen, I am not good at any of this mushy stuff. I never really expected having something like this—someone to still want me even after my many mood swings." It was time for Isobel to take a deep breath. She was about tell him her deep secret. "I pushed you away always, because of my father."

Owen looked confused. "Your father? What does your father have to do with this?"

"Angel and I never had any good memories when growing up. To make it short, he left us. After our parents divorce, Angel and I always thought that he will realize what he lost—that he would miss the usual things a father would miss after not having his children around all of the sudden." Isobel looked up tearfully up at Owen. "But he never did. He moved on, and forgot completely about us. I guess if my own flesh and blood could hurt us this much, what is going to stop anyone else from hurting me all over again—leaving me."

It finally dawned now to Owen. She is afraid of being alone again.

Owen dropped down to his knees in front of her as well. "That's where you need to realize something Isobel. I could never leave you. Once we are mated, I won't have a life without you. There would be no point in living if you are not here smiling at me or even arguing with me. I will take your yelling at me any day than having to see you go."

"But please tell me, we wont become all mushy like Cullen and Angel," stated Isobel.

At that Owen had to laugh. "Do you really think they are all mushy?" At that exact moment, you heard Angel in the background shouting at Cullen to back off and stop being so over protective. "Again, do I need to reiterate about them being mushy?"

Isobel finally smiled slightly. "I guess not."

The both stood up, and Owen couldn't help but feel overjoyed.

"You know Owen, this was our first fight..."

"What are you talking about? Since the day I met you, we have been doing nothing but fighting..."

"Ok Sherlock, I don't think you're getting the hint here. With our first official fight comes our first makeup. Are you finally following me?" asked Isobel sarcastically.

Finally Owen grinned. Hallelujah! Finally I will be able to have her!

His mouth came down on hers before she could even think of resisting for even a second. Need and longing seeped through the feather-light kiss, penetrating every fiber of her body.

Isobel could feel the urgency behind it, but also the tightly reined control as his lips tenderly, coaxingly persuaded her mouth to open. She succumbed to his will and that of her own and kissed him back hungrily. Her hands wound their way from his chest around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

A quiver rippled through her body and Owen felt his self-control slip as he slanted his mouth over hers again and again, his tongue stroking, caressing every corner of her mouth.

Ever so slowly, his fingers trailed down the veins of her neck, and then even lower, tracing the way to the upper part of her breasts. Detecting the buds peaking up under her attire, his thumbs flicked lightly over the firm nipples. When he felt her body respond to his touch, he circled the small mounds round and round, until she was quivering under the assault. Her honest desire for him was ripping away all his doubts, creating an urge to satisfy swelling primal needs with more than just a kiss.

As his lips released hers, Isobel closed her eyes and drew in a slow deep breath, marveling at the speed her heart was thumping. She could deny it, but she had wanted this to happen...for a while now.

Owen picked Isobel up and carried walked over to place her carefully on the bed. Isobel immediately started to remove her clothes, but he stopped her and instead took over the task.

With each inch of skin he exposed, he placed a soft lingering kiss. He had intended to take his time and savor every minute of knowing she was here and finally accepting him, but the moment her shirt was removed—his need for her became all consuming. Her own writhing form proved she, too, was unwilling to wait.

Briefly stepping from her side, he ripped off his own clothes before removing the rest of hers. Falling into her arms, she opened up to him.

He took the hardened nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue once across the tip. And then again, and again until she could take no more. He kissed the sweet, scented curve of her breast and trailed his fingertips down until they found her wet center between her legs.

At first, Isobel wanted to protest, that perhaps this may be moving a bit too fast; but this was her chance to discover what it was like to be consumed, savored, loved by a man. This memory alone would last her a lifetime. They both have been alone for too long. Never again. Every night could be like this.

Slowly Owen drew his fingers through the hot wetness gathered between her legs, proof of her own need. Her body began to vibrate with liquid fire as his fingers coaxed her small bud of desire. Slowly he parted her with one finger and slid into her, exploring her with deliberate possessiveness. Isobel moaned and lifted herself against his hand, pushing him deeper inside.

He then added another finger and began to separate them—getting her ready for his size. Owen was never one to toot his own horn, but he knew that he was more than above average when it came to that department.

"Owen if you don't stop teasing me, you can bet your ass that I will hurt you," moaned Isobel loudly.

"As you wish love." With that said, Owen slowly as he could manage settled himself between her silky thighs and probed gently—to tease her a bit more for her own good—but then when she felt her tight wetness, he but almost lost all his control.

He moved his hands on her thighs, urging them farther apart; as he then began to slide inch by inch into her warmth until he finally thrusted deep into her. Isobel gripped his shoulders very tightly, feeling him stretching her like never before.

Instinctively, she lifted herself. Owen grasped her hips and guided her in the primal rhythm. He tried to slow the pace but control eventually escaped him. She was mindless with passion. Every sense, every though was caught in a whirlwind.

He heard Isobel call out his name as his whole body pulsated with erotic release as she tightened around him when she found her release. Owen felt his teeth lengthening—wanting to claim her right now at this moment, but held back. He knew this was just their first step and didn't want to rush into it. Closing his eyes, he pushed his wolf back down. A triumphant groan of satisfaction escaped his lips before he sagged against her.

Drawing in deep breaths to abet his own recovery, he finally mustered enough strength to roll over pulling Isobel close to himself. Isobel threw a leg over his and cuddled next to his side, sighing as he stroked her hair softly. Complete and utter contentment.

"Don't think for even a second you will be able to use this against me," warned Isobel non-threateningly.

"Would that result in another fight?" asked Owen.

"Of course it would, and then you will have to deal with me while I am kicking your ass."

"Hmm, but at the end, the makeup will be so worth it, wont you agree?" asked Owen slyly with a cheeky grin on his face.

Isobel couldn't help but smile at the thought. "I suppose you are finally right about something."


Later the next day, Isobel walked happily over to the library. It was an interesting night to say the least, but she knew she had to go back to business. Even though she wanted to stay back and explore her new relationship with Owen, she knew there were more pressing matters. Isobel would have her fun as soon as she finds out who is behind all of this.

"You're late Izzy," said Angel as soon as Isobel walked into the library.

"Yea well not everyone is crazy as you to be up at the crack of dawn."

Angel smirked. "It wasn't the crack of dawn. Just many of us don't have pleasure to sleep in until the afternoon." She paused and glanced up at her sister. "I hope you weren't too hard on Owen and ripped him a new one. You really need to give him a chance you know."

"Yea yea, I know. And I didn't go too hard on him. He was the one that was actually hard," grinned Isobel.

Angel stared at her for a while. Then it dawned on her. "Oh my God, you didn't?!" When Isobel just smiled, Angel couldn't help but laugh. "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist that long. Besides, he really is a good guy."

"Yes I know. I don't need to hear this from you again. Can we go back to our work?"

Angel nodded. "Ok, well we are able to cut two more off the list, considering they weren't even at the compound when the incidents happened." Angel sighed softly before continuing, "The list is dwindling down pretty fast, and we still aren't any step closer to finding out who it is."

"You need to relax butt-face. That's a good thing that the names are getting scratched off. If it is Layla and Catriona behind all this, we will have to finally get some proof. Not only that, we need to know if Edana is behind this as well. It won't be easy, but we will get to the bottom of this."

For the next couple hours both Isobel and Angel worked hard trying to investigate different people and tried once again to look over the places where the incidents happened.

Angel was standing at the top of the stairs where the first incident happened. She just kept on staring down the stairwell, trying to picture that evening all over again. Angel was able to remember almost everything that happened, but it seemed like her mind was blocking something very important. She stood there for a while longer, trying very hard to remember—but all she managed to do was get a headache.

"So did you get anything?" asked Isobel as she walked up behind Angel.

"There is something I'm not remembering about what happened here," answered Angel while she frowned slightly. She didn't like this feeling. She hated the not knowing part—especially if she couldn't remember something that could be a very important part of cracking down whoever is behind this.

"Well don't force the memory. It will come to you soon."

Angel nodded her head. She knew that Isobel was right...unfortunately. With a deep breath, Angel slowly started to make her way down the stairs, heading towards the dining hall.

"I'm really beginning to get hungry. Let's see if we can eat something before we continue."

"What ever you say dork. You need to remember that you are now eating for two," said Isobel while she than glanced back at Angel with a smirk, "or more".

As the both of them entered the dining hall, they were both surprised to see many of the females in the room either eating or just talking—while some omegas were cleaning up and preparing for the next meal.

Glynis walked right away over to both of them.

"How are you lambie?"

"I'm good, but a little hungry," admitted Angel.

"A little? HA, yeah right!" exclaimed Isobel. "You should have heard the way her stomach was growling. If I didn't know she was pregnant already I would have definitely thought she was from the growling that was coming from her stomach."

"You sit down right this minute lambie," chided Glynis, as she started to grab a plate and begin to scoop large amounts of food onto it.

Angel meanwhile glared at Isobel, giving her the 'Im going to get you later' look.

Isobel though couldn't help but laugh loudly by the look upon Angel's face as Glynis placed the plate of food before her.

"Now I want you to eat up everything, do I make myself clear?"

"Glynis! There is not a person or were in this room that could possibly eat this much food."

"You would be surprised how much your appetite will change now that you are pregnant."

"Bon Appétit."


About a half hour later, Angel just stared at the now empty plate before her.

"I don't believe it. How in the world did I manage to do that?"

"Maybe Glynis was right. It's hard enough that you are pregnant now, but add the point you are a werewolf that is pregnant. That shit must really mess up your body."

Angel just shrugged, and feasted her eyes on some of the steaks that were brought in. "Don't you have a taste for that?"

Isobel laughed. "Basically you are too lazy to get up now, but you want me to get you some?"

Angel thought about it for a moment. "Yup." Then it dawned on Angel, "Oh my god, I am practically a walking vacuum machine sucking up all this food!"

Smiling, Isobel stood up and made her way over to the table where the food was all spread out. As she was gathering a plate for Angel, she barely shifted before she felt someone knock into her. When she glanced up, she could barely control the anger she wanted to lash out.

"Watch it," warned Jenna. She was one of the dumb idiots that followed Layla around as if she was a prophet.

"I'm pretty sure I was here first dodo." Isobel glanced around but didn't see Layla at all. "What are you doing away from Layla? Shouldn't you be busy kissing her ass or groveling at her feet?"

"I have my own business to take care of right now. You better stay away from Owen, he is mine."

"Are you serious? If its not one male it's another. You people should really start labeling your potential mates, but you better back off. Owen is already mine."

Jenna turned her back on Isobel, "we will see about that. You haven't officially bonded yet." She began to stalk away. "Just because you slept with him, doesn't make you his mate. You're just someone new to warm his bed."

Isobel just stared at her, and it didn't take much to see that she was being insulted. Big time. It didn't matter that they haven't announced it to the whole pack. Owen was hers as she was his. She never asked to be dragged into this mess, but she wasn't the type to stand back and let herself be insulted either.

"You may be right. Sleeping with Owen probably doesn't make me his mate," she agreed, raising her voice so it echoed clearly among the quite crowd that had gathered to watch the interplay. She waited until Jenna turned back to face her before she finished her statement. "After all, it obviously didn't do much for you."

Isobel knew she'd score a hit when she saw Jenna's face alternately pale and then fill with bright color. Just great! Not only was the woman part of the groupie belonging with Layla, she had to be a jealous, scorned lover, too?

Still, she'd made her stand, and she couldn't back down now. Isobel walked carefully back to Angel and handed her the plate before sitting down to stare at Jenna once again. Casually Isobel crossed one leg over the other and smoothed an invisible wrinkle in her jeans. "But there's a difference between you and me, Jenna. Owen may have fucked you once upon a time." She flicked her eyes up and down over the woman's tall frame, clearly insinuating that she couldn't understand that piece of Owen's past folly. "But I'm the one he is going to mate with...tonight."


If the woman had sprung first and cast aspersions later, she might have been able to knock Isobel into another dimension entirely, but as it was, all Jenna managed to do was hit the back of the chair and send it tumbling over with herself on top of it, knocking into the table where Angel's food was- which then caused it to spill all over the floor.

Isobel grinned at the point she was able to easily dodge the idiot.

Angel, on the other hand, just stared down where her steak used to be.

"You bitch!" screamed Angel, as she stood up and grabbed Jenna by the throat. "That was a perfectly good steak that I WANTED to eat! But no, you had to be a stupid cunt, just like Layla, trying to stake your claim where it isn't warranted. Not only did you make a fool out of yourself because Owen will never want a sleazy slut like you as a mate, but now I DON'T have a damn STEAK!"

With that said, Angel quickly threw her across the room. As Jenna landed hard to the floor, Angel quickly followed picking her up again. "I really suggest you or your other bimbos stay away from me or those that I care about, because I don't think anyone will stop me when I begin to rip your limbs one by one." Angel threw Jenna one more time toward the door. Jenna quickly scampered up to her feet and ran out of the room.

As Angel turned around, she saw many people with steaks on a plate offering the delicious morsel up to her.


Cullen was going through some more of his daily paper work in his office that he had to finish before doing more menial tasks that came with being the Alpha. He was just about to finally concentrate fully at the work in front of him, when Gavin walked in with that grin of his plastered to his face.

Cullen was ready to just ignore him so that he may finish as fast as he could. He intended to meet up with some of his other betas to see if they may have discovered some more clues of who may behind all these incidents. The thought of not knowing was driving his crazy. It's not like he could post body guards to be around Angel all this time without her figuring out what is going on and plus alerting others.

He chanced a quick glance at Gavin, and still he carried that same stupid grin.

"What is it Gavin?" Cullen asked with a sigh.

"You wouldn't ever believe it even if I told you."

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