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They talked about her as if she wasn't there.

"So, does she prefer it in the pussy or the ass," the man asked casually.

Her Master laughed and replied, "Oh, pussy, definitely. But don't change your plans on her account."

That produced a short chuckle from the stranger. "Don't worry, I think I can handle this one."

She knelt submissively between them, seething in silent protest as their exchange went on. Part of her wanted to rebel and scream, to ask her Master why he didn't punish her himself, why he was going to leave her here. The well trained part of her stayed quiet, compelled to obedience by the invisible chains that bound her to his will.

He leaned in towards the other man and murmured something she couldn't hear. They both laughed loudly. Then he touched the top of her head lightly, and was gone.

She kept her head bowed, hands clenched behind her back. She heard him sitting down on the couch, the sound of a zipper going down, and thought derisively, "Now he's going to tell me to suck his cock. Then he'll fuck me in the ass, maybe beat me a little, and we'll be done."

There was a small click and the unmistakable sound of a basketball game filled the room. He'd turned on the TV. She blinked, caught off guard for a moment, but quickly recovered when he said, "Come over here and show me if you're as good a cocksucker as your Master claims."

"How predictable," she thought, stretching her limbs out carefully as she crawled to the spot between his spread legs. She settled back down on her knees, cursing the carpet for being so scratchy, and quickly freed the semi-hard cock from the confines of his dark blue boxers. Cupping both hands around the shaft, she rubbed it gently with cool fingers, feeling it harden and lengthen until he let out a soft moan. She wasted no time, wetting her lips and sliding her mouth down over his erection, feeling a twinge of apprehension at the size and realizing it would be no easy task to take it all into her ass. Giving herself a mental shake, she let her angry thoughts bolster her, "I want it to hurt. It'll be easier if he just rams it home and fucks me till he's done."

Other than the occasional groan and pat on the head, he seemed to ignore her in favor of watching the game. She half listened to the commentators' continuous babble about the score and the players, annoyed that he could be so indifferent to her attentions. Letting the sound lull her into an easy sucking rhythm, she was startled when he grabbed the back of her neck, pushing her all the way down onto his cock. Stomach muscles clenched painfully, she gagged, and jerked back instinctively. He let her go with a laugh.

Smiling at her teary-eyed glare, he remarked, "You're a spoiled little brat."

She flushed, knowing what he said was true and restraining the urge to make a rude retort. Her Master had said as much, telling her he was tired of how she misbehaved just so he would punish her. This would be good lesson, he had said, being punished by someone else. "I don't want anyone else!" she had wailed, but here she was anyway. Chastised, she moved to take his cock back into her mouth, surprised when he caught both her hands and stopped her.

"Come lay across my lap." He guided her over his legs, stretching her arms out in front and letting her rest her elbows on the ottoman by his side. "Comfy?"

She nodded uncertainly, feeling conspicuously naked as she always did when her ass was put on display, and she had no doubt that it was, thrust up right before his eyes. He massaged the soft flesh with warm hands, making her gasp and blush with embarrassment when he spread the pliant cheeks and inspected the puckered hole there. She hated being opened up like that, a little fact her Master had no doubt saw fit to inform him of, and could not stop herself from releasing a small sound of protest. New thoughts sprang into her mind, "This isn't how it's supposed to be!"

There was barely enough time to breathe a sigh of relief when he removed his hands before the alarm returned tenfold at the sound of snapping latex. He was putting on gloves. The cold wet touch of a lubed finger on her asshole made her cringe, the humiliation doubling as it pressed into the sphincter and penetrated easily. The TV was still on and most of his attention seemed to be on it while he continued casually probing inside her rectum with one slick finger. He twisted it in deep, making her writhe and groan at the unwelcome sensations.

"Do you like this?" he asked softly. She wanted to lie and say no but nodded, her face crimson. He chuckled, "I know." Her pussy was soaked, so much so that some of the wetness had dribbled onto his lap and she could feel it on her skin, the evidence of her shame. He withdrew slightly and added another well-lubed finger. They slid in easily and she groaned in mortification at being slowly opened up by a stranger's fingers. His response was to add a third finger, and then to start slowly fucking her ass with the slippery digits.

She wanted to stay still, to resist the throbbing of her wet pussy, but could not stop herself from squirming each time he pressed his fingers in deep. It was all she could do not to cry out in frustration when he finally withdrew them, removing the gloves at the same time. Trembling, she blinked in passive terror as he held up an almost empty bottle of beer, shaking it slightly in front of her. He grinned at her distress and asked, "Ever had a beer enema, little brat?"

She flinched, her voice a dry whisper when she answered, "No Sir."

He laughed and shook his head, lifting the beer in a mock salute before finishing it. "Lucky for you I like the kind with the slender necked bottles," he commented. Before she could decipher his meaning, he had placed the tip of the bottle against her well-lubed ass and pushed it halfway in. She squealed, body half rising from his lap before he forced her back down, holding the bottle firmly in place. It felt cold and hard, and she thought she would die from the shame of being degraded like this.

Finally, the TV was turned off. In the relative silence that followed, the sounds of her ass being fucked by the makeshift dildo were loud and embarrassing. He slid it in and out slowly, obviously enjoying her soft whimpers of protest and arousal. When he tired of doing it that way, he took it out and dragged her onto her back on the couch, ordering her to watch as he reinserted the four inches of brown glass between her taut cheeks.

She almost wept with relief when he was done playing with the bottle and put it aside, but not before threatening to make her lick it clean. Humiliated beyond anything she had ever imagined, she went down obediently on her hands and knees at his signal, preparing herself for the inevitable assfucking. He crouched behind her and went in fast, drawing forth a yelp of pain even though the tight passageway had been made ready for his entry. His cock was very hard, having waited for so long while he toyed with her, and he groaned as he held himself embedded in her rectum.

Still, he took his time having her, sliding his cock all the way out and penetrating her again and again. She was forced to watch herself being fucked slowly, their eyes meeting in the full length mirror he turned her towards. He winked, grinning as her face reddened and an unbecoming grunt escaped her when he rewarded her with a particularly hard thrust. It wasn't until she was reduced to crying and begging in abject humiliation to be allowed to come, that he rammed his shaft in deep with a growl of pleasure and filled her bowels with his semen.

Of course, she wasn't allowed to come.

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