tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnfettered Ch. 01

Unfettered Ch. 01


The Lady Aurelia shuddered as she felt the warm tongue of the handsome slave enter her mouth. Even in the adulterous conditions they had met in, for a servant to kiss a woman of her position was punishable by death. But he had not even hesitated, pressing against her full lips and smearing her carefully applied makeup as he sent her falling onto the soft down mattress of her secret bedchambers. The message was clear: She was to kill this slave after this one night of sex, and was free to do what she wished with him without fear of word getting to her husband. She was both greatly shocked and incredibly aroused by this gesture.

This gift was even more precious when she considered the quality of the servant: He was young, perhaps only twenty years or so, and though his body was lithe and muscular, it lacked the dirt or roughness of skin found in a slave meant for work. He was clean and smooth, likely having been carefully bathed and groomed before being sent to her. He was clothed in soft black silk which fit close to his form and left his sculpted arms and shoulders bare. Were it not for the iron collar around his neck, it might not have been evident that he were a slave at all. To go to such expense to send a lover of one night was not uncommon, however. What had impressed her the most were his hair, eyes and skin: Fair skin, as if wholly untouched by sunlight, with a light bluish hue that was only evident when the light hit it in just the right way, giving his entire body a mysterious and otherworldy feel. This blue pigmentation of his skin extended to the whites of his eyes, almost giving them a kind of glow which was most evident in the swirling, deep purple coloration of his irises. His hair was long, reaching to the middle of his back, and tied into a tight braid. It was a very dark grey, and shined like the steel of a fine blade, but was soft to the touch as her hands gripped the back of his head while his tongue patiently and sensually explored her mouth. She had heard of men with such an appearance before, but never seen them. They came from far across the eastern sea, past the dessert. To even find one of these people was said to be a rarity, but to capture one and bring him back alive as a slave was almost unheard of. A servant of this sort was worth ten times his weight in gold. The Lady swooned as she considered the extravagance of this gift, wondering how she could possibly show her gratitude to the lover who had sent him. But for now, she closed her eyes as she felt herself sink into her bed as his hands ran through her blonde locks while he serviced her.

His tongue slipped out from between Aurelia's red lips and he planted a soft peck upon them as his hands traced down her body. He gently kissed her cheek three times as he moved down to her neck and jawline. When she felt the lingering taste of him in her mouth, she noticed it resembled a sweet wine. She sighed as his hands expertly opened her expensive red corset, freeing her heaving breasts whilst his teeth nipped at her neck, creating a sensation of slight pain that subsided when the tip of his tongue flicked along the very same spots, almost as if he were painting a pattern upon her flesh.

"Remember your place...!" She whispered with a gasp as he tore open the thin cotton undergarments that held her bosom. The slave didn't answer, but only gave her a quiet, coy smile as his tongue trailed down between her cleavage. But Aurelia could not pretend at indignation for long, her second word of protest turning to a quiet moan of pleasure as the servant brought his strong, yet soft hands to her bare breasts. His touch was a well-trained blend of rough passion and gentle care when he massaged them. His fingers sank into her left breast and moved it slowly while the center of his palm squeezed at her nipple, his arm slowly moving in a circular motion. His other hand held her right breast gently as his tongue moved up to the nape of her neck and then along her chest. Aurelia's exposed pink nipple hardened as she felt his warm breath over it, his tongue extending to touch her areola with just the tip. She bit her lip to stifle a cry of pleasure as his tongue moved a circle around her nipple whilst his hands caressed that sensitive flesh.

"Ooh..." she finally freed this sound from her lips as his tongue flicked at her hardened nipple. His tongue flattened over it as his left hand exerted more pressure and quickened the pace of its movement, gripping tightly before releasing. His lips pressed against her areola and closed on her nipple as his left hand trailed down her body. He began to gently suck upon her nipple as his tongue flicked and swirled around the end while the tips of his fingers brushed across her navel, sending shivers up her spine.

Aurelia's breathing became ragged, her excitement showing on her flushed cheeks as his fingers moved further southwards. As he approached that sensitive, hot spot which had been moistening so much in the past few moments, she let out a moan of anticipation, and another one of shock and disappointment as his hand moved to the side and instead gripped her milky white thigh. She cooed as his palm and fingers began to massage those tense muscles in her legs while his lips and tongue serviced her breasts, pulling the one nipple upwards and letting it escape from his lips before putting his mouth over the left one which his hand had abandoned. Her legs parted further, almost involuntarily from the slave's therapeutic touch. She felt herself go limp, her whole body relaxing as his tongue trailed once again between her breasts, placing kisses along her stomach as he kneeled on the lavishly carpeted floor at the foot of the bed.

"Oh, yes...!" Aurelia cried, the volume and tone of her voice now without any of the false modesty she had tried so hard to keep before as he tore the portion of her undergarments covering her nether regions, shaking with anticipation for what came next. This kind of servicing was the kind a lady of noble birth should never expect from her husband, or even from a lover of equal or moderate stature. It had been a long time since she had felt a tongue down there, much less one as skilled as she had felt thus far. Her body quivered as she felt his breath on that warm, wet flesh between her thighs, the slave's hands still massaging her legs to coax them apart.

His head lowered between her legs as his tongue parted her opening dipped into that wet slit, teasing her entrance with the tip before his tongue moved all the way up, the tip poking under the hood of her swollen clitoris before flickering out and swirling around it. The slave made a soft, audible hum as his tongue worked on and around that sensitive spot, sending vibrations through all of her lower body. Aurelia's eyes widened and she gasped at the sensation. Her hands involuntarily moved to the back of the slave's head and gripped his hair, pulling his face deeper into her. The Lady was surprised at herself for having made such a lewd gesture, even in such total privacy. But the slave of course did not object, pressing his face in deep and taking her now swollen clit into his mouth. He sucked on it with the same expertise he had with her upper body: gently at first, then slowly exerting more pressure, working her into the powerful sensation of his mouth and tongue. His audible hums persisted as Aurelia wrapped her legs around his head. It was all she had heard of the slave's voice up to this point; it was a gentle, soothing sound. She would like to hear him speak before he died.

Of course, in the throes of ecstasy she felt from his lips upon her and tongue inside of her, she was beginning to have second thoughts about executing the slave. Someone must have spent a great deal of time training this one to perform like this, and to put an end to all that would certainly be a waste. On the other hand, even between the flashes of pleasure and confusion from his tongue moving back and forth on her clit between his lips as she felt herself rising to climax, she knew these were only idle considerations; to let a slave live after having behaved like this was absolutely out of the question. Her moans and rapid breaths loudened and quickened as she resolved to only take these moments for what they were as his persistent tongue-lashing began to push her over the edge.

"Uhhhh....!!!" Aurelia cried out as her whole body shuddered. The muscles which had relaxed in her thighs tensed up as her orgasm burst forth. Her hips bucked against the servants face as she felt herself gush and spasm. The slave did not even flinch, his sucking slowly becoming more gentle as he held her thighs, massaging those tense muscles and slowly coaxing them into loosening the grip on her head. Aurelia felt the room spin around her as she threw her head backwards an immersed herself in the blissful feeling.

Moments later, when the Lady had regained enough composure to notice her surroundings, she realized her lower body had sunk deeper into the soft mattress of her bed, and her legs were lifted high. The slave had his hands clasped on the backs of her knees, and held them firm as his tongue trailed up and down her slit. Those mysterious purple eyes of his flicked up as he noticed that awareness had returned to his mistress. His lips twitched a bit, almost looking like that emotionless expression he had held for the entirety of their time thus far was about to curl into a smile. His head lowered as he dragged his tongue from down the entire length of her slit, and then continued. Aurelia let out a surprised, drained gasp as he felt his tongue flick across the thin, sensitive flesh of her perineum.

"Don't...!" She protested weakly, trying her best to sound commanding as she anticipated his desire to continue moving down. "Don't you dare..."

But the slave did not heed his mistresses command as his tongue flicked back and forth along her perineum, then suddenly jolted downwards. His hands pushed her legs a bit further back as the slipped down from her knees to her inner thigh as the tip of his tongue brushed across her twitching, puckered anus.

"Mmmff...!" Aurelia groaned as the slave's tongue swirled around that sensitive little hole and darted inside. Nobody, not even a slave had ever been permitted to do something so vulgar to her, even in secrecy. But as this new and forbidden pleasure spread through her body, she found herself both powerless and unwilling to resist. But now she knew that this slave's boldness could not go unpunished. Nonetheless, she again let herself go in the moment as the slave buried his tongue inside of her. She felt her sensitive sphincter spasm and tighten around his skilled tongue as it slide deeper, until his lips were flush with the hole. His tongue drew back slightly and he began to suck upon the hole.

"Aaah!" Aurelia screamed at this strange and wonderful sensation as he commenced humming again, the vibrations spreading up her spine and through her vulva as his tongue writhed and twisted inside the hole whilst he sucked upon it. The Lady felt some saliva trailing from the corner of her mouth as she panted, her hips grinding weakly against the servant's face as she accepted all of his long tongue inside.

"P... Penetrate me..." She mustered all of what strength she had left in an attempt to sound commanding as she felt herself aching for what would come next "Give it... Uhh!! Give it to me now!" she yelped out between her moans. The servant obediently ceased the workings of his tongue and slowly slid it out. His hands released her thighs as he got to his feet. The Lady could see his bulge straining in his silken trousers as she looked upon this exotic gift to her through her parted thighs. He pulled on the leather drawstring which held the trousers to his hips, and they dropped to the floor.

Aurelia licked her lips as she gazed upon the slave's rigid member. It too shared the same qualities of the rest of him; pale and strong, like marble, with a bluish hue reflecting off of it in the candlelight. In her haze and eagerness, she could not determine the size, but it was certainly larger than her husband's or that of any local servant boy. But the size alone was not what caught her eye, but rather the great strength it showed. It stood taut, fully engorged, and veins bulging from all ends of the shaft, pulsing as blue light reflected off of the swollen head. If she had been any more disoriented, the Lady felt she might have forgotten her place and been tempted to take it between her lips. But she had little time for such considerations as the slave grasped her by the hips and pulled her forcefully down the bed as he pushed his throbbing cock against her moist entrance. She felt the heat emanating from the hard organ pressed against her sensitive vulva and felt herself shaking her hips in a futile attempt to push him inside of her. But her hips were held in place by the strong hands of the servant, and he was free to take his time as his head slowly sank inside of her.

"You... You lowly son of a...!" She cursed at him, venom mixed with the pleasure pouring from her voice. "I told you... Hah... I told you to put it inside!"

After the entirety of his strong, swollen head had entered her, the servant finally acquiesced to the Lady's demands. The hard muscles of his exposed legs and buttocks tensed as he thrust powerfully into her, burying himself inside of her to the hilt.

"Aaaah!!" Aurelia screamed as she felt the slave's entire great length plunge into her. An intense heat spread through her entire body as she felt his pulse inside of her. She felt a twitching as the slave held himself buried inside, his cock stirring inside of her and stimulating the deepest regions of her insides. The servant leaned forward and Aurelia legs around him as he began to move, drawing back and powerfully snapping his hips to thrust back inside. Her hands grasped his tight, muscular arms and her nails duck into his biceps as she cried out in pleasure from his strong, rapid thrusts.

"Do it...! Do it harder!" She cried out lewdly between moans and screams as he quickened his pace and buried his face in her breasts, his tongue flicking alternately at each nipple while grinding and thrusting inside.

Aurelia had been holding off her second climax ever since she had recovered from her first, but now she felt she could no longer hold it back, and this would be far more intense and explosive than the last. The bed shook under the force of the slave's powerful thrusting, which drove Aureilia deep into the soft, cushioned mattress as he slammed in again and again. Her moans loudened between rapid breathing as she finally released all of her built up tension. Pleasure flooded her entire body as she shook and let out a high-pitched scream which might have even been heard in these sealed basement bedchambers. All of her muscles tightened as her vision faded. Just as one wave of pleasure finished surging through her, another jolted forth, sending a shock through her body and making her quiver and moan uncontrollably. The servant's fair face and piercing eyes were the last thing she could see before all went black...

Aurelia awoke to a warm, satisfied sensation through her entire body as well as sweet smell upon her pillow. It was the floral scent which accompanied the servant she had enjoyed the night before. The night? Yes, she realized, she had been so overtaken from the night before that she had drifted off to blissful sleep. She did not know how long she had slept, but she knew that the events of the night before would be worth her husband's wrath for her absence. Even the lash upon her back would barely be apparent with the glow she now felt, half-awake in her luxurious bed. But as she stretched in her great down mattress, she noticed something amiss--her partner in last night's actions.

Of course, it would be unheard of for a slave to sleep in the bed of a noblewoman, even mid-coitus. But as she rose and rubbed her eyes, she noticed that he was nowhere to be found. The lady felt some panic, but mostly indignant rage as she realized that the slave had fled.

"That accursed...!" Aurelia said under her breath as she rose, noticing she was still dressed in the same torn undergarments from the night before. Whether the slave had been purposefully sent to bed her and flee as a potential embarrassment, or if the slave had simply fled to avoid the inevitable consequences of his actions, this was unacceptable. Aurelia sat up in her bed as she reached for her bedside fan and waved it next to her face as she attempted to calm herself.

"No matter, no matter..." she whispered to herself as she pondered how to deal with this situation. She could easily send one of her more trustworthy agents to dispatch the servant, and if she wished to do so with more discretion she could send an anonymous letter to one of her lovers. For now, she knew that she needed some new clothing. She took a deep breath an relaxed as she awaited the morning arrival of her morning maidservant.

The minutes passed as Aurelia removed the tattered cotton undergarments which remained evidence of the previous night's tryst. The door finally opened as her maidservant appeared in the door.

"Finally..." Aurelia said with exasperation as she looked to the doorway. However, the maidservant lacked the stoic, obedient expression which Aurelia demanded of all her attendants in her presence. The woman's cheeks were flushed and her breathing was rapid. She leaned on the doorway as if she were exhausted. It was evident that she had run to the room.

"My lady...!" the maidservant gasped, "Here you are...!"

"I require new clothing." Aurelia replied sternly, "And you should know better than to approach me in such a state. I will not have my attendants behaving like rowdy messengers."

"But milady...!" The women began to protest.

"Do not speak out of turn." Aurelia interrupted, "I also require some wine and a bath drawn. Make haste."

"But milady!" The maidservant continued insistently.

"If you must continue, then do so. However, every word will result in ten lashes." Aurelia gazed coldly upon the servant, as if challenging her to defy her lady's will. The maid shyly looked to her feet as she counted her words in her head and caught her breath. Finally, she spoke.

"Milady..." the maidservant stammered, "The Lord Aurelius, your husband... Has been murdered!"

Aurelia felt her breath shorten. Her husband, Aurelius, was a very paranoid man. His guard was tight, and nobody entered their manor without his permission. Only the most trustworthy would even be permitted access through the front gates. Nobody, of course, except for the Lady Aurelia's lovers, whom she took great care in making secret from him. Her husband's death, the servant's disappearance... There could not be a shred of doubt that these were connected. The Lady now felt herself panic. She released her fan, and it dropped to the floor as she felt herself faint...

Caelum clutched his heavy linen cloak tightly around his body as he walked the busy city streets, the black hood masking his easily identifiable features, and the morning crowd of the marketplace allowing him to blend in and vanish. The sand which blew through the city gates scattered at his feet as his purple eyes flashed along the men of the bazaar. In a few hours, guards would swarm this area as they searched for the assassin of Lord Aurelius the Third. The markets would be shut down, inquiries would be made. Some men would be tortured, many would be killed, and Caelum would be long gone. He knew he had nothing to fear from the Lady Aurelia; she would either remain silent to absolve herself of any suspicions that she was involved in her husband's death, or she would attempt to explain her part in it and suffer execution. Granted, if she spoke she could give some descriptions before she died which would be problematic for him in the future. But after having bedded her, and having felt her heart, he was confident she was a woman who loved herself above all else. Her egoism denied any likelihood that she would put herself in such obvious danger.

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