Unfettered Ch. 01


As he stepped up to the southern gate, Caelum looked up at the positioning of the sun. It was a few hours before noon, and word had not yet reached the city. He walked through the gate with the crowd of exiting merchants. It wouldn't be far from there that his caravan would be waiting for him, and with it his true Mistress.

"Oh, yes... Like that!" Livia tossed her head back, her long black hair falling from her shoulders behind her as she bucked her hips against Caelum beneath her. She was straddling him, her round breasts bouncing as she rhythmically moved back and forth as she plunged his rigid shaft into her again and again. She drew her slender pink tongue across her rose painted lips, her green, almond-shaped eyes shining as she looked down to her servant who lay prone between her legs on the lush caravan cushions. His strong abdominal muscles tensed, those shapely sinews pushing his body up as he drove himself back into her, countering her thrusts against him. There was a satisfied smile on Caelum's face, so very different from the cold, determined expression he held when servicing a target. The way he looked at his Mistress with his deep amethyst eyes showed a different kind of passion: Mutual bliss, rather than determination towards an art.

Caelum's hands, which had been grasping Livia's hips, slowly slid up her slender frame as a sigh of contentment escaped his lips. His Mistress leaned forward again, her hands pressing against his chiseled, bare chest as she drove his entire length into her. She bit her lip as she made a long moan, feeling the tip of his cock pressing into her womb while the strong shaft flexed and strained against her inner walls. His hands slid up her fair flesh to her breasts, taking one in each hand when she lowered her body closer to his. Each breast was a perfect handful when he massaged them, rolling them in his palms in rhythm with the movement of his hips.

"Oooh... Just a... Just a little bit quicker..." Livia instructed her servant through her moans of pleasure. Her dark polished fingernails dug into his solid pecs when she shivered with delight as he obliged. She bucked her hips harder against him as the quickened pace of his rigid rod shifting and grinding inside of her intensified her arousal.

"Mmm... That's right... Just a little bit more! I'm almost... Almost...!"

Caelum knew what to do as he gazed into her eyes. His legs curled up, propping his body up as his heels touched the wooden floor of the cart. He pushed his pelvis up, lifting his Mistress' lower body higher and giving himself more room to maneuver. He quickened his massage of Livia's breasts as his hips arced upwards, plunging himself repeatedly into her. Her body shook as their flesh smacked together, the rhythm of Caelum's movements quickly overtaking Livia's rapid breathing, to the point that she could no longer feel when he was pushing in or drawing back. Livia's moans became more base and guttural as she felt her orgasm approach.

"Mmmff... I'm... I'm... Aaah!!" Livia screamed in delight as she released her fingers from the pierced flesh her servant's chest. She flung herself backwards again, making Caelum's strong shaft flex hard against the most sensitive of her insides. Caelum's agile fingers released his Mistress' breasts and dextrously gripped her hardened nipples between his thumb and the second joint of his forefinger as both mounds slipped free. The shocking mix of pain and pleasure she so enjoyed pushed Livia over the edge, and she shrieked, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as a powerful orgasm rocked her entire body. Caelum let out a restrained moan, his soft resonant voice echoing against the finely crafted wooden walls of their cart when he felt the spasming embrace of his Mistress' hot inner walls. He expertly clenched his well trained perineal muscles to block his own ejaculation as he felt that sensual oscillation of Livia's body coaxing it from him.

"Hah... Hah..." Livia's breathing slowed as did the rapid motion of her body as she rode the wave of her climax, the warm pulse of Caelum deep within her sending her up again and extending the pleasure. Drops of hot sweat trickled down her face and fell in droplets upon her lover's chest as she slouched forward, her eyes fluttering as she let herself fall onto him. Caelum put one of his strong arms around her, his hand sliding up the small of her back while she lay on his firm chest, half of his hard cock still throbbing inside of her. She rested there atop him as she caught his breath, and moments later lifted herself up, and looked her servant in the eye. She smiled and leaned forward and let her lips lock with his. Both of them closed their eyes as the left themselves to their passion, tongues meeting at the apex of their lips and swirling around one another in an agile, sensual dance.

The kiss went on for a great deal of time, their cooling sweat glistening off of their bodies as they flickered against the dim light of the half-melted candles mounted around the room. When the kiss finally ended, it was at Livia's will. Her slender tongue retreated back into her mouth, and Caelum obediently retracted his. Thin strands of saliva connected their lips as they parted, vanishing in the dart as Livia lifted herself upright one more. She exhaled slowly as she steadied her arousal, still feeling Caelum fully erect inside her. She looked down upon him and her smile widened.

"Very... Very good. To perform as such after working so hard the past three days and nights...! Your stamina should be the stuff of legends."

"Stamina is the stuff of work, my lady." Caelum whispered back to her. "I need none of that for my time with you."

Livia's already flushed cheeks reddened slightly, the only sign she gave of his flattery affecting her as she nodded to him. "Perhaps..." She replied as she lifted her hips from his body, drawing Caelum's rigid cock from her wet depths. "But even so..." as his throbbing head exited her, slick from the juices that had poured from her in coitus and orgasm, Livia moved her legs and his forward as she lowered herself onto him again, but this time pressing against her puckered pink asshole. She gave her servant a sultry wink, her long lashes fluttering as she felt herself gushing from anticipation of what was to come, "I think you've earned a release."

Caelum's moan this time was fully audible as he felt his Mistress accept his wet, pulsing cock into that tight, forbidden entrance. Livia's breathing became slow and controlled when she relaxed her muscles, the thick head of Caelum's manhood stretching it open as it passed both rings to push inside.

"Ooooh..." Livia moaned lewdly as she felt her sphincters clench around his shaft. She was so tightly wrapped around him that she could feel the pulse from every vein surging through it. She loved the heat she could feel emanating from him, spreading across her tightly stretched hole throughout her entire lower body.

Caelum gasped "Mistress... You feel so good..." He said as he relaxed his body, enraptured with the sensation he felt. Livia didn't reply, but only continued to lower herself over him. At her expertly controlled pace, Livia's strained hole slowly slid further down his throbbing cock until it was halfway to the base. Even at this point, she felt so full. She loved the decadence and intensity of being entered this way, something few woman of high birth ever learned to enjoy. As she felt that wide, throbbing head creeping up inside of her, she let out a blissful sigh. She could feel hot, slick juices oozing from Caelum's engorged cock, lubricating her insides and intensifying that delicious warmth she felt inside. The tinge of pain she felt all around was rapidly being overtaken by pleasure, and soon she was able to lower herself all the way onto him.

"Mmm..." Livia bit her lip as she began to rock her hips back and forth to drag her clenched sphincter up and down the lower end of his shaft. Caelum's breathing became rapid and uncontrolled, and his eyes fluttered, the bluish glow which emanated from them flickering as they opened and shut.

Livia's lowered a hand down between her legs as she pushed her buttocks back against Caelum. Her fingers slid up and down her exposed wet slit and parted their glistening pink lips. Her middle finger pressed against her swollen clit and stroked it every time she moved forward to draw her tight hole up that hot shaft. Juices dripped onto Caelum's body as Livia pleasured herself. His hands grasped her legs as he finally became situated to the intense pleasure that he felt, and he noticed his own hips beginning to grind back against her, plunging his stiff cock deeper into her every time his Mistress rocked back against him. As Caelum's hips slowly began to provide the majority of the upward motion driving into her, Livia started to move her hips in circles while she rubbed herself, now with all four fingers. She cooed in contentment from the feeling of being stirred up inside, the tense muscles of her ass being pressed into in all directions from the circles being traced around the hard cock it girded. The waves of pleasure this sent through Caelum urged him to go faster, shoving into her slick asshole at an intense and jarring pace. The circles Livia traced with the movements of her hips tightened as she desired more of that wonderful sensation of being stretched, rubbed and penetrated all at once.

As he relentlessly worked within Livia's warm, tight innards, Caelum felt a heat rising in his loins again, the tension building up now so great that he was relieved to have his Mistress' permission; for all his training, he was unsure that he could have otherwise restrained himself.

"Mistress..." Caelum said as his hands gripped her smooth legs tighter, "I'm about to...!"

"That's it." Livia breathily replied as she rubbed herself faster. "Let it all out!" she suddenly ceased her gyrations and slammed herself hard onto him, her whole weight burying his hard cock into her to the hilt. Caelum cried out, his eyes shutting as he felt himself erupt. Pulses of heat ran through the length of his shaft, and Livia felt every one pass through both tensed sphincters before bursting forth deep inside of her, flooding her with powerful cascades of fiery hot semen. The moment after one shot deep into her bowels, it was followed by a second, pulsing up the shaft and shooting another burst inside.

"Aaah! Yes!" Livia cried. She removed her hand from betwixt her legs and reached to her chest to pinch both of her nipples as the feeling of Caelum's hot seed sent her into the throes of an ever more intense orgasm.

"M... Mistress!" Caelum shouted as the spasming around him as they came together milked his cock, making him continue to spurt in powerful, torrid loads. Livia lost control of her body from the intensity of her climax and fell back onto the blankets and pillows which covered the floor. Caelum's spurting cock slipped from her hole as she lay entirely back, and it let out one final spurt which rose high into the air and scattered upon his navel before his erection began to subside. The both of them closed their eyes as they let the warm glow of orgasm set into them as they felt the turning of the cart's wheels beneath them.

Caelum kneeled beside his Mistress, his hands dipping into the bronze basin filled with perfumed saltwater in which Livia's feet and calves were submerged. He was fully clothed again in his black silks, the his sleeveless shirt unbound and open. Livia sat upon a large cushion, an opened red robe draped over her shoulders as she closed her eyes in relaxation whilst her servant washed her feet.

"Mmm... A bit lower." She instructed him as his hands clasped her foot and ankle, rubbing the salts into them when he massaged the tense muscles.

"Yes Mistress." Caelum replied as he obediently rubbed lower along her heel. His hands expertly scraped any dead skin from the heels while rubbing the knots from the muscles in her lower legs.

"So..." Livia began as she reached for the gold-and-oak chest which lay next to her, procuring a long ebony pipe from within it. "You are absolutely certain that the Lord Aurelius is dead? He had quite the reputation for escaping death, you know. Rumors abound of the poisons he has built up his tolerance for."

"There is no such thing as tolerance to a dagger across the throat and through the spine." Caelum answered respectfully as his fingers worked between her toes.

"Of course." Livia nodded appreciatively at her servant's answer while she took a small felt pouch from a pocket in her robe. "And you are certain it was no body double?"

"The Lady Aurelia used the basement chamber for our time together." Caelum said as he gripped her foot with his left hand drew his palm up her calf with his right, rubbing out those strained muscles. "She would not need to hide herself from a body double. If he reported adultery, he would be more likely to face executing for bearing false witness."

Livia lifted one foot from the basin and let the water drip from it while. She sighed from the cool air making contact with her foot as she opened the pouch. She took several dried pink flower petals from it and stuffed them into the head of the pipe.

"Very astute." She said, as she drew a thin wooden wand from inside the pipe and placed it into the fire of one of the nearby candles. "Then we can be fairly certain that the uproar in the bazaar was not merely a show Aurelius sought to put on for us." she took the end of the pipe between her painted red lips as she dipped the wand into the bowl and took a puff from it. As it exited her mouth, the smoke was a sparkling pink color, with a sweet and comforting smell. Her eyes rolled back and she swooned as she felt the sweet flavor of the drug spread from her tongue through her whole body. She savored the tingling, relaxed feeling it gave to her body and mind while Caelum rubbed the arches of her feet.

"Mmm... Excellent." she mumbled, the sedative effects of the elysian petals making her speech withdrawn. "While the Lord Aurelius was by no means one of the culprits for the crimes against my house, his death will..." Her eyes fluttered and shut for a moment, almost as if she were about to drift into sleep, but then opened them and continued. "His death will certainly bring us unprecedented wealth and alliances for my plans." she took another puff from the pipe, and the clouds of pink smoke obscured her face.

"The notorious paranoia of Aurelius was not unreasonable." Caelum commented while he took Livia's raised foot in his hands and slowly lowered it back into the basin. "Even a great deal of his friends must have put silver towards his death."

"I know not all of them." Livia yawned, the smoke she held in her mouth escaping as she did so. "But the intermediary provided us with a sum that no single lord, or even a small group of them could provide."

"It is odd," Caelum mused as his fingers ran up and down the tendons of her legs, "That his wife could keep such secrets from him."

Livia lowered her pipe as she drew in the smoke around her head. "The wife of a paranoid Lord always has well kept secrets." she said dreamily, "If Lady Aurelia had not learned to deceive her husband as aptly as he watched her, she would have long since been killed."

"Your wisdom is ever my strength, Mistress." Caelum whispered respectfully as he noticed her drifting off to rest. "It has been two years now, has it not?"

Livia nodded as her eyes closed "Yes... A bit more than that. Our revenge will elude us still."

"Every day I dream of its completion." Caelum said quietly.

"Be patient..." Livia murmured, "Our dreams will all be realized... In time."

As his mistress fell into a deep sleep, Caelum continued to wash her feet.

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