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Unforseen Outcome


This is a story about a couple who decide to explore the limits of their sexuality and are shocked with the outcome. I know their story, because I was the husband who encouraged his wife and paid the consequences for my own stupidity!

My name is Barry Anderson and my wife of nearly 25 years is called Sheila. We met in high school and were soon inseparable. We dated all through school and with neither of us being particularly academic, we both left school at earliest opportunity. I found a job working in a car showroom and Sheila worked in a supermarket right up until we were married.

Sheila stood at five foot three with short fair hair. Her slim figure and fabulous breasts were off limits to me before our engagement. A quick feel now and then was all she would permit prior to getting engaged. Once we were engaged, she loosened up a bit more, but actual intercourse was not on the cards. She was determined to be a virgin on her wedding night. That meant that I would be one too as she was the only girl I had ever dated. Her parents were very strict Catholics and even though they liked me, Sheila had to be back home before midnight when we had a date. In any case, we had few opportunities to be alone, her mother made sure of that.

We married at eighteen and as she joined me at the altar, she took my breath away! She looked absolutely gorgeous in white wedding dress and as she lifted her veil, her face was radiant! She even winked at me as I stuttered through our vows. She sailed through her own vows and we were married!

Our wedding night was not the great event we had hoped for. I suppose the anticipation of finally having sex was weighing heavily on us both. Despite many attempts and much stimulation from me, I just couldn't penetrate her pussy, she was that tight! She started to cry and was very upset that her long awaited defloration, hadn't happened. The next day we went to the local pharmacy and after a discrete talk with the kindly older lady who served Sheila and who explained that she may have cystitis or just a tough hymen and that many brides had similar problems. She advised us to buy some lubricant and try that first. If we still had problems we would need to consult a Doctor, but she advised us to try the lubricant first and above all, be patient!

We returned to our hotel and immediately tried once more to make love. I spent a lot of time kissing her and trying to stimulate her by caressing her breasts and teasing her long nipples before moving down and gently rubbing her pussy with my fingers, liberally coated with the lubricant. This time I was successful in penetrating her, and she screamed as her hymen broke. I paused and slowly started to push deeper into her now slippery pussy. I was too excited and my own orgasm ripped in before Sheila got properly into it.

We can laugh about it all now, but at the time it was deeply embarrassing for me. After a short rest, we tried again and this time I managed to hold out until I felt Sheila start to buck and then she emitted a loud scream as she came. That started me off and from that point on, our sex life improved beyond all measure. We got books from the library and studied them before experimenting with the suggestions of the authors. We found that we both liked giving and receiving oral and we tried anal sex once, but despite using a lot of lubricant, Sheila complained that it hurt too much and refused to permit me to try again! It was no big deal for me either. I didn't want to cause my wife any pain, sex should be enjoyable for both parties.

Within three months, Sheila was expecting our first child and when we broke the news to her parents they were delighted. They also had something to tell us, Mary, Sheila's mother was also pregnant! She confided in Sheila that she had thought that she was too old for all that as her periods had been intermittent for over a year, but she had been caught out. Her father was delighted, but her mother was full of misgivings about starting rearing a baby at her age.

It did solve one problem for us, as her mother volunteered to be our child minder when the time came. Mary knew that as a young couple just starting out, we had little enough money to spare. We had found a small terraced house that needed a lot of work and between that and the mortgage payments, we needed two salaries coming in to support us and our new baby.

My job at the car showroom did not pay much and now that I was eighteen, I was eligible to join the Fire Service. It had always been my dream to be a Firefighter and I was jubilant when I was finally accepted after a rigorous interview and selection process. By the time Sheila delivered a baby boy, we named James, Mary also had her new baby, a daughter they called Amy.

I was into my initial training, scheduled to last around 16 weeks. It was held at our Regional Training Centre and my time at home was limited during this time. When I was at home, the studying and homework took so much of our time together, but it was worth it and I was assigned to a Station in our local Fire Station District and settled into the routine shift work that comes with a fully manned station.

Sheila meanwhile had decided she wanted to be a nurse and after completing the application forms and interview process, she was accepted onto the training scheme. Her mother, Mary became our child minder caring for baby James and her baby daughter Amy, his aunt!

We soon settled into a routine and Sheila and I's sex life resumed its normal intensity of three or four times a week. That lasted until the pressures Sheila faced in gaining the qualifications needed meant that our sex life slowed down. She was tired and exhausted, but still had the demands of a young child to cater for. I tried to help whenever I was off shift but we were both finding it difficult at times.

To gain her registration, Sheila had to get a degree in Adult Nursing and her course work was split between University and hands on experience on hospital wards She worked really hard to pass her exams and it took her three years to gain the qualifications demanded by the NHS. She applied for and began to work in our local Royal Infirmary. At first she was assigned to different wards to gain experience of nursing at all stages of the human life cycle. She loved being in the Maternity Wards, but after a few years found her true vocation in Accident and Emergency. Trauma Nursing was her favourite and she and I bumped into one another on occasion when attending major incidents, such as RTA's, bombings or other incidents where multiple casualties were anticipated. The danger was something we both accepted as going with the territory.

The years passed and our life settled into routine. We both were still very much in love with each other and though our passion may have eased, we made a conscious effort to make time for each other. We both moved up our respective career paths and before we knew it, our son, James was off to University. I thought his absence would give Sheila and I a chance to rekindle our love life, but we were both still working shift patterns that seemed to rarely match. For most of our married life, shift patterns dictated our sex life. Sometimes it was I that was coming in after a nightshift to find Sheila getting dressed for her early shift at the Hospital, or vice versa. When we did get together, our sex life was getting mundane and predictable.

We had been married for 24 years when I made the mistake of my life. We had talked repeatedly about changing our lifestyle, but apart from introducing toys and some sexy videos into our life, we never really made the leap into being more adventurous. It was the Internet that started it all! More specifically, it was a tablet that I bought her for her birthday that opened up our marriage. She discovered adult websites and we would share the video clips and stories that she found on these sites. Stories were her favourite and we both enjoyed reading about the tales of the sexual adventures other couples purported to get up to. We took them all with a pinch of salt, but some of them struck a chord with us.

One night she started to read out a story to me about a wife coming home with a cream pie and when it was first mentioned, she, clearly not understanding what a cream pie was, asked me, "What is a cream pie?"

I was well aware of what the writer was referring to as I had read similar stories before. I told her to continue to read and if it did not become clear I would explain. She read on and I watched as she became aroused. This was plainly visible as her breathing became shorter and she was squirming around on the bed. I took advantage and started to caress her breasts and slipped a hand down between her parted thighs and found her sopping core. Before long she put the tablet aside and asked me to fuck her. This I did and we had the best sex for a long time that night.

She started to search for these type of stories and they more often than not, led to some wild sessions. I wasn't complaining about that, I had learned to take advantage of her when she was in the mood for sex. One night after I had spent myself into her gaping pussy, she pushed my head down towards her spread thighs.

I cottoned on immediately what she wanted and I started to tentatively suck her clit and finding it not too disagreeable, I began to tongue her clit and lap at her exposed sex. She was holding me by my hair, pulling my head ever tighter to her jerking sex. I started to suck at her clit and she was writhing in the wake of multiple orgasms as they ripped through her, again and again. Finally she pulled me off her and begged me to fuck her, which I managed to do. It wasn't too often that I managed to rise to the occasion twice in quick succession! In fact, I couldn't remember ever having done so in the last ten years.

Later as we lay entwined, I asked her about this new experience and if she had enjoyed it. She said yes and told me she wanted to add it to our repertoire of games. It became the norm for several months that I would go down on her after we had made love and suck our combined juices out of her.

After a few months the effect started to wear off a little and to both our disappointment, the intensity of her orgasms tapered off.

I was fucking her missionary style one night when Sheila surprised me when she whispered, "Marcus, you'll need to hurry and finish, my husband will be home shortly and he will kill you if he catches you screwing me like a slut!"

I stiffened, this was a new development! We had not ventured this far in our fantasies before and as I thought about it I realised that it appeared that she wanted to pretend that I was her lover and not her husband.

This appealed to my sense of humour, so I resumed with a bit more gusto and growled at her for effect, "Fuck him, he can wait and get my sloppy seconds when I've finished with you, not before!"

She responded to that by saying, "If that's what you want Marcus, go ahead and use your slut any way you want, mark me, fuck me hard, make me come!"

Once more I responded to the stimulus of her dirty speech and fucked her harder than I had ever done before. I sucked on her tits an even bit into her soft flesh leaving love bites that would be there for days afterwards. She had the first of many orgasms as I flooded her with my semen. She wasn't satisfied with that and when I withdrew from her steaming cunt, she pushed my head down to her crotch.

This time I resisted and said, "No, I'll leave that for your husband as a memento of my visit. The next time I fuck you, maybe I'll let him watch how a slut should be fucked!"

She moaned at that and started to masturbate using her vibrator and as she did that she said, "You had better go now, he'll be back soon and the last thing I want is to force him into accepting his wife is a cheating slut. He will know, of course, I can hardly disguise your marks on my tits and the love juice running out my vagina, but I don't want him to know who my lover is just yet."

I got up and went to the toilet and had a pee and when I returned, Sheila was sitting in up on our bed and looking at me with an impish glint in her eye.

"Come and see what I have for you." she whispered then she simply pointed to the juncture of her thighs and continued, "One very full cream pie for my husband to clean out of me!"

I delved between her spread thighs and started to vacuum up our juices and she started to orgasm as I lapped at her clit. I felt my erection growing once more and I moved to mount her once more. This time I lasted a lot longer and when I did eventually climax, I doubt I managed to add to any sperm that remained within her body. She didn't come that last time, but clung to me as I shuddered into her receptive core.

That set the pattern for the next half dozen or so times our shift patterns allowed us to get together. We would adopt various role playing situations, but always me as her lover first and then the second time as her husband. I got used to eating our combined juices out of her pussy and we both had some sensational orgasms from our deviant behaviour.

I came home from work one evening, after working on late shift and as I entered our bedroom. I stopped short at the sight of Sheila lying naked on the bed, legs wide apart and with a huge grin on her face.

What grabbed my immediate attention was the trail of some white substance leaking from her vagina and matting her sparse pubic hair.

Without needing any further encouragement, I dived into her creamy pussy and started to use my tongue to bring her to her climax. It didn't take long she was soon bucking her hips in response to my attentions. My own erection was hard and aching for release and she waited impatiently as I pulled off my clothes before plunging my member deep into her saturated cunt and started to pump in and out pushing myself for my own release. I came hard and was gratified when Sheila also started to come in a gush of fluids.

She had never squirted like that before and afterwards as we lay entwined, she said, "That was something else! I have never had so many orgasms in quick succession. I guess my trick with the whipped cream really worked well?"

"Is that what it was, I did wonder for a second if I was really getting a cream pie?"

"Tell me, would you truly be happy if I were to come home with a load from my lover deposited in my pussy?" she asked.

I looked at her closely and could see the eagerness in her expression, as she awaited my response! Was she actually asking me if I wanted a real cream pie? Or was she just testing me, hoping that I would say no? I thought about my answer, I was torn, part of me wanted to stretch our sexual experience, but I was worried about the possible fallout. What if I responded incorrectly, would she take offence that I would like her to have sex with another man?

My cock made the decision for me as it started to stir into life once more at the thought of her fucking another man for the very first time.

Sheila was not long in realising this and smiled at me before going down to suck my member back to a fully operational state. This time she straddled me and was soon riding me to another orgasm. I lasted a lot longer this time and she soon tired from the exertion of pushing herself up and down on my member, so I rolled her over until she was under me, still impaled on my cock and started to ride her once more, missionary style. Her legs locked behind my thighs as she endevoured to pull me deeper into her soaking pussy. I was supporting myself on my elbows, trying to keep my weight off her as much as possible, but when my ejaculation came, I simply collapsed on top of her. She didn't have an orgasm that last time and when I tried to roll off her, she grasped me tightly preventing me from escaping her clutches.

"So what's your answer? Do I find myself a lover and fulfill your fantasy or not?" she asked.

I hesitated and trying to buy myself some time, I asked instead, "Do you have anyone in particular in mind for this assignation?"

This time she paused before responding, "Did I tell you we have a rather dishy Anglo/Indian Doctor in A&E at the moment. His name is Dr. Martin Mistry and he has cut quite a swathe through the female nurses. He seems to concentrate on the married ones for some reason. He has an English mother and Indian father and he enjoys quite the reputation for being well endowed and as an accomplished lover. Or so the nurses who have succumbed to his advances tell me. He and I have been flirting for some weeks and I think he fancies his chances with me. So in answer to your question, young Dr. Mistry would do me just fine!"

Wow! I thought. Now it's out in the open and I cannot deny that it was what I wanted, but I was scared also. Reputations, hers and mine were at risk. What if became common knowledge? Would we be able to live with the consequences of friends and family knowing our sexual peccadilloes?

I rolled off her and as way lay side by side, I said, "I don't want to make a decision like this without giving it some more thought. Can we wait until tomorrow and discus the ramifications before we agree to continue with this?"

She seemed to be happy that I didn't reject the idea out of hand and snuggled closer to me and said, "I think that would be best. Decisions made in the heat of lust are never that sound. Let's talk again when we have slept on it."

The following day, we sat down and discussed whether we should do it or not. I talked about my concerns and reservations about her taking on a lover. Finally, we agreed that we would both like to try it, subject to certain conditions.

1.Either of us could end the affair by simply saying... enough!

2.She would not fuck her lover without my express permission before hand!

3.I was always to be on hand afterwards when she got home to get my reward!

4.I was to remain her first priority and the number one man in her life!

The first one was intended to be binding on both of us. Either party calling 'enough', meant that there was to be no argument or debate about it! The contact with him was to cease immediately.

The other three were to ensure that she did not meet with her lover without my approval. The last thing that I wanted was her attraction to develop between them. Their liaisons were purely for the sex and not love!

Sheila accepted these conditions and then she embraced me and said, "You know that you are the man I love and I want to spend my life with you? It's just that I have never had another man make love to me and the curiosity is driving me mad. That, and the fact that it is a complete turn on for me when you eat your cum out of my pussy and the very thought of you doing the same thing for me, but with another man's sperm filling my pussy and leaking out onto your face is such a wickedly erotic thing for me. I will check our diaries to find a date when you will be available afterwards."

She clearly had it all planned and thought out. I asked, "So when do you think you will be getting together with your Casanova Doctor?"

She looked me right in the eye and said, "It'll work best when we're both on early shift. That won't happen again for a couple of weeks, so that should give him enough time to seduce me! So the best plan is for me to get together with him after work one day, fuck him and afterwards bring you your fresh pie to eat. Would you like that?"

I was torn between the morality of what we were about to do and the lust to see her freshly fucked cunt. Sheila sensing my hesitation, now that we were about to commit ourselves to bringing another man into our sex life, a change she clearly wanted, moved dispel any reservations I had. She came and sat on my knee and wrapped her arms around me, the kissed me, our tongues entwined and at that moment I was lost. I'm remembered her statement of the previous night about decisions made in a moment of lust and as my cock started to swell once more, I recognised that the die was cast.

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