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UnImagined Encounter


His head had barely hit the pillow when the phone rang. Groaning Doug sat up growling in irritation almost knocking over the lamp as he switched it on before grabbing the receiver.


He heard soft laughter, then the silky tones of his cyber lover gliding through the lines to flow over him, teasing his senses, for her voice was sensual and full of mischief.

"Hi Lover. You weren't trying to sleep were you?" He smiled, he should have known!

"Hi babe, and no I was not asleep yet. The phone just startled me."

"You sounded like a big ole' grizzly bear there for a second, you know I prefer teddy bears..." Doug could hear the smile in her voice, shifting he scooted around trying to get into a more comfortable position, his waterbed rippled around him as he sat up straighter against the headboard.

"I thought you were someone else." He smiled to himself, knowing she wouldn't buy that for a second, but feeling compelled to say it anyway. She giggled.

"Well if you say so..." She purred letting her voice trail off.

"So how are you feeling?"

He heard her sigh before answering somewhat evasively.

"I'm fine, still a little tired but doing great."

"You sure? You don't sound to convincing there Deb."

"Alright sweetie, I'm just fine thank you very much, stop worrying already! Have you missed me?" She asked changing the subject. Doug's voice lowered to a sexy drawl.

"Every night. Have you missed me, or have you been too busy will all your other computer pals?" Deb laughed a little uneasily.

"Actually I haven't been on the PC much since I got home from the hospital, the monitor gives me a headache. My doctor warned me certain things like Television or the Computer might. He told me its common after a concussion."

Doug frowned to himself, it had more than just a concussion, and she'd been in a light coma for three days, after being in a car accident and slamming her head against the dashboard. That had been a little over a month ago, and they hadn't talked but several times since.

"Babe..." he began hesitantly, but she cut him off.

"Anyway Doug, I've been meditating, and working on my relaxation exercises... I've learned how to do something really cool, and would like to try it out on you. Are you game?"

Doug grinned hugely, he knew Debbie loved sex as much or maybe even more than he did, the times they talked on the phone almost always turned into a sexual encounter. He figured tonight wouldn't be any different, or so he hoped.

"Sure, what do I have to do?"

"Okay, first if you have a light on anywhere, turn it off. And if you're not already, get naked for me."

"Hmmmmmmmm, Sounds great, give me a sec." Lying down the phone, Doug reached to his waistline and slipped off his boxers, the only article of clothing he ever slept in, he tossed them carelessly onto the floor bedside his bed. His cock already anticipating a little action this evening was semi-erect. Reaching down he stroked it a couple times before bringing the receiver back to his ear.

"Okay, done."

Her voice was low and seductive as she began to speak.

"Doug I want you to get comfortable. Lie down close your eyes and concentrate on my voice, and do exactly as I tell you."

"Okay." He mumbled, sliding down to a prone position, feeling the bed rocking him gently.

"Now I want you to get an image of how I look in your mind, then concentrate on how it would feel if I were there with you. Picture me lying there beside you, stroking my hands over your chest, crave it. Doug, want it with everything in you. Can you do that?"

"Yes...." Closing his eyes he focused inward, his mind on the image of the picture she'd sent him over the computer. Those pretty brown eyes, that long dark hair, full lips. He could easily envision her here beside him, her soft silky palms gliding over his body. Doug shuddered lightly, feeling goose bumps start to pop out all over. He clenched the phone tighter, his breathing growing heavier as his desire to feel her beside him enveloped him. He wished her there with all his heart and soul.

"Do you want me Doug?" Her voice was low, hypnotic, mesmerizing.

"Do you want me with you there now, touching you, loving you, making love to you?" He groaned into the phone, knowing he'd give anything he had at the moment, just to reach out and touch her.


"Then bring me there baby, call to me and want it more than anything you've ever wanted..." her voice, low and seductive purred in his ear, he concentrated all his will on her words, not wondering or caring why he was so willing to go along with her little game. He heard her gasp, and a feeling of vertigo washed over him, making him feel slightly nauseous for a split second.

"Doug...." He heard her soft voice coming from somewhere above him and frowned, realizing it wasn't coming from the receiver in his hand. He opened his eyes slowly to see a shadowy figure sitting naked beside him. He could just make out her features, she was grinning broadly.

"Deb...." He whispered incredulously.

"Shhhhhhhh..." She whispered taking the phone out of his suddenly nerveless fingers. Leaning over him she laid it down carefully on the nightstand being careful not to disconnect it.

"We don't have much time here baby, this takes a lot of energy out of us both to maintain, so we have to make the best of the time that we have."

"But..., your really here." He couldn't believe it. He felt like pinching himself to make sure he wasn't really dreaming.

"Yes I am for a short while, I found out I could leave my body while I was in a coma, and with the help of someone else's energy I can even appear "whole" for a short while, but right now I don't have time to explain, so… are you going to make love to me or what?" He could barely see her teasing grin. He leaned over flicking the light back on, then reaching out shaking fingers he touched her bare arm, it was warm, soft and REAL!

"I've been wanting to do this forever," she whispered before draping her body over his and planting her lips over his in a hard crushing kiss.

He opened his lips automatically and her tongue plunged in to mingle with his own. His cock hardened to granite in an instant, he pulled her to himself tightly, loving the feel of her breasts coming down to be crushed against his chest. Smelling the clean fresh fragrance of a freshly washed body made him groan deep in his throat, running his hands down to the small of her back he marveled at the soft unblemished texture of her skin.

Breaking away from his lips Debbie began kissing along his slightly bearded jaw, down to his neck to nuzzle and nip at the skin there before moving down further to lick around his flat masculine nipples.

He gasped surprised at the jolt that went straight to his cock; the feel of her long silky hair trailing along in her wake was also driving him crazy. As she'd moved down his hands had slide along her body and they now rested alone her shoulder blades, he couldn't resist running his hands into her hair, and sliding that shining mass of satin between his fingers. Her lips running down to blow softly into his navel had him letting go to clasp the sheet on either side of him lightly. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her trailing her lips around the perimeter of his bellybutton, her hot tongue dipping in to tease him had his hips raising slightly in an attempt to lure her to the throbbing rod between his legs. It worked. Her hand grabbed his prick by the base and she squeezed gently.

The bed shook as she crawled over his thighs to get her-self into the space between his legs, he let her hands coax his thighs apart, he could feel her positioning herself and couldn't resist opening his eyes. His heart skipped a beat, she looked absolutely sinful lying on her belly, her feet hanging off the end of the bed, hand wrapped around his cock, her lips only inches from the head, looking up at him with the sexiest expression he'd ever seen in his life.

Never taking her eyes from his she flicked out her tongue running it in hot wet circles, over and over again around the sensitive head. Her free hand coming up to gently clasp his balls and roll them around, had his head falling back, his eyes closing, and moans erupting from his throat.

Deb began running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, her tongue teased, licking, probing, the balls she held. His groin was on fire, she kept this up to what felt like to him an eternity, finally she kissed her way back up his cock, and in one swift movement enveloped his cock into her mouth plunging that beautiful warm wetness down all the way to the base. The air escaped from his lungs and pleasure blossomed out from his cock, running to the tips of his fingers, to the soles of his feet. He felt his hips rise up, and it was all he could do not to pre-ejaculate right into that sweet tormenting mouth. She began a fast paced movement up and down his cock, slurping loudly, her saliva dripping down to run along between the cheeks of his ass. He took it as long as he could.

"Deb... Oh God!"

Rising up slightly he took her cheeks between his palms and holding her head still, began to thrust his cock up into her more than willing mouth. Her hands dropped to his thighs rubbing them lovingly as he began to fuck her mouth faster. She tightened her lips and sucked harder, her flattened tongue caressing his length with every thrust. Even as lost in his pleasure as he was the thought ran through his mind that she was very good at this.

"Babe... I'm getting ready to cum!"

She growled and sucked even harder. He felt her run one finger between his spit soaked ass cheeks and gasped aloud as she maneuvered a finger up and into his virgin ass to the knuckle. Oh Shit! The combined feelings.... he began to pant and thrust into her mouth as hard as he dared. She rubbed up hitting the prostate. That did it.

"Ahhhhhhhh.... babe!"

He felt the cum explode out of him, seeming to well from the very soul of him, he let go of her cheeks and laid back mind spinning. Small spasms still racked his body, as she sucked him dry, and then licked him clean, being careful in this satiated state, knowing how sensitive he'd be. That had been hot and intense and incredibly fast. She'd played him like a virtuoso.

Crawling up his body she surprised him by attacking his mouth in a deep kiss. He could taste the aftermath of his salty, tangy cum in her mouth. And surprisingly the thought of tasting himself didn't repel him in the least. She sat up straddling his hips and tweaked his nipples gently.

"God I knew you'd taste great. But next time Doug I want to hear you scream!"

Her eyes were dreamy as she cupped her tits and squeezed her nipples between her fingers, he could felt the hot wetness of her pussy against his limp penis. She brought one hand down to her shaven mound and rubbed her clearly extended clit. He gently moved her hand aside and replaced it with his own eager fingers, she moaned and leaned back, long wisps of her hair tickling his thighs as it swayed against him. He rubbed her clit gently before inserting two fingers inside her. She was slick with her juices. He looked up at her face, her eyes were closed, and a look of deep pleasure was etched upon her features. Her hips began to rock and her free hand came up to join the other, cupping and squeezing her breasts.

He watched in fascination as she brought her fingers to her mouth, licking her fingers getting them wet, before going back to her hard nipples and massaging them into even more extended points. She began to moan and her hips rocked harder upon his fingers. Grabbing her hips he urged her forward gently, her eyes opened and she looked at him a question in their blazing depths.

"Come up her baby, I want to taste you."

Hot desire flashed in her eyes, as he scooted down a bit and she moved up and over his mouth. He inhaled deeply, her musky smell settling over him, making his cock twitch. He guided her over his mouth and plunged his tongue deeply inside of her. She jumped, and then groaned deep down in her throat. Doug licked up inside her greedily, he'd never been much for this kind of oral sex, but her sweet taste, and soft mewing above him was exciting him beyond belief, making him enjoy it almost as much as she was. Holding on tightly to her hips, he moved his tongue to her clit and began licking her in slow long strokes, putting pressure on the end of her clit with the tip of his tongue after each lengthy upsweeping motion.

Finally he took the hard nub between his lips and suckled, it was incredibly large, he remembered she had told him that she had bigger nipples and clit than most women, now he understood what she meant.

"Doug... Ohhhhh..", she groaned. She began moaning louder, moving her wet heat back and forth over his mouth, he continued suckling her clit as best he could. Her sounds escalated, he knew she was getting close.

"Ohhh..Ohhhh.. FUCK!!! I'm Cummmmminnnnggg!" She practically screamed it, grinding her wet twitching cunt down onto his mouth hard.

He felt then tasted her slightly sweet cum as it trickled down over his chin. Licking and swallowing as much as he could, he was really surprised at how much he enjoyed her taste. He felt her body trembling above him, and as carefully as possible he urged her down beside him to cuddle up close, her head on his chest.

"You okay Honey?" He was a little concerned about the continued shaking of her body against him. She laughed.

"I'm wonderful! That felt so good." She reached up wiping her moisture from his chin, licking her fingers. Her eyes sparkled wickedly.

"So.... How did I taste?" He laughed. He couldn't help himself. Deb was such an imp.

"I could do that for you all day lover." He looked into her eyes, she saw how serious his were and swallowed hard. He took her hand and placed it on his hard cock and whispered.

"See what that did to me?" Her breathing picked up, she licked her lips biting the bottom one in what looked like wicked thought.

"Then we better take care of that, don't you think?" Debbie grinned sweetly, then with an innocent look turned her back to him and got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her hips at him.

"Come and get it Douggie..." She wobbled a bit on the unsteady surface of the waterbed, but finally got her body balanced and looked back at him. Doug stared at her round ass, and wondered if she was offering what he thought she was. She smiled and wiggled her ass again.

"You know what I want baby, you know how I love to be fucked... remember what I told you the first time we talked on the phone?" He definitely did, she had told him that she loved to be butt fucked but her husband didn't indulge in it often enough to please her. He moved to get off the bed.

"I better go get some lotion or something."

"NO! Please Doug, just use my cum. I need you in me now!"

Getting up on his knees behind her, Doug felt a bit apprehensive. He'd never fucked a woman in the ass before. Dipping his fingers inside her he coated them with her warm slippery juices before inserting one finger inside her tight hot asshole. She squirmed moving back against his hand. Encouraged he slipped in another finger, moving it around trying to loosen her up a bit. Debbie groaned impatiently.

"Come on sweetie, please..."

Placing his hands on her hips to hold her steady, he placed the head of his cock against her pussy and slid in deeply, he wanted his cock good and slick, he really didn't want to hurt her. Oh God, she felt so warm and her pussy walls clamping down on his cock felt like heaven. He considered just forgetting her ass and fucking her sweet little pussy till he shot his load deep inside of her. But her whimpered, "DOUG", changed his mind.

Pulling out of her he placed the head of his cock against the rosebud pucker of her ass and pushed. Debbie's whole body stiffened in pain as the head of his cock slipped just inside her. He stopped immediately. She groaned deeply in her throat, her body shuddered.

"Go on baby..." she moaned..."Just slide in slow and easy."

He waited as she took a deep breath and visibly tried to relax her body before moving in a little deeper, again she moaned. As good as her tight ass felt around him Doug hated to see her in so much pain. Just as he was about to withdraw and suggest they wait and do this another time, Debbie pushed back roughly with her hips impaling him deep within her completely, and almost knocking him off balance. Her loud gasp was the only indication that it had hurt her.

Making a decision Doug leaned over her running his tongue down her back. He caressed her in long soothing strokes, for several minutes, taking his time, even though his tortured cock was begging him to fuck, to move, to get that friction going.

He could feel her relaxing around him, running his hand down her hip, and under, he found her cunt and began fingering her clit. It was already hard and swollen; she was so slippery his fingers kept losing purchase. He tried pulling his hips back, judging her reaction closely, she flinched a little, but it was nothing like the pain he knew she'd felt just minutes earlier. Feeling more confident Doug pulled out a little further and thrust back in.

"Ohhhhhh,"... She moaned deep in her throat pushing back against him, telling him without words, FUCK ME!

Getting his wet fingers away from her pussy and grabbing on to her hips Doug pulled out almost all the way and slid back in easily to the hilt.

Oh. Jesus. Fucking. Christ! That felt incredible.

Debbie purred, obviously over the pain, laying her head down to pillow on one arm, she snaked the other under her and began furiously playing with her clit, her butt sticking straight up in the air, was just to much for Doug.

Grabbing on tight he began a long deep thrusting. He began to grunt with each sinking movement of his cock within her. Blackness swirled around his vision. He began pumping harder, Debbie stiffened and began and almost animalistic keening, and he knew she was on the verge of cumming.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!" She screamed at the top of her lungs and clenched down so hard on his cock that he decided to hold still and let her ride her orgasm out.

Doug rubbed her back in long smooth strokes, letting her come down off her high. When she was steady and down to a light whimper he began moving again. He pumped within her so hard that air escaped her lungs with a muted oomph every time he sunk down to the hilt. She began to moan loudly, very quickly, and he realized she was on the verge of cumming again.

He slipped his hand around to stroke her belly, then gently pushing her frantic fingers aside, he moved to her pussy and ground down on her clit with his palm, while he continued to fuck her in hard even strokes.

He was ready for the scream when it happened this time, and kept moving within her as she came again, she clenched and unclenched around his rod so hard it was almost painful. It felt amazing, his cock was the center of his universe at this point, pleasure radiated back into his body as he fucked her like a madman. She was sobbing, moaning, mumbling incoherently to herself. She was as out of control as he was and loving it every bit as much.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh god," she began to chant and he knew she was gearing up for another climax. He felt his balls drawing up, and his cum was like hot lava as it raced up through his prick. Just as his jism spurted into her hot ass she came again clenching down so hard onto him he screamed, he couldn't help it, it felt so fucking good!

"OH FUCK! DEB! DEB! DEB!" He shouted with each contraction seizing his balls.

She was incoherent herself, screaming, cussing, sobbing. He continued to moan as his cock finally stopped vibrating, he was in awe over what had just happened. They both collapsed, he lay across her back breathing hard, as she continued to sob.

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