tagErotic CouplingsUniversity Life Ch. 01

University Life Ch. 01


Chapter 1 Meeting Cyn Lustte

It was a busy evening at the graduate student pub. I had finished my first beer after my afternoon tutorial. Two of my three drinking companions had to go; leaving Cynthia and me together.

Cynthia Lustte was a tall, athletic, blonde physiotherapy graduate. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, blue eyes, with firm muscles from daily exercising. The muscles did not take anything away from her womanly curves. Her most striking assets were her large bust and tight, ample butt. She wore a multi colored, embroidered, scoop neck peasant blouse that revealed the tops of her breasts; giving me a fantastic view of the deep cleavage created by her big tits. The matching long loose skirt; displayed her firm, ample ass to good advantage. The white 3 inch high heeled sandals also accentuated the curve of her buttocks. Seeing this vision of loveliness before me; I began to fantasize about getting lost between her large breasts; while her arms and legs enveloped me.

"Being in the wheelchair should make me a great candidate for your physiotherapy skills. How about it? Would you give me a work out sometime?" I asked with a laugh.

"Do you think you could handle the work out I could give you? I can be very demanding when I give a thorough therapy session." Cynthia replied; giving me a sly smile, as she looked at my crotch.

"When my muscles get stiff they need a real hard work out to get all the kinks out. As a matter of fact they are starting to get hard right now." I taunted.

"Maybe I should give your muscles some attention right now." Cynthia stated; moving her hand to my crotch. Running her expert fingers along the bulge in my pants; Cynthia gasped, "You do have a large, firm muscle. I might have to take you back to my office to give it a proper work out." Giving my growing hard on a gentle squeeze; Cynthia asked, "How do you feel about going back to the dormitory so I can exercise your muscle properly."

"Sounds great, Cynthia! I just hope I can keep up with you." I replied with a laugh.

"If you're ready to go; I'm ready. Since we are going to be working closely together you do not have to be so formal. Call me Cyn; everyone else does. Cyn also reminds me of how much I enjoy to sin!" Cynthia stated; standing and moving behind the wheelchair.

As Cynthia pushed me along the path to the residence; she asked, "How do you like the headrest? Your head feels great nestled between my breasts." Jiggling her tits against my head; Cynthia continued, "How about letting me see that stiff muscle of yours?"

"Right here and now?" I asked in astonishment. "Some woman might see me and think I'm some kind of pervert."

"No woman is going to see you. If they do; I'll be with you and they will know you're not a flasher. They will just think we're too hot to wait until we get some place private." Cynthia reassured; moving a hand from the wheelchair handle to my crotch. "You're just a horny guy that can't wait to show his girlfriend his cock."

My manhood was feeling constricted by my pants; so Cynthia's wishes were all the encouragement I needed. Assisting Cynthia's hand to unbutton and unzip my pants; I allowed her fingers to free my stiffening cock. Feeling the cool night breeze on my exposed flesh; knowing that any one could come along and see me was making me very excited. The way Cynthia's warm fingers caressed my hard flesh caused a drop of pre come to form at the tip.

"Wow! You have a huge love muscle. I'm getting wet between the legs just thinking about your hard cock sliding inside my cunt. I don't think I can wait until we get back to the dorm. How about slipping into the library for a quickie to take the edge off?"

"That is a great suggestion. I agree with you one hundred per cent. I don't think I can wait until we get back to the dorm. All this hot talk is getting me really horny." I said in agreement; rubbing my head between her luscious melons. "I know the best floor to go to; government publications. There will not be anyone there now. Politicians never work late, if they do work." I laughed; as I tried to hide my throbbing hard on with my shirt and books.

Lust driving us; we hurried along the ramp; past the check in counter; up the elevator to government publications. Wheeling from the elevator; Cynthia and I made our way to the study carols; well away from prying eyes. Immediately Cynthia sat on the edge of the desk; placing a foot on a chair, another on the armrest of my wheelchair.

Pulling up her long, multi colored skirt, Cynthia whispered, "Lick my cunt! Make me hot and wet. Get me ready for your big cock. I can hardly wait to feel that big thing inside me."

With the long skirt bunched up around her waist; Cynthia's panty less crotch was exposed to my hungry gaze. I immediately noticed that her pussy was completely shaved; exposing the puffy lips of her labia. The pink, blood engorged lips were shiny with the love nectar her excited vagina had secreted.

Lowering my head to Cynthia's slit; I licked along the exposed cleft; gathering her tangy cream into my mouth. Swirling the nectar around my mouth; I swallowed. It was delicious. It never ceased to amaze me that every woman I tasted had a distinctive flavor.

Returning my tongue to Cynthia's valley; I lapped along the lips of her labia. With her juices flowing freely; I brought my tongue to Cynthia's erect, pink clit. Vibrating my tongue rapidly, I assaulted her vulnerable clitoris. Cynthia's response was electric. Immediately her body began to shiver with pleasure. Letting out a soft moan of ecstasy, Cynthia brought her hands to the back of my head, pushing my face hard against her drooling pussy. With this encouragement, I concentrated on stimulating her love bud. Using my teeth, I gently nibbled on Cynthia's pink, eraser like bud. The moan this elicited from Cynthia was so loud; she had to move a hand from the back of my head to stifle the outcry.

With a vengeance, I set to work on her go button, using tongue and teeth. Spreading her thighs even wider with my hands, I shoved my face into Cynthia's wet, palpating gash. She was really getting into the pussy lapping I was giving her.

Suddenly a cry of pure delight escaped around the fist Cynthia had pressed against her mouth. Quickly she clamped the hand over her mouth trying to stifle the cries of pleasure. At the same time her pussy began to flood my face with love nectar; as her thighs squeezed my head in a vice like grip. I did not know if she would suffocate me with her firm thighs or drown me with her copious cunt cream. I was able to breathe through my nose, as I slurped up all the pussy juice I could scoop into my mouth. I had never met a hotter woman.

As the orgasmic tremors slowly subsided; Cynthia relaxed her thighs; allowing my head to move. Having regained my freedom, I again attacked Cynthia's pussy, lapping and sucking more of her delicious honey into my hungry mouth. I could not get enough of this lusty woman's exotic nectar. My entire face was coated with Cynthia's love cream.

Lifting my face from her sopping cleft; Cynthia growled, "You sure know how to eat cunt. You made me so fucking hot I wanted to scream out in pleasure, but that would have brought security down on us. Now it's time for me to stuff my cunt full of your big, fat cock! I can hardly wait to feel your fuck pole stretch my hot, wet hole! I'm going to squeeze every ounce of cock cream out of you!" Cynthia exclaimed; trying to keep her excited voice from rising too loud.

Slipping from the desk; Cynthia stood in front of me; skirt held at her waist; while she undulated her hips invitingly. Quickly I raised the armrests of the wheelchair; as Cynthia spread her feet apart. This allowed me to wheel forward, until my penis head was touching the entrance to her drooling, honey hole. Holding my stiff manhood in place; Cynthia continued to provocatively grind and rotate her hips against my swollen knob; like a belly dancer. Slowly she allowed the head of my erection to slide into her wet, wide open slit. With just the head of my hard on inside her cleft; Cynthia began to squeeze and relax her pussy muscles; as she continued to rotate her hips. The sensations created in my cock head by Cynthia's squeezing pussy were incredible. The sight of my knob appearing and disappearing within the damp folds of her pussy; was as much of a turn on; as the sensations the actions were creating in me. This woman had fantastic control of her vaginal muscles

I could see her glistening, hard, pink clit peaking out from its hood in excitement. As Cynthia danced, she lowered her hips, bringing the head of my manhood into contact with her go button. My eyes were glued to the sight of her love bud being rubbed by my glistening knob. The stimulation caused the nub to quiver, as more dew gathered along the lips of her labia. Slowly the pussy juices began running down my shaft, making the pole slippery. Cynthia's sexy bump and grind was making my entire body ache with lust; as my cock head continued to nudge her clit.

Still holding the skirt up; Cynthia began to flex her knees; allowing more of my shaft to slide into her pussy. Continuing to sway her hips back and forth, Cynthia Slowly lowered herself onto my rigid member. The swaying motion of her hips made my shaft feel like it was trapped in a grasping cement mixer. . Cynthia's hungry pussy had soon swallowed my entire length; allowing her buttocks to rest on my thighs.

"Fuck that feels great! My cunt is completely stuffed! I've never had such a big, fat cock inside me. It feels fantastic!" Cynthia groaned; dropping the hem of her skirt; moving her hands to my shoulders. "Pull my blouse open! Play with my tits! Squeeze them; while you suck the nipples! I like it rough!" Cynthia commanded. "It gets me really hot when someone plays with my tits; while I'm getting fucked. While you fondle my jugs; I'm going to slide up and down on your huge fuck pole." Cynthia gasped, as she commenced to glide her tight tunnel up and down my throbbing manhood. Quickly I pulled the neckline of Cynthia's multi colored peasant blouse down, exposing her magnificent mountains. Grabbing a tit in each hand, I gave them a squeeze, lowering my mouth to one of the large, erect nipples. Sticking out my tongue; I began to tease the hard pink bud. Sucking the eraser sized nipple into my mouth; I gave it a gentle bite. This made Cynthia gasp with surprise and delight.

"Yes baby! You're making my tits tingle. Bite the other nipple. I love it when you're rough with my tits!" Cynthia moaned; pushing her breasts hard against my hands.

I was trying to concentrate on playing with Cynthia's melons, but my attention was being drawn to my penis. Cynthia was contracting and relaxing her pussy muscles; trying to squeeze my man juice from me. I could not believe the control this woman had over her vagina. Slowly Cynthia lifted herself off my lap; pulling her nipple from my mouth; as her love tunnel clung to my shaft. My penis felt like it was being sucked off by a vacuum cleaner. Just before the head of my cock popped from her grasping gash; Cynthia slammed down; forcing my hard meat back into her canal; making a squishing sound. With her ass resting against my lap; Cynthia began to rotate her hips; grinding my pole inside her tight passage; as her tits slapped against my face.

Trying to regain some control of the situation; I grabbed a breast; stuffing the nipple and areola into my mouth. It was difficult keeping the tip of Cynthia's boob in my mouth; as she continued thrashing around on my knees. Ceasing her side to side motion, Cynthia began to rock back and forth. This changed the angle at which my shaft was stimulating her pussy. This bent my cock down; increasing the friction against her clit.

"That feels fucking great! I love the way your cock is rubbing my clit! You're going to make me come!" Cynthia growled; fingers biting into my shoulders. "Put me over the top! Rub my clit with your fingers!" Cynthia ordered; continuing to rock on my erection. "I need to come so bad it hurts!"

Bringing a hand to her juicy pussy; I started to caress Cynthia's love bud. This caused her to rock even faster. Pussy juice was leaking from around my embedded shaft; soaking my fingers and our thighs. When I gave Cynthia's clit a light pinch; she let out a quiet cry; increasing the tempo of her rocking; as love cream flowed in abundance.

"O shit! I'm fucking coming!" Cynthia squeaked; trying to keep silent.

Cynthia's eyes were wide open; staring into the distance; lost in orgasmic bliss. Suddenly I saw a change in her eyes; as I felt her body tense.

"O no!" Cynthia whispered. "There's someone watching us! He's just off to our left. I can see him peeking around the book stacks. He has a perfect side view of us."

"Shit! We're caught!" I exclaimed in dismay. "What are we going to do? He's going to report us and we'll get kicked out of school." I moaned in fear.

Cynthia's demeanor suddenly changed; as she whispered, "He's jerking himself off! I think he is enjoying the show; the little pervert." Giving a quiet laugh; Cynthia murmured, "Let's give him a show he'll never forget! It gets me horny when I know someone is watching me; while I'm doing sexy things. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. I get a feeling of power knowing that someone finds me so sexy that they want to masturbate. Pull up my skirt! I want him to get a good eyeful."

With that I pulled up Cynthia's skirt, making sure our uninvited watcher had an unobstructed view of what we were doing. With our crotches clearly exposed; Cynthia began to use her legs and arms to slowly slide her pussy up and down on my throbbing shaft. She wanted to keep me from climaxing, so she could make the show last. As she pumped up and down on my erection, I grabbed Cynthia's waist, trying to keep her skirt from falling down. Throwing back her head; Cynthia thrust out her breast; jiggling them to increase the erotic show we were now putting on.

We were really getting into the role of exhibitionists. Cynthia's exertions and the excitement of being watched had caused a fine sheen of sweat to glisten atop her large heaving breasts. I was also sweating and gritting my teeth, trying to hold my orgasm back. I wanted to give our watcher a performance he would remember.

With the aid of my hands on her ass, Cynthia slowly increased the speed of her piston like action on my cock. The increased friction on my shaft coupled with the knowledge that I was being watched; was bringing me close to orgasm.

Cynthia was the first to get there. With her body shaking all over Cynthia had another intense orgasm. The way she was twisting on my penis; as her vaginal muscles squeezed me was causing the sperm to boil up in my balls.

"Fuck Cyn! I'm going to shoot my load!" I groaned; trying to hold out longer.

"Hold out!" Cynthia commanded; still shaking with orgasmic tremors. "I have a surprise finale for you and our friend." Cynthia explained; glancing from the corner of her eye. "He's pumping his cock faster! He's fucking coming! Get ready!" Cynthia exclaimed; hopping off my trembling, rock hard cock.

Bending over, Cynthia grabbed my cock, pointing the head at her mouth. Giving a firm squeeze; the first wad of pearly white cream blasted from the tip, landing on her lips and chin. Cynthia aimed the second load at her wide open mouth. I watched as it jetted from the head of my shaft, landing on her tongue. Gulping the sperm down her throat, Cynthia quickly sucked the jerking cock head into her mouth. Blasting a third and fourth wad into her hungry mouth, I could see her cheeks bulge with the abundant man juice. The spunk was coming so fast, Cynthia was unable to swallow all of it. I could see the over flow trickling from the corners of her lips; dribbling onto her chin. When I ceased shooting sperm into Cynthia's mouth, she commenced sucking the remnants from my deflating manhood.

When Cynthia had sucked the last dregs of juice from me; she pulled the semi hard penis from her mouth with a pop; licking and smacking her lips with enjoyment. Sticking out her tongue; Cynthia licked the white cream from her lips; using her fingers to gather the remains into her mouth.

Using a stage whisper for the benefit of our watcher; Cynthia said, "That was one hell of a fuck. You taste great too." Rising to her full height; Cynthia exposed her inflamed pussy and magnificent mountains to the view of our secret admirer; exclaiming for all to hear, "That was fantastic! I'm so horny! Let's hurry back to my dorm room for some more fucking fun! I can hardly wait, but I can't let people see me with your cock cream all over my face Lick it off me! I hope you don't mind tasting your own juices."

With out waiting for a reply, Cynthia brought her face to my lips. Sticking out my tongue, I tentatively lapped the remnants of my sperm from her cheeks. While I licked her cheeks, Cynthia slide her pink tongue around her lips, gathering every drop of love cream into her mouth. When her face was cleaned to her satisfaction, Cynthia straightened up and grabbed the hand grips of the wheelchair.

As Cynthia wheeled me out of the library; she leaned close to my ear, whispering, "You should have seen the astonished look on that guy's face when I took your load of sperm in my mouth. When I told you I couldn't wait to get back to the dorm room for more; his mouth dropped open in amazement." With a giggle; she confided, "I saw him lick his lips when I offered you your cream to clean up. I think he was jealous. When we get to the room; we can get real kinky. This was only a warm up."

As we passed through the lobby of the library, I wondered what other sexual exploits this uninhibited graduate student held in store for me. I was sure lucky to meet Cyn Lust. To be continued.

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