tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 13

University Life - First Ch. 13


Kainene woke up with a smile on her face. She instantly remembered all that had occurred the night before and she panicked quickly before forcing herself to calm down. She remembered her promise and this made her smile widen. She looked over and saw Rufus looking cute and boyish in his sleep. She could not stop herself from reaching out and touching a soft curl. Then her tummy rumbled. Crap! They did not write these in her sappy novels. She had to take a quick shit. She hopped on one foot as she tried to remain silent. He could so not find her in this condition.

She looked round for her clothes but could only see his discarded shirt and boxer shorts. She dragged them on and tiptoed out of the room looking for the loo.

A few minutes later she tiptoed back in shutting the door silently. She looked round and jumped with a hand on her heart startled. Rufus was sitting up in bed looking at her bemusedly. Then his face broke into a heart-thumping smile.

'You look gorgeous in the morning.'

Kainene thought to herself sheepishly as she snuggled back into his arms, you wouldn't think that if you knew what I was just up to.

She smiled and sighed as he kissed her ear. She felt his breath wash over her and shook her head inwardly. He did not even have any bad morning breath. Some people were so lucky. She had gargled with someone's mouthwash in the bathroom.

She mumbled into his arm, 'See, I kept my promise.'

'I know and believe me when I say I'm glad.' He replied nuzzling her neck.

She smiled then bit back a gasp as she felt a finger slowly delve into her...well his boxer shorts then circle her clit.

'This feels wondrously odd, me feeling you up in my boxers.' He sniggered.

She laughed pantingly, her heart giving triple jumps as he circled round and round.

Then she climaxed, biting her lip to stifle her moan.

She opened her eyes to see him staring at her with blazing intensity.

He smiled once she looked up at him, then lowered his mouth to hers, 'Now that's what I call a good morning.'

She wrapped her legs round him and whimpered as he slid into her.

He immediately stopped. 'I'm hurting you, oh shit.'

She shook her head hurriedly and kept him in as he tried to pull out. 'No, no. Don't stop please.'

He grinned at that then shut his eyes as pleasure coursed through him.

As he neared his climax he remembered that he had not worn any condoms and, at the last minute, pulled out spurting unto his shirt that she was wearing.

She looked down at her belly clad shirt and giggled, 'That was fun.'

He groaned and placed his damp forehead on hers. She was definitely something else. Then he groaned louder when he saw her dip a tentative finger into the little puddle which had found her hip and brought it to her mouth.

His groan turned into a laugh when she said, 'Well it's not as good as those novels say, but certainly not as bad as I personally thought it would be.'

Rufus shook his head as his chest vibrated with laughter. This was great.


'This is so weird, going out for lunch in your stuff.' Kainene muttered as she and Rufus sat in a cute little boulangerie in Clifton Village. She was wearing his college jumper and his track bottoms which she had had to fold over and over again to make it hang on her hips.

Rufus shrugged smiling as she wrinkled her nose. 'I think it's cute. You look cute in my stuff.'

She rolled her eyes at him, though pleased inside. It was going swimmingly well. No awkwardness at all between them that day. It was a good thing they had been friends first before...whatever they were now. If anything, she had fallen for him more than before. He was funny, sweet, cute, not to forget amazingly hot and fantastic in bed.

She was tempted to ask him what it was exactly that was going on between them now but she stopped herself thinking it sounded very gauche and naive. Guys didn't ask girls out anymore did they? It sort of just...flowed from one stage to another. Or so she had read. She definitely had to stop living her life based on novels she read, life was definitely not what someone else had imagined in the confines of their bedroom or a cafe.

'So what do you wanna do today?' Rufus asked, spearing a mushroom in his mouth and chewing gently.

Kainene shrugged, she was ready to do whatever he wanted. Then she remembered she was still in his stuff and she simply could not trot about Bristol in his clothes. It may look romantic or cute to him, but she felt silly in them.

'I should probably go home and get changed. First. Then...whatever I guess.' She replied.

He looked at her with a mock-hurtful look on his face, 'You wanna get rid of my clothes so quickly.'

She laughed, 'I don't mind wearing the hoodie. But the tracky bottoms...unh-unh. They make me look like a skinny junkie.'

He guffawed at this nearly choking on his eggs.

'You certainly have a way with words.'

She shrugged grinning. That she did.

As she shut the door to the flat quietly and began to tiptoe to her room, she heard a loud, 'Not so fast, whore-nene.'

She groaned to herself. Talk about being busted.

She spun round and walked into the kitchen, slumping with a sullen expression on the kitchen chair as Lorna and Mykelos grinned at her. Matt successfully hid his grin as he tapped the ash from his cigarette out the window.

'You're here pretty late. And in his clothes I see.' Lorna cooed her eyes gleaming.

'I couldn't bloody well come back home in last night's clothes, could I?' Kainene mumbled as she dragged Lorna's mug of hot chocolate and slurped from it loudly.

'Hmm...me see thou doth glow.' Mykelos said laughing.

Kainene rolled her eyes as the other three started giggling.

'God, you lot are such overgrown babies.' She complained, her face feeling hot as she blushed.

Lorna giggled and ran round to hug her suddenly, 'Oh ignore us, we're so happy for you. I'm definitely delighted. You're glowing, you know. And you look absolutely gorgeous.'

Matt snickered, 'Yeah, the just 'knocked outta bed' gorgeous.'

'Hey!' Kainene complained flicking a full teaspoon of hot chocolate at him.

'I'm not gonna talk about it with you gossip mongers, no way! You're gonna rib me for the rest of my life.' She said.

Mykelos shrugged, 'We don't need you to tell us you just had the greatest shag of your life. It's like 'DUH!' What we want is details.'

Lorna nodded leaning forward.

Matt shook his head quickly, 'No way, you girls can chat about that but I'm out.'

Mykelos slyly said, 'You ashamed that he might just be more...agile than you?'

Kainene 'ewwed' as Matt turned red, 'Wouldn't you like to find out?'

Mykelos arched an eyebrow, 'If Lorna wasn't here I'm more than positive the straight one would like to experiment.'

The girls shrieked with laughter as Matt flushed a very bright red before mumbling and rushing to his room.

'Good one. Now details...how big is he?' Lorna quickly asked.

'Eww! No! I'm not discussing it with you.' Kainene quickly said, then she grinned before adding, 'I don't know, not like I had a measuring tape or anything...let's just say he...hit all the right spots and then some.'

Lorna shrieked as Mykelos held his sides and guffawed loudly.

'Ohmigod! So it was good then?'

'More than good. Fantabulous.' Kainene said with an absent smile on her face as she remembered the night before.

'Oh dear, it seems someone's whipped, sprung and crucified.' Mykelos dryly said.

Kainene rolled her eyes as she shook her head, 'None of the above. I don't even know what exactly we're doing or what we could define ourselves as now.'

Lorna replied, 'Don't think about that now or it's going to occupy your daily thoughts. Trust me. Just...take the days as they come and have fun. Soon, you'll find out if it's real or...not.'

Mykelos nodded in agreement as Kainene looked at the two of them with an unconsciously cute and lost expression on her face. 'You think so? Okay, I guess you're right. I'm just gonna...see how it goes.'

Then she got up to go to her room.

'Hey missy! Where do you think you're running off to? You haven't given us all the details.' Lorna exclaimed.

Kainene threw her a superior smile, 'Unlike you boring lot, I have an early dinner and a movie to get to, so I have to get some beauty sleep before my preparation begins in earnest.'

Her two friends 'oohed' and hollered as she shook her head with laughter and shut her door quietly behind her.


It had been almost a month since Kainene began her 'relationship' with Rufus. It felt amazing. Every single day that had passed had been beyond description. The talks, the lunches and dinners, the movies, the sex...everything was out of this world. She could not believe that she had gotten such a wonderful 'catch'. Lorna and Viola did not tease her as much as before because they say how wonderfully matched they were. School work was more than perfect, surprisingly so. She had thought that being head over heels would affect her studying but it seemed her brain was sharper, wiser perhaps. She smiled to herself at this thought.

As she walked into the common room, she hummed under her breath alongside Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind coming from her IPod. Vapid blonde and terrible singer she was, but this song was actually alright...and kind of summed up her feelings. She smiled to herself again.

Then her smile turned upside down, and fast. She had spotted Heather and Araminta sitting by the window and chortling away to themselves as they were wont to do. Unfortunately, they had seen her walk in and walking back out would have been extremely cowardly. More unfortunately, no one else was in the common room but the three of them.

Kainene sighed to herself inwardly and walked to the vending machine, a fifty pence coin ready to get herself a bar of Snickers. And, rather aptly, she heard some snickering going on behind her.

'I still cannot believe Rufus is with her; I mean, talk about delving through the bottom of the trash can.' Kainene heard Heather's American voice squeak.

'I know...the ghetto bin for that matter. Even if he wanted to hang out with a pleb, did he have to pick someone like her?' Araminta replied just as snootily.

Kainene did not know if they thought they were safe thanks to her headphones, but the fact that they were so rude in front of her got her angry.

She snatched off her headphones and turned to them, 'You're actually saying this? Right in front of me?'

Heather's eyes widened. She clearly thought Kainene had not heard her, but Araminta arched an eyebrow as if it did not matter.

'Who cares what your opinions on our conversation are? And FYI, it's rude to eavesdrop.' Araminta rolled her eyes turning back to Heather.

Kainene shook her head as if in wonder, 'You're absolutely priceless. How incredibly immature, how amazingly daft can you be?'

Araminta gasped shocked but Kainene continued, 'Why can't you just accept the fact that Rufus chose me? Yes, me. There are so many Sloanes here, so many poshies and even the grammar school ones, but he chose me. What upsets you more? The fact that he picked a ghetto chic over you, or the fact that I'm black?'

Heather gasped this time but Araminta tossed her perfect locks with a disdainful expression on her face, 'Oh get over yourself and don't pick that silly race card. I couldn't give a shit what colour you were, purple or yellow...what grates me is the fact that he chose your ghetto arse over me. Infact, I still don't believe it. He couldn't possibly be going out with someone so classless, someone who couldn't be trusted to eat with the right fork. Tell me, Nens or whatever your plebby name is, have you ever been to the opera; ever travelled somewhere far from the typical chavvy destination like Tenerife or Ibitha? Have you even ever gone skiing?'

Kainene just looked at her.

Araminta gave a little smile, 'Thought not. And you think he's with you for your taste or anything? My darling girl, he just wants to see how the other side lives. Experience something thrilling, something only the unfortunate 'levelling' University grants. So don't stand there feeling all triumphant and wonderful with yourself believing he chose you. Mark my words 'East London's finest', once Uni is over you are going to be dropped so fast your thick, cheap coat wouldn't even feel the dust from your mighty fall.'

Kainene looked at her with tears swimming in her eyes, 'You are so shallow it's unbelievable. Yes I'm poor, or I'm 'ghetto'; classless even. But even if I am dropped as fast as whatever you just said, he will never be with you. You're spoilt, rude and vapid. How you got into this Uni, I don't know...maybe you have some alumni parents or something. He's probably experimenting with me, who knows? But the fact is, it's my hand he holds round Bristol; it's my hair blowing about in his car...not yours. And never will it be, not in the next three years anyway. So deal with it and stop being a sore loser.'

Araminta gasped and stood up, her eyes sparkling with fury, 'You freaking tart. He's just fucking you. Like the little whore you are, that's all you're good for. Don't get all high and mighty because you're lucky enough to rub shoulders with him. In the next three years...what am I saying? When he's through with the novelty of your kind, you'll be dropped back where you belong. Silly little pauper trying to act all posh, 'innit'?'

Kainene took a step forward ready to slap the annoying twerp across the room and through the wall if possible, then she heard Rufus's familiar voice behind her asking in a confused tone:

'Hey, babe. Thought we were meeting outside?'

Then he looked at both girls standing with strained furious looks on their faces, and Heather practically wringing her hands in fear.

'What's going on?'

Araminta turned to him spitting with so much anger, 'It seems Nens here is claiming to be your girlfriend. Just wondering how true it is.'

Rufus turned to Kainene, 'Is that true? You said you were my girlfriend?'

Kainene looked back at him in shock. Was he saying they were not in a relationship then? They may not have spelt it out in black and white but she thought....

'Apparently I was wrong.' She smiled coldly.

She turned to a gleeful Araminta, 'You're right. I'm clearly never going to be one of you. I should have stuck to my kind...innit?'

She turned back to a confused Rufus who asked, 'What's going on? What's...what are you trying to say?'

Kainene just shook her head tiredly, 'I'm late for work.'

Rufus nodded, 'Yeah, that's why I said I'll come pick you up. Get you there faster.'

Kainene shook her head quickly, 'Don't worry. I'll take the bus. Excuse me.'

She walked out of the room, evading Rufus's arm and his confused, 'What on earth is going on?'

Both of them were welcome to themselves. She just felt an utter fool for losing her virginity to him. He could not even admit that they were in a relationship? Guess she was the only one who thought hanging out and making love...no Fucking...doing stuff together...that was a relationship.

More fool her, indeed. She dashed her tears away angrily and hurried to the bus stop, changing Paris Hilton's croaky voice to a more apt Whitney Houston's 'It's Not Right, But It's Okay.'

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