tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnlawful Entry Ch. 1

Unlawful Entry Ch. 1


"God Damn it" Sara yelled as she kicked the flat tire of her car. She didn't know who she was most angry at, the car for having a flat tire, or herself for leaving the spare at home so she could fit all the camping gear in the trunk. "Yes Sara" she said to herself "If there was an awards ceremony for idiots of the year, they would be swinging by with a limo to pick you up as their special guest" she said to herself as she sunk down to the ground and sat there leaning against the car to have a smoke and to think about what her next move was going to be. She didn't remember seeing any cars in the last hour so there wasn't to much hope someone would happen by, besides it was getting close to evening and no one traveled this road at night. "I am so well fucked" she moaned.

Sara had been on her way to meet some friends at an old campground they met at yearly. She had told them not to expect her until tomorrow night, but she got out early from work so had decided to leave today instead, so her friends wouldn't be looking for her tonight. 2 hours passed and the darkness closed in and so did the dampness, Sara shivered and climbed into her car to get some heat. It took the heater 10 minutes to throw enough heat to take the chill out of her bones and for her to stop shivering. Logically she knew she couldn't run the car all night so she leaned back and closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth wrapping around her, for the moment anyway. Opening her eyes 5 minutes later, Sara's heart leapt when she looked into the rear view mirror to see a set of head lights closing in on her slowing down as it neared. As the vehicle pulled up behind her car she was able to make out the cherries on the top of the car and she let out a deep sigh of relief.

Sara pulled the handle, pushed open the door and stepped out just in time to come face to chest with a very huge cop. He stood about 6'5" and must of weighed around 250-275 pds, his hair was freshly buzzed but obviously blonde and his eyes were a cold and hard steel blue which didn't change when he smiled at her on his approach and she backed back away involuntarily. "Flat tire?" he asked her looking over the car, she wanted to come back with a smart remark but decided better of it, "yes sir" she replied. "Are you all by yourself out here?" was his next question and she just nodded her head. Sara was a good looking girl, with her long red hair, hour glass figure, long shapely legs. She was always being stared at by the men when she was out so was not surprised when the cop turned and stood there letting his gaze run from her feet up the entire length of her body, lingering between her legs and her breasts. She felt a chill run up her spine when saw the cold smile that crossed his face when he finally looked her in the eye.

Sara's mouth opened to say something when she just about jumped out of her skin as she heard a voice coming from the side of the road on her left "That's what I call 100% relief Mike." She swung around to see a second cop pulling up his zipper as he cleared the grass at the side of the road and joined them beside her car. This second cop was not as tall as the one called mike but was still about 6' with dark hair and features and an obviously hard body while mike had a fairly large gut on him and obviously older. Sara's face paled when she heard the tone in Mikes voice as he informed his partner of her predicament, his partner walked around her as he blatantly looked her up and down as though she were a prize horse he was considering purchasing, "You don't say" he replied as his eyes stopped on the v neck belly top which outlined her large c cup tits and showed off her nipples which had become hard from the cool night's air.

Sara stared down at the ground and shifted her feet nervously, she had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was in trouble and she was trying to think up something quick to get her out of it. It was a moment later when she felt a hand touch her elbow that she panicked and bolted towards the side of the road and the bush. Sara didn't get far when she felt a hand close over her arm jolting her back so that she was facing Mikes huge chest. "Oh no you don't" she heard from behind her and she was lifted and carried kicking and screaming to the cruiser, she was pushed inside and the door was closed behind her. "What are you doing?" she cried but they just ignored her and joined her by seating themselves in the front. There was mesh wiring separating her from the front, the doors were locked and there were no handles making her their prisoner and she felt her bladder almost let go from fear.

Sara sat there trembling as the car pulled out and did a u-turn heading back the way they had come from. They only drove for about 10 minutes when the car slowed down and turned onto an old road that barely looked accessible. "Where are you taking me?" she whimpered but again they just ignored her and continued their conversation as if she wasn't even there. She wasn't sure how much time passed as the car bumped and rocked through the bush but finally it rolled to a stop and she was grateful for the stillness. Both men got out of the car and she tried to see what they were doing by peering out of the rear window but the darkness was preventing her from seeing much, besides they had opened the trunk cutting her view off from everything.

Several minutes ticked by and finally the driver side rear door opened and Mikes huge frame appeared filling the space. Sara scuttled back kicking at him with her feet but suddenly the other door opened and she was grabbed from behind and dragged out of the car. Giving up the struggle she found herself being hauled to the front of the car. The engine was shut off but the headlights and cherries were on creating an odd glow all around them. Sara was shaking as she stood before them in the glow of the headlights dressed in nothing but her little jean shorts and belly top. She had to lean back and use the car for support as she heard Mikes partner speak to her and the reality of his words hit her.

"We have suspicions that you are a dangerous criminal young lady" mikes partner snickered. Mike drew closer to Sara and added "Yes and I wouldn't try to run again,I wouldn't want to have to shoot you." She felt helpless as Mike forced her around so that she was facing the car and leaning over it like some kind of criminal. "I think I better frisk that lovely body of yours to make sure you're not carrying any dangerous weapons hun" he said and she cringed at his touch as his fingers began to slide down her arms leaving waves of goosebumps in there wake. Mikes large fingers moved slowly and then stopped just under her arms along side her tits and she felt her nipples get harder as his hands moved around to cup her them and squeeze gently, "These could be considered dangerous" he said as he rubbed the material covering her nipples and making them stand up to their fullest.

Sara tried to move away from his touch but saw Mikes partner reached for his holster and unsnaped the cover. With tears rolling down her face she stayed where she was and closed her eyes as Mikes big hands continued their search. She felt his hands reach her waist and then around in front where she felt him unbutton her shorts and then felt the denim slide down her legs to the ground revealing her well shaped ass and she whimpered when Mike's hands slid between her legs and forced them wide open so that they both could see her smoothly shaved pussy. "Now that is what I call a dangerous weapon Sam" this was the first time she had heard Mike say his partners name "I think I better go in and get a closer look" and her body shook from the sobs that racked her body as she felt him slide down to his knees behind her. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt his large meaty fingers pull back the soft skin around her clit revealing the small pink nub.

"Oh God noooooooo" Sara cried as she felt the big mans hot wet tongue slide over her clit and then begin massaging it gently making it stand up. "Mmmmmmmmm sweet" she heard him moan from between her legs and she could feel herself getting lost in the feelings he was creating in her body and she tried hard to think of something else to fight off the orgasm that was building inside her. Sara could see Sam, Mikes partner, from the corner of her eye and her eyes grew as she saw him drop his pants releasing his 8 inch cock. Sara shook her head violently in protest as he climbed onto the hood of the car and sat directly in front of her with his legs on either side of her. "You know what I want Red" he said with a sneer as he reached behind her head to grab her hair and pull her forward so that her lips were only an inch away from the head of his thick cock.

"Don't cry" Sam said in a low voice when he saw her tears "You might actually like this" he added as his hold tightened on her hair "Lick me" he growled and he pulled her closer so that the head was pushing against her lips, she stuck her tongue out obediently and stroked him with it watching as his 8 inch cock grew hard and began to throb. As she was forced to take Sam's big cock in her mouth Sara"s legs began shaking from the pressure building inside her as the big cop's mouth covered her pussy and his tongue began circling and tickling her clit lightly. She could hear the wet sounds as her juices flowed at Mikes touch and her hips involuntarily moved back pushing against his face. She was close and her head was dizzy from the war between her body and her mind "Ohhhhhhhh Nooooo" she moaned around Sam's cock as the orgasm that she had been fighting off so hard finally over powered her and her body shook from the great release her body felt.

Sara heard Sam groan as her lips tightened around his hard cock when she orgasmed. He began pumping and grinding his hips under her, while holding her head in place, forcing her to take as much as she could before gagging on it. She pushed against the hold he had on her when she felt his cock swell getting close to exploding in her mouth. Sam hadn't expected it and his cock slipped out of her mouth just as his cum began shooting its load. Although she had been able to get his cock out of her mouth, she hadn't been able to break his hold and she cringed back as far as she could when she heard him growl "Bitch."

Mike had stood up and was standing behind her holding her hips in in an iron grip while rubbing himself against her ass and she couldn't believe what she felt growing under the material of his uniform. He had been watching Sam fuck her mouth and sounded disappointed when he said "Look at the mess you made slut" and then "You had better just clean that up now" and she felt him push her forward by her hips and she knew they were going to make her lick it up. Sara extended her tongue and licked at the sticky liquid on Sam's stomach choosing to do it willingly rather than have her face shoved right in it and she heard them both make lude remarks about what they were watching. She gasped with surprise when she was suddenly pulled up and swung around to face Mike and she felt humiliated when he smiled at the cum dripping down her chin.

"Come here bitch" Mike said pulling her towards a blanket they had laid down on the ground in the beam of the headlights. "Get down on your knees, I want you to see the surprise I have for you up close and personal" he said as she sunk down in front of him. She was still weak from the orgasm her body had experienced and she couldn't fight him very hard as he held her there to watch him unzip his pants and drop them in front of her. Sara gasped in horror at the enormously thick 10" cock that sprung out from under his shirt. "Let me go" she screamed and she made one more desperate attempt to pull out of his grip but to no avail and she whimpered as she felt the wetness of his precum being rubbed on her lips making them glimmer in the light.

She begged and pleaded for him not to make her do it but it only seemed to excite him more making his cock jump in excitement and she knew that it was useless. "I want to feel your hot tongue all over me whore" he said and he groaned as her tongue began sliding down the length to his huge balls hoping that she could at least make him cum quick so it would be over sooner. He moaned as her tongue trailed over his balls to the area just behind them stroking him there and he pulled her closer grinding his hips rubbing himself all over her face. "Now bitch" he growled at last taking his cock in his hand and pushing at her wet lips. The cum on her lips made them slippery and the head of his cock slid easily between them forcing her mouth wide open to accommodate his size. She felt her mouth was being stretched to its limits and she tried to push away using his hips as leverage but he was to strong and was able to hold her steady as his hips moved back and forth pistoning his huge cock in and out of her mouth getting deeper with each stroke.

Sara gave up struggling and stroked Mikes cock with her tongue as it moved in her mouth and she knew he was close, she could feel the skin on his cock stretching to its fullest as his cock grew rock hard. Her mouth filled up with saliva then it ran down the corners of her mouth and she could hear him grunting and moaning as her mouth was naturally lubricated for him. She gripped onto his hips for support as he pounded at her mouth and she could hear her own grunts as his cock stretched her mouth as he fucked her. "Fuck you feel good" he groaned then he pulled out of her mouth and stood back to watch her.

Sara felt hands on her hips and realized that Sam had moved behind her and she felt the head of his cock slip inside her wet pussy and rub her sensitive clit. Her hips bucked but he held fast as he pulled her back to him pushing the head into her hot wet hole. He was slow at first filling her up more and more with his hardness and she could feel her body about to cum again. It was when he finally slammed into her, forcing her to take all of it in one shot, that she cried out in pain and ecstasy as her body climaxed and cum gushed down the inside of her thighs.

The moment Sara orgasmed he pulled out of her and dropped onto his back so that he could slide under her to taste her as she came. She didn't resist as he pulled her down onto his face, and she squirmed when she felt the tip of his tongue wiggle between the lips of her pussy and stroke her clit. Mike smiled and and moved around behind her, "Now I think I will help myself to that tight little hole back here" he said as he kneeled behind her and pushing her forward so she was resting on her chest, her legs spread wide and her ass in the air. Sam was licking her slowly taking his time to bring her to the edge, meanwhile behind her Mike used her own juice to push his thick meaty finger inside her ass.

Sara moaned loud when Mike began sliding his finger back and forth fucking her gently with one finger then two, getting her ready for what was what was about to happen. Sara almost collapsed from the orgasm that racked her body but she felt arms lift and carry her towards the car. She saw Sam climb back onto the hood of the car taking his swollen spit covered dick in his hand and she felt herself being lowered on top of him so that she was facing away from him. She could feel the head of his cock pushing at her asshole making her cry out as he entered her ass. Once Sam was buried deep in her, Sara felt Mikes hands grip her knees and he slowly forced her legs wide apart so he could see Sam's dick buried in her. He bent down to lick her clit making her jump and pushing Sam's cock all the way in. She could feel his pubic hair against her ass and she could barely stand the pain that shot through her entire body. "Oh Ya Baby" Mike said as he watched her squirm and adjust to the cock that was buried deep in her. "Now lets fill you right up" he moaned then moved forward to slide his huge cock into her hot wet cunt.

Sara's body tensed as she felt the large head of Mikes cock push against her cunt hole stretching her as he pushed in hard and deep. Sam's cock already had her full and she screamed as Mike withdrew and pushed hard again going in deeper, and she was afraid they were going to break her in half. With one final push Mike was all the way inside her and she felt the pressure against the walls of her pussy stretching to his size. The pain she felt quickly turned into pleasure as he began moving inside her at the same time forcing her back onto Sam's cock. Both men were grinding their hips to stretch her more. Her body started vibrating from the excitement that ran through her and she heard Mike suck in his breath as her pussy muscles contracted around his cock. Suddenly she felt a warm feeling inside her cunt as he came hard. It was only seconds later when her body began convulsing into the wildest orgasm her body had ever experienced and she could feel Sam's cock pulsate as he began pumping his load into her ass and the warm feeling in her ass drove her orgasm to even a higher peak.

Sara had been holding onto big Mike for support as they had both fucked her hard but once the orgasm subsided she collapsed back against Sam's chest with her head on his shoulder. Both men stayed very still inside her as they finished cumming and she felt both cocks slowly go soft. She shivered when she felt the cool night air wash over her sweat covered body as it replaced the heat of Mikes body as he moved back and pulled his cock out of her slowly and she could hear her own moans deep in her throat as he did so. Sara was exhausted and humiliated at how her body reacted to what they had just done to her but yet she felt relieved that it was over thinking that they would probably drop her off with her car. She froze when she heard Sam's voice whisper her in her ear, "This is just the beginning for you sweetheart."

Forced into further humiliation, Sara was ordered to her knees and made to lick both men clean of her juices from their cocks before they finished getting dressed. Once she had slid her shorts back on, Mike gripped her arm gently and guided her towards the car. Her legs were shaking and she was weak so she climbed into the back seat grateful to be able to lay down. "Where are you taking me?" she whispered to tired to speak any louder. Some where in deep in the fog that clouded her mind she heard "Lets just say you'll enjoy it just as much as you did this." Sara trembled as she curled up on the seat and closed her eyes with visions of her captors and her new destination.

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