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Unlawful Love


I for some months had been feeling confused. I didn't know weather to turn this way or that. Why? Well I had been attending my local church for almost two years and truly wanted to grow righteous in the name of Jesus and the more I was grasping the thought of it, the more I knew the evil one was gaining control of my flesh as I desired her beauty.

Every-time she entered the church with her husband; I would become envious of him although I must have been at least 30 years younger than him. The way she looked at me with those sparkling blue eyes of hers would cause my knees to tremble until the moment I got back home and then I would burn with a passion that was even indescribable to me. Management of being able to control my urge was becoming insupportable.

The way she would spread her legs whilst sitting opposite me was causing an erection in my boxers and by the way she kept flashing her eyebrows at me, she knew precisely what she was doing! By the time I had left bible study I hadn't just left with knowledge of scripture but also the knowledge of a stinking hard-on.

Almost running through the door I stormed upstairs and into the bathroom. Quickly I took off my clothes and began running a bath. Gradually rubbing my prick to keep it up to its erectness I turned on the hot-water tap allowing it to run for a short while, before putting the plug in and chucking in some radox salts. I already knew that the suds made my cock smooth enough to rub gently. Jumping into the bath, I closed my eyes and visualized her teasing ways.

Like a video rushing through my boggle-box I was able to see her in my minds third eye. Her silvery-white hair cascading down her back and her full breasts heaving out of her white cotton T-shirt. Imagining that my eyes were slowly working their way down her magnificent body I focused on the way she lifted up her skirt, just enough for me to get a glimpse of her navy blue panties.

I then opened my eyes and began to rub my stiffness; with every stroke my performance becoming faster, I again closed my lids and shot my load. All that night my thoughts were on nothing else but Ellen. I was already wishing that night and the next day away so that I would see her again. I got to the basilica before her. I sat there feeling like a bag of nerves wondering if she would turn up. I started to pray as I always did on entering the church and then I felt a hand upon my shoulder and as I looked up;

'Well Hello!' Ellen spoke provocatively.

Throughout all of the service I tried my hardest to keep my attention on the sermon of the Pastor but Ellen kept raising her purple skirt a little higher. My view was that her spouse was totally lost in his views of Christianity and that she had lost her hunger for the word of God and was longing for the hunger of a good fucking. Just the idea of it, raced through my brain.

I licked my lips slowly knowing that she was watching me. I looked directly at her grinning and it was as if we both knew what the other wanted. After the service I got an invite to dinner at their house, the following Saturday. For twenty-four long hours I, like a lost puppy hung around in my own house doing nothing all day.

I was trying to make a plan in my head of how both of us could draw closer together. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but had to feed the urge that had began to grow like a plant in my thinking. She was all the love I had been dreaming of for a long time, or that was now my belief.

As I made way to my bedroom the instant knowledge that I was abandoning my God for this older woman stuck me and caused me some grief, as I wanted to taste her honey. I unbuckled my long leather belt and plunging my trousers to the floor I lay upon the bed and began to stroke my semi-erect member whispering her name until I shot my wad into a tissue.

The next day I was on tender hooks waiting to see who would be picking me up. I hardly moved out of my chair until I heard a car horn outside. I threw on my coat and jumped into their metallic blue car. My heart was pounding like mad when I noticed that Ellen had collected me without Rowland. (Her spouse)

'He's at home cooking tea.' She responded before I could ask. It was a quiet drive back all the way to her abode. We both sat straight down at the dinning table next to each other. Rowland came and sat opposite her.

'Its Ellen's birthday today!' he said chuckling.

'Twenty-one today, hey Ellen.' I said turning to her.

'I wish.' She said 'I'm 59, what have you got for me!' she asked grabbing my crouch under the table. Rowland went back outside into the kitchen to finish off tea.

'I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere!'

I got up from the position I was in and wandered over to the bookcase searching at Rowland's theology books and before I knew it Ellen was behind me, she had got changed from what she had been wearing and now supported a flimsy black dress.

'This is what Rowland got me.' She twirled around.

'Right dinner's served.' Rowland shouted from the kitchen.

Ellen and I took to our seats. 'Its been a long time.' She spoke laying her hand on my knee.

I didn't know what to do although I had on numerous occasions fantasized about this moment. I began playing footsy with her under the table as we enjoyed a roast beef dinner. Her intentions towards me seemed to come to a halt so I made even more of a play for her by raising the hem of her dress right up to her cunt. It was then and only then, that I realized she was not wearing any underwear. I was finding it hard to eat my food with just my fork as I got to only having meat left on my plate but it wasn't that kind of meat I wanted.

When we had all finished our meal and Rowland had gone back into the kitchen to clean up, Ellen grabbed me by the hand, took me upstairs into her bedroom and gently kissed me on the lips. I then took full initiative of shoving my tongue down her throat and fingering her wet pussy. I was now ready to take control and live a life of unlawful love.

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